ICBC launched the "Digital Finance Partner" campaign and released a new version of mobile banking.


ICBC launched the "Digital Finance Partner" campaign and released a new version of mobile banking.

On March 19th, 2024, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China launched the "Digital Finance Partner" in Beijing and released version 9.0 of mobile banking. ICBC will unite all parties to promote the deep integration of innovation chain, capital chain, service chain and ecological chain, write a big article on digital finance, and more strongly support the construction of a network power, a digital China and a financial power. Liao Lin, chairman of ICBC, and Liu Jian, vice president of Xinhua News Agency, attended and delivered speeches. Duan Hongtao, vice president of ICBC, and Yao Mingde, member of the Party Committee, attended the conference.

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The just-concluded National People’s Congress has made new arrangements and put forward new requirements for the development of digital economy and digital finance. ICBC earnestly practices the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, accelerates the construction of D-ICBC, promotes the digital transformation of kinetic energy, fully meets people’s multi-level and diversified financial needs, and promotes the integrated development of digital economy and real economy. ICBC will closely focus on the national strategy and economic and social needs, strengthen the joint innovation of "Industry-University-Research", promote breakthroughs in research and development of a number of key core technologies, and at the same time fully support strategic emerging industries and jointly develop new quality productivity; Create a new scene and new format of financial infrastructure services, do a comprehensive and one-stop service, and be the "digital financial partner" preferred by customers; Focus on solving the people’s "urgent difficulties and worries", work with all parties to crack the blocking points of cross-industry cross-border services, and at the same time make good use of the advantages of offline services to effectively bridge the digital divide between the elderly and foreigners in China.

ICBC’s "Digital Finance Partner" action will further focus on GBC (government, industry and consumption) three-terminal ecology, and work with digital finance partners to serve national reform, industrial upgrading and people’s livelihood.One is "benefiting the people by counting"Integrate digital financial services into the open scenes of people’s livelihood such as consumption, community, workplace and pension, and provide low-cost and high-efficiency digital financial services for the people.The second is "prospering enterprises by numbers"It will promote the short-board industry to supplement the chain, the advantageous industry to extend the chain, the traditional industry to upgrade the chain and the emerging industry to build the chain, and fully empower the industrial development.The third is "optimizing politics by numbers"Actively participate in the construction of digital government, jointly build an interconnected, intensive and efficient digital government platform system, and serve the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity.The fourth is "helping agriculture with numbers"Deepen cooperation with the supply and marketing cooperative system and leading agricultural enterprises, build a digital financial ecology of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, build rural digital infrastructure, help farmers and agriculture-related enterprises share digital dividends, and accelerate the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas.

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At the press conference, ICBC released the latest upgraded version of mobile banking 9.0. The new version of mobile banking uses cutting-edge digital technology to improve service supply from five aspects: great wealth, full financing, promoting consumption, strong intelligence and excellent experience, so as to provide customers with smarter and more convenient mobile financial services.Function upgradeICBC’s new version of mobile banking pioneered the "map-based" family wealth function in the industry, realizing family asset management, family wealth planning and family rights sharing, and promoting the wealth community service to be more popular and universal; The pension financial zone integrates the "three pillars" of social security, annuity and personal pension, covering the life-cycle pension financial needs of customers; The Pratt & Whitney special edition opens up dual channels for individuals and enterprises, and supports one-stop handling of multi-scenario Pratt & Whitney financing.Interface design, pioneered the "embracing" homepage, optimized the functional layout, and supported one-click direct access to common services; The account details inquiry is extended to 16 years, and a "digital intelligence account book" is tailored for customers; Launch services such as remote office, same screen office, code scanning office, green office, etc., and realize "no need to run once" for many businesses; The digital employee family such as "Xiao Zhi" is the first in the industry, which brings a new digital financial experience with a more modern sense of technology and immersion.

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At the event site, ICBC signed a cooperation agreement on digital financial services with the Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Hunan Provincial Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and other government agencies and corporate customer representatives to jointly create a new ecology of "digital+industry", "digital+government affairs", "digital+people’s livelihood" and "digital+inclusive".

At present, ICBC has over 550 million personal mobile banking customers and over 200 million monthly customers. Expand scene cooperation around digital people’s livelihood, digital industry, digital countryside, digital education, digital government affairs and other fields. Open banks connect more than 50,000 ecological partners and serve more than 10 million small and micro enterprises; The loan balance of the core industries of the digital economy exceeded 800 billion yuan, and the maturity of financial digitalization was certified at the highest level. In the application of artificial intelligence, it is the first in the industry to build an autonomous and controllable 100 billion-level AI large model technology system, and "digital employees" have undertaken the annual workload equivalent to 30,000 employees.



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