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Why is online celebrity’s being an actor frequently controversial? Changing careers is "not that simple"

Video screenshot: In the TV series "Story of Yanxi Palace", Zhang Tianyun (left) in online celebrity, Tik Tok was called by netizens as different from that in the short video.

  Video screenshot: In the TV series Story of Yanxi Palace, Zhang Tianyun (left) in online celebrity, Tik Tok is accused of being different from the short video.

  BEIJING, July 31 (Yuan Xiuyue) Recently, Yu Zheng’s new drama "Story of Yanxi Palace" was on fire. Seeing the rise, many people even turned up the "Draft of the History of Qing Dynasty" to discuss what the Empress Fucha and your concubine were like in history. Outside the play, a maid-in-waiting with few scenes has caused a lot of controversy.

  This maid-in-waiting is called Pearl, and the actor who plays her is called Zhang Tianyun, and she is also a present of Tik Tok online celebrity @ XiaoXiao. The reporter saw on Tik Tok that she has nearly three million fans. In the short video, she is sweet or cute, and the short video of "Husband, Husband, What?" once made her popular on the Internet.

  However, many people say that in the TV series, she seems to be different from the short video, and it looks "very ordinary" compared with the heroine. Some netizens joked that they suddenly admired Tik Tok’s filter. Some netizens wrote with emotion that there really is an insurmountable gap between online celebrity and the real actors. The topic that online red face and movie face are two kinds of faces was once popular in Weibo.

Video screenshot: Zhang Tianyun or online celebrity, Tik Tok

  Online celebrity turned to be an actor and "overturned" a lot.

  Internet has an indelible "grassroots" attribute since its birth, which gives ordinary people the opportunity to express themselves. From blogs and Weibo to live broadcasts and short videos, in the media changes, online celebrity characters also appeared one after another, such as Sister Furong and Sister Feng in the early days, Huang Cancan, the flower of Wuda University, Royi, Zhang Xinyuan and so on.

  When online celebrity has accumulated a certain fame, many people will choose to change careers as actors. However, it is not easy to switch from flat and short video to TV screen, and many people "roll over" in the process.

  In 2013, Huang Cancan became popular on the Internet with a group of pure photos under cherry blossoms, and was called "the campus flower of Wuhan University" by netizens, and then officially entered the entertainment circle. In 2015, he starred in the movie "Summer of Bubbles". However, the box office of the movie is generally not mentioned, and the Douban score is only 2.6 points.

Webpage screenshot

  Some netizens commented sharply, "Huang Cancan’s performance in his works has repeatedly proved that online celebrity is not only a bad actor, but also a factor that brings box office".

  The same example is Royi. She became popular because of a set of retro photos on Douban, and was called a new generation of national goddess. However, when I was a guest in Everyday Up in 2014, it caused a lot of controversy because of the big difference between the dynamics and photos.

  Later, she also appeared in many TV series, such as The Wonderland of Cocoon Town, The Half Demon City, The Biography of Chu Qiao, but the response was average.

  For Zhang Xinyuan, who turned actress, some netizens said that her biggest memory might be her white face and bright red lips.

Video screenshot: Royi plays Laner in Chu Qiao Biography.

  Why is online celebrity frequently diss by netizens?

  Online celebrity can’t leave the Internet? In the face of controversy, Zhang Tianyun also responded in Weibo, "I am wronged, I just opened a beauty and filter, I am afraid to turn these off, and everyone will take them off." She also said that her waist is not so thin, and drinking cold water makes her flesh grow.

  Different from the doubts on the Internet, in the comment area, many netizens are aggrieved by it. "I think it’s ok, not as bad as everyone said, and it has a lot to do with makeup."

  Some netizens also said that everyone was too harsh on online celebrity. "I think it’s pretty good. Being on TV would have magnified the small shortcomings, and it’s pretty good to put people in the pile."

  Some people look at the problem from the opposite side, saying that these images of online celebrity in the play are really good. On the contrary, it is terrible for some people to see talents with "they are online celebrity" colored glasses.

"Hot Blood Changan" poster, in which Zhang Xinyuan plays the role of Sun Siniang.

  Why diss online celebrity frequently disowned by netizens, just because he wears "colored glasses"? From the writing age, the graphic age to the video age, online celebrity always combines controversy and enthusiasm, which is closely related to netizens’ psychology of appreciating ugliness, aesthetics, entertainment, stimulation, voyeurism and spectator.

  In addition, online celebrity has a low threshold, mixed fish and dragons, showing off wealth, money worship, cheating, vulgarity and other negative news emerge one after another, and many online celebrity will be pulled out of a pile of black history when he just became famous, and the word online celebrity has gradually taken on a lot of derogatory meanings.

  Today, it is usually a bad description to say that a person is a "net red face". Because this may mean that this face has been decorated too much, including plastic surgery, retouching, filter beauty and so on.

  Netizens’ aversion to "net red face" is more of a resistance to a homogeneous aesthetic. Uniform pointed chin, European-style double eyelids, full forehead, and prominent risorius are fresh once, and they see a lot every day. No wonder netizens are joking. Seeing online celebrity’s photo is "lianliankan".

Video screenshot: Chun Xia won the Best Actress Award for her performance in the movie "Walking in the Snow Xun Mei".

  The difference between online celebrity and the actor is not only in the face.

  Why are "net red face" and "movie face" two kinds of faces? In fact, this is different from their presentation media. Generally speaking, the "net red face" emphasizes plane effect, and its presentation terminal is mostly a small screen of mobile phone. With the help of filters and beauty, people’s faces will look more beautiful.

  In the film and television drama, the high-definition professional lens is used for shooting, and the display terminal is a wide-screen TV, so the defects of the human face are obvious.

  Take off the "colored glasses". To be fair, for online celebrity, the criticism of appearance is only the first step. Unlike receiving praise in a small circle, online celebrity has to face more stringent requirements from the audience and a highly competitive entertainment circle if he wants to become an actor.

  The difference between online celebrity and an actor is not only in the face, but strictly speaking, they are completely different industries and industrial systems. Actors who are trained in a regular class have to go through several years of study and training, and those who are not trained in a regular class have to be honed in the crew. Actors can eat only by their faces, but they can only eat for a while. To go on for a long time, they must have excellent strength.

Video screenshot: Yuxi Zhang starred in the online drama "Dear, Princess Disease"

  And online celebrity really can’t be a good actor? In fact, there are also successful transformations. For example, in the spring and summer, she was also a little online celebrity of Douban at first, and she played several TV dramas intermittently. Later, she won the Best Actress Award in the Academy Award for her wonderful performance in the movie "Walking through the Snow in Xun Mei".

  Another example is Chen Douling, who once became popular on the Internet as the beauty queen of China Southern Airlines. She entered the entertainment circle for filming Left Ear, and then made many works. The dancer she played in "Worry-Free Grocery Store" also broke the previous pure single image.

  Online celebrity may not be "disillusioned" when he arrives on the screen. online celebrity Yuxi Zhang turned to be an actor, which caused a lot of controversy, but instead made a lot of money with the online drama "Dear, Princess Disease".

  There is never a shortage of people in the film and television industry. Let’s not say that if you really want to change careers as an actor, you must have the basic cultivation as an actor. You must have one talent, appearance, acting, hard work and luck.


Inheriting oriental aesthetics, Hua Xizi introduced intangible culture into fashion makeup.

The article was authorized to be transferred from WeChat official account: the forefront of entrepreneurship (ID: chuangyezuiqianxian) Author: Teacher Li.

In the past year or so, new domestic products and consumer goods have become a trend. In the category of make-up, a series of beauty brands focusing on Chinese style are constantly emerging. However, in the field of many brands with fierce competition, most domestic cosmetics brands with labeled products and lack of innovation are gradually eliminated, and brands with truly excellent product strength stand out.

In the consumer goods market, word of mouth means everything. At present, in the field of beauty cosmetics, Hua Xizi, with the brand concept of "Oriental make-up, keeping makeup with flowers", has quietly risen.

Behind Hua Xizi’s success is not only a strong product strength, but also its profound understanding of traditional culture explains the connotation of domestic beauty.

Endowing tradition with fashion and beauty, skillfully blending Miao culture.

In the impression of consumers in the past, makeup fashion is far from the elements of traditional culture, and it is difficult to effectively integrate their characteristics. How to combine traditional culture with modern fashion culture skillfully is a difficult problem faced by domestic cosmetics brands.

The answer to this problem can be interpreted in Hua Xizi’s brand. Hua Xizi brand was born on March 8, 2017. The word "flower" in Hua Xizi refers to "keeping makeup with flowers" and the word "Xizi" is taken from Su Dongpo’s poem "If you want to compare the West Lake to the West Lake, it is always appropriate to make light makeup and heavy makeup".

In the products launched by Hua Xizi, traditional culture is everywhere. Take Hua Xizi’s "Carved Lipstick" as an example. This lipstick is different from other lipstick products that only work hard on external packaging, and the micro-carving process is moved to lipstick paste. At present, this lipstick sells more than 100,000 pieces a month, and keeps Tmall’s high score of 4.9 points.

Huaxizi carved lipstick

The excellent market performance of this lipstick also proves that the combination of traditional culture and fashion is not a dead end, but requires ingenious creativity.

In Hua Xizi’s product lineup, carved lipstick is not a case. Since its establishment, Hua Xizi has launched dozens of makeup products that reproduce traditional oriental crafts. This time, Huaxizi, relying on its unique creativity, launched a series of products with Miao’s intangible culture.

It is understood that the Miao Impression Gaoding series is inspired by the Miao Yin craft of a few famous Miao people. Miao silver ornaments have long been important first ornaments and wedding supplies in Miao areas. For the Miao people, Miao Yin is a "fashion" element preserved in the long history, with unique oriental beauty.

Hua Xizi joins hands with fashion anchor Li Jiaqi to explore Miao Yin culture.

However, the Miao silver jewelry handicraft, which belongs to the intangible culture, is on the verge of disappearing, and its unique oriental charm is gradually forgotten.

Out of the sense of mission for the inheritance of traditional culture and the insistence on "Oriental beauty", Hua Xizi went deep into Miao village to explore the art of Miao silver ornaments, took Miao elements as design inspiration, and combined Miao Yin skills with modern technology to create a series of Miao impression advanced customization products.

