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Rare in the north! The most beautiful ancient bamboo forest village in Shandong is hidden here! The spring is full of bamboo caves, and the beautiful scenery is better than Jiangnan.

Summer begins to grow as soon as possible, and the south wind is fragrant.
The shoulders are quite smooth, and the Jian road is very cool.
-Tang Bai Juyi’s "Early Summer Tour to Pingquan"
In Tongjing Town, yinan county, there is one.Bainian ancient village,Here, the spring comes out from the mountain, and the bamboo is born from the spring; Villagers live around the spring and build houses by laying stones..
The bamboo forest is hidden in a thatched cottage, and every family faces a clear spring, and the pastoral fruits are fragrant.It is a rare Taohuayuan village in northern China. This isBamboo spring village Hongshizhai Scenic Spot.
Linyi | bamboo spring village Hongshizhai
Exploring the Green Spring of Bamboo and Peach Blossom Garden in Jiangbei
When the summer rain pours down, the bamboo in bamboo spring village glows like a washed green. After a storm comes a calm, under the bamboo forest.Tindel effectBeauty is intoxicating.
Beams of sunlight pass through the cracks and shoot at the ground, and bamboo shadows dance like a holy door to heaven.
"leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song"Playing a mountain stream and pouring a cup of wine among bamboo forests is also a rare pleasure in this world.
Of course, you can also choose to sit in a boat.Listen to the bright folk songs, see the picturesque scenery and feel the customs of Yimeng Mountain area.
Summer is in the flood season, and the waterfalls and streams in the village are flowing like joy. The mountains and rivers are full of vegetation and flowers.A handful of clear springs and a pole of bamboo are the best interpretations here..
If you want to feel more folk customs and food experience, you may wish to go.Lishui StreetVarious explorations in the streets and lanes constitute the unique scenery of bamboo spring village Hongshizhai.
On the long street, a number of gourmet shops lined up:Crock chicken, iron pot fish, whole lamb soup, rolled scallion with vermicelli …It is full of traditional Yimeng cuisine, and together with many ethnic handicrafts, it has built an old street with strong fireworks.
There are also scenic spots.Courtesy in Zhaiwangfu, cottage parade, auto and motorcycle stunt, cross-country motorcycle, Yimeng wedding.And many other deductive activities, so that you have had an addiction to drama.
If you want to have a stronger experience, you might as well try it.Grass skiing, rafting, seaplaneand9D glass bridgeLet you pursue the simplest happiness in the hot summer …
Linyi | bamboo spring village Hongshizhai
The night is more charming when the lights are on.
At night in bamboo spring village, the lights are on, and the light and shadow are mottled, just like a small village in the south of the Yangtze River.
Tourists taste authentic food and snacks, enjoy street performances and feel the lively "fireworks" in the night when bamboo shadows are swaying and springs are gurgling!
Time goes by slowly, the night will not be dark, passing through time after time, and the summer is gentle … The coolness here gives everyone a quiet summer night!
Linyi | bamboo spring village Hongshizhai
Food, the soul of a trip
When you go to a place, you must catch all its delicacies. In bamboo spring village Hongshizhai, you can not only taste the local delicacies, but also enjoy many online celebrity delicacies!
If you are looking for a sense of ceremony, you might as well go to an antique oneZhuyuanEat in the restaurant!The wild flowers are blooming in front of the door, the house is very fashionable, and there is an ins-style dining environment waiting for you..
Whether it’s a bright and clean room or a poetic outdoor, it’s a good place to film!Is there a proper online celebrity wind?
Linyi | bamboo spring village Hongshizhai
B&B brings a happy ending to the trip.
During the trip, have you ever thought about having a homestay, among the green bamboo and green water,Breathe pure negative oxygen ions; Listen to the spring through the wall, the bamboo shadow shakes the window.
I met an eco-boutique B&B in bamboo spring village and gave up your long-awaited wish …
Eat delicious, drink cool ~ you can find a boutique hotel to live in, each yard has its own characteristics,With thatched roofs and stone walls, the interior is decorated with high-end atmosphere..
There are still plants in the yardGourd, towel gourd, lentil, pepperAnd other crops, so that people who have lived in cages for a long time have the opportunity to experience the most authentic pastoral life …
PS: Accommodation in the scenic spot includes Zhuruoju and Hongshi Inn, ecological courtyard, boutique hotel and wooden house villa hotel, etc., each with its own characteristics. You can choose according to your own preferences.
Address:Bamboo spring village Hongshizhai Scenic Spot, Tongjing Town, yinan county City, Linyi City
Transportation:Exit the north and south of Changshen Expressway, all the way to the west via Hutou Town, Sucun Town and Tongjing Town to the north to reach the scenic spot; Get off at Gaoli exit of Rilan Expressway and arrive at the scenic spot in journey to the south; Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Yinan Qingtuo Exit.
·There are many parking lots outside the scenic spot, and there are plenty of parking spaces.
Seeing that the hottest dog days are coming, why don’t friends come to bamboo spring village to feel the bright moon and bamboo, and the coolness and coziness of stones of crystal in its brooks?
Image from bamboo spring village Hongshizhai Scenic Area, copyright belongs to the original author.

Di Fei Shi joined hands with Tik Tok to open a live beauty feast to attract China customers to spend in Hong Kong.

  DFSThe first cross-border retail partner of Tik Tok Life Service.  Create a brand-new international for China customersextravagantmagnificentTourism retailShopping experienceDi Fei Shihand in handTik Tok opens live beauty feast.,mix togetherOnline and offline shopping mode, attractChina beauty cosmetics customers come to Difeishi Hong Kong store for consumption. 


  DFS has established an unprecedented partnership with Tik Tok Life Service, which completely changes the luxury travel retail experience of China consumers by integrating online and offline shopping modes. From November 23 to 26, 2023, the two parties jointly held a live broadcast feast to introduce a series of beauty products to Tik Tok users. Users can buy vouchers at preferential prices immediately, and then they can easily buy their favorite products in four branches of Defix Hong Kong in the future. The second live broadcast will be held on February 2-3, 2024.

