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"Edge Walker" will be released, such Ren Xianqi is a bit "evil"!

1905 movie network feature Even with more than 30 years of experience as an actor, in our interviews, he still modestly and repeatedly emphasized that he is not a "professional" actor, and still continues to draw nutrients from the actors around him.


Whether it was an old partner or someone who had just ended their collaboration recently, the group of "movie maniacs" around him always affected his attitude and understanding of acting.

The new work recently opened its second round of screening, three years after he last met the audience on the big screen. This time, Ren Xianqi said bluntly that he was very happy, "using the most authentic performance to present that kind of shock, we hope to be able to shoot some authentic Hong Kong police and bandit action movies."

This time, whether it is the partner of the cooperation or the type of theme, how can the outside world not expect this familiar little brother Qi?

01. Collaboration with Hua Ge


"Edge Walker" is the third collaboration between Ren Xianqi and Ren Dahua in 16 years. They have had partners with him in the past, but this time they really have the opportunity to play against each other.


"Excited", "Moved", "So cool"… When it came to this interaction and cooperation, Ren Xianqi couldn’t contain his excitement and kept repeating his feelings to us. Since his debut, Ren Dahua has always been the learning object in his performance and life.

"Brother Hua is very attentive to each character, he will tell us what he will do, and let us give back with our true reactions. Sometimes there may be no him in this scene, but there may be some emotional motivation involved in the plot, and Brother Hua will come to the crew to watch." This kind of rapt attention was always seen by Ren Xianqi.

In "Marginal Walker", Ren Xianqi’s A Luo is an undercover agent, and Ren Dahua’s Lin Yaochang is a gang boss. He struggles in his heart, but in the face of A Luo’s identity, he is always willing to withstand the pressure of other gang members and give him a way out.

"Do you know? He has always taken care of me like a big brother, and in the play, the relationship between the two characters is also very close. I seem to be directly transformed from real life into a character in the play, which is quite touching." In reality, the two have known each other for many years, and every time Ren Xianqi goes to work in Hong Kong, Ren Dahua will always take him to various delicious things.

In Ren Xianqi’s eyes, he can be "willful" in front of this big brother, "In real life, he has always loved me, and even if I do something wrong, he will cover me."


In addition to being a good big brother, Ren Dahua is also a fashionista in Ren Xianqi’s eyes. "In my early concerts and records, I would refer to Brother Hua’s daily clothes. Even for the album’Angel, Brother, Little White Face ‘, I was very fortunate to have Qiqi (Ren Dahua’s wife) help me with the styling, and Brother Hua did the photography for me."


After so many years, Ren Xianqi still regarded the other party as his fashion indicator. In the filming of "Edge Walker", Ren Dahua personally participated in the styling of his character. "After the filming, everyone rushed to get Brother Hua’s clothes for collection."

Ren Xianqi naturally did not miss this opportunity. In the final climax of the movie, the green leather jacket designed by Ren Dahua became the best collection of Ren Xianqi’s filming.


02. "Movie Madman"


In the eyes of many audiences, Ren Xianqi’s performance has two sides.

One side is the kind of handsome and sunny beach boy that "Summer Momocha" entered the eyes of the public; the other side is the villain with "evil" in many Hong Kong movies.


In "Edge Walker", although Ren Xianqi’s character is an undercover agent, the evil spirit still persists.


When they saw the first poster of the movie, many fans thought of Ren Xianqi’s original transformation in "The Big Event". After all, before that, the public impression of him was more of the boy singing with a guitar.

When he first received the movie invitation, he didn’t give much feedback or change, "During the process of talking about this story, I thought about it very seriously. Maybe the director seized that moment and thought that I was very different, and my eyes were also different." Recalling the past, the details appeared in Ren Xianqi’s eyes one by one.

But it was also "The Great Event" that became a turning point for Ren Xianqi’s films.

"When I was shooting, I was taking my guitar and trying to write the theme song. When I got there, it was very serious, and then there was gunfire and explosives everywhere, and I suddenly realized that I was in the environment and I was going to fit in. The whole time I was shooting, my eyes were very sharp because I had to see where there was explosives and where there was explosions, and then I naturally became like that."