In the final series of Miao impression products, this unique oriental beauty also appears with a new look. In the series of Miao impression products, Hua Xizi combined the engraving technology with the oriental micro-carving technology to reproduce the Miao silver-making technology on the products. In addition, Hua Xizi also carved the ancient and mysterious totem "Mother Butterfly" and flowers and plants into the products.

Huaxizi Miao Impression Gaoding Series Gift Box

When consumers use Miao Impression series products, their unique totem labels and cultural connotations will also make consumers look brand-new.

The "Miao Impression" high-definition gift box takes the shape of oriental makeup and blends into the Miao customs. It is inspired by the Miao girl skirt, decorated with Miao Yin pendant, batik and Miao Xiu, and made of high-quality leather. The high-definition version of air honey powder "Miao Impression" adopts a brand-new private model design and takes the shape of lotus leaf condensation to interpret the charm of Miao silver ornaments.

Carving of Honey Powder Cake in Miao Impression Series

However, it is not easy to rejuvenate traditional culture in the field of beauty cosmetics. It is reported that Hua Xizi has experienced many twists and turns in the process of developing Miao impression series products. Its appearance lasted for two years. After countless formula adjustments, and thousands of evaluations such as internal testing, external testing, external testing by experience officials and evaluation by makeup college, the product was finally listed.

At the moment when intangible cultural heritage skills are facing the challenge of inheritance, it is very smart to choose to tap intangible cultural heritage to create products. While spreading the intangible culture, the traditional culture also endows Huaxizi products and brand culture with deeper connotations. Through the combination with traditional culture, Hua Xizi has an unexpected advantage in product creativity. This is undoubtedly attractive to young consumers who pursue individuality.

In the process of endowing tradition with fashion, the brand symbol of Hua Xizi’s "Oriental Aesthetics" is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Only by understanding "Oriental Beauty" and polishing products can we make domestic products well.

The combination of traditional cultural elements is not unique to Hua Xizi, but the abuse of traditional cultural elements and lack of awe of traditional culture have made many domestic beauty brands mediocre.

In the current domestic beauty field, the phenomenon of product design homogenization and concept labeling is still common. After the novelty of the concept of domestic products disappears, consumers’ expectations for domestic beauty products are rising day by day. How to make consumers accept domestic beauty products is an unavoidable problem for domestic beauty products. Promoting Oriental Beauty is the responsibility of any domestic brand.

However, this problem is not unsolvable. When interpreting traditional culture, Hua Xizi also focuses on excavating the "oriental beauty" in traditional elements, and integrates the "oriental beauty" into the product design process with unique insights.

Take air honey powder, one of Hua Xizi’s explosive products, as an example. This product follows the peach blossom red skin cream, which was specially developed by Princess Taiping in the Tang Dynasty. While following the ancient method, Huaxizi relies on advanced grinding technology to refine the particles of honey powder to three times that of ordinary cosmetics. This process not only inherits the traditional beauty formula, but also uses advanced production technology to rejuvenate the ancient formula.

Oriental cultural products represented by Miao Impression Haute Couture Series are not Hua Xizi’s first attempt. As an oriental makeup brand born in 2017, Hua Xizi has launched a series of innovative products with the mission of inheriting oriental culture and recreating traditional oriental crafts. These products are on a par with international brands, but also stand out from the crowd with unique cultural concepts.

Having a good idea is enough to create an explosive product, but this is not the whole pursuit of Hua Xizi.

In the increasingly competitive beauty field, the good-looking products cannot support the long-term survival of a brand. On the basis of maintaining creativity, Hua Xizi has also made a lot of efforts in product quality. In the process of product making, Hua Xizi insists on the spirit of craftsman, polishes products over and over again, completes every detail, and even pays ten times and one hundred times of energy to develop a product.

For example, for an oil control effect, the product manager needs to find dozens of different oil control ingredients, and test each different ingredient one by one internally, and finally find the ingredient that takes into account the oil control ability and does not dry, so that the product can achieve high-quality efficacy and comfortable skin feeling.

With a sense of responsibility for the inheritance of traditional culture, a unique understanding of traditional cultural elements and high requirements for product quality, Hua Xizi can stand out among a number of domestic beauty brands. The hot performance of Huaxizi products in domestic and overseas markets is enough to show that Huaxizi has gradually become a beauty brand that cannot be ignored and a representative of domestic beauty.

Brand internal and external repair, Hua Xizi goes abroad.

Over the years, the right to speak in the field of beauty has been in the hands of international brands, but the situation is changing.

With the growth of young people’s voices in the post-90s and post-00s, consumers’ pursuit of aesthetics and culture is gradually diversified, and mainstream western aesthetics is no longer all-inclusive. In the process of continuous restoration of national self-confidence and cultural self-confidence, consumers’ desire for local culture is stronger than before. In this context, domestic brands that can resonate with consumers’ national feelings and maintain a good reputation gradually rise.

Relying on the brand concept of "Oriental make-up, make-up with flowers", Hua Xizi walked out of a unique route belonging to domestic make-up.

Looking at Hua Xizi’s journey to fame, it is not difficult to find that its marketing path is the young female group with personalized pursuit in the Z generation, which is inherited from the ancient method of "keeping beauty with flowers" in China traditional culture, carving the dual charm of fashion attributes, cultural connotation and exquisite products with oriental charm, and realizing the capture of more meta-audiences.

Hua Xizi’s firm commitment to products has also been recognized by young domestic consumers. In the dissemination of products and brands, Hua Xizi also conveyed his own experience and brand persistence to consumers, and explained to consumers what domestic cosmetics should look like with a unique product understanding.

While conquering domestic consumers, Hua Xizi also went abroad. Previously, in 2019, Hua Xizi’s West Lake gift box series products had caused a heated discussion on Twitter in Japan. The packaging and texture of Hua Xizi made international friends feel the charm of domestic beauty cosmetics and the unique connotation of Chinese culture. Some Japanese netizens even said that they would like to go to China once to buy Hua Xizi.

Hua Xi zi Xi Hu yin Ji gift box

Hua Xizi sparked heated discussion on Twitter in Japan.

Hua Xizi’s popularity overseas proves a way for domestic brands to rise-brands with local characteristics and profound cultural connotations can help promote national culture and contribute to cultural self-confidence. The excellent performance of Hua Xizi in the domestic market also proves the correctness of Hua Xizi’s brand line of "giving tradition to fashion".

In the era of content marketing, Hua Xizi explored a new way for domestic beauty cosmetics through careful interpretation of consumer demand, re-innovation of traditional culture and persistence in quality. All these persistence and efforts also reflect the brand vision of Huaxizi brand "promoting the beauty of the East and casting a century-old national makeup".

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A new breakthrough in flow battery can be found in

As the "reserve army" of long-term energy storage technology, the flow battery has developed rapidly in recent years, and it has become a "upstart" in the market. The flow battery can run stably for 100 hours at a low temperature of -20℃. According to the China Science Journal, it was recently learned from the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Institute of Metals") that the researchers Li Ying and Tang Wei led the team to obtain new low-cost iron-based flow battery energy storage technology.

As the "reserve army" of long-term energy storage technology, flow battery has developed rapidly in recent years and has become a "upstart" in the market.

The flow battery can run stably at -20℃ for 100 hours.

According to the China Journal of Science, it was recently learned from the Institute of Metals of Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Institute of Metals") that researchers Li Ying and Tang Wei led the team to make new progress in the research field of new low-cost iron-based flow battery energy storage technology. Related research results have been published in Chemical Engineering Journal and Small respectively.

By etching the metal at the electrode interface, the researchers of the Institute of Metals effectively regulated the nucleation characteristics of iron ions at the electrode interface, and revealed the enhancement mechanism of hybridization of iron ions at carbon defects and the evolution law of iron deposition process by theoretical calculation and simulation analysis. On this basis, the assembled all-iron flow battery achieved a power density of 80 milliwatts per square centimeter and a current efficiency of 99% after 250 cycles, and the cycle stability was effectively improved by 10 times.

The results show that the optimal design of electrode interface can effectively improve the performance of iron anode, which provides a new way to realize the efficient and stable operation of all-iron flow battery. In addition, by introducing polar solvent into the solution, the researchers of Metal Research Institute realized the stable operation of the whole battery for 100 hours at the low temperature of -20℃ for the first time. The research results laid a technical foundation for the industrial development and application promotion of all-iron flow battery technology in wide temperature range.

Future growth rate of flow battery can be expected.

As the "reserve army" of long-term energy storage technology, flow battery has developed rapidly in recent years and has become a "upstart" in the market. According to the different kinds of active electricity in positive and negative electrodes and electrolyte solution, flow batteries can be divided into zinc-iron flow batteries, zinc-bromine flow batteries, all-iron flow batteries, iron-chromium flow batteries, all-vanadium flow batteries and so on. Among them, with the development of upstream and downstream industries, vanadium batteries have taken the lead in entering the initial stage of commercialization.

According to China Energy News, Zhou Xiang, Marketing Director of Xingchen New Energy, once said that all-vanadium flow battery is one of the new energy storage routes with the most advanced comprehensive technical indicators, the most advanced industrialization and the most encouraged national policies. It is estimated that by 2030, the permeability of all-vanadium flow battery in new energy storage will exceed 30%.

At present, the common energy storage methods in the industry generally have the defects of short energy storage time, poor safety and high cost of electricity, which is not conducive to supporting the application and promotion of new energy. Flow battery has the characteristics of intrinsic safety, ultra-low cost and long-term energy storage, and it has come to the Giva era and stood in front of the window of industrialization.

According to the report of Toubao Research Institute, from 2018 to 2021, the compound annual growth rate of the flow battery market scale is 55.2%, and the market scale will reach 1.06 billion yuan in 2022. It is expected to reach 24.89 billion yuan in 2027, and the compound annual growth rate of the market scale may reach 87.9% from 2022 to 2027.

The rolling price-earnings ratio of 13 concept stocks is less than 20 times.