  Through the interaction with the anchor, customers can fully understand the related beauty products, choose products that meet their personal needs, and enjoy preferential prices at Deafy Hong Kong Branch. Difeishi fully combines the advantages of online and offline shopping and implements its concept of creating intimate shopping experience and personalized service.

  Tik Tok has a huge group of short video users, and this cooperation has attracted brand-new customers from this platform, and also provided them with a new solution for shopping at Deficit. At the same time, the fascinating live content and exciting vouchers have stimulated the members of DFSCRILE, an award-winning membership program of DFSCRILE, to spend money on the platform.

  (Hong Kong, China) The world’s leading luxury travel retailer, Defraux Group, reached the first cross-border retail cooperation between China and China with Tik Tok Life Service, a large short video platform in, creating a brand-new international luxury travel retail shopping experience for China customers. From November 23 to 26, 2023, the two sides held "DFS Heartbeat Day" for four consecutive days. The live broadcast of "Opening Ceremony" introduces more than 80 beauty products to Tik Tok users, covering skin care, make-up, perfume, etc., and provides real-time discount for purchasing HK dollar vouchers in RMB, so that customers can cash them directly when they visit four branches of Defraux in Hong Kong.

  As the first live broadcast cooperation between Tik Tok Life Service and retailers in Hong Kong, Defocus and Tik Tok Life Service have brought a new shopping experience to as many as 600 million Tik Tok users. By interacting with the anchor, customers can deeply understand the beauty products carefully collected by Difeishi for customers, easily choose the top products that meet their own needs, and then buy their favorite products at preferential prices when they visit Difeishi Hong Kong branch in the future.

  Due to the enthusiastic response, Defocus and Tik Tok Life Service have decided to conduct the second live beauty cooperation from February 2 to February 3, 2024, when professional beauty anchors will introduce the iconic products covering the fields of skin care and perfume on the Tik Tok platform.

  Open up cross-border customers with high consumption power  30% of direct income comes from new customers. 

  This cooperation has successfully stimulated the consumption of the members of the exclusive club, and at the same time opened up new customers with high consumption power. According to the data, 30% of the income directly created by the first beauty live broadcast comes from new customers, and the Sales per visit, SPV) created by customers from this beauty feast live broadcast is 88% higher than that created by new customers from branches. It can be seen that this cooperation has successfully and effectively helped Difeishi to get in touch with the target customers of beauty products, and further enhanced the popularity and market share of Difeishi brand in Chinese mainland. This cooperation also reflects that Tik Tok Life Service and its partners in Hong Kong can reach customers with relevant shopping experiences through innovative ways, thus creating e-commerce revenue for the platform and deepening the user experience.

  Through this strategic cooperation, Defocus has also become the first merchant in China and Hongkong to realize the bright code redemption of vouchers, which means that customers only need to show the QR code of vouchers on the Tik Tok application when checking out, without downloading other applications or printing vouchers. This seamless payment system has brought more convenient and comfortable shopping experience to customers of Defiance Hong Kong Branch.

  Qiu Rong, executive vice president of digital business and marketing of Deafex, said: "Adhering to the innovative concept of the Group, Deafex has been committed to continuously improving customers’ shopping experience by using technology and creating value for our brand partners through innovation. Consumers from Chinese mainland have always been the core customers of Deafex. I am very glad to have reached an unprecedented cross-border retail cooperation with Tik Tok Life Service, which has won enthusiastic response from users in Tik Tok. This cooperation has created additional customers and e-commerce income for Defoe and Tik Tok Life Service, setting a successful precedent for more diversified cooperation in the future. "

  Don’t miss it: Di Fei ShiX The second beauty live broadcast of Tik Tok Life Service  New anchors and more heart-warming offers will be launched soon. 

  For the vouchers purchased in the second live broadcast, customers can cash them in person at Deafex Hong Kong Branch within three days. Users in Tik Tok can pay attention to the "DFS Difeishi Global Travel Purchase" account and participate in the live broadcast of this beauty feast in real time. The life service plan between Deafy and Tik Tok will further expand the cooperation to Deafy’s Macau branch, so that Tik Tok users can choose to shop in Macau branch after purchasing vouchers in the live broadcast room, creating more possibilities for their shopping trip.


The original small group has an annual income of 300 million? She finally forwarded the clarification: because of this, I got the nickname "Tuan 300 million"

Original title: The small group has an annual income of 300 million? She finally forwarded the clarification: because of this, I got the nickname "Tuan 300 million"

"Tuan 300 million"

A long time ago, it was reported that some well-known anchors were worth a lot of money, such as a small group that never showed up, and she could earn 300 million yuan a year. However, the news is a bit strange. In fact, two years ago, someone said that the small group was the anchor with an annual income of 300 million. Recently, a so-called "list" was exposed, saying that the small group earned 300 million yuan a year.

If that’s the case, why hasn’t her price remained the same for two years? In fact, the popularity of the small group was higher before, and now the number of fans is higher. In any case, there should always be some changes in her worth. Nothing has changed in two years, and the data are exactly the same, so the authenticity is open to question.

Soon, the leaderboard said that they didn’t make this kind of table, and the source of the data was not clear, which means it’s not true. Now, Xiao Tuantuan finally clarified her worth, and she joked with fans: Because of this, I have a nickname "Tuan 300 million". Her worth has been fixed at 300 million, so everyone is so spiteful.

Real worth

Xiao Tuantuan stood up and clarified herself, proving that she really didn’t have such a high price, but the fans were adamant. She teased Xiao Tuantuan in the comment area and teased her price. Xiao Tuantuan has been a well-known anchor for a long time, and she usually has no entertainment activities, just playing with her girlfriends. Xiao Tuantuan should have saved a lot of money now. What is her price?

In fact, the signing fee of many big-name anchors is only tens of millions, and it is not bad to reach 100 million with the money earned from various promotions. The small group is not so popular, and its real worth should be tens of millions. Moreover, this money is not only for her, but also for the guild, the team and the platform.

