Some live broadcasts have hidden "emotional traps". Are you really the anchor "family"?


Some live broadcasts have hidden "emotional traps". Are you really the anchor "family"?

  Our reporter Zhang Ni Our intern Liu Zhenxuan Workers’ Daily (August 9, 2022, 04 edition)

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  It has gradually become a living habit for consumers to buy goods in live webcasts. For the benefit, some anchors played emotional cards and used words and deductive routines to get fans to place orders. Many consumers spent a lot of money on this. Some experts pointed out that the chaos of live broadcast with goods needs to be rectified urgently. At the same time, consumers should also place orders rationally.

  In the live broadcast room of a million fans in Aauto Quicker, the reporter saw such a "passionate scene" — — Accompanied by dynamic music and psychedelic lighting, the anchor affectionately shouted to the audience: "Family, everyone in this selection team stopped me from putting it on the shelves. Every time we sell more orders, we lose more money, but it is our long-cherished wish to send benefits to fans’ families. Come, link! "

  In the online world, there are many people who fall into the "emotional trap" out of their trust in the anchor. In this case, the products they buy are not necessarily what they really need, and the quality and after-sales problems of the products are not uncommon.

  "Family" caught in the emotional whirlpool

  Lao Li, a 46-year-old company employee, sometimes watches the live broadcast of an anchor with 7 million fans in Tik Tok at night, and the online audience in her studio is close to one million at the most.

  According to Lao Li, the live broadcast content of this anchor is very rich. Watching her play PK with others makes her passionate and keeps praising her. "One night when I was playing PK with a female anchor, I ordered a tea in her live room. She said that this is to fight for the dignity of herself and her family in the live broadcast room. She asked us not to brush gifts, but only to support the products of e-commerce. " Lao Li said that he was particularly excited at that time and felt that she was too difficult. He must support her. The price of tea was not expensive, but after receiving tea, he found that it was all tea stalks and could not be drunk at all.

  When the reporter opened Lao Li’s Tik Tok purchase record and wanted to check the user’s feedback of the product, the product page display was invalid.

  "In fact, there are many such situations. Many people in our fan base will feedback the quality problems in the group after receiving the goods, but no one cares about us at all, so I will never watch her live again." Lao Li said.

  Because fans like to watch each other’s PK, in order to maintain the traffic data and live broadcast benefits, some anchors will choose to "play scripts" to create topics to bring goods, birthdays, engagements, and even a word and a dress will become their hype gimmicks.

  In addition to PK anchor’s "family-style" emotional marketing, the reporter also found that most live broadcast rooms with goods will use music, words and help broadcast to incite emotions. Some anchors will tell the audience that this is a unique "mechanism", and there is not much stock left, so they must place an order immediately, thus giving the audience a psychological "sense of crisis" in purchasing.

  "Big brands give some anchors ‘ Mechanism ’ It doesn’t mean ‘ dedicated to one anchor and given to all anchors. Mechanism ’ All the same, consumers must be able to identify the anchor’s words and don’t be led by the nose. " A practitioner in the e-commerce industry said.

  When watching the live broadcast, the reporter found that when some anchors are selling products, after all the products are explained in a circular way, the products that were previously sold out will appear in the shopping cart again, and then the blogger will tell the fans again that this is the last inventory, so they must place an order immediately. After this process is repeated several times, the products will either be sold out or continue to be sold in the form of pre-sale.

  The above-mentioned insiders said that because the live broadcast with goods lasts for several hours and the content is relatively simple, most consumers quit the live broadcast room after buying it and will not watch it for a long time. This has kept many consumers in the dark and it is difficult to find the routine.

  Don’t let bad money drive out good money.

  Yang Siyu is an anchor with 100,000 fans in Tik Tok, and an entrepreneur who runs skin care companies and brands. Fans call him "Grass".

  "Take the beauty live broadcast as an example. After we send the products to the anchor, the responsible anchor will communicate with us about the experience, product formula mechanism, product packaging materials and other details, and will pass the heavy assessment before going to the live broadcast room. We will also communicate customer feedback with the anchor and adjust our products and cooperation plans. However, some anchors will skip these links and directly choose some OEM products with their own traffic and high commission. " Yang Siyu said. The essence of live broadcast with goods is still a form of shopping, and its flow logic should be a two-way consideration of "high-quality anchor+high-quality products", and should not be a dramatic emotional mobilization. From anchor selection to user ordering, we should adhere to the rationality of shopping around.

  "I hope that in the future, the live broadcast platform can support more high-quality e-commerce experts, and more people in the industry can dare to speak out, so as not to let bad money drive out good money." Yang Siyu said that in order to quickly realize the realization of cash, after the account is made, many anchors will embark on the shortcut of "setting up people" and "harvesting" fans with emotion. Those anchors who insist on content output will not attract traffic because of strict product selection, and the live broadcast data is often bleak.

  In addition, in order to meet the anchor’s commission requirements, some brands will continue to reduce the cost of their own product research and development and increase marketing expenses, which will lead to the decline in the quality of products that consumers get.

  Strengthen supervision and guide correctly.

  "At that time, your head didn’t hurt, nor did your cervical vertebrae, nor did you toss and turn in the sleepless night. At that time, your parents were still in good health. They were young, safe and happy, and grandparents were with you. You don’t really think about corn, you are thinking about yourself. " This is an impromptu explanation given by an anchor during the live broadcast of corn with goods, which caused tens of thousands of netizens to cry and once rushed to the hot search list.

  Dong Yuhui, the former New Oriental English teacher, said this. Together with teachers like yoyo and Dunton, he became the resident anchor of the East Selection Live Room.

  The reporter found that there was no script in the Oriental selection live broadcast room, and the anchor was not screaming at the top of his lungs. With soft music, he talked about products, astronomy and poetry, and he could get excellent sales.

  "I never watched the live broadcast with goods before, and I felt particularly fake. After I accidentally saw the live broadcast of these young people, a person who never bought anything in the live broadcast room began to place an order. Their live broadcast made me feel happy and calm, because I not only bought my favorite products in this live broadcast room, but also ‘ Buy ’ To knowledge. " A treasure mom fan in the Oriental selection live broadcast room said.

  "Starting from the current situation of the industry, under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, practitioners in the live broadcast industry should look for breakthroughs from the incision of improving the ability to control users. Avoiding emotional temptation is not to deny emotions. High-level emotional design should be based on accurate insight into user needs. " Wei Baotao, executive director of China Advertising Education Research Association and director of advertising department of School of Journalism and Communication, Liaoning University, said.

  Under the rectification of the relevant state departments, the atmosphere of the live broadcast industry has obviously improved, but there are still many banned anchors who continue to squeeze the remaining favorite values of fans by means of secret forms such as "the master is blocked and the apprentice broadcasts". Such live broadcast poses new challenges to the subsequent industry rectification.


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