In the A-share market, there are nearly 30 listed companies with businesses related to flow batteries, and some companies have made rapid progress. Yongtai energy revealed on the interactive platform that the company’s Detai Energy Storage 1000MW All-Vanadium Flow Battery Energy Storage Equipment Manufacturing Base (Phase I 300MW) started construction as scheduled at the end of June 2023. At present, the company is promoting the construction of the workshop and production line of the Phase I 300MW new generation large-capacity vanadium battery project in an orderly manner, and it is expected to be put into production in the second half of this year.

At present, Lushan new materials are being tested, certified and introduced as bonding materials for hydrogen fuel cells and flow batteries.

Shanghai Electric has successfully developed 5kW/25kW/32kW/65kW series stacks, and delivered more than 50 energy storage projects of flow batteries.

The energy storage power station with electric investment includes three energy storage modes, namely, iron-chromium liquid flow battery energy storage, liquid-cooled lithium battery energy storage and flywheel energy storage, with iron-chromium liquid flow technology. The 1MW Fe-Cr flow battery project under construction by the company has been tested for single charge and discharge, and has not been put into actual commercial operation. It is a pilot project of the company.

Fengshan Quannuo, a holding subsidiary of Fengshan Group, has carried out research and development layout and technical reserve in the electrolyte of vanadium battery flow, which is currently in the pilot stage.

Judging from the performance of the secondary market, as of the close of April 3, the concept stocks of flow batteries have fallen by 1.22% on average this year. Western mining, power investment and energy, Longbai Group, Yulong and Fengshan Group have a strong trend, with a cumulative increase of over 10% during the year. Since March, according to the average transaction price of the interval, there are four companies that have increased their holdings in the north by more than 100 million yuan, namely Shanghai Electric, Western Mining, Longbai Group and Dongfang Electric.

Among these concept stocks, 13 stocks have a rolling P/E ratio of less than 20 times, including Power Investment Energy, Zhenhua, Hyde, Dongfang Electric and Anning. The rolling P/E ratio of power investment energy is 9.25 times, ranking the lowest.


[Editor: Li Yangzi]


CCTV’s exposure of Apple’s old mobile phone is slow, and changing the battery reloading system can’t solve the problem.

  CCTV News:Recently, Apple’s mobile phone has been caught in the storm of "slowing down the door". Many users have found that after upgrading the latest system, the performance of their old iphone has weakened and the response has slowed down.

  The Apple iPhone6 phone used in Shanghai was stuck after the system was updated to iOS10 version. At that time, he thought it was some accidental phenomenon after the system was upgraded, so he ignored it, but then the mobile phone system was updated and upgraded again, which made Xiao Shao very upset.

  When consumers were younger than September 2017, after upgrading iOS11, they felt that their mobile phones were getting stuck, which was particularly unacceptable. Sometimes they even said that it would take about five or six seconds to answer the phone, and seven or eight seconds to respond.

  Then, one day in December, he came across a post on the forum, in which a user said that his iPhone 6 had been downgraded and introduced the test software he used.

  After monitoring the frequency of the iphone6 mobile phone, I found that the maximum frequency of the original mobile phone was maintained at 1400 MHz, and the frequency of his mobile phone was maintained at 600 MHz, which was less than half of the maximum frequency of this mobile phone.

  Therefore, Xiao believes that the real reason for the jam is that his mobile phone is down-converted. Subsequently, less than contacted Apple’s online customer service.

  Consumers are less than that, that is to say, we don’t admit that you consumers get the information of CPU frequency software at first, and we won’t make any explanation for you, that is, his explanation is that all our explanations are written in that statement issued by their Apple company.

  The explanation of Apple’s online customer service makes Xiao Xiao very helpless. Later, Apple’s online customer service also suggested reinstalling the system and restoring the factory settings, and raised the objection whether the aging of the mobile phone battery led to frequency reduction. The reporter inquired about Apple official website and found the so-called statement less than that mentioned by Apple. The simple description is that, first, there are some temporary minor errors in the system that have been solved, and second, it is recommended to change a battery.

  I listened to Apple’s customer service solution, but I didn’t do it one by one, but as a result, except for wasting 588 yuan of battery money, the problem of being stuck with a mobile phone was not solved.

  Consumers are less than saying,I replaced the battery at the Apple Putuo Global Harbor Direct Store. He told me that the battery of my mobile phone was in a very good condition, and suggested that I just reinstall the system and restore all the settings, but after I did these things, I found that the jam had not been eliminated.

  Two so-called solutions given by Apple, one is to reinstall the system and the other is to replace the battery. Consumers have done both, but the phenomenon of mobile phone jam has not been alleviated. So what is the real reason for the slowdown of mobile phones? Continue to look at the reporter’s investigation.

  Reporter Wang Jing said that the reporter learned from the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee that there were more than 2,600 complaints about Apple products and quality in 2017. However, in the past two months, there were more than 300 complaints about product slowdown. The staff of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee told us that this number is still rising.

  According to statistics, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee received 964 complaints about Apple products and services in 2015, 4,021 in 2016 and 2,615 in 2017. These complaints involved battery quality, unexpected shutdown, account theft and after-sales service. On the basis of sorting out and summarizing consumers’ opinions, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee sent inquiry letters to Apple China Company and Apple Global Headquarters respectively.

  Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, said that we also noticed that in fact, some explanations of Apple and its related measures failed to solve consumer dissatisfaction. In other words, what should we consumers do with those slow-down mobile phones? What did Apple do, and what kind of behavior did Apple take to make consumers’ mobile phones slow down and become stuck?

  Experts stressed that,The higher the frequency of CPU, the stronger the computing power, and the lower the frequency, the weaker the computing power. This time, the user appears stuck. In fact, the frequency of the mobile phone is down, and the computing power is reduced.

  Wang Chaodong, deputy director of the Information Security Department of china academy of telecommunication research Huadong Branch, said that this time Apple aimed at this matter, but it was actually a patch package that it turned off abnormally. If it turned off abnormally, it should be one. Technically, this is a BUG, and its solution to this BUG is one of its solutions, but we talked about this solution earlier, and it may have chosen one that is not very appropriate without the user’s knowledge.

  In response to the Apple Caton issue, the China Consumers Association said that it was suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

  Jian Chen, director of the Legal and Theoretical Research Department of the China Consumers Association, said that Apple used this software upgrade to slow down its mobile phone without telling consumers the real situation. In fact, it was to solve the problem of its own mobile phone battery, but it was suspected of infringing consumers’ right to know, choose and dispose of property.

  Experts say that Apple has deprived consumers of their right to know and control.

  Wang Chaodong, deputy director of the Information Security Department of china academy of telecommunication research East China Branch, said, if you move the smart terminal, it is very important for the user to know and control it, that is, to make any upgrade, you should actually let the user know what upgrades to make and what impact it will have. Moreover, users can make their own choices, and after the upgrade, we can return to the previous version. If users need it, we can return it. This means that I think it means respecting the rights and interests of consumers.

  On January 19th, Apple submitted the Reply to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, which clearly admitted that the slowdown operation existed. At the same time, it promises to give consumers a clear prompt when upgrading the operating system in the future, and set the consumer’s own choice switch.

  After Apple’s reply was made public, the reporter called the consumers in Shanghai less than, less than, which clearly showed his views.

  Consumers are less than saying that if Apple can fulfill its promise, it will be a good thing, but how can it compensate or compensate consumers for the losses they have already suffered? This is completely ignored by Apple in his statement. This is the most important issue for our consumers and also related to their direct interests. We hope to see Apple’s sincerity in these aspects.

  In response to Apple’s reply, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee said that it would continue to follow up and pay attention to Apple’s final treatment measures until Apple put all necessary measures in place.


The Information Office of the Autonomous Region Government held a press conference for the Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region to carry out the "Iron Fist" action and the rectification

On December 14th, the Information Office of the Government of the Autonomous Region held a press conference for the Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region to carry out the "Iron Fist" campaign and the rectification work in the market field of "clothing, food, housing and transportation". Yang Lin, member of the party group, deputy director and first-class inspector of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau, made a theme release. Yu Aoqiang, the second-level researcher of the School Safety Management Office of the Education Department of the Autonomous Region, Gu Fengmin, the second-level researcher of the Real Estate Market Supervision Department of the Housing and Construction Department of the Autonomous Region, Bai Yiqun, deputy director of the Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Supervision Department of the Culture and Tourism Department of the Autonomous Region, and Li Ming, director of the Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau, attended the conference and answered questions from reporters.


Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau carried outSpeech at the press conference on "Tiequan" action and "clothing, food, housing and transportation" market rectification work

Party member, deputy director and first-class inspector of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau.Yang Lin

Since the establishment of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau, it has adhered toThe development idea of "people-centered" adheres to the problem orientation and vigorously rectifies the market order of "food, clothing, housing and transportation". Since 2019, it has carried out three-year special rectification work in conjunction with the Education Department of the Autonomous Region and other seven departments. According to the unified deployment of the General Administration of Market Supervision, in 2021, it organized and carried out the "Iron Fist" action to investigate and deal with cases in the people’s livelihood field in the whole region. Through a series of special rectification, it effectively cracked down on illegal behaviors in the market economy and effectively safeguarded consumers’ rights and interests.

Carry outDuring the three years of rectification in the field of "food, clothing, housing and transportation", the whole region dispatched 1,860,900 law enforcement officers, inspected 1,222,500 market operators, filed 38,900 cases, destroyed 141 dens, transferred 97 cases to public security organs, and investigated 207 major cases, involving goods worth 295 million yuan and fines of 409 million yuan.

Carry outIn the "Iron Fist" operation, the market supervision department of the whole region dispatched a total of 141,400 law enforcement personnel, inspected 88,500 market operators, put 1,080 cases on file, destroyed 10 dens, and transferred 6 cases to judicial organs. The value of goods involved was 15,242,300 yuan, and the amount of fines and confiscations was 22,021,600 yuan. A number of outstanding problems were centralized and illegal activities were effectively curbed, which played a positive deterrent role in illegal business operations.

Through continuous and in-depth special rectification, it has won wide support from all walks of life, and has been highly recognized by the leaders of the autonomous region government and the General Administration of Market Supervision and widely praised by the people.