The first is the platform. The money earned by the anchor often needs to be given as a gift, which is earned by the platform. Gifts from fans, the platform will also get a big head. In addition, the small group has a guild called Chongqing Wan. Not long ago, they also had some disagreements, because the small group wanted to leave. Unfortunately, the three-party contract still expired in two years, and the small group was registered by the guild. The anchor was a little sad and cried directly.

Therefore, the guild will also take some money. Then there is the small group’s team. She is also a big anchor and needs her own team to take care of daily affairs. These staff members are paid, but they just don’t know whether it is given by the guild or the small group. There is a high probability that it is her own.

Personal point of view

Therefore, the small group seems to have made a lot of money. In fact, it is divided into so many people, and there is no such high annual salary at all. Is the small group really earning 300 million yuan a year? She finally forwarded the clarification: because of this, I got the nickname "Tuan 300 million". This article is completely original, welcome to pay attention and take you to learn together!

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Skiing wild snow, building a snow field, and skiing on the grassland are the "number one players"

half past two
Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, January 19th (Reporter Ren Junchuan, Peng Yuan, Fei Maohua) In winter, the Hulunbeier grassland was covered with heavy snow. At the intersection of grassland and forest, in the Balitu forest farm, more than 100 kilometers away from Xinbaerhu Zuoqi, a 39-year-old Mongolian youth, Buhe Bajard, slowly walked to the top of the mountain with his skis on his back. More than a foot thick of snow makes a "crunch, crunch" sound under your feet, leaving a series of deep footprints where you step.
On January 14th, Buch Bajard was practicing his skiing skills. Xinhua News Agency reporter Fei Maohua photo
Buhe Bajard lives in Xinbaerhu Zuoqi, Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia, and works in the local emergency management comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade. In winter, all kinds of disasters rarely occur on the grassland, and the working hours are relatively "loose". Baritu Forest Farm is a sports paradise for him to enjoy weekends in winter. Although it is difficult to walk in the snow, when he put on his skis and whizzed through the sparse Woods, the speed and passion brought by the movement made his whole blood boil, like a fire, cutting a hole in the cold air around him. Being able to ride freely in the natural snow field makes this "number one player" of grassland skiing feel extremely comfortable. Since he liked skiing, he has come here every snow season and weekends when he has nothing to do.
Five years ago, when Buhe Bajard first saw someone who could control a single board to slide freely in a ski resort, his cool action fascinated him. Xinbaerhu Zuoqi is located in a remote place, which is more than 180 kilometers away from the nearest Aershan Ski Resort. In order to practice skiing skills, he drives every weekend. The cost of skiing is relatively expensive. For economic reasons, he had to eat and live in the car during that time.
Buch Bajard walks in a gentle mountain forest (aerial photo taken by drone on January 15th). Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Yuanshe
With the improvement of snowboarding skills, Buch Bajard has higher and higher demands on himself, and his desire to strengthen his training has become stronger and stronger. In 2020, he accidentally discovered an abandoned construction dump around the central town of Xinbaerhu Zuoqi, where there happened to be a short slope with moderate height, so he decided to build a snow trail on this basis. He borrowed a pickup truck from his cousin, collected the snow near the town, and then piled it on a short slope, paved it with shovels, built a small platform, and installed simple obstacles. He successfully transformed the short slope into a ski resort, which can be used to practice snowboarding slope obstacle skills.
On January 14th, Buch Bajard was tidying up the slopes of ski resorts. Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Yuanshe
Paving this small venue is undoubtedly a pioneering work for Buhe Bajard, which almost made him realize "skiing freedom". Since then, skating for 2 hours at noon on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends has become the standard of his life. Because the snowboarding slope obstacle project requires high physical fitness, when the snow season does not come, Buhe Bajard will soak in the gym in his spare time to strengthen physical training; At the same time, I also played skateboarding and trained my skills.
This is Buch Bajard who took a break from training on January 14th. Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Yuanshe
"Falling in love with skiing has made my life very regular. I am thinking about how to practice my next move every day after work." Buch Bajard said that even during the period when he was lying at home recovering from injury, all he could think about was the image of putting on skis and jumping in the air.
Buch Bajard likes to film his skiing scenes and post them on the Internet to communicate with people who love skiing. By chance, the staff of the Organizing Committee of X GAMES CHINA Ski Tour saw the video of him practicing skiing on the Internet and invited him to participate in the competition. "After receiving the invitation, I was so excited that I didn’t sleep for two nights. I think the persistence of these years has not been in vain." Buhe Bajard told reporters that he had been practicing skiing all these years alone, and many people around him didn’t understand and advised him to give up, but he just persisted because skiing brought him enrichment and happiness.
On January 15th, Buch Bajard was practicing his skiing skills. Xinhua News Agency reporter Fei Maohua photo
At Yabuli Station of 2021 X GAMES CHINA Ski Tour, Buhe Bajard got a good ranking and almost reached the final. He was greatly encouraged by his hard-won achievements, and the attitudes of people around him began to change quietly.
At the end of the interview, Buch Bajard recommended a film Eddie the Eagle to the reporter. The story is based on the true story of Michael Edwards, a famous platform skier in British history. The hero Eddie’s spirit of never giving up in the sports field and his extraordinary perseverance and optimism in the face of great difficulties and challenges deeply touched him, and he cried many times when he watched it late at night. He feels like Eddie to some extent, neither wants to give up easily, but wants to constantly challenge himself.
On January 15th, Buch Bajard prepared to ski in a natural ski resort. Xinhua News Agency reporter Fei Maohua photo
"In fact, skiing is not as dangerous as everyone thinks. Although my physical fitness is declining, I feel that as long as I keep training, I will be able to slide to 60 years old. Participating in the competition is not the real purpose of my skiing. I just want to let more people know about skiing through my own efforts and let the children on the grassland like skiing. " Buch Bajard said that he would put more energy into promoting skiing, which may be his real mission in life.