For himself, when he got this kind of role, he would always show his former side as an athlete again. During sports training, his mentality was serious and cautious, and in the process of real competition, he would naturally exude that kind of murderous aura and deterrence, "I just applied this state to my movies."


In Ren Xianqi’s opinion, he has always been using the dumbest way to perform – using the truest feeling to figure out the character, so that he can truly become that person, and then be born from the heart.

Due to this, it is always difficult for him to allow himself to "double" to do many things, and when facing his career plan, he insists on starting from beginning to end.

In order to shoot, he had made himself very fat, stopped shooting in the middle, and spent time planning his body to a healthy state, "During this period, I didn’t do anything else at all, and when I was filming, I wouldn’t do concerts. I can’t adapt to this state of jumping."


"Therefore, I don’t have a lot of movies." Ren Xianqi was sincere but a little regretful when he talked about this.

For viewers who liked Ren Xianqi, they could often see him on the big screen in the future, because in the past, he had collaborated with the director; he had starred in the production of the movie "Temporary Robbery", as well as the production of the production…

When it comes to the filming of the series that just ended, Ren Xianqi can’t suppress his love either. Although he keeps praising us how Guo Fucheng and Lin Jiadong love movies, how they don’t let him rest and drag him to discuss the script. But the lines are full of Ren Xianqi’s own feelings about the movie, "I think this life is not wasted."

"We really only have to show our own blood and resolve to make a good movie. No matter which country we get such a work, it deserves to be respected."


Look, Ren Xianqi is the "movie lunatic". Even when asked what kind of evaluation would make him happy, his answer was "hard enough".


03. Unfulfilled dreams


In addition to "movie acting", "movie director" is also at the most prominent position on Ren Xianqi’s wish list.


Ren Xianqi worked as a director and collaborated with him. The origin of this film is from Ren Xianqi’s cover song "Grandma’s Penghu Bay".

In his plans, there are still three movies to be made, all from his musical compositions.

It was Ren Xianqi’s trilogy – "The Heart is Too Soft," "The Girl Across the Opposite Looks Over" and "Sad Pacific" – three songs that once led an era and have a special story script in his heart.


"’Heartbreak Pacific’ will definitely be a gangster story; ‘Too Soft Heart’ will be a story about killers; and’The Girl Across the Street ‘will be a ghost movie." The three seemingly bizarre settings had long planted seeds in Ren Xianqi’s heart.


The three relationships that were originally related to love were instead handled by him as very "tough guys".

Ren Xianqi talked about the creativity of these three stories, and it can be said that he talked endlessly, "In’The Girl Opposite Look Over ‘, the girl is a female ghost, and’I’ is a timid guy. In short, this story must be interesting for me before I really start to execute it."


But at the moment, Ren Xianqi has not found a good screenwriter to participate in the creation of these stories, "This dream is still burning in my heart, and I will try my best to realize it."


Avita’s 12 production capacity continues to rise, with deliveries hitting 8,000 units in March

On February 20th, this website reported that at present, the two flagship models of Avita’s Avita 11 and Avita 12 are in the midst of the intensive national delivery process. Affected by factors such as hot sales, the delivery process of Avita 12 has fallen behind user expectations. In this context, Avita held a "meeting this moment" user meeting in Chongqing. Chen Zhuo, president of Avita Technology, and Yong Jun, assistant vice president, visited the scene to communicate with users face-to-face, saying that the delivery volume of Avita 12 will hit 8,000 units in March.

At the event site, Chen Zhuo, president of Avita, first expressed his sincere apologies to users who failed to pick up their cars in time during the Spring Festival, and explained the tight production capacity caused by the hot orders after the launch of Avita 12. He said that in February, Avita will take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to work overtime to adjust the production line and expand production capacity, and strive to achieve the delivery target of 8,000 units in March to accelerate the meeting of user expectations.

Avita’s user-centered development concept has always been well received by users, and the excellent quality of the Avita 12 model has pushed the user’s reputation to a new height. It is reported that Avita 12 brings together the advantages of Changan Automobile, Huawei, and Ningde Times in their respective fields. It has three core advantages of top intelligence, top design, and top luxury space. It has 12 industry-first and only strong configurations at the same level, redefining the new standard of luxury in the era.