Summarize the past three yearsThere are three main characteristics in the market rectification of "basic necessities of life":

First, adhere to the above rate, layer upon layer compaction responsibility.System-wide establishmentThe idea of "playing a game of chess", strengthening organizational leadership, strengthening the implementation of responsibilities, and promoting the implementation of special rectification with firm determination, powerful measures and solid style. The Bureau of the Autonomous Region has set up a leading group for rectification work, headed by the main leaders, to study and formulate a special rectification work plan, organize mobilization and deployment meetings, conduct regular work scheduling, analyze and find out the existing problems and deficiencies, and organize a site promotion meeting for the rectification of the "food, clothing, housing and transportation" market in Baotou City, and set off a powerful offensive of centralized rectification in the whole region through a typical way.

The second is to adhere to synergy and cohesion.The market field of "basic necessities of life" covers a wide range of industries, and the illegal acts are complex, involving governments at all levels, multiple departments and industries. Our bureau constantly explores and summarizes the laws of market supervision, vigorously cooperates with various forces, and establishes and improves the collaborative governance mechanism of departments, society, markets, consumers, industry associations and news media, forming a joint effort to tackle the problem. Give full play to the functional advantages of the departments, and cooperate with the education, civil affairs, housing construction, agriculture and animal husbandry, commerce, cultural tourism, supply and marketing cooperatives and other departments of the autonomous region to coordinate rectification; The Higher People’s Court, the People’s Procuratorate and the Public Security Department of the autonomous region shall establish a working mechanism for linking execution, punish illegal and criminal acts in the market field according to law, and increase illegal costs.

The third is to adhere to the system of establishing rules and regulations to ensure long-term and regular treatment.In order to continuously and deeply promote the special rectification, our bureau has continuously built a long-term mechanism for market rectification with complete system, scientific norms and effective operation by establishing institutional mechanisms such as problem discovery, supervision and punishment, and education and guidance. In order to accurately crack down on market chaos, our bureau has established a data platform for market supervision. By analyzing and judging the data information such as complaints and reports, quality sampling, supervision and inspection, we can grasp the outstanding problems in the field of market supervision in real time, and carry out special rectification actions in a normal way to protect people’s lives, health and safety.

In the next step, our bureau will continue to focus on people’s livelihood concerns and make further progress.Work in the market field of "food, clothing, housing and transportation", strive to create a good consumption environment, and make greater contributions to promoting the high-quality economic development of the whole region and the high-quality life of the people!


Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau conducts investigation and handling of cases in the field of people’s livelihood.Ten typical cases of "Tiequan" action and "clothing, food, housing and transportation" market rectification

Director of Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureaudawn

In 2021, the Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region, together with the Education Department, Civil Affairs Department, Housing and Construction Department, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department, Commerce Department, Cultural Tourism Department, Supply and Marketing Cooperative and other departments of the Autonomous Region, continued to carry out special rectification actions against the market problems of "clothing, food, housing and transportation" closely related to people’s daily lives. Market supervision departments at all levels in the region investigated and dealt with a number of cases in the field of people’s livelihood, and now ten typical cases are announced to the public.

(1) Hulunbeier Municipal Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with the case that a grocery store in Hailaer District sold liquor infringing the exclusive right to use a registered trademark.

On February 24, 2021, Hulunbeier Municipal Market Supervision Bureau conducted a law enforcement inspection on a grocery store in Hailar District according to the clues reported, and found that the store wholesaled about 5,000 cases of liquor of a certain brand suspected of infringement and counterfeiting, involving a value of 840,000 yuan. After the appraisal of the liquor enterprise of this brand, the liquor of a certain brand sold by this grocery store was a counterfeit product of this enterprise. The behavior of the parties concerned violates the provisions of Item (3) of Article 57 of the Trademark Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), and constitutes an illegal act of selling liquor that infringes the exclusive right to use a registered trademark. As the value of the goods involved in the case has reached the standard of criminal prosecution, Hulunbeier Municipal Market Supervision Bureau transferred the case to the public security organ for handling.

(2) The Market Supervision Bureau of Urad Qianqi, Bayannur City investigated and dealt with the case of a middle school not implementing government pricing.

On March 30, 2021, the price supervisors of Bayannaoer Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the law enforcement officers of Urad Qianqi Market Supervision Bureau inspected the education fees of a middle school in Urad Qianqi according to the requirements of "double randomness and one openness", and found that the school collected class selection fees, test paper printing fees, test paper fees and commercial insurance fees from students from September 2019 to December 2020. After investigation, the parties collected a total of 440,600 yuan for class selection fees, examination paper fees and examination paper printing fees, and collected 267,600 yuan for students’ commercial insurance. The behavior of the parties violates the relevant provisions of the Price Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Provisions on Administrative Punishment for Price Violations, and constitutes an illegal charging behavior that does not implement government pricing. Urad Qianqi Market Supervision Bureau confiscated 440,600 yuan of class selection fee, test paper fee and test paper printing fee, fined 39.06 yuan, fined 50,000 yuan, and fined 39.06 yuan for collecting commercial insurance premium according to Article 39 of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Price Law and Item (5), (7) and (11) of Article 9 of Provisions on Administrative Punishment for Price Violations.

(III) The Market Supervision Bureau of Jiuyuan District of Baotou City investigated and dealt with the case that a real estate development company in Baotou City sold commercial houses with unmarked prices and used absolute terms for publicity.

On June 13, 2019, according to the complaint clues, the Market Supervision Bureau of Jiuyuan District of Baotou City conducted an inspection on a real estate development company in Baotou City and its sales department, and found that the real estate company sold commercial houses without price filing, without clear price tag and price publicity. During the inspection, law enforcement officers also found that the publicity banners on the exterior wall of the sales department, the colorful flags at the door and the brochures on the exhibition shelves in the building were marked with the words "out of print" and "unique", and the actions of the parties violated the "Unique" The Market Supervision Bureau of Jiuyuan District of Baotou City made a penalty decision of RMB 536,700 according to Article 42 of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Price Law and Paragraph 1 of Article 57 of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Advertising Law.

(4) The Ordos Municipal Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with the case of three gas stations selling vehicle diesel that did not meet the national standards.

In October, 2020, Ordos Municipal Market Supervision Administration carried out special law enforcement inspection on finished products, and sampled and tested the vehicle diesel oil sold by a gas station in Ulan Mulun, Uxin Banner and a Xingsheng gas station, which were found to be unqualified products. After investigation, the parties concerned purchased 33 tons, 11 tons and 12.88 tons of the unqualified batch of vehicle diesel respectively, and the party concerned sold the vehicle diesel that did not meet the national standards, which violated the provisions of Article 13 of the Product Quality Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and constituted an illegal act of selling the vehicle diesel that did not meet the national standards. The Market Supervision Bureau of Ejinhoro Banner in Ordos City and the Market Supervision Bureau of Wushenqi in Ordos City respectively imposed fines of 221,900 yuan, 67,300 yuan and 89,300 yuan on the parties and confiscated 2,752 liters of unsold unqualified vehicle diesel.

(V) Chifeng Municipal Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with a cultural development company in Chifeng City in the process of selling products by telephone.False propaganda case of "sales speech"

On January 4, 2021, the Songshan District Bureau of Chifeng City conducted a law enforcement inspection on a cultural development company in Chifeng City according to the report materials, and found that three telephone attendants of the company were using "sales speech" to promote "life energy" and "camel colostrum", and the content of this "speech" material was suspected of false propaganda. After investigation, the parties concerned signed authorization promotion contracts with an international medical research institute in Beijing and a health industry company in Jiangxi, respectively. During the promotion period, in order to increase sales and earn commission, the parties claimed that life energy and camel milk powder had the functions of improving immunity, promoting blood circulation, preventing arteriosclerosis and hyperlipidemia, and achieving health and longevity during the telephone promotion, but the parties could not provide the supporting materials for the above publicity. The behavior of the parties concerned violates the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 8 of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), and constitutes an illegal act of using "sales words" to deceive and mislead consumers. The Market Supervision Bureau of Songshan District, Chifeng City imposed a fine of RMB200,000 on the parties.

(VI) Hohhot Municipal Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with the price fraud case of an investment real estate company in Hohhot.

On November 25, 2020, Hohhot Market Supervision Bureau conducted a law enforcement inspection on an investment real estate company in Hohhot according to the clues of case transfer from relevant departments. After investigation, it was found that the commercial house of a project opened for sale by the company on June 27, 2020 advertised "setting off the Golden Week in advance and killing the special rooms" and "5 sets of special rooms with a maximum of 720,000 provinces" on the eve of the "Eleventh" in 2020. After investigation, all the above five sets of special rooms have been sold. The original advertising price of five sets of special rooms is much higher than the actual filing price, and the discounted transaction price is actually the filing allowable price. The above behavior of the parties violates the provisions of Article 14 of the Price Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Article 7 of the Provisions on Prohibiting Price Fraud, which constitutes price fraud. Hohhot Municipal Market Supervision Bureau made a penalty decision of 185,000 yuan for the parties.

(VII) Chifeng Municipal Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with a case in which a shoe store in linxi county sold goods infringing the exclusive right to use a registered trademark.

On May 26th, 2021, linxi county Market Supervision Bureau of Chifeng City, in cooperation with the staff of an intellectual property service company in Guangzhou, the clients of Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. and Adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd., enforced the law on a shoe store in linxi county. Upon investigation, the parties concerned, without the authorization of Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. and Adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd., stored and sold various types of sports shoes and sportswear products with the registered trademarks of Nike Company and Adidas Company, and the law enforcement officers took compulsory measures to seal up and detain the infringing goods according to law. The parties’ sale of goods infringing the exclusive right to use registered trademarks violated the Trademark Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC). The Market Supervision Bureau of linxi county City, Chifeng City imposed a fine of RMB 144,900 and confiscated the infringing goods.

(8) The Market Supervision Bureau of Chayouhouqi, Wulanchabu City investigated and dealt with the case of the production and operation of food contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms by a catering branch of a Pearl Hotel.