Employment discrimination gives birth to "physical examination gunner". Physical examination group earns millions a year (Figure)

Physical examination "gunman group" earns millions a year.

  At present, it is the peak of the physical examination for graduates. In exchange for a "spotless" physical examination report, some people began to look for "physical examination gunmen". Because of the loopholes in hospital management, the "gunmen" exploited the loopholes. Behind the survival of the physical examination "gunman", it once again reminds the society that the employment discrimination problem needs to be solved urgently.

  job seeker

  Who will take my physical examination and pay 500 yuan?

  "The university is graduating soon, and I finally found a job, but the employer asked me to issue a medical certificate. I am a hepatitis B virus carrier, but my liver function is normal and I am not contagious. I hope to find a good-hearted person to take my medical examination. I will provide 500 yuan nutrition fee and I will pay for the medical examination fee. " Recently, a post like this appeared on a forum.

  The reporter contacted the poster Ronaldinho according to the way this post was left. He claimed to be a fresh graduate of a university in Zhongshan and worked as an intern in a foreign company last December. "They were satisfied with my conditions, but after the physical examination, they turned me down because I was a hepatitis B virus carrier."

  Ronaldinho is very depressed about this. This month, when he went to another company for an interview, he decided to find someone similar to himself for a physical examination based on the experience taught by his predecessors. He said with emotion: "Now the employment pressure is so great that it is hard to find a job, and I have to worry about the physical examination. It is really sad to think about it."

  Ronaldinho told reporters that in the circle of hepatitis B virus carriers, it is an unspoken rule to find a "gunman" in the physical examination. He said: "Recently, it is the peak of graduation job hunting. Many people are looking for’ gunmen’, and some even call for the establishment of a medical examination alliance."

  "Gunners’ Regiment"

  Business across regions, nearly a thousand people a year for inspection.

  According to the data released by the Personnel Bureau of Zhongshan City, the number of college graduates in Zhongshan will exceed 20,000 this year, the highest in history. The employment situation is not optimistic. For hepatitis B virus carriers, their situation is even more embarrassing.

  With the increasing employment pressure and social discrimination, hepatitis B virus carriers have suffered more harm than hepatitis B virus itself. The reporter learned that there are still many units that have more or less "hepatitis B discrimination", which has given birth to things like "missing people for physical examination".

  It is no secret that the physical examination "gunner circle" in the Pearl River Delta has a high income. Ronaldinho also told reporters that a few years ago, the price of "gunner" for inspection only needed 250 yuan, and at most 500 yuan. Now, the price of finding a professional "gunner" has almost quadrupled, so he only considered looking for body double in the campus forum.

  "Hepatitis B discrimination" and good income make some gunmen see business opportunities, and they even unite to set up a "inspection company". The reporter learned from the investigation that the "business scope" of some companies has gone beyond a single city, and many "gunmen" claim to have businesses in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai and Zhongshan. Some people even revealed that their operation team provides business for nearly a thousand people every year, with an annual income of over one million yuan.

  boast wildly

  No matter which hospital, it is guaranteed to pass the customs.

  Through Ronaldinho, the reporter contacted a physical examination "gunman". "We have professionals to do the inspection, and the charge is 2,000 yuan at a time." He said that for the physical examination of the agent, his team has been operating for a long time and everything is easy to solve.

  The "gunman" asked the reporter which hospital he would have a physical examination in, and said that he had accumulated contacts in many hospitals. "All hospitals in Zhongshan have to put photos and stamps and show their ID cards when they have a physical examination, but no matter which hospital, we can help pass the customs."

  "I help you to do the people’s hospital, top three hospitals, more authoritative. Pay a deposit in 500 yuan in advance and provide ID information. " Later, he sent a paragraph on the Internet: Zhongshan People’s Hospital, hand in your ID card during the physical examination, then register the information and send a physical examination form. There are photos, and the place where blood is drawn is one meter away from the registered place, which is suitable for "gunmen" to do all the projects.

  "Then how can I give you the money? How can you promise not to lie to me? " When the reporter asked for an interview, the "gunman" became wary. "You can transfer money or come to Dongguan People’s Hospital to meet me, but I won’t go to Zhongshan. We are not people who can be called out by a phone call."

  Hospital: impossible to prevent and have no right to punish.

  Because of the strict inspection, Zhongshan People’s Hospital and Pok Oi Hospital are called "restricted areas for substitute inspectors" by some "gunmen". The relevant person in charge of the two hospitals said that the substitute can be found almost every month, but the hospital can’t punish the parties.

  Feng Yanggen, chief of the physical examination center of Pok Oi Hospital, said, "Although the hospital is strictly controlled, it is impossible to completely eliminate this phenomenon. Hospitals are not law enforcement agencies and there is no way to punish them. "

  Voices of all parties

  Health department: looking for someone to check for you will cause endless trouble.

  Regarding the phenomenon of impersonation in physical examination, the relevant person in charge of the office of Zhongshan Municipal Health Bureau said that although there are many reasons for finding "gunmen" to replace physical examination, it is the employee’s irresponsibility to himself. Physical examination on behalf of the examination will not only be harmful to society, but also cause adverse consequences to the medical examiner, medical institutions and employers, and will also bring adverse consequences to the health, study and employment of the person being examined.

  Enterprise: You must know the health status of employees.

  The person in charge of the human resource management department of an IT enterprise told the reporter that from the perspective of employing people, the unit must understand the health status of employees. "If a person clearly needs to rest in poor health, but the company gives him a very important and stressful project without knowing it, does this help him or hurt him?"

  Expert opinion

  Employment discrimination gives birth to "physical examination gunner"

  In a forum called "physical examination bar", the reporter saw that many medical examiners who posted for help showed their helplessness. A netizen named "hou1979" left a message saying that he is a carrier of hepatitis B virus. This year, the unit requires everyone to have a physical examination, so he can only try his luck to find the "gunman".

