Table tennis world cup: the first 8


Table tennis world cup: the first 8

On December 4, 2023, the table tennis mixed team World Cup continued, and four group round robin matches ended. The Japanese team made a good start, and the American team created the first 8-0. In addition, Canada beat India 8-5 and South Korea beat Singapore 8-3, which also performed well.

The first mixed team World Cup was held in Chengdu, with a strong lineup of the eight main players in table tennis and a large number of experts from foreign associations. Its gold content is self-evident. Although some famous players led by Lin Yunru didn’t come, it was still very exciting on the whole, especially the brand-new rules and competition system were very interesting. It was stipulated that the best of 15 sets was adopted, and three sets were required for a single set, and there were only two possibilities for winning.

The United States beat Australia 8-0 (naresh/Amy Wang swept Li Rongxun/bromley 3-0, Zhang An beat Hong Jianfang 3-0, and Liang Jishan beat Dixon 2-0). Originally, everyone thought that the strength of the two associations was close, and the process should be fierce, even playing the fifth set to decide the outcome. I didn’t expect the United States to win eight games in a row, which was the first 8-0 in the mixed team World Cup, and the result really exceeded expectations.

Japan got off to a good start 8-2 in Romania (Yukisuke Inoguchi/Benmei Zhang and Szocos defeated Ionescu/Szocos 2-1, Hayata Hina beat Diaconu 2-1, Benzhi Zhang and Miyo Zhang beat Movilianu 3-0 and Dragoman/Diaconu 1-0). At present, it is basically certain that the Japanese team will qualify for the first place in the competition group with the French team and will face the lebrun brothers and others soon.

South Korea 8-3 Singapore (Zhang Yuzhen/Tian Zhixi swept Zhou Zheyu/Zeng Jian 3-0, Li Shiwen narrowly beat Zhou Jingyi 2-1, Li Shangzhu beat Guo Yong 2-1, and Lin Zhongxun/Li Shangzhu drew Guo Yong/Feng Yaoen 1-1), and the Singapore team was really unavailable, so Guo Yong could only be arranged to play continuously. In fact, Group D where the South Korean team was located was not easy to play, so of course, it continued to move forward.

Canada 8-5 India (Wang Zhen/Zhang Mo reversed Shetty/Ghosh 2-1, Liao Guihua defeated camas 2-1, Li Yuanzhang lost to Suvarajura 1-2, Zhang Mo/Liao Guihua defeated Ghosh/camas 2-1, and Wang Zhen/Li Yuanzhang beat Shetty/Suvarajura 1-0). It was a bit unexpected that Canada could win, and it was really a short game.

Mixed doubles players can’t play singles. There are different opinions about how the coaching team will be deployed, and they all have their own predictions. The lineup will definitely be adjusted in each round. In the next time period, the first two groups will be played, and the table tennis players will have their home debut. Group A China vs Sweden, China Hong Kong vs Puerto Rico, Group B Germany vs Egypt, Portugal vs Slovakia, looking forward to the highlight.


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