"Changsha Nightlife" exposed the theme song Bird Land Rover and Ahu、Yue sang deeply.


"Changsha Nightlife" exposed the theme song Bird Land Rover and Ahu、Yue sang deeply.

1905 movie network news Producer, Zhao Xiaoshi, screenwriter and director, starring,,,,, Wu Jun and Luo Gang, a film featuring friendship was released a few days ago, and the theme song "Sender Changsha" was sung by Ahu、Yue. The song was composed by Lu Hu and written by Tang Tian, a well-known lyricist. All three singers came into the national audience’s sight from the stage in Changsha, and the lyricist Tang Tian was from Hunan. All four singers had different origins with Changsha.

Originality of the creator, from the perspective of the city of Changsha, created this "letter to all people in Changsha", and the lyrics incorporated the dialect vocabulary and iconic food beauty of Changsha, which was thoughtful and full of ingenuity, and contained the creator’s deep feelings for Changsha. The singing of Bird, Land Rover and Ahu、Yue is also full of affection and moving, and the magnetic voice tells the story in the film. Takeaway brother, food stall owner, talk show actor, ferris wheel administrator … … The Sender Changsha is not only a gentle comfort to every ordinary person who struggles for life, but also evokes the love and yearning of every wanderer in a foreign land, and even sings the unique temperature of Changsha.

Bird Land Rover Ahu、Yue performed Changsha’s heartfelt feelings emotionally.

Tang Tian-xiang’s lyrics show the urban temperament.

"Everyone who passes by me, how are you?" When the first sentence of The Sender Changsha sounded, the whispering greetings not only quickly narrowed the distance between the song and the listener, but also revealed the unique creative perspective of the song — — This is not only a moving long letter written by Changsha to everyone, but also a city voice belonging to Changsha. The anthropomorphic creative technique makes Changsha look like a kind friend. The warm interpretation of Bird, Land Rover and Ahu、Yue added a sense of narration to the song, and also sang the temperature of the city of Changsha, which made people listen to it for a long time.

Tang Tian, the lyricist, is also a native of Hunan Province. She created many explosions such as Wish, The Lonely Brave and so on. This time, while maintaining her high standard, she devoted her deep affection and memories to Changsha. Tang Tian introduced that the reason why she used the perspective of Changsha was because she imagined "Changsha" as an ordinary person who would be on the bus or in a rice noodle shop, and hoped that this song would be like a greeting and a blessing to all friends who lived here, have been here and may arrive here in the future: "The fireworks here are unusually warm, and I hope you will show your good faith along the way."

In addition to a novel perspective, Tang Tian skillfully incorporated Changsha dialect words such as "Xi Ya" and "Ba De Man" into his lyrics, as well as Changsha’s special food and famous landmarks, which not only made Changsha people feel cordial, but also became an excellent medium to show Changsha’s charming features to the whole world. She said that rice noodles are homesickness that she can’t give up, and the streets of Taiping are full of her youth footprints. Looking back on my youth, I want to use this song more, and say to myself who once doubted whether the efforts really paid off: "Don’t be afraid of what you have to do."

Focus plane pays attention to the real life of ordinary people.

Warm melody resonates and cries all strangers.

If the film "Changsha Nightlife" focuses on the streets of Changsha at night, focusing on all kinds of beings connected by real individuals and countless individuals, then the theme song "Sender Changsha" is from the perspective of the city, which is not only an affectionate response to everyone living in this city, but also a sincere encouragement to everyone who works hard for life.

Whether it’s the talk show actor played by LAY, the food stall owner played by Sophie Su, or the Ferris wheel administrator and takeaway brother &hellip played by Bai Yufan and Zhou Siyu; … They are not only characters on the screen, but also ordinary people who really exist around us. Every ordinary little person is not only a struggler in this city, but also an important part of this city, and they will eventually have their own position in this city and realize their own value.

A city is made up of specific people, and the temperament of the city is also determined by people. The Sender Changsha, with the tone of Changsha, realized the two-way trip between the city and every "Changsha people" living here. "I wish you a sunny day along the way", and the sender "Changsha" silently and lovingly watched the people coming and going in this city and sent their own wishes to them. "I wish you a world ahead and a home behind you." No matter whether you are a native of Changsha or a wanderer from all corners of the country, you can feel the spiritual comfort from Changsha whether you are in Changsha at the moment or in other places.

The warm melody with simple and sincere wishes evokes the homesickness of all wanderers in a foreign land. Whether it is a movie or a theme song, in different forms, it presents ordinary stories and life flavors belonging to ordinary people, and also presents Changsha’s inclusive, tenacious and vibrant urban temperament. I believe that everyone who walks into the cinema can feel the rhythm of life that belongs to this city from Nightlife in Changsha.

The movie Nightlife in Changsha will be released nationwide on April 28th.


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