  Experts from the Nanjing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention bluntly said that before the employment discrimination was effectively resolved, some people were really helpless to find a "gunman" for medical examination. On the one hand, they are asking major hospitals to strengthen the examination; on the other hand, they hope that the unit can face up to the results of the physical examination and consider it humanely for the professionals.

  Lawyer’s suggestion

  No longer check for hepatitis B in the physical examination.

  Ms. Huang Yizhi, who is in charge of assisting the parties in Beijing Yirenping Center, an anti-discrimination public welfare organization, said that in the world, carrying hepatitis B virus belongs to the personal privacy of workers, and employers have no right to conduct hepatitis B virus tests on workers, let alone discriminate against hepatitis B virus carriers and deprive them of equal employment rights.

  In this regard, some lawyers suggested that relevant laws and regulations should be introduced to standardize the contents of physical examination and cancel the hepatitis B virus examination at the time of on-the-job physical examination.

  Accelerate the pace of legislation to eliminate "hepatitis B discrimination"

  Although from a legal point of view, the physical examination of "gunmen" will lead to deception, cheating and other hazards, but most netizens will respond with sympathy and understanding to the abundant information of "looking for guns" on the Internet.

  Some netizens believe that at present, some employers do have violations and discrimination in the medical examination system, and the "hidden rules" of refusing to hire patients with diseases such as "Big Three Yang" are still in effect in some units. In real life, due to the unequal status of employers and employees, it is not easy for workers to safeguard their own rights and interests. Therefore, we should speed up the pace of legislation and eliminate "hepatitis B discrimination".

Editor: wangxin


Fuzhou financial support for the integration of urban and rural development was successfully held.

In order to carry out the action of "three struggles and three leads" in depth, strive to write Fuzhou chapters such as technology and finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance, strengthen financial support for urban-rural integration development, and continue to create a first-class financial business environment. On January 8, Fuzhou Financial Support for Urban-rural Integration Development was successfully held. Vice Mayor Lin Zhiliang of Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government and Deputy Director Lin Jiandong of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives Union attended the event, with leaders from more than 30 municipal units and enterprises.

Lin Zhiliang, deputy mayor of Fuzhou, stressed in his speech that financial institutions should earnestly shoulder the heavy responsibility of rural revitalization and urban-rural integration development, increase financial support for Fuzhou’s characteristic agricultural industries such as aquatic products, edible fungi and tea, actively help agricultural parks, rural roads, rural water supply, rural tourism and human settlements improvement, and actively provide strong financial guarantee for urban-rural integration development and comprehensive rural revitalization.

Lin Jiandong, deputy director of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives Union, said in his speech that Fuzhou rural credit cooperative system should adhere to the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, focus on supporting urban and rural employment and entrepreneurial innovation, helping rural infrastructure upgrade, activating the value of rural resource elements and other key tasks around the "five major articles" put forward by the Central Financial Work Conference, continue to deepen cooperation, expand the "big ecology" of serving the people, and support the integrated development of urban and rural areas with more abundant products and better services.


The signing ceremony of Fuzhou Office of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives and Fuzhou Financial Bureau (Photo courtesy of Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperatives)

At the meeting, Fuzhou Office of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives and Fuzhou Financial Bureau formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement on financial support for urban-rural integration development. According to the agreement, Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative will provide a comprehensive credit of 300 billion yuan within two years to support financing in urban and rural education, medical care, old-age care, housing and other fields, and the implementation of the project of "demonstrating and leading thousands of villages, making all villages rich and beautiful", helping the rural areas to revitalize in an all-round way and promoting the construction of a blessed state and a happy city.

At the matchmaking meeting, Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative System also released "one platform, one product" to support the development of urban-rural integration. "One platform" is "Rongxin e-link", which integrates the functions of "policy release, customer docking, execution tracking and information sharing" and is the first outreach service platform for docking cooperation units of rural credit cooperatives in the province.

During the activity, eight travel agencies in Fuzhou area carried out financing docking with representatives of participating enterprises, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and signed credit contracts.

The relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative said that in the next stage, with the full support and full cooperation of all cooperative units, it will show greater achievements in helping to achieve a higher level of urban-rural integration and development, and achieve more qualitative and effective financial work results, so that the people can gain more sense, happiness and security. (Chen Yanshui)


Zhejiang people, no nightlife?

Chao News Client Reporter Quan Linmin

As soon as summer arrives, the economy will always pop out at night to brush a sense of existence several times.

But in the office, chung Jin Jun heard colleagues from other provinces question more than once:

"Zhejiang people don’t you have nightlife? How come at ten o’clock, the street is deserted and there are few cars? "

Whenever this time, Yong Jinjun always refutes a few words for his hometown. But unfortunately, Yong Jinjun will always be "what are the interesting and delicious places?" The question was stumped and then lost in thought.

Is there really no nightlife in Zhejiang?

There is no nightlife in Zhejiang?

It is certain that Zhejiang people have nightlife, whether it is observation at the point or intuitive presentation of data.

On the first day of the ambush, Yong Jin Jun went to the Wulin night market in Hangzhou. The temperature at night is still very high, but there are no fewer people visiting the night market.

At about 8: 30, Yong Jin Jun was packed with sweat in the endless crowd. Everyone either took photos with their mobile phones or crowded in front of various booths to buy things. Popular stalls are even more crowded. For example, the squid stall that Nicholas Tse punched in is a conformity.

"After the summer, there are more people every day, and the daily sales have tripled or quadrupled compared with before." Mr. Cao, the stall owner who specializes in hand-painted masks, said.

The popularity is high. I’m afraid it’s not because there are many foreign tourists, right? But Ye Lianzhong, secretary of the Party branch of Wulin Night Market, told Yong Jin Jun that according to their estimation, 45% of the visitors to Wulin Night Market are tourists, and the rest are local residents.

What? Do you think 8: 30 is too early to be called nightlife?