On July 31, 2021, law enforcement officers of Chayouhouqi Market Supervision Bureau received a phone call from consumers, saying that diarrhea occurred after eating in the banquet hall of a Pearl Hotel in Chayouhouqi. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene for investigation and verification at the first time, sampling the banquet food for inspection and sealing the food in the sample storage cabinet. After inspection, Staphylococcus aureus was detected in the food submitted for inspection. After investigation, the catering company failed to fulfill its main responsibility, failed to implement the food safety responsibility system, and failed to implement the requirements of "five specialties", which led to the problem of food contamination by pathogenic microorganisms. The behavior of the parties violated the provisions of Article 34 of the Food Safety Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC). According to the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 124 of the Food Safety Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC), the Chayouhouqi Market Supervision Bureau confiscated the illegal income of RMB 9200, confiscated 13.5 kilograms of illegal food.

(9) Bayannaoer Municipal Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with the case of a car dealership in Tianjitai Town, Wuyuan County selling electric three-wheeled motorcycles without compulsory product certification.

On July 28th, 2021, Wuyuan County Market Supervision Bureau of Bayannaoer City conducted a law enforcement inspection on a garage in Tianjitai Town. Law enforcement officers found 18 Yadea brand electric three-wheeled motorcycles to be sold in the garage, which were made by Tianjin Branch of Yadea Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., and the law enforcement officers inquired through the certification and supervision platform of CNCA. All the electric three-wheeled motorcycles sold by the parties were sold before the manufacturers obtained the CCC certificate, which violated Article 28 of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Certification and Accreditation Regulations. Wuyuan County Market Supervision Bureau made a penalty decision to confiscate the illegal income of RMB 7,500 and impose a fine of RMB 50,000.

(X) Duolun County Market Supervision Bureau of Xilin Gol League investigated and dealt with the case of a limited liability company using untested special equipment.

On March 27th, 2021, the law enforcement officers of Duolun County Market Supervision Bureau of Xilin Gol League and the "rolling" supervision and inspection team of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau carried out law enforcement inspection on a limited liability company in Inner Mongolia. During the inspection, it was found that the company was using special equipment heat exchangers that had not been inspected and had not been registered. The behavior of the parties violated the provisions of Article 32 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Special Equipment Safety. Duolun County Market Supervision Bureau made a penalty decision of RMB 50,000.00 Yuan according to the first paragraph of Article 84 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Special Equipment Safety.


Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau carried outPress conference on the "Iron Fist" campaign and the rectification work in the market field of "clothing, food, housing and transportation"


Inner Mongolia Radio and TV reporter: Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau sinceSince 2019, the special rectification work in the market field of "food, clothing, housing and transportation" has been organized in the whole region for three years, which has achieved very good social effects. Please tell us how to continue to strengthen market supervision in the field of people’s livelihood in the future work.

dawnIn the past three years, our bureau, together with seven departments and bureaus including the Education Department of the Autonomous Region, has carried out in-depth development in the whole region.In the rectification work in the market field of "food, clothing, housing and transportation", in the process of rectification, all levels thoroughly implemented the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19 th CPC Central Committee, gave full play to the propaganda and guidance role of the news media and the supervision role of public opinion, and exposed typical cases in a timely manner; Give full play to the role of consumer associations at all levels, encourage and guide consumers to actively participate in the governance of the "food, clothing, housing and transportation" market; Give full play to the role of social organizations such as industry associations and chambers of commerce, and strengthen self-supervision and restraint on product quality, production and operation of the industry; Give full play to the role of voluntary social supervisors and further broaden the channels of supervision. Market supervision departments at all levels in the whole region and seven departments, including education and housing construction, have established a joint and cooperative working mechanism in clue arrangement, investigation and evidence collection, case transfer, information sharing, joint crackdown, etc., and jointly carried out joint special rectification to promote public participation, safeguard fair competition and legitimate interests, guide market participants to operate in good faith according to law, and severely crack down on acts that undermine the market business environment and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers according to laws and regulations.

In the next step, our bureau will continue to focus on people’s livelihood concerns, severely crack down on illegal activities in the field of people’s livelihood, and serve dual-cycle development and high-quality development. Our bureau and the Education Department of the Autonomous Region and other seven departments jointly issued the "Establishing and Improving the Autonomous Region"Work Plan for Long-term Mechanism of Joint Renovation in the Market of "Food, Clothing, Housing and Transportation", by establishing a long-term mechanism for joint renovation, the market of "Food, Clothing, Housing and Transportation" will be continuously and steadily rectified, and in combination with the "Iron Fist" action organized by the General Administration of Market Supervision to investigate and deal with cases in the field of people’s livelihood, in view of the outstanding problems strongly reflected by the masses and highly concerned by public opinion, the law enforcement will be continuously strengthened, and economic violations in the market supervision field will be investigated and dealt with according to law, so as to effectively curb the frequent trend of

Inner Mongolia Daily reporterAs the saying goes,"Food is the most important thing for the people, and food safety is the first priority", and food safety is more important than Mount Tai. How does the Education Department of the Autonomous Region, as the administrative department of education in the whole region, do a good job in campus food safety?

Yu aoqiangSchool food safety is directly related to the health of teachers and students in the school, and it is a major event that all parents, society and party and government leading departments at all levels pay close attention to, and there can be no mistake or slack. Since the beginning of this year, the education authorities at all levels in the whole region have done a lot of work on improving the quality and safety of catering, improving the food safety on campus and around, and made new progress in establishing rules and regulations, risk prevention and control, special rectification, standardization improvement and regulatory innovation, ensuring that no major food safety problems have occurred in schools in the whole region. Specifically, it is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

First, focus on strengthening the leadership of food safety organizations. The responsibility of campus food safety management was included in the annual assessment target system for the League municipal government to perform its educational duties and the leading bodies of colleges and universities, and the responsibility for maintaining safety and stability was signed at various levels. Strictly implement"Party and government share the same responsibility" and "four strictest requirements (the strictest standards, the strictest supervision, the harshest punishment and the most serious accountability)", strictly implement the responsibility system of the principal (director) of food safety, and adhere to the system of school leaders and parents accompanying meals. 

Second, pay attention to strengthening food safety publicity and education. Insist on carrying outThe food safety publicity week education activities with the theme of "paying attention to food safety and caring for the health of teachers and students" extensively carried out food safety publicity and education, and widely publicized food safety and nutrition and health knowledge to teachers and students. A college student competition on food safety, nutrition and health knowledge in the whole region was held, and the team of Inner Mongolia University won the first place in the competition, and represented our region in the 2021 "Yum! Cup" finals of food safety in university campus activities.

The third is to strengthen food safety supervision and management. Education administrative departments at all levels go deep into the front line, carry out food safety inspection in schools, and urge the implementation of the main responsibility of food safety. Cooperate with the market supervision department, vigorously promote the management mode of no defect in supervision responsibility, no blind spot in supervision area and full coverage of supervision object, and realize the supervision area, supervision object and supervision responsibility."Three people". Regularly jointly study the food safety situation on campus and conduct supervision and inspection. Encourage and guide parents and society to actively participate in school food safety management, and promote the construction of a campus food safety school-community co-governance work pattern.

The fourth is to pay attention to strengtheningConstruction of "Bright Kitchen in internet plus". Actively promote the construction of "internet plus Ming Kitchen Bright Stove" and promote the information construction of food safety management in school (kindergarten) canteens. Up to now, there are 5,532 canteens in schools in the whole district, with 5,458 "bright kitchens" with a coverage rate of 98%, and 1,206 "bright kitchens" with a coverage rate of more than 20%. The coverage of "internet plus Ming Kitchen Bright Stove" in schools in Hohhot increased by 25 percentage points compared with last year.

Fifth, pay attention to strengthening the prevention and control of epidemic situation on campus. In conjunction with the Health and Health Commission, the Market Supervision Bureau, the Public Security Department and other departments, we will issue a series of documents on prevention and control of epidemic situation, vaccination, prevention and control of infectious diseases and food safety at school, and continue to strengthen schools around the country to keep the school epidemic prevention and control, and keep the campus food safety in check, so as to achieve normalization, full staff and whole process of epidemic prevention and control and food safety.

In the next step, our office will further strictly implement the main responsibility of campus food safety management, strengthen the hardware construction of school canteens, fully equip professionals, carry out business training, and continuously promote the modernization of school (kindergarten) food safety governance system and governance capacity to ensure the majority of teachers and students.Safety on the tip of the tongue.

China Quality News Inner Mongolia reporterPlease tell us what rectification work has been carried out by the Housing and Construction Department of the Autonomous Region and the Market Supervision Bureau in the field of housing construction, and what results have been achieved?

Gu FengminIn 2021, the housing and urban-rural construction departments at all levels in the whole region, in conjunction with the market supervision departments, will organize their efforts and make a precise strike in accordance with the requirements of the "Work Plan for Market Renovation in the Field of" Food, Clothing, Housing and Transportation "in 2020" jointly formulated by the market supervision bureau of the autonomous region and other seven departments. In terms of real estate development, the "Work Plan for Special Renovation in the Field of Real Estate in 2021" was issued, and the "Notice of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and other eight departments of the State to continuously rectify and standardize the order of the real estate market" was forwarded and seriously implemented, and the problems existing in the advertising of commercial housing sales in real estate development enterprises, the supervision of commercial housing contracts, the supervision and acceptance of fully renovated commercial housing quality, and the mapping procedures of commercial housing area were strictly rectified; In terms of building construction, the Key Points of Project Quality and Safety in 2021, the Notice on Further Strengthening the Supervision and Management of the Quality and Safety of Housing Construction and Municipal Engineering in the Region, and the Notice on Strengthening the Management of the Quality and Safety of Renovation Projects of Old Urban Residential Areas were issued to rectify the problems existing in the quality and safety sampling inspection and whole-process supervision of building materials at the construction site; From the aspect of property services, the Standing Committee of the 13th People’s Congress of the Autonomous Region has adopted the newly revised Regulations on Property Management in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which regulates the pre-entry of property, the formulation of property charging standards, the management of property advertising fees, property charging standards and service levels. In order to standardize property management activities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of owners and property service providers and create a good living and working environment.