Avita 12’s appearance and intelligent strength are both, and it has achieved excellent performance in the market. Less than a month after its launch, the order of Dading exceeded 20,000. Moreover, since the official delivery of Avita 12 in December, 2004 units have been delivered in only 20 days, successfully ranking among the top of pure electric cars above 300,000. This achievement not only proves that consumers love Avita 12, but also reflects its high cost performance and advanced technology widely recognized in the market.

It is worth mentioning that, with its excellent product strength, Avita 12 won the "2023 Global Car of the Year Award" at the 2023 Global Car Annual Ceremony. You know, this award has been deeply cultivated in the automotive industry for 10 years and has high authority in the industry. And Avita 12 can stand out in the fierce competition of 54 new models, leading the luxury brand flagship model and domestic popular model with the first place in the audience, fully demonstrating its strong market influence and the unique charm of future intelligent luxury cars.

Next, it is believed that Avita will continue to maintain a high-efficiency, high-level, and high-speed evolutionary state, focusing on users’ real car needs, and continuously promoting the intelligent strength upgrade of Avita 12 and other models. Moreover, Avita is making efforts to promote channel construction, believing that in the near future, it will bring users more diverse and more pleasant product choices.


"Temporary Robbery" Guo Fucheng designed the shape of buck teeth, Ren Xianqi acted too soft

1905 movie network news On January 14, the film premiered in Beijing. Director Mai Qiguang and actors,,,, and Zumbit attended the post-screening scene to share their behind-the-scenes shooting experience with the audience. The film will be released nationwide on January 19.

"Temporary Robbery" is an absurd and humorous crime comedy, telling the story of the gangster Mei Lantian (Guo Fucheng, played), the taxi driver A Jun (Lin Jiadong, played), and the nursing home social worker Murong Hui (Ren Xianqi, played) who accidentally formed a team to rob. Three decadent middle-aged people are involved in a storm in order to track down a huge sum of money they stole.

Speaking of this role, Guo Fucheng said that Mei Lantian is the type of gangster he has never played before, with a black humorous sense of humor. "How can I present a different gangster? When I read the script, a buck-toothed Guo Fucheng suddenly smiled at me," so he suggested that the director use buck teeth to make the character more three-dimensional, and the director agreed. Guo Fucheng revealed that he will wear buck teeth to practice his lines at home. Sometimes when he speaks too hard, the buck teeth will fly out. He has to constantly find the rhythm of the characters’ speech and amuse the audience in his gestures.

In the film, Lin Jiadong plays a middle-aged man, Ah Jun, who faces the difficult relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and the pressure of life. Some audience members expressed their empathy and presented him with a manual book "How to Deal with the Relationship between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law". Lin Jiadong said that he is still single and can’t use it, so he forwarded it to Guo Fucheng and Ren Xianqi. Guo Fucheng humorously said that he is familiar with these rules in his heart, and Ren Xianqi transferred the book to the younger generation Zengbit.

Mr. Ren, who plays Mr. Murong-hui, the "Cainiao" who follows the bandits. He says he has played many villains since "The Big Incident." When the director approached him, he wondered if he was going to play the bandits again. Later, he found out that he was going to play the little guy in the market. To show the hardships of the characters’ lives, he said, "I took the lyrics of’Too Soft Heart ‘to the extreme: If the good guys can’t do it well, the bad guys can’t do it either."

Zhang Keyi, who plays the Kusa female police detective in this film, is obsessed with handling a big case. This is her first time playing the role of a police officer, trying to challenge action scenes such as shooting and blasting. Zhang Keyi revealed that she bought insurance for this and also broke through psychological barriers. Singer Zembit made his big screen debut with the film, playing the big thief, and he thanked the director for teaching him how to act during the filming of this "film newcomer".


The first new energy owners to eat crabs silently return to fuel vehicles, and the reasons are revealed

"The last breath of the fuel car is broken", "The swan song of the fuel age", "The fuel car is about to end"…

In today’s public opinion environment, fuel vehicles seem to have been sentenced to "capital punishment", and the undermining of fuel vehicles has long been a mainstream trend in the automotive public opinion field.