Yong Jin Jun also went to the ancient town of Ke Qiao, Shaoxing, and it was already more than 9 pm when he arrived at the scenic spot. Arguably, this point was the time when everyone was ready to go home one after another. However, when Yong Jin Jun stopped, he found that the number of cars looking for vacant seats in the parking lot was comparable to the number of cars driving out, which shows that there are still many people visiting the ancient town at this point.

When I came to the core of the ancient town, around Rongguang Bridge, it was already 9: 30, and the popularity was still very strong. On the Rongguang Bridge, the river along the ancient town is either full of people or full of people.

A local told Yong Jin Jun that this is also the normal state of the ancient town, and many surrounding residents will go to the ancient town for a walk after dinner and have nothing to do.

In recent days, third-party organizations have released research reports on China’s urban night economy. According to the report, the nightlife in Zhejiang is also very active.

For example, in the Report on Night Economic Development of China Cities in 2023, Hangzhou is the first echelon (10) of the TOP100 cities with night economic prosperity, and Jiaxing, Jinhua, Ningbo and Wenzhou are the second echelon (20), and nearly half of Zhejiang cities are shortlisted.

In a word, the nightlife in Zhejiang is definitely not as cold as the outside world thinks.

I just can’t find a place.

Since the development is not bad, why do people always say that Zhejiang people have no nightlife?

"The development speed of Zhejiang’s night economy does not match its economic strength and residents’ consumption level." Zhao Haoxing, a professor at the School of Economics of Zhejiang Gongshang University and vice president of Zheshang Research Institute, said.

From the perspective of economic aggregate, Zhejiang’s GDP has always been among the best in the country, and its per capita disposable income ranks first in all provinces and regions in the country. However, in the night economic rankings, Zhejiang’s achievements can only be considered as above average, not top. A top student who has a flawed score in one subject will give the outside world a sense of gap.

In addition, Yang Yingjun, director of the Consumption Promotion Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, believes that there are not many iconic night economic scenes in Zhejiang, and there are even fewer places with national influence, which makes it impossible for foreign tourists to go to Zhejiang at night, thus becoming famous throughout the country.

There is a city that never sleeps in Datang in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi, Hongya Cave in Chongqing, and Wenhe Friends in Changsha, Hunan. But what’s in Zhejiang? You can only name the Wulin night market and the West Lake in Hangzhou at most.

But the duration of Wulin night market is limited. The stall owner puts out the stall at 5 o’clock and closes it at 11 o’clock. The market area is only about 1000 square meters, which is still the result of expansion and it is difficult to form a scale.

The West Lake is almost the same problem, and the scale of the night economic agglomeration area is not large. Unlike Wenheyou or Datang City that Never Sleeps, it has formed a relatively complete and rich night consumption scene.

Only when there is demand can there be supply. Isn’t it because there is less demand in Zhejiang? Actually, it is not.

Zhao Haoxing told Yong Jin Jun a very interesting phenomenon-there are more night economic scenes in Wenzhou than in Hangzhou. Many Wenzhou people go to Hangzhou because of the lack of night consumption atmosphere, so they go to bed earlier, and go back to Wenzhou later. It shows that their spending habits at night have always been there, but they just can’t find many places to spend at night.

In Zhao Haoxing’s view, the creation of the scene needs to go through a critical period. If at first the scene builder thinks that there are not many people in the street at night, and few people come out to play, they are more cautious or don’t invest in creating scenes, and there are fewer scenes, and fewer people are willing to come out at night. So everyone went to bed earlier and earlier, and there were fewer and fewer scenes. Zhejiang needs to break this cycle.

People sitting by the river for dinner in the ancient town of Ke Qiao.

How does the city that never sleeps come?

In recent years, the importance of night economy in stimulating consumption is becoming more and more prominent. Statistics show that 60% of consumption in China occurs at night, and the sales of large shopping malls from 18: 00 to 22: 00 every day account for more than half of the whole day.

According to the small and micro observation report released by the online merchant bank, the night economy with fast growth, high proportion, rich formats and contrarian market scale is becoming the force point of small and micro businesses in many cities-the national proportion is 68%.

Zhejiang has long been eyeing the important value of the night economy. In March 2020, Zhejiang took the lead in issuing the provincial government’s implementation opinions to boost consumption in the country, and made it clear that it was necessary to vigorously cultivate and develop the night economy.

This summer, Zhejiang’s summer consumption promotion put the main card on the "night economy". On the evening of July 7, the province’s night economic tour season was launched in Keqiao District, and cities were organized to carry out "night consumption promotion" activities from different levels.

Judging from the activity scene in Ke Qiao, the first stop of the tour season, Zhejiang is trying to enrich the night consumption scene and make up for the shortcomings of the night economy.

It is reported that in addition to all kinds of food and commodity markets that are very common in promoting consumption activities, the event site of the day also set up three major festivals: milk coffee festival, barbecue festival and music festival.

"In the past, the activities to promote consumption may have been to set up a few booths and urge people to come to buy buy to buy them, but this time we have merged into more formats, such as inviting bands to sing. This activity will also be fixed for a long time during the summer vacation, which will have a long-term support for local night consumption. " Yang Yingjun said.

Zhejiang is also making every effort to cultivate and build a night economic landmark with national influence. In 2020, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce started the pilot work of provincial night economy cities, and at present, 19 model cities and 6 characteristic cities have been identified in the province.

Taking Gongshu District of Hangzhou as an example, through the construction of night economy, the economic benefits of all night punching places and related enterprises in this area have been continuously improved. The night-time pedestrian flow ratio in the Wulin business circle increased by about 24% on average, and the night-time revenue of each complex increased from 45% in 2019 to about 55% in 2022.

In the first half of this year, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce jointly issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Creating High-quality Consumption Agglomeration Areas" with five provincial departments. It is planned to build 30 provincial-level night economy model (characteristic) cities, 30 provincial-level high-quality pedestrian streets and 50 provincial-level characteristic commercial streets (districts) through three-year efforts.