Through centralized rectification, the whole region inspected real estate development enterprises.3,538 families and 3,752 projects. Of the 287 companies found to have chaotic behaviors in the real estate market, 223 have been dealt with and 54 have been interviewed. 90 notices of ordering project rectification were issued, and 36 projects were rectified on site. Seven typical cases were exposed and 25 cases were transferred to relevant departments for disposal. Four enterprises will be recorded in the integrity file, and 165 real estate enterprises will be cancelled. A total of 2,919 real estate agencies and 2,116 projects were inspected in the whole region. There are 270 cases of chaos in the real estate market, 249 cases have been handled and 21 cases have been interviewed. 65 pieces were rectified on site, and 171 pieces were ordered to be rectified. 13 typical cases were exposed and 6 cases were transferred to relevant departments for disposal. There were 8 administrative penalties, with a penalty amount of 170,000 yuan.

Sampling inspection in the whole districtIn 76 projects under construction, 2,188 hidden dangers of various construction quality and safety were found and rectified on site. 15 law enforcement proposals, 19 notices of shutdown and rectification, 46 notices of hidden dangers rectification were issued, and the legal representatives, project leaders and safety leaders of 10 enterprises in 3 projects were interviewed.

A total of property service enterprises were inspected in the whole region.3771, 8591 projects. There are 198 cases of chaos in the real estate market, 183 cases have been handled and 15 cases have been interviewed. 105 on-site rectification projects. 55 projects were ordered to be rectified within a time limit, and 51 notices of rectification were issued. There were 12 administrative punishments and 2 cases were transferred to relevant departments for disposal.  

Here, I also want to publish a set of data, aiming at the problems left over from the history of real estate that people are concerned about.As for the "three difficulties" problem, by the end of November 2021, there were 2,929 projects and 1,390,600 sets of projects to solve the problems left over from the history of real estate in the whole region, accounting for 97.8% and 99% respectively. Among them, there are 310 "difficult to move in" projects with 123,800 sets, 284 "difficult to move back" projects with 49,700 sets, and 2,335 "difficult to apply for permits" projects with 1,217,100 sets were assisted by the Natural Resources Department of the autonomous region. Among them, 974,300 sets of household registration have been handled, with a completion rate of 81%.

In the future work, we will, as always, unite with the market supervision department of the autonomous region and take the initiative to practice.The development idea of "people-centered" adheres to the problem orientation, and according to the principle of "territorial management and industry supervision", it earnestly fulfills the main responsibility of the real estate market supervision, realizes information sharing, and takes accurately cracking down on illegal acts that infringe on the interests of the masses and standardizing the order of the real estate market as the normalization of the work of rectifying the chaos in the real estate market. It is necessary to work hard to form a joint rectification force through coordination and co-governance, and to achieve results in long-term and regular governance. Effectively solve the housing problem of the people, turn the worries of the people into comfort, and constantly enhance the sense of gain of the people; Turn the troubles of the masses into happy things and constantly enhance the happiness of the masses; Turn the worries of the masses into worries and constantly enhance the sense of security of the masses; Strive to make the broad masses of the people truly "live and work in peace and contentment."

People’s Daily reporterPlease tell us about the rectification work jointly carried out by the Cultural Tourism Department of the Autonomous Region and the Market Supervision Bureau in the field of tourism market, and what achievements have been made?

Bai yiqunIn order to promote the high-quality development of tourism, standardize the operation order of the tourism market and thoroughly rectify the tourism market."Unreasonable low-cost travel" and other outstanding problems, according to the "Notice of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Launching the Special Rectification Action for Unauthorized Travel Agency Business", the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Autonomous Region, together with the Market Supervision Bureau and other departments, launched a special rectification action for unlicensed travel agency business in the whole region from March to August this year. During the period, the administrative departments of culture and tourism and the comprehensive law enforcement agencies of cultural markets in the whole region took active actions, dispatching 18,625 law enforcement officers, inspecting 5,865 travel agencies and scenic spots, investigating and handling 20 illegal travel agencies, placing 63 cases on file for investigation, revoking 3 travel agency business licenses, and investigating and handling 26 tour guides, thus recovering economic losses of more than 500,000 yuan for tourists. Through the implementation of the special rectification work of the tourism market, the order of the tourism market in the whole region has been well standardized, creating a favorable market environment for the tourism industry to resume production and business.


It broke the record just after it was released. Why did Taylor Swift board the hot search?

To say that in 2024, the year just started, who is the most popular name in the cinema and can attract the most attention from hot search?

That is bound to be Taylor Swift.

Her music documentary "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" attracted phenomenal attention. Within three days of its release, the box office broke through the 50 million mark and became the highest-grossing music documentary in China’s film history.

It broke 35 records of mainland film history, and more than 80 thousand people in Douban gave a super high score of 9.3.

It has become the choice of many audiences for New Year’s Eve. In the cinema, people sing and dance, record screens and socialize, and are extremely immersed in the atmosphere of the scene.

In the film history of China, it is unprecedented.

At the end of 2023, Taylor Swift appeared in TIME and became the person of the year. You know, this is the first time in 96 years that Time, which focuses on economic and political figures, has awarded the title of person of the year to a female artist in the entertainment industry.

At that time, Taylor Swift was performing the sixth world tour concert, namely "The Eras Tour". It started in March 2023 and plans to perform 146 performances on five continents around the world, ending at the end of 2024 — — This is Taylor’s largest and longest tour so far.

TIME commented on her like this — — "Taylor Swift, a symbol of American soft power, seems to have a pair of ‘ The hand of Midas (the golden hand) ’ Wherever you go, you can always trigger an economic sensation, a series of numbers that are difficult to imagine with concepts. "

For example, it is conservatively estimated that the tour can generate 5 billion US dollars (about 35.873 billion RMB).

For example, when she gave a concert in Seattle, tens of thousands of spectators jumped at the scene, which triggered a 2.3-magnitude earthquake.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is a film version edited according to this concert. In early August, Taylor Swift invited director Sam Rench to shoot live videos of three tours in Los Angeles, which were edited into movies by five editors.

The film did not invest too much, and the cost was only 15 million dollars (about 108 million yuan). Of course, there was not much publicity.

It even took less than three months, and it was released on October 13th.

However, in North America, its success is phenomenal, with a box office of 37 million US dollars (about 265 million RMB) on the first day of pre-sale, it became the runner-up in the first day of pre-sale in North America, second only to Avengers: Endgame. By the end of 2023, the global box office has exceeded 250 million US dollars (about 1.794 billion RMB), which is truly certified by Guinness as "the highest-grossing concert movie in history", and this number is still rising.

At first, Hollywood production companies were not optimistic about the film. So she directly skipped these production companies and cooperated with AMC, the world’s largest cinema, to release it. Within 24 hours, she broke the highest box office record of AMC in the 103-year history of the United States.

The box office is so amazing, what about the content?

The whole film lasted for three and a half hours, without any plot or plot. Have a plenty of live concert songs, covering 10 albums created by Taylor Swift since her debut.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the film, the audience was told: during the broadcast, you can talk, sing along or record the screen — — This is also the original intention of Taylor Swift, so that people can enjoy it.

In the cinema, people who came to watch quickly entered the state.

They excitedly opened the lyrics book of their mobile phones and sang along with it. People waved light sticks, danced away, and even knelt down in the background music of Love Story, as if they were in a real concert.

Who is Taylor Swift?

I believe there is no need to introduce too much. By 2023, she has held 12 Grammys, 23 billboards and 40 national music awards, making her the highest-selling artist in the past decade.

"If Taylor Swift is an economy, then she has surpassed 50 countries in the world."

Taylor Swift was born in Pennsylvania in 1989. In her childhood, when all her peers just wanted to play with dolls and play football, she studied guitar with a computer repairman and was inspired to write her first song, Lucky You, about a different girl.

Taylor Swift has always been a girl who dreams of becoming a singer — — She participated in all kinds of competitions, sang on stage, went to various record companies to recommend herself and delivered samples of her recorded music. At the age of 17, she finally got a chance to officially debut.

At the age of 17, she released her first music album Taylor Swift, which sold 39,000 copies in the first week in the United States. At the age of 18, she released her second album Fearless, which was the best-selling album in the United States in 2009. Taylor Swift won four Grammy Awards, which made her the youngest artist to win the Grammy album of the year.

At that time, Taylor Swift’s whole moral code was that she needed to make people think she was a good person.

On the one hand, her songs only write about love and hate, and she has never set foot in politics or religion for 12 years, being a good girl in the eyes of others who doesn’t get into trouble, and she doesn’t do anything wrong.

She did. In Love Story, she taught us to pursue love bravely. In You Belong With Me, the feeling of unrequited love can also be expressed so vividly.

On the one hand, she cares about her image in others’ eyes, and she is said to be pregnant and started dieting crazily.

But gossip won’t let her go.

Netflix satirized her with lines. "You can change men faster than Taylor Swift."

And the sentence "Taylor Swift’s success in her career depends on her predecessors."

Kanye West (Kanye Omari West), on the other hand, snatched her microphone when she won the MTV Best Female Singer Video Award. In 2016, the dispute and contradiction of deliberately fabricated lyrics made Taylor Swift fall into a trough.

For a time, #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty (Taylor Swift is finished) once became the hottest topic on Twitter around the world.

In the personal documentary Miss America, she said this — —

"Do you know how many people hate you to get a word to the top of global Twitter?"

That cyber storm didn’t destroy her, but those setbacks polished her into a sparkling diamond. She began to realize — —

"If you live for the recognition of strangers, you get all the happiness and satisfaction from it, and a little carelessness will make everything collapse.

Taylor Swift’s name is more like a narrative change of women, a carrier of strength and a self-awakening.

"I can’t change what will happen to me, but I can control what songs I write."

So, she stopped dieting to fit herself into a size S dress. Because "there are always some beautiful standards that you can’t reach."

Her songs began to change style — — Jumping "Shake It Off", I got rid of the thorns that stabbed me. In "Bad Blood", I launched a smart and powerful counterattack.

She no longer restrained herself, but publicly expressed her views and positions.

At the risk of falling popularity, we should also openly resist the policy of unpaid artists during the first three months of Apple Music audition. That’s why Eddie Keyou, the vice president of Apple, promised to adjust the operation plan.

Harassed by DJ David Mueller, she bravely fought back and won the case when the latter made rumors and slandered herself, and then symbolically asked the latter to pay a dollar, because she hoped that the voices of these sexually harassed people would be heard.

Accuse Marsha Blackburn, who is running for the Senate in Tennessee, because Marsha, as a woman, opposes equal rights between men and women and discriminates against LGBTQ groups.