For new energy vehicles, the trend of branding, changes in sales, the mutual confrontation between business executives, and the operation of car owners and users’ rice circles are all the focus of public opinion.

According to the Baidu index keyword search trend comparison data, the online traffic popularity of new energy vehicles and trams far exceeds that of fuel vehicles and fuel vehicles. Of course, these all reflect the "silence" of fuel vehicles.

"A joint venture is not a representative of backwardness, it has maturity and stability, and it also has the tenacity to start later." Wen Dali, executive deputy general manager of GAC Toyota, made a public shout at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which is quite worth pondering.

The joint venture "big brothers" who have promoted the development of the automobile industry in the past few decades have also had to use this peculiar way to "confess" to consumers, which can be regarded as a special footnote for the various challenges faced by fuel vehicles.

Is it true that no one supports fuel vehicles anymore? In fact, for a long time to come, the development of the global automobile market will definitely be a parallel between gasoline and electricity, and fuel vehicles are far from being sentenced to death.

The same is true from the data point of view. According to the data released by the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, nearly 60% of the cars on display at this auto show are fuel vehicles, which is still the absolute main body. In October this year, among the 308,000 cars sold by Volkswagen in China, new energy accounted for only 8%, and fuel vehicles accounted for 92%.

In fact, users who insist on fuel vehicles may not be active in major online forums, do not operate in circles, and rarely participate in public opinion wars and war of words. They do not seem to have such a strong "sense of existence", but they still use real money to buy cars to "vote" for fuel vehicles and brands, expressing a "silent" support.

During the multi-day visit to the Guangzhou Auto Show, Zhixing Driving Road also found some voices behind the "silent majority", whose stories and choices reflect the development of enterprises and industries.

1. New energy owners returning to fuel vehicles

If young people are more likely to be attracted by new energy vehicles, then Brother Yu, who is in his 40s, is a special case.

Many years ago, when new energy vehicles were still widely questioned and challenged, Brother Yu became one of the early owners. There were two main reasons. He liked to try new technologies and thought that charging was more cost-effective than refueling. However, after a few years, Brother Yu found that he still paid by mistake.

"Now I’m angry when I mention trams." At the Guangzhou Auto Show, when Big Brother Yu and Zhixing Driving Road talked about the topic of new energy vehicles, he seemed quite excited. After a deeper understanding, Zhixing Driving Road also found that his experience has a certain group image representation, which can also bring some inspiration to consumers who are torn between oil cars and trams.

Brother Yu said helplessly, a few days ago on a business trip, came back to find the car can not start, also can not charge, many times with the brand after-sales staff communication, the final conclusion is always not in line with the quality assurance rights and interests, change the battery at your own expense, the price to tens of thousands, and ultimately can only find a third-party auto repair company to try their luck, to see if there can be a low-cost solution.

After experiencing this bad thing, Brother Yu even more believes that many early tram owners were taken advantage of and bought at a high price. The performance and functions of the car are far inferior to the current ones, and many shortcomings are also more obvious. For example, the battery life is more serious. Charging in the city often requires queuing up for empty charging piles, and the cost of charging is not cheap. The overall cost of using a car is not necessarily much cheaper than that of an oil car. More importantly, it is tiring.

In fact, like Brother Yu, car owners who are willing to buy cars for real money in the early stage of the development of new energy vehicles should be well maintained by car companies. But it backfired. After the vehicle battery failed, the brand tried its best to distance itself from the relationship and refused quality assurance. Eventually, the new energy owners like Brother Yu were pushed back into the arms of fuel vehicles.

At the auto show, Brother Yu actually went to the new energy vehicle booth for a stroll. He confessed to Zhixing Driving Road that many sales pitches are still similar today, and car purchase rights look very good.

All kinds of lifelong free, lifelong quality assurance and so on, behind a lot of details and rules are not explained in detail, after a few years really need quality assurance, it is estimated that another way of saying, just like their current tram manufacturers use some reasons to reject quality assurance.

Zhixing Driving Road also found by visiting the new energy vehicle booth that the sales staff often simply inform Sandian of the lifetime quality assurance, but did not mention the specific rules and conditions. We also found through inquiry that there are various rules behind the so-called lifetime quality assurance. If the owner is not careful, he will violate the rules, or lose the rights and interests of lifetime quality assurance because of some easily negligent reasons.

