Policy "combination boxing" attacks the football industry strongly or meets the "singularity"


Policy "combination boxing" attacks the football industry strongly or meets the "singularity"

  Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, April 11th: The policy of "combination boxing" strongly attacked the football industry or ushered in a "singularity".

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Haoming

  On the 11th, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Medium-and Long-term Development Plan for Football in China (2016-2050) (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), and "Strengthening the Football Industry" was included in the Plan, supplemented by a number of supporting policies.

  The insiders believe that under the strong attack of the policy "combination boxing", the football industry, which has been accumulating energy in recent years, may usher in an outbreak of "singularity".

  Football club ushered in the golden period of development

  The Plan proposes that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, two or three "first-class football clubs in Asia and world-famous" will be cultivated, so as to build China’s football brand and expand its influence in the world.

  "Asia is first-class, world-famous". At present, only Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, the two-time AFC Champions and the fourth place in the World Club Cup, may be shortlisted. With the support of the policy, one or two clubs are expected to join this ranks in the next five years.

  Judging from the current momentum, within five years, clubs such as Beijing Guoan, Shandong Luneng, Shanghai Shenhua, Shanghai Shanggang, Jiangsu Suning, and even Hebei Huaxia Happiness have the hope to challenge this goal.

  In addition, the plan proposes to "promote and cultivate qualified football clubs to go public". At this point, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao has come to the front again. However, the real meaning of "listing" should be to broaden the financing channels for football clubs, optimize the ownership structure and eventually become a public company.

  With the help of policies, the financing environment of football clubs may be improved, and Evergrande Taobao, which is one step ahead in the capital market, will be greatly supported in the future in terms of board transfer and financing. In the future, perhaps more clubs will be listed.

  In the near future, a fan may become a shareholder of the club and even attend the shareholders’ meeting to contribute his wisdom to the development of the club.

  Football lottery will break the ice and "Football+Internet" will start an entrepreneurial boom.

  The "Planning" proposes to vigorously develop the football service industry and make the football supplies manufacturing industry bigger and stronger. It also mentioned "actively studying and promoting the issuance of football lottery tickets with China Football Professional League as the quiz object".

  Football service industry and football supplies manufacturing industry will usher in a golden age of development. Under the guidance of the policy, the football lottery industry is also expected to break the ice, or will realize the feedback to the professional league in the future.

  The Plan also puts forward the innovative action of "Football+Internet" in the 13th Five-Year Plan, "promoting the deep integration of Internet technology and the football industry, focusing on introducing new technologies and formats such as mobile Internet, e-commerce and big data, and promoting more innovations in the football industry. Support the development of football mobile phone applications, Internet and mobile football games, football animation and film and television works. "

  In the future, along the path of "football+Internet", there will be a wave of entrepreneurial upsurge. New companies that combine the Internet with football, such as LeTV Sports, Know the Ball Emperor and Octopus TV, may emerge one after another. With the development of sharing economy and the lowering of entrepreneurial threshold, the fans of "technical house" are expected to become producers from bystanders and consumers in the football industry.

  The supporting policy "combination boxing" gives strength to the football industry chain or welcomes all-round development.

  Because the football industry chain is very long, the introduction of supporting policies is very important.

  The Plan defines the guarantee of supporting policies such as finance and finance, planning and land, taxes and fees and prices, talents and employment, organization and implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

  For example, in terms of fiscal and monetary policies, it is proposed to support the development of football through various means such as government purchasing services, broaden the investment and financing channels of football industry, and support qualified enterprises to enter the capital market or issue bonds.

  In terms of planning and land policy, it is proposed to "incorporate the construction of football venues and facilities into urban and rural planning, overall land use planning and annual land use plan".

  In terms of taxes and fees, it is proposed that the real estate and land occupied by football venues can enjoy preferential treatment, and the advertising expenses incurred by football clubs can be deducted before tax if they meet the requirements.

  The insiders believe that the introduction of these policies will broaden the financing channels of enterprises and reduce the tax burden of enterprises. Next, if the specific supporting policies of relevant departments can keep up quickly, a set of "combination boxing" will be formed to boost the rapid development of the entire football industry chain.


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