In the interview, she said, "I learned not to let outside opinions affect the value of my life choices."

"It is normal to try, then fail, try again, and then fail again."

Because for Taylor Swift, there are many praises and denials, but as she said — —

"But to heal and grow is the most important thing."

She crossed the thorn forest and finally came to this brand-new era belonging to Taylor Swift.

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National Sports General Administration Mountaineering Management Center

    On March 18th-19th, 2023, another city-level international competition-2023 China Tianfu Longquan Mountain China100 Mountain Cross-country Race, co-sponsored by the Mountaineering Management Center of the State Sports General Administration and the people’s governments of chinese mountaineering association and Chengdu, was successfully held in Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park in Chengdu.

  China100 Mountain Cross-country Race is an international outdoor sports brand race founded by the Mountaineering Management Center of the State Sports General Administration and chinese mountaineering association in 2013. Since its establishment more than ten years ago, China100 has traveled to Yuyao, Zhejiang, Gongga, Sichuan, Jigongshan, Henan and other places, and nearly 100,000 people from more than 20 countries and regions have participated in it, feeling the local customs of all parts of the country with enthusiastic and energetic cross-country running.

  Lepao Longquan Mountain

  Feel the park city with your steps.

  As the first park city in China, Chengdu has gradually formed a new urban development pattern of "one mountain with two wings" in the historical process of building a park city demonstration zone that practices the new development concept, and Longquan Mountain has also become the "urban green heart" that outdoor sports enthusiasts and citizens are eager for.

  In order to give full play to the natural resource endowment advantage of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park and realize the creative transformation of the ecological value of the forest park, with sports events as the "urban green heart", with the support of the Mountaineering Center of the General Administration and chinese mountaineering association, China100 brand officially settled in Chengdu this year and was held in Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park, which is enough to show the unique geographical location, abundant landscape resources and ecological endowment of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park and its natural advantages in popularizing outdoor sports.

  With the countdown to the Chengdu Universiade, the atmosphere of "Love Chengdu and Welcome the Universiade" continues to heat up. Chengdu, a city of vitality and sports, is welcoming friends from all corners of the country with a vibrant attitude.

  As the first international mountain cross-country race in Chengdu, the 2023 Tianfu Longquan Mountain China100 Mountain Cross-country Race is in the spring of March, and the mountains on Longquan Mountain are full of flowers and colorful. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts will touch the natural and cultural scenery of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park at close range in an active and challenging way, and measure the ecological beauty of Chengdu as a park city with running steps.

  Chengdu blew the assembly number

  Integrate into nature "households" and move into a new life.

  Mountain cross-country race is an important form of mountain outdoor sports, and now it has become a popular sports event all over the world. At the same time, it is a sport that challenges itself and transcends the limits, and it is also a vivid interpretation of the sportsmanship of tenacious struggle and courage.

  China Tianfu Longquan Mountain China100 Mountain Cross-country Race Track in 2023 is dominated by relatively mature routes around the lake and mountains. The starting point of the race is located in Danjingtai, Longquan Mountain, and the ending points are Sanchahu Campus of Chengdu Institute of Physical Education and Hubin Square in Tianfu New District, Sichuan Province according to different routes. The track highlights the superior ecological value and tourism resources of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park, and highlights the new concept of mountain outdoor sports, which is "integrating into nature, making a new life and making cross-country happier", showing ". 


    In this competition, the long-distance 105-kilometer master group, 70-kilometer elite group and 45-kilometer challenge group are mainly for professional players to surpass themselves in the challenge. The 12-kilometer Happy Group and the 3-kilometer Parent-child Rainbow Run allow more citizens and enthusiasts to experience the fun of indulging in Longquan Mountain and running between mountains and rivers.

  The total scale of the competition reached 2,000 people, including 400 people in the 105km Master Group, 70km Elite Group, 1,200 people in the 45km Challenge Group, 12km Happy Group and about 400 people in the 3km Rainbow Run. 

  Among the athletes, there are many cross-country runners, such as Zhao Jiaju, a domestic cross-country runner, Shiro Dorje, the top ten elite athlete of ITRA in China, Fu Huarong, Zheng Junyue, and so on.

  It is worth mentioning that chinese mountaineering association mountaineering outdoor media collecting group joined hands with the Capital Media Running Group, and invited more than 10 media people who love running to participate in it personally, reporting the joy and excitement of cross-country running in an experiential way.



  Leading the new fashion of outdoor sports and leisure

  At present, Chengdu is actively promoting the construction of a park city. The overall positioning of Longquanshan Urban Forest Park is "a world-class quality urban green heart, an international urban living room and an ecological paradise loved by citizens and tourists".


  In order to continuously release the driving effect of the event, create a multi-dimensional new scene of outdoor life, and continuously enrich the connotation of the event, Tianfu Longquan Mountain China100 Mountain Cross-country Race adheres to the guidance of professional events, integrates national fitness and outdoor leisure, and simultaneously holds a series of theme activities such as lakeside music carnival, outdoor sports film festival, Hushan Music Festival, sports equipment exhibition, outdoor sports parent-child tour, etc., so that citizens can feel the happy and beautiful life of the park city. Efforts will be made to build the event into a "mountain cross-country race in the center of the city" with the charm and abundance of Chengdu, to realize the creative transformation of the ecological value of the park city, and to develop the forest park from the green heart of Chengdu into an internationally influential mountain outdoor sports gathering area and outdoor tourism destination.


  The State Sports General Administration attached great importance to this event, and the relevant staff of the Policy and Regulation Department also came to the competition site to guide the safety and standardization work related to the event. As the most influential mountain cross-country race brand in China, after more than two years of planning and polishing, Tianfu Longquan Mountain China100 Mountain Cross-country Race successfully settled in Chengdu, which once again proved the strong vitality and wide appeal of outdoor sports in this park city.


  Competition results

  105 km group

  Top three men

  Shi Yanghe 08:39:46

  Wang Qinghua 08:52:21

  Xia Zongyong 09:21:47

  Top three women

  Tony chen 10:23:24

  Zhou Liting 10:25:45

  Zhao fen 11:14:44


  70 km group

  Top three men

  Zhang Huohua 05:07:25

  Wu Yongbo 05:09:21

  Yang Yi 05:17:48

  Top three women

  Wang Liping 06:52:11

  Qin Qin 06:59:34

  Wu Ping 07:20:17


  45 km group

  Top three men

  DANIEL PEREZ 03:16:45

  Xiong Zhiqiang 03:35:59

  Li Gang 03:45:22

  Top three women

  Li Lanlan 04:30:25

  Li Jinxia 04:32:19

  Dongsha 04:47:36


  12 km group

  Top three men

  Zhang Jiayu 00:36:32

  Ye Jiexiong 00:36:49

  Wang Mingxuan 00:38:30

  Top three women

  Jiang Wenli 00:42:43

  Liu Pingying 00:46:09

  00:49:48 at Kitchener.


The historic moment of China film is being staged here!

Special feature of 1905 film network Deepen the reform of the cinema system, stimulate the vitality of the industry and build a high-level film market system. On October 26th, the 24th National Film Promotion Conference, the opening ceremony of the first film fair and the symposium on the development of China film industry were held in Hengdian.

At the scene, the representatives of 24 films and the representatives of the cinema completed the signing ceremony of the sub-line distribution, and jointly opened a new chapter in the future cooperation of film production distribution and screening. Representatives of big coffee and film companies from all walks of life gathered together to discuss the new opportunities brought by the reform of the cinema system and the distribution of different lines to the development of the industry.

Mao Yu, executive deputy director of the State Film Administration, Zhang Pimin, chairman of the China Film Foundation, Yan Peng, director of the Industry Department of the State Film Administration, Hou Xiao, deputy director of the Marketing Department, Cao Yin, director of the program center of the film channel and secretary of the Party Committee, Yang Wujun, director of the State Film Specialized Office, Liu Yuxia, deputy director of the State Film Specialized Office, Zhang Hong, secretary and director of the Party branch of the Film Digital Program Management Center, Han Xiaoli, president of the China Film Distribution and Projection Association, and Fan Qingyu, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Zhejiang Provincial Committee. Lv Weiqiang, member of the Standing Committee of Jinhua Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province and Minister of Propaganda, Lou Langjian, secretary of Dongyang Municipal Committee and director of Hengdian Film and Television Culture Industry Cluster, Xu Tianfu, vice president of Hengdian Group and chairman of Hengdian Film and Television Co., Ltd., and more than 700 film practitioners from 50 cinemas, over 70 film investment companies, distributors and producers attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony and special forum were presided over by the host of the film channel.

It is reported that the 2023 China Hengdian Film & Festival of China will be held in Hengdian from October 25th to 28th. The movie channel will launch "Gathering!" for two consecutive days on October 26th and 27th. China movies — — Direct hit 2023 China Hengdian Film & Festival of China "movie channel integrates live media activities, focusing on the China Film Corps’ assembly and appearance in Hengdian with cinematic language, professional perspective, life-oriented voice and panoramic documentary live broadcast, expanding the communication space of Hengdian Film & Festival of China and Wenrong Award, and at the same time creating the brand of" Six Princes Movie Lifestyle "to empower the film industry with" Six Princes "IP.

The National Film Fair officially opened.

Open a new chapter in film production, distribution and projection cooperation

The 14th Five-Year Plan for China Film Development proposes to build a high-level film market system, expand and extend the film industry chain, promote the sustained prosperity and development of the film market, encourage innovative businesses such as branch distribution, multiple rounds distribution, regional distribution and focus distribution, and promote the development of characteristic cinemas such as People’s Cinema and Art Cinema.

The National Film Promotion Conference is also the first national film fair. Han Xiaoli, president of the organizer China Film Distribution and Projection Association, said that the first fair was jointly founded by the forces of film production, distribution and projection industries, which is a milestone in improving the construction of a modern film market system. "We believe that the establishment of the National Film Fair will contribute to creating a market-oriented, rule-based, international film industry environment and building an efficient, standardized, fair competition and fully open film market system."