On the other hand, in the eyes of Big Brother, the current fuel vehicles have made great progress in terms of fuel consumption, making up for a competitive shortcoming. After understanding several different brand booths, he found that today’s fuel vehicle brands are developing faster in terms of gasoline-electric hybrid engines. After replacing the hybrid engine with traditional models, the fuel consumption value is directly "cut in half", and the progress is more obvious, which also makes him think that the so-called "electricity saving" advantage of new energy vehicles is not so prominent.

In addition to Big Brother Yu, Zhixing Driving Road interviewed many consumers who still firmly choose fuel vehicles in the fuel vehicle exhibition area. In their opinion, the inconvenience of charging is only secondary, and the risk of car companies going bankrupt and running away is even more important. Behind this are various vehicle function upgrades, after-sales services, maintenance and replacement issues.

Consumers’ concerns in this regard are not biased. Some time ago, the rumors of Weimar’s "bankruptcy" that swiped the screen on the whole network led to a series of chain reactions such as the lack of protection of owners’ rights and interests, the "shutdown" of some car functions, and the collapse of prices in the second-hand market.

The relevant report released by the China Consumers Association in May this year also shows that new energy vehicle companies have closed down and delisted, and it is difficult to continue to provide relevant vehicle maintenance, after-sales maintenance, and original spare parts services. The problem of after-sales insecurity of consumer vehicles is frequent.

Therefore, some consumers have admitted to Zhixing Driving Road that they will still pay more attention to the models and products of mainstream fuel vehicle brands. After all, fuel vehicles have very mature solutions and systems in this regard.

It is understood that when a fuel vehicle company withdraws from the market, the relevant after-sales services will be taken over by other main enterprises of the group or entrusted to qualified third parties. For example, after the withdrawal of GAC Mitsubishi, the relevant services will be handled by GAC Group.

However, there are many original enterprises in the new energy market. Once the enterprise has a problem, it is often a plot of "walking away". The lack of reliable related parties to continue to provide services to car owners is one of the important factors affecting consumer decision-making.

2. Worried about backstabs, etc. Party

Zhixing Driving Road found that all kinds of new energy brands at the Guangzhou Auto Show are showcasing their muscles in new technologies and experiences such as intelligent driving, charging battery life, and intelligent cockpit. There are also many models with a greater sense of technology, product power, and cost performance.

But through interviews with some consumers, we found that some consumers are actually scared away by the rapid replacement of new energy vehicles. Of course, most of them will not battle in the public opinion field, but will silently invest their car purchase budget in fuel vehicle brands.

"New energy vehicles are now being packaged more and more like mobile phones, but buying a car is completely different from buying a mobile phone." At a new energy vehicle booth, Ah Shui, who had just learned about the new model, told Zhixing Driving Road that the new energy vehicles are indeed becoming more and more "cool", but because of this, he does not know when is the right time to start.

In Ah Shui’s opinion, if he decided to buy a new energy vehicle this year, there might be newer, stronger, and more cost-effective models on the market in a few months, and even his own car would launch a facelifted model with additional features and reduced prices. This would not only make it appear that he was backstabbed, but also make the car in the quasi-new car state a little "outdated".

In this regard, Ah Shui also admitted that such problems rarely occur in fuel vehicles, such as Santana, Jetta, Accord, Camry, etc. After years of precipitation, the product power has long been very stable, and the appearance of new and modified models will not affect the experience and mentality of old car owners too much.

He used mobile phone products to make a metaphor, the fuel car is a bit like the iPhone of squeezing toothpaste, the overall difference is not bad, do not have to pursue the latest generation of products. But the new energy vehicle is now a bit like the stage of alternating between functional machines and smart machines, and there may be large product iterations at any time. If you need a car urgently, it is better to be a fuel car first, and it is better to be a new energy vehicle and so on.

In conversations with a number of consumers, Zhixing Driving Road also learned that the maintenance and after-sales system for new energy vehicles needs to be improved, which has also caused many consumers to back down.