The fireworks in the world touch the hearts of ordinary people the most. I hope that in the near future, Yong Jin Jun can also introduce the good places in the evening and see the other side of Zhejiang night when chatting with friends from other places.

"Reprint please indicate the source"


Documentary film "Kingdom Built on Ice" was warmly presented by the National Federation of Arts.

Harbin Ice and Snow World in December every year is an excellent place for people to appreciate the art of ice sculpture. The ice sculptures filled with ingenious ideas and elaborately built make people wonder, and also add icing on the cake to the winter beauty of the ice city. Who designed and made these ice sculptures? Where did so many ice cubes come from? In order to explore the story behind the exquisite art of ice sculpture, the documentary film "Building a Kingdom by Ice" went from "before" to "behind", and observed the moving parts of ice transportation and sculpture through the crystal clear of ice sculpture.
By the Propaganda Department of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of Harbin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Heilongjiang Radio and Television Bureau and Heilongjiang Film Studio Co., Ltd., Qi Binying took four years to shoot, and recorded the real work and life of tens of thousands of workers in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China. After the completion, the film has won many praises at home and abroad, and won the "Best Long Documentary Award" at the 2022 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and the "Best Documentary Film Award" at the 19th China-US Film Festival in 2023. On December 18th, The Kingdom of Ice will be shown by the National Federation of Arts, and roadshows will be held in Changchun, Shenyang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Xi ‘an and Beijing, so that audiences from different regions can appreciate the charm of ice and snow.
Every documentary carries a certain social value, and the valuable thing about "Building a Kingdom by Ice" is that it sees "invisible pay". The gorgeous ice sculptures that attract people to come from everywhere and stop to enjoy them contain a lot of hard work behind them. The raw material of ice sculpture comes from Songhua River, the mother river of Harbin. The extremely low temperature has covered the river with thick ice. During the preparation of the ice sculpture, tens of thousands of workers gathered on Sun Island to collect a large amount of ice raw materials with their hands and simple tools. In just fifteen days, we have to prepare raw materials, transport, design and sculpt. Time is tight and the work is heavy, but everyone can always work together to complete the task. Most of these workers come from the surrounding areas. They farm in summer and work as "ice builders" in winter. They are busy day and night in cold weather, thus making a dream "ice kingdom" rise from the ground. The perseverance of these "ordinary people" and their simple desire to make life better have a subtle connection with exquisite ice sculptures. The beauty of ice sculpture is not only presented externally, but also adds deep meaning full of concern and imagination. "
Although the ice sculpture lasts only a few months every year, as a cultural card of a city, its condensed meaning can flow freely in the past and future, at home and abroad. Qi Binying’s hometown is Harbin. When she first saw the ice building scene, the colorful memories of her childhood instantly touched thousands of homesickness. As a unique civic culture, the ice sculpture, which was born in 1963, was built and enjoyed by ordinary people. People who were born and raised in Sri Lanka can relax and live poetically at the end of the year. In recent years, the design of ice sculptures has become more and more diverse: many professionals have participated in it, making ice sculptures into shapes with traditional cultural characteristics such as "Dashui Law", or building modern consumer places such as hot pot restaurants and bars in the ice city, in an effort to give visitors a better experience.
The 25th World of Ice and Snow in Harbin opened on the same day as the film. This year, the modern entertainment facilities based on ice and snow that appeared in "Building a Kingdom by Ice" are more colorful, and the entertainment projects are even more dazzling. The theme of this year’s World of Ice and Snow is "Dragon’s Snow and Winter", and it has been carefully designed in terms of art, entertainment, diet, sports and culture. Both adults and children can enjoy laughter and laughter in the world of ice and snow: delicious food in the snow, skiing experience, parent-child time, IP punching in online celebrity, ice performance … Rich activities will accompany tourists through important festivals such as New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, etc., with simple ice bricks in the hands of workers and countless people’s painstaking efforts, generate is full of endless fun and excitement.
Although ice is solidified, it carries cultural values and emotional meanings, but it is flowing through. Spring and winter have come, and abundant ice resources have nourished this northern city. After countless pairs of hard-working hands and countless ingenious minds, the ice cubes are carved into beautiful and moving ice sculptures, so that visitors can enjoy such a unique scenery of the North. After the filming, the film has been shown abroad for many times and won many awards. It has become a kaleidoscope of cultural exchanges between the East and the West, and has also made more foreigners know the charm and style of Harbin.
Beautiful things always need to be recorded and written, and the shooting of "Building a Kingdom by Ice" is no less difficult than the process of taking and transporting ice itself. However, thanks to the ingenious and discerning director Rick, the story of ice sculpture and ice builders can be preserved and spread. In this sense, the beauty of ice sculpture on the realistic level is intertwined with the carefully shot film pictures, and a winter waltz is played with an extremely elegant gesture.
(Source: Beiqing Net)

Capello: All sports in China are great. Why not football?

Live on November 8th In an interview with titan sports, Capello, a famous Italian coach who once coached Jiangsu Suning, talked about his views on China football.

-You have coached star players like teixeira in Suning, and also coached many China players, including some international players. What’s your impression of China players?

I always had the feeling that when I saw those China players, they looked great. But when foreign aid arrived, they seemed to get worse in speed and technology. It stands to reason that with such a huge population base, supplemented by care and determination, China football should produce great stars. You are great at all sports, why not football?

A huge difference between China football and Italian football is that foreign aid can make everything different in the China League; Not in Italy.

Of course, for China football, foreign aid still plays a role: playing with better players will help you become better. Similarly, Serie A teams need to adapt to a faster pace when they play in the Champions League. Once upon a time, Italian football was at the top of the world. The root cause was that the best players played in Serie A at that time. They improved the rhythm of the whole league, so everyone played better.

-I don’t know if you remember that Min Kim Zai once played for the Super League, but it was after you left Jiangsu. Naples, where Min Kim is located, has not only performed well in the league, but also demonstrated its full dominance in the European War.