At the opening ceremony, No Problem, Red Pig, Last Night, Tree Talk, Guo Ding Soul, Mom and Seven Days, Zhong Ken, Whispering Man, Searching for Secret Nature: Inability, Searching for Secret Nature: The Past of the Earth, Love Adventure in A Test, Fortress, Beacon Pond Field, Diving. Representatives of producers and distributors of 24 films, etc., completed the signing ceremony of sub-line distribution with the cinemas that reached the cooperation intention.

The signing ceremony conveyed a high degree of confidence in deepening cooperation in future production, distribution and screening, and reflected the determination of the film industry to continue to deepen reform and its positive attitude in coping with difficulties, which was a crucial step for the development of sub-line distribution, multi-round distribution, regional distribution and focus distribution.

Deepen the reform of cinema system

Industry representatives discuss new opportunities of "distributed distribution"

After years of rapid development, China’s film industry has made remarkable achievements. Facing the ever-changing market and escalating audience demand, in the seminar on the development of China’s film industry, industry representatives discussed in depth how to deepen the reform of cinema system, stimulate the vitality of the industry and promote the comprehensive recovery of China’s film industry, and discussed the new opportunities and challenges brought by "split distribution".

Zhang Dayong, assistant to the general manager of China Film Co., Ltd. and manager of China Film Distribution and Digital Development, pointed out that the biggest problems encountered by cinemas at present are the homogenization of operation and insufficient attendance in "non-prime time", and it is urgent to develop diversified business forms and increase cinema revenue. Therefore, in recent years, China Film has carried out relevant attempts of "scheduled screening" mode, which has accumulated valuable experience for exploring regionalized and differentiated film supply and distribution and screening modes, and also opened an attempt of separate distribution.

CEO Maoyan Entertainment believes that the film industry in China is undergoing a transformation from large-scale to refined and market-oriented. The previous emphasis on unified filming and centralized screening can no longer meet the needs of the development of the industry. Separate distribution will make more works, especially small and medium-cost works and art films, no longer limited by large schedules and short periods, and have more market-oriented opportunities.

"The change from’ promotion’ to’ transaction’ means the change from the traditional unified issuance and unified projection to the market-oriented and flexible negotiation trading mechanism." Li Jie, president of Alibaba Pictures, believes that the opening of the first film fair is an important event recorded in China’s film history, "which will greatly improve the efficiency of resource allocation and thus meet the audience’s ever-increasing demand for watching movies."

According to Chen Hongtao, vice president of Beijing Wanda Travel Industry Group and CEO of WANDA CINEMAS, the development of separate distribution in China film market is an important direction in the future, which will fully release the enthusiasm of producers, distributors and screeners, and help small and medium-sized films to fully tap the regional characteristics and achieve more accurate marketing under the limited budget, thus ensuring the supply of every "weekend file" in the film market, cultivating the viewing habits of young audiences and meeting more diversified viewing needs.

Dai Yun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Shanghai Film Co., Ltd., from the perspective of cinemas and cinemas, thinks that distributed distribution puts forward higher requirements for cinema operation and cinema management. On the one hand, cinemas should improve their ability of content selection, judgment and marketing, and empower cinemas. On the other hand, cinemas should adjust their business philosophy to face the needs of audiences in their regions more directly, and truly "adapt to local conditions, stores and individuals".

The founder, chairman and general manager of Bona Film Group Co., Ltd. suggested that in the exploration of distributed distribution, multi-hall cinemas should be ahead, and cinemas with more than seven halls can take out one or two halls to try distributed distribution. At the same time, producers, distributors and exhibitors should form a joint force to jointly expand the market and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Li Wei, the chairman of 1905 Film Network, started from the successful experience of the film channel in promoting and marketing "to help good films", and put forward that distributed distribution puts forward higher and more detailed requirements for film promotion and marketing. "How to accurately cover the target population, realize customized output and long-term communication, we must follow the principle of" three closeness ",that is, close enough to the film itself, close enough to the main creation and close enough to the audience."

To this end, the movie channel continuously plans customized marketing plans for many high-quality domestic blockbusters from the summer file to the National Day file, showing the front and back of the premiere and roadshow in the form of "panoramic documentary live broadcast", highlighting authenticity, interaction and customization, and distributing and spreading with the help of new media matrix, and the online and offline linkage will maximize the sound volume.

At the same time, Film Channel and 1905 Film Network also made great efforts to build the brand of "Six Princesses, Movie Life Home". During the current Hengdian Film & Festival of China, they launched a tour of Hengdian film and television, unlocked the special live broadcast of good things around the film and television, and created the concept of "movie+life" in the form of "cultural output" and "good things recommendation" to help develop new film consumption patterns.

China Film Corps Assembles Hengdian! On October 27th, in the live broadcast of "Direct Attack on Hengdian Film & Festival of China, China, 2023" movie channel, various blockbusters will continue to bring heavy films, and the 9th Wenrong Award will also be grandly announced, looking forward to the China film market and the industrial development direction, cheering for China films!


There are three reasons why some people have negative views on running.

In the eyes of different people, the meaning of running is different. People who insist on running will regard running as a part of their lives. They enjoy running and at the same time, running brings them health and positive energy. Most people who don’t run think that running is a very boring and tiring exercise; And there are some people who have little knowledge of running. Instead of realizing the joy of running, they think they are self-righteous.

It is worth noting that among the above three categories of people, the first category is in the minority, and the second and third categories are in the majority. Because the latter is in the majority, their understanding of running has affected the direction of public opinion, which has led to low or even negative evaluation of running among the people. There are three typical examples:

Because of the above views, many people are discouraged from running, and some even advise their running relatives and friends to stay away from running in case of accidents. We can also see arguments between runners and non-runners on the Internet. Now I will talk about the above three typical problems from the perspective of runners.

01 > > Does running really hurt your knees?

"Running hurts my knee" is the most popular negative view of running. The author was once asked by several friends whether running hurts my knee. The actual situation is that I have been running for more than 2,000 kilometers, and I have never had knee pain. My running friends have never had knee pain. Most of the running injuries I know are foot pain, muscle strain and falls, of which foot pain is mostly related to sprain, and muscle strain is a situation that occurs in most sports. In addition, every running friend has no knee pain.

As for knee pain, it is said that there is only one kind of person who will have knee pain when running, and that is "running knee". This kind of person is not suitable for running by nature, and there are elements of abnormal knee bone development in it. So as long as you are not a "running knee", you can rest assured that there will be a problem of running knee pain.

02 > > About accidents caused by running.

It is widely circulated that marathon running may cause accidents, and there is a lot of related information on the Internet. In fact, if you explore it carefully, you will find that accidents caused by marathon are actually very few and belong to very small small probability events. However, accidents caused by marathon are easy to attract social attention, mainly because marathon events are often local high-level sports events, and the media are more concerned. If there is an accident, news will easily fly all over the place. In fact, the accidents of marathon running are far less than those of swimming, cycling, racing, boxing, football and other sports.

03 > > Can you lose weight by running?

There is also a widespread negative comment on running, that is, running can’t lose weight. This understanding exists not only among ordinary people, but also among some so-called fitness experts. The reason for this situation is that some unreliable fitness theories mislead people’s views, one of which is "running takes 30 minutes to start burning fat". In fact, this statement belongs to the fitness theory of Jianghu School, and there is no scientific basis, but it is just a rumor on the Internet.

Someone ran only a few times at intervals, only a few hundred meters at a time, and arbitrarily said that running can’t lose weight. In fact, this is an irresponsible behavior and excuses his laziness. In the final analysis, losing weight is not an easy task. If you want to lose weight, you have to pay sweat, time and energy. For running, the threshold for losing weight is to run 3 kilometers a day. As long as you can do it, you will definitely lose weight.


Running is the king of physical training. Sports and military physical training will take running as the primary means. The main reason is that running can quickly create exercise and its exercise efficiency is very high. At the same time, running is a simple and easy exercise, with low requirements for venues, equipment and teams, and anyone can participate, so running is a very good choice for a person in the process of fitness.


Love: exploring its deep-seated essence from the perspective of psychology

Original title: Love: Exploring its deep-seated essence from a psychological perspective

Love, the most complicated and mysterious phenomenon in human emotions, has always attracted the exploration of countless philosophers, writers and psychologists. So, from a psychological point of view, what is love?

Love is a strong emotional bond, which connects two people and makes them have deep emotional resonance. In love, people are often willing to give everything for each other, and even desperate to pursue each other’s happiness. The source of this emotional power lies in the three basic elements of love: intimacy, enthusiasm and commitment.

Intimacy is the most basic part of love, which refers to the emotional connection and mutual support between two people. In love, intimacy can make both sides feel safe, understood and accepted, thus establishing a deep trust relationship. This intimacy includes not only emotional communication, but also physical contact and interaction.

Enthusiasm is the most obvious manifestation of love, which refers to the strong attraction and desire of both sides for each other. This enthusiasm can be expressed as appreciation and infatuation with each other’s appearance, personality, hobbies and other aspects. In love, enthusiasm can stimulate both sides’ creativity and passion, and make both sides feel that life is full of meaning and value.

Commitment is the most lasting and stable part of love, which refers to the guarantee of each other’s future and relationship. Commitment is not only a verbal expression, but also a manifestation of inner beliefs and actions. In love, commitment can make the two sides firmly walk together and face the challenges and difficulties in life together.

These three elements together constitute the complete form of love. When intimacy, enthusiasm and commitment can be fully satisfied, love can be developed healthily and maintained for a long time.

Love is not always smooth and beautiful. Sometimes, we will encounter emotional frustration and confusion, and even fall into emotional difficulties. From a psychological point of view, these dilemmas often stem from our misunderstanding and excessive expectation of love. Love may be regarded as the whole of life, thus ignoring its own growth and development; Or we may rely too much on each other in love and lose our self and independence. These misunderstandings and excessive expectations will lead to the dilemma and crisis of love.

Need to have a clear understanding and understanding of love. We should realize that love is only a part of life, not the whole thing; Should maintain self and independence, rather than relying too much on each other; You should learn to deal with emotional setbacks and confusion, rather than escape or give up. Only in this way can we get real happiness and satisfaction in love.

Love is a beautiful emotional experience, which can bring us endless happiness and satisfaction. Love also needs our efforts and wisdom to operate and maintain. Only when we truly understand the connotation and essence of love can we truly enjoy the happiness and beauty of love.

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