For traditional fuel vehicles, daily scratches and collisions can be relatively simple to repair. Whether it is a 4S shop or a third-party auto repair shop, they already have a very mature system, and the price is relatively transparent.

But new energy vehicles are different, involving sensors such as radar, cameras, and chassis battery packs. Even seemingly minor scratches and collisions may damage these expensive components and even lead to changes in battery safety. As mentioned earlier, due to restrictions such as quality assurance agreements, maintenance can only choose official channels, which are not as flexible as fuel vehicles, and will continue to increase the psychological burden of owners.

Zhixing Driving Road found that, in general, the client base that still favors fuel vehicles has a more rational side, and in their opinion, the reliability, practicality, safety and long-tail cost of vehicles are more important.

That is to say, the price war and the so-called "charging is cheaper than refueling" and other selling points cannot convince these consumers to switch to new energy vehicles at present. They are waiting for a more mature opportunity, at least after the replacement no longer has a strong sense of backstabbing, the maintenance and after-sales system is further mature, and the price system of used cars is relatively stable.

3. "Yes, but not many."

When it comes to the topic of fuel vehicles, the brand side, especially the first-line sales who face customers, also has the voice over.

"There is indeed a big impact, and the number of customers I receive is obviously less." Xiao Xin, a salesperson for a Japanese fuel vehicle brand, told Zhixing Driving Road that many of the models displayed by the brand at the Guangzhou Auto Show this year are fuel vehicles, which are indeed not as lively as new energy brands.

Sales staff said that the overall impact is relatively limited, whether it is their own brand or other fuel vehicle brands, have a relatively loyal and large client base.

Although the brand is benchmarking the new energy vehicle market, it has also developed and configured technologies such as L2 smart driving and smart cockpit, but Xiaoxin found that many consumers who come to see the car are not too "cold" about these functions, but still focus on suspension upgrades, chassis design advantages, body robustness, safety, and improved control.

The intelligent driving lane also observed at the relevant fuel vehicle booths that the salesperson was interrupted by the consumer when he took the initiative to show the functional upgrade of the intelligent driving to the consumer, and was instead consulted about the interior space, tire wheelbase, and other information.

Sales staff who have served several new energy and fuel vehicle brands said that in addition to a few new energy vehicle companies that really have full-stack self-research capabilities and are "far ahead", each product has entered a relatively homogeneous stage in terms of function, performance, product power, etc. What is the competition at this time is naturally the hard power of the company itself.

For example, the safety and comfort experience brought by various hardware dimensions of the vehicle; the tonality of the brand, the stability of the pre-sales and after-sales services system, etc., are all areas where fuel vehicle brands have advantages; and the stories of overcharging and high-end intelligent driving told by new energy vehicles are more likely to take a long time to land in the future.

Sales of fuel vehicle brands have generally admitted that some customers have been robbed by new energy vehicle brands, but they still generally have confidence in their own brands and products, and do not express too much concern about future market competition.

This is actually not blind confidence. On the one hand, many new energy brands are still in the loss stage of burning money to develop and improve the system to "sell one at a loss", and there are still great uncertainties in the future. The monthly sales competition seems to be lively, but in fact most of them are far less than the sales data of fuel vehicle brands.

On the other hand, fuel vehicle brands not only have a deep technical heritage and a strong sales network, but also actively seek change and face the competition with new energy vehicle brands.

4. The hard-working elephant turns around

"New energy vehicles are the trend of the future, so the group is also transforming towards electrification, developing technologies, launching new energy sub-brands, and so on." The sales staff of a pure electric sub-brand under a fuel vehicle brand told Zhixing Driving Road that at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, the group did not issue the task of releasing new fuel vehicles, but only released a few new energy models. The original fuel models of the subsequent brand will also be gradually transformed into gasoline-electric mixing, plug-in mixing, etc.

The person also said that such as the design of vehicle appearance, interior space, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and other functions, these new energy models are equipped with standard elements. In short, "what new energy vehicles should have, we also have it." According to reports, about 40% of the current pure electric vehicle users of the fuel vehicle brand are from the previous conversion of their own fuel vehicle owners.

