The top 10 most beautiful towns in the world, each of which makes people linger. Which one do you want to go to most?


The top 10 most beautiful towns in the world, each of which makes people linger. Which one do you want to go to most?

Life is not just daily necessities, but also poetry and distance. Being closed for too long, what I want most isA desperate trip, go as far as you can. The top 10 most beautiful towns in the world, each of which makes people linger. Which one do you want to go to most??

I. France Annecy

Annecy is located at the foot of the Alps, close to Geneva, Switzerland. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, with blue sky and clear water, red bricks and blue tiles, and abundant sunshine in all seasons. No matter how complicated the outside world is, it is always quiet and leisurely, and it is called "the balcony of the Alps".

Although Annecy belongs to France, it has the same freshness as Switzerland. This green river has witnessed the development of this town. The famous island palace is located on the island in the middle of the old city. Many souvenirs will choose this place as a symbol, and many tourists also come here, which is the landmark of Annecy.

Second, Austria Hallstatt

The town of Hallstatt is the oldest town in Austria. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the lake is crystal clear. On the shore of the lake are houses as beautiful as fairy tales, which makes people linger. It is known as the most beautiful town in Europe and the famous love punching place.

These wooden buildings built near the lake have a history of hundreds of years. They are layered and strewn at random. In summer, the buildings are covered with plants, and the balconies are blooming with gorgeous flowers, which are exquisite and beautiful with a bit of historical charm.It was listed as a world cultural heritage in 1997..

3. Czech Krumlov

This is the most charming fairy tale town in the world. It is a well-known name in China.It’s CK town,Vltava river has circled a circle close to 360 degrees here, and the riverside is full of castles with a sense of history and grandeur, which seems to have crossed into the Middle Ages and is a dual heritage of world culture and nature.

Krumlov is the most beautiful town in the world, with endless green space in the distance, houses with red roofs connected with the river in front of us, and the town under the blue sky and white clouds is like a dream, which makes people feel like a lifetime ago and is the most charming place in Europe.

IV. Croatian Rovini

Rovini is one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia, with blue sky, tall and green trees, gorgeous and open flowers, beautiful beaches and winding cobblestone paths. The 18th century tower buildings are solemn and exquisite, with a strong Italian flavor.

Rovini is small in scale, small and exquisite, with a hint of quaint, colorful and patchwork old houses, just like God’s overturned palette, wandering in the stone alleys extending in all directions, as if crossing into the Middle Ages, and the ancient rhyme reveals vicissitudes and tranquility.

V. Holland Yangjiao Village

Everyone has a fairy-tale dream in his childhood. In reality, there is a fairy-tale world. This is Yangjiao Village in the middle of the Netherlands. The town is dotted with green and colorful flowers, and everything in front of him is like a painting, which is incredibly beautiful.

The town is connected by more than 170 small wooden bridges.Look at the highway here,norCars, the only means of transportation for people to travel is boats,There are restaurants on both sides of the waterway, where people can enjoy delicious food leisurely. The antique houses, bridges and the river in the sun complement each other, which is refreshing.

6. France Corma

Colmar, which is close to Germany, is a typical "German-French mixed-blood" town. The streets are full of wooden reinforced houses decorated with flowers and with German characteristics. The canal is quiet and winding, and the town has a fairy-tale dreamy color. The Last Lesson read by Dude in our primary school textbook tells the true story that happened in this town.

There are not many tourists here, and the pace is slow. Walking in the urban area of Kolma seems to be in the streets of medieval Europe. The streets are narrow and can only accommodate one car. There are flowers everywhere on the railings of the bridges on both sides. Find a small bar near the waterway and ask for a glass of Alsace wine, so you can enjoy your time in a daze.

Seven, Slovenia Brad

Located at the southern foot of the Alps, the town of Bled is famous for its fairyland-like Lake Bled, which has a turquoise clear lake with castles standing on the cliffs, and the natural and human beauty set each other off.Known as the "eye of Europe", it is the most beautiful town in the world.

There are lakes and mountains, sunshine, tranquility and fresh air, and there is a church filled with ancient flavor on the island. People standing by the lake can often hear the faint bell from the church.Even Picasso, the great painter, is obsessed with this town.I often spend my holidays and create here.

Viii. Maltese Popeye Village

This is a literary travel town that came out of cartoons. In 1980, a film company cooperated with Disney Company to create the scenes in Popeye, the children’s favorite cartoon. Everything was restored in a 1:1 ratio, and you could feel as if you were in an animation.

Popeye Village is not only a fairy tale world, but also a paradise. The sea water here is like a natural filter, which is extremely deep and blue. With colorful houses and several boats painted with bright colors floating on the sea, the whole village has become very lovely.

IX. Croatia Dubrovnik

This is the location of King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. With its long history, well-preserved historic sites and beautiful scenery, it is described by British playwright Bernard Shaw as "the most paradise-like place on earth", and it is one of the top ten most beautiful towns and travel destinations in the world without filters.

Strolling through the ancient streets of Dubrovnik, there are mottled stone bridges, orange roofs, solemn and magnificent churches and monasteries everywhere, filled with a strong medieval atmosphere, and Dubrovnik as a whole has been listed as a world cultural heritage.

X Switzerland Interlaken

This is a small town that enjoys a world-renowned reputation for its beautiful scenery. It has a mild and humid climate, four distinct seasons, beautiful mountains and beautiful scenery, and is loved by the world. It has the reputation of a’ paradise town’ and is one of the oldest tourist and health resorts in Switzerland and even Europe.

When you walk into the town, a fresh breath will come to you. The houses here are unique in shape and beautifully decorated. Each building is like a fine work of art. Residents facing the street make green plants and flowers into bonsai, which adorns their homes. As far as they can see, full of green is colorful and intoxicating.

Welcome to pay attention to the monsoon in Muztag. Let’s see the world together.


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