Italian football is growing. Don’t forget that we won the European Cup last year. Naples is amazing as well as surprising. This club knows how to find good players. Min Kim and Kvaratskheliya, two Serie A players, have the strength to be top stars in any league, because they have both strength and skills, are extremely focused in the game and are gifted! Don’t forget, they are still very young.

(Nanling cries and cries)


The top 10 most beautiful towns in the world, each of which makes people linger. Which one do you want to go to most?

Life is not just daily necessities, but also poetry and distance. Being closed for too long, what I want most isA desperate trip, go as far as you can. The top 10 most beautiful towns in the world, each of which makes people linger. Which one do you want to go to most??

I. France Annecy

Annecy is located at the foot of the Alps, close to Geneva, Switzerland. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, with blue sky and clear water, red bricks and blue tiles, and abundant sunshine in all seasons. No matter how complicated the outside world is, it is always quiet and leisurely, and it is called "the balcony of the Alps".

Although Annecy belongs to France, it has the same freshness as Switzerland. This green river has witnessed the development of this town. The famous island palace is located on the island in the middle of the old city. Many souvenirs will choose this place as a symbol, and many tourists also come here, which is the landmark of Annecy.

Second, Austria Hallstatt

The town of Hallstatt is the oldest town in Austria. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the lake is crystal clear. On the shore of the lake are houses as beautiful as fairy tales, which makes people linger. It is known as the most beautiful town in Europe and the famous love punching place.

These wooden buildings built near the lake have a history of hundreds of years. They are layered and strewn at random. In summer, the buildings are covered with plants, and the balconies are blooming with gorgeous flowers, which are exquisite and beautiful with a bit of historical charm.It was listed as a world cultural heritage in 1997..

3. Czech Krumlov

This is the most charming fairy tale town in the world. It is a well-known name in China.It’s CK town,Vltava river has circled a circle close to 360 degrees here, and the riverside is full of castles with a sense of history and grandeur, which seems to have crossed into the Middle Ages and is a dual heritage of world culture and nature.

Krumlov is the most beautiful town in the world, with endless green space in the distance, houses with red roofs connected with the river in front of us, and the town under the blue sky and white clouds is like a dream, which makes people feel like a lifetime ago and is the most charming place in Europe.

IV. Croatian Rovini

Rovini is one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia, with blue sky, tall and green trees, gorgeous and open flowers, beautiful beaches and winding cobblestone paths. The 18th century tower buildings are solemn and exquisite, with a strong Italian flavor.

Rovini is small in scale, small and exquisite, with a hint of quaint, colorful and patchwork old houses, just like God’s overturned palette, wandering in the stone alleys extending in all directions, as if crossing into the Middle Ages, and the ancient rhyme reveals vicissitudes and tranquility.

V. Holland Yangjiao Village

Everyone has a fairy-tale dream in his childhood. In reality, there is a fairy-tale world. This is Yangjiao Village in the middle of the Netherlands. The town is dotted with green and colorful flowers, and everything in front of him is like a painting, which is incredibly beautiful.

The town is connected by more than 170 small wooden bridges.Look at the highway here,norCars, the only means of transportation for people to travel is boats,There are restaurants on both sides of the waterway, where people can enjoy delicious food leisurely. The antique houses, bridges and the river in the sun complement each other, which is refreshing.

6. France Corma

Colmar, which is close to Germany, is a typical "German-French mixed-blood" town. The streets are full of wooden reinforced houses decorated with flowers and with German characteristics. The canal is quiet and winding, and the town has a fairy-tale dreamy color. The Last Lesson read by Dude in our primary school textbook tells the true story that happened in this town.

There are not many tourists here, and the pace is slow. Walking in the urban area of Kolma seems to be in the streets of medieval Europe. The streets are narrow and can only accommodate one car. There are flowers everywhere on the railings of the bridges on both sides. Find a small bar near the waterway and ask for a glass of Alsace wine, so you can enjoy your time in a daze.

Seven, Slovenia Brad

Located at the southern foot of the Alps, the town of Bled is famous for its fairyland-like Lake Bled, which has a turquoise clear lake with castles standing on the cliffs, and the natural and human beauty set each other off.Known as the "eye of Europe", it is the most beautiful town in the world.

There are lakes and mountains, sunshine, tranquility and fresh air, and there is a church filled with ancient flavor on the island. People standing by the lake can often hear the faint bell from the church.Even Picasso, the great painter, is obsessed with this town.I often spend my holidays and create here.

Viii. Maltese Popeye Village

This is a literary travel town that came out of cartoons. In 1980, a film company cooperated with Disney Company to create the scenes in Popeye, the children’s favorite cartoon. Everything was restored in a 1:1 ratio, and you could feel as if you were in an animation.

Popeye Village is not only a fairy tale world, but also a paradise. The sea water here is like a natural filter, which is extremely deep and blue. With colorful houses and several boats painted with bright colors floating on the sea, the whole village has become very lovely.

IX. Croatia Dubrovnik

This is the location of King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. With its long history, well-preserved historic sites and beautiful scenery, it is described by British playwright Bernard Shaw as "the most paradise-like place on earth", and it is one of the top ten most beautiful towns and travel destinations in the world without filters.

Strolling through the ancient streets of Dubrovnik, there are mottled stone bridges, orange roofs, solemn and magnificent churches and monasteries everywhere, filled with a strong medieval atmosphere, and Dubrovnik as a whole has been listed as a world cultural heritage.

X Switzerland Interlaken

This is a small town that enjoys a world-renowned reputation for its beautiful scenery. It has a mild and humid climate, four distinct seasons, beautiful mountains and beautiful scenery, and is loved by the world. It has the reputation of a’ paradise town’ and is one of the oldest tourist and health resorts in Switzerland and even Europe.

When you walk into the town, a fresh breath will come to you. The houses here are unique in shape and beautifully decorated. Each building is like a fine work of art. Residents facing the street make green plants and flowers into bonsai, which adorns their homes. As far as they can see, full of green is colorful and intoxicating.

Welcome to pay attention to the monsoon in Muztag. Let’s see the world together.