In the Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Honda, GAC Toyota, Kia, Jiangqi, Changan Mazda and other mainstream fuel vehicle brands have displayed many new energy-related models such as gasoline-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid, as well as many electrification The results of transformation, some brands are even reported by the media to cancel the traditional pure fuel version models and fully embrace electrification.

Not only that, but some of the unique selling points of new energy vehicles have also begun to appear in fuel vehicles, such as the new generation of BMW 5 series long wheelbase version exhibited by BMW, which is equipped with a 31-inch rear floating screen, which is nicknamed "big color TV" for rear passengers.

There are also the previously mentioned smart cockpit, L2-assisted driving, embedded door handles, and a more sci-fi and streamlined design language similar to new energy vehicles. It can be observed that many elements of fuel vehicles are aligned with new energy vehicles, or in order to narrow the competitive differences between them.

In this regard, the sales staff of the joint venture fuel vehicle brand said that in response to the user habits and changes in the Chinese market, the brand has indeed been making some corresponding targeted improvements, which are actually rolled up by new energy vehicles. Many configurations and designs that have been recognized by consumers may have some disadvantages in the competition if we do not integrate them in the modification.

So the question is, sales account for the main body and accelerating recovery, the client base coverage is still broad, car companies are also working hard to transform and change, why are fuel vehicles still being sung down and losing the voice of public opinion?

In the exchange with many consumers at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Zhixing Driving Road found one of the most important reasons, that is, the social thinking, user thinking and Internet thinking of new energy brands are far ahead, occupying the network of natives has the voice over.

Some new energy vehicle owners told Zhixing Driving Road that the new energy vehicle brand has done a good job in building an online and offline car owner community, which is an experience that has not been experienced before when driving a fuel vehicle.

The offline activities of new energy vehicles, online community interaction, and social interaction have gradually cultivated the owner’s sense of brand belonging. If there is any problem, they will give feedback through online social interaction, and they will also go to the Internet as tap water to help the brand promote and so on.

Obviously, when a large number of car owners are developed into such online social and interactive habits, the online popularity of new energy brands will naturally increase.

From another perspective, this is precisely what fuel vehicle brands can learn from and make up for. If fuel vehicles can break the "silent" label and gradually become active in various platforms, just like new energy vehicle brands, they can truly return to the center of the stage and return to the "C position" in the market.


Ma Shanglong | Materializing Chinese hegemony, wealth, and homesickness in the age

Original, Ma Shanglong, Shanghai Xiaolong Lane

Women love tianjiao, men like to dominate. When Santana couldn’t afford it, men made their dream a Rolls-Royce – the Rolls-Royce of the moped drove to Shanghai. Baofu’s advertisement is "Rolls-Royce of the moped".

** the most powerful thing is to reduce the 50cc light ride to 49cc, no longer belongs to the motorcycle series, and can ride without a driver’s license. The flood of mopeds and ** also began

Piaggio should be translated as "Piaggio", but "Baofu" seems to be more domineering. It is not particularly exaggerated to call it the Rolls-Royce of the scooter. When Baofu first entered the Shanghai market, it was only sold in overseas Chinese stores, not only for money, but also for overseas Chinese exchange coupons. Driving on the road, compared to the "one-pull" permanent scooter, Baofu was very angry. At that time, there was no concept of private car buying.

The Chinese are really good at taking advantage of loopholes. The moped is a concept that only China has. Bawu belongs to the moped in Italy, which is the "light ride" in the Chinese concept. Its power is 50cc, not 250cc or more of motorcycles. Although it is a moped, it still belongs to the category of motorcycles and has a government-stipulated light ride driver’s license. The most powerful thing about the Chinese is that they downgraded the 50cc moped to 49cc, which no longer belongs to the motorcycle series. You can ride without a motorcycle driver’s license. Later, the flood of mopeds in Shanghai started with 49cc, what Thomson, Firebird, Jialing… Later, the all-powerful traffic police brigade disappeared like this. Why? You know.

At that time, more than 10,000 yuan a Baofu, now it seems that it can be compared with the car around 200,000?

The real "materialization era" of the Chinese people began in the 1990s.

Before, especially until the 1980s, the Chinese mainland had been in the "age of dematerialization." A person who was named a model worker was rewarded with a certificate on the wall, at most an enamel cup and a notebook, and society was very poor in material goods – a typical dematerialized society.

After the 1980s, society used material things as a standard and weighing instrument to transform into spiritual life. Giving high rewards to advanced workers is a materialized reward, donations to help the poor and disaster relief, and materialized goodwill; a diamond ring "passed down forever" at a wedding is a materialized love. Material has shown an unprecedented role in any aspect of society – the age of materialization has arrived.

The whole people are doing business, the overnight wealth of stock subscription certificates, the sudden emergence of "Yang Million" and other social coordinates, and the desire of the Chinese to get rich can be said to be "suddenly like a spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms".

Diamonds last forever, one will last forever, provided that there is money, there must be enough money — the core value of the materialized era

In 1994, there was an advertisement for making a fortune that went with public opinion: "Hengyuanxiang, sheep make a fortune". It’s really funny in the new year. Shanghainese people prefer to read it as "making a foreign fortune". Making a foreign fortune is the ability of Shanghainese in the old days, making money from foreigners, and it is also a true record of going to Japan to study in Australia in those years to really make a foreign fortune.

1994 was not the Year of the Sheep in the lunar calendar. Apparently, Hengyuanxiang was excited about his "Sheep Fa Cai" advertising ideas, but he couldn’t wait for the next round of the Year of the Sheep to arrive in 2003. So in the year of brainstorming, he took it out and shared it with people, singing loudly: Hengyuanxiang, Sheep Fa Cai. I remember that the TV station also did advertisements one after another on each channel. It was much more cultured than the current Granny Zhang sea cucumber and decoration advertisements, like a child’s voice reciting the "Three Character Classic": Hengyuanxiang, Sheep Fa Cai. "Sheep Fa Cai" is an octave high with an exclamation mark.

The dream of making a fortune is the true Chinese dream of the Chinese people

But maybe Chinese people still like to "make a fortune in silence". A few days after the sheep made a fortune, the TV advertisement was changed: Hengyuanxiang, sheep, sheep! Still like a child’s voice reciting the "Three Character Classic", still "sheep, sheep" is an octave high with an exclamation mark.

The 1999 Hengyuanxiang calendar card I saw is still "Sheep Fa Cai". I believe that this is no longer Hengyuanxiang’s social advertisement, because the calendar card has long been out of the enthusiasm of Shanghai people every year, and may just be a small gift from Hengyuanxiang’s sales channels.

The unintended spin-off of "Beijingers in New York", Kong Fu’s wine, is homesick

Also in 1995. The 1990s was the most memorable and memorable decade in many Chinese people’s lives.

The materialized era brought material things, people would be materialized, and things would also be humanized. "The wine of the Confucius Mansion makes people homesick" is the most successful integration of materialization and humanization.

The separation of family ties among the Chinese people was the most prominent syndrome of the 1990s. A large number of foreign people who cut the queue made a fortune, but at the expense of family ties and even the breakdown of marriages and families; there is a more turbulent wave that has already hit, that is, the wave of migrant workers that has not yet calmed down.

"Homesickness" became the voice of the times for the first time, and that bottle of wine took advantage of the opportunity to imitate Dukang and relieve sorrow.

From the educated youth going to the mountains and going to the countryside in the 1960s, to the foreign queue jumping in the 1990s, to the emerging migrant workers, homesickness has become the theme of social and people’s livelihood in China for half a century

The endorsement of this advertisement is Wang Ji, and the background song of this advertisement is Sun Nan’s "I Pursue You for Thousands of Miles". Before that, in 1993, the TV drama "Beijingers in New York" was a big success, Wang Ji was the star, and "I Pursue You for Thousands of Miles" was the theme song – it can be said that the full value of Kong Fu’s wine is almost this advertisement, which is such a eight-word sentence: Kong Fu’s wine makes people homesick.

Family love, in the materialized era, has become a social public issue, and a bottle of wine is the first to be handed in in this public issue examination room.

This article is the third of "The Three View Curve of Shanghai Street Advertising in Forty Years"; one of the two is the first two official accounts "Jinsky blinked out the desire of Chinese women" and "The leader of the Celebrity Gate, the new wife, the girl in red, how to rival her wearing Tianjiao".

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