Exploring the entrepreneurial spirit in the new era The fifth season of "Meeting Big Coffee" focuses on the road of "innovation and change" of China entrepreneurs


Exploring the entrepreneurial spirit in the new era The fifth season of "Meeting Big Coffee" focuses on the road of "innovation and change" of China entrepreneurs

2020 is full of hardships and unforgettable. In this year, many enterprises and even industries are facing the test of life and death. As a program with the mission of excavating entrepreneurship and truly recording entrepreneurs, CCTV Financial Channel "Meeting Big Coffee" will launch its fifth season on January 30, 2021, showing the process of China entrepreneurs’ narrow escape, innovation and change, and highlighting the encirclement.

Entrepreneurs with different records

The fifth season of "Meet Big Coffee" tells the story of the struggle of entrepreneurs in China.

In the programs from the first season to the fourth season, "Meeting Big Coffee" recorded the most entrepreneurial people of this era — — Liu Chuanzhi, the "godfather of Lenovo" who refuses to accept the old age; Over 70 years old, Cao Dewang, which still represents China’s manufacturing campaign in the world; Zhang Chaoyang, who retired at the peak and now started again; Wang Shi, chairman of the board of directors of Vanke Group, who seems to be "doing nothing"; Dong Mingzhu, who is domineering and invincible in the eyes of the outside world, actually has a gentle background; Guo Guangchang, who comes and goes in the wind and rain but enjoys it; Li Dongsheng, who has been leading home appliances for 30 years and is still studying tirelessly; Shen Nanpeng who "invested in half of China Internet"; Zhang Lei &hellip, a long-term value investor who holds $60 billion in "China"; …

Every "big coffee" you meet in the program is a dream catcher on the road, a trekker in the ups and downs of business and a climber in the peak of the industry. By recording and telling these characters truly, this paper shows how China entrepreneurs can lead enterprises to find their way in the changing situation.

The upcoming fifth season of "Meet the Big Coffee" spans two years, and the program will, as always, adhere to the principle of true record and profound insight, aiming at entrepreneurs in crisis and transformation.

How does Zong Qinghou, the founder of Wahaha Group, the first generation entrepreneur after China’s reform and opening up, continue to make breakthroughs in the new era of Internet consumption?

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 caused the tourism industry to stop for a time, and Ctrip, which accounts for half of the tourism industry, suffered heavy losses. Can its founder, Liang Jianzhang, successfully save Ctrip by turning into a "online celebrity" and covering the whole country?

Zuo Hui, the "outlier" in real estate agency, who built the first brand chain of second-hand housing agency for 20 years, personally "eliminated" the chain into the open platform of Ke Holdings Inc.. How big is Zuo Hui’s heart and stage?

Fu Sheng, a migrant worker who stirs up the national network security market and an investor who wants to be a product manager, hit the bottom of his career in 2020. After Google cut off the supply of Huawei, he also removed the application of Cheetah Mobile. How will he lead Cheetah to continue to attack?

At the same time, "Meet Big Coffee" also focuses on the field of new energy vehicles, which has attracted much attention. After three successful ventures, Li Bin, where three companies were listed in the United States and Hong Kong respectively, smashed all their assets into the electric vehicle manufacturing industry, but turned into the worst person in 2019. How can Li Bin lead Weilai Automobile to turn around against the wind? How will he continue to write the story of luxury car brands in China?

He Xiaopeng, who started his UC browser by choosing the electric car track with the most complicated supply chain after he was the first entrepreneur who made a bet on the mobile Internet, how did he start his business in Xpeng Motors from "soft" to "hard"?

The fifth season of "Meet Big Coffee" not only pays attention to the all-powerful side of entrepreneurs, but also walks into their work and life, and records the pressure and choices, distress and joy they face with a unique perspective. Through an exclusive interview with Shi Xiaonuo, it analyzes each entrepreneur’s thinking and mentality in the face of challenges, feels their true and unique side, and brings diversified thinking to current entrepreneurs and young people.

The first program of the fifth season of "Meet Big Coffee" visited Weilai Li Bin.

Witness "the worst person in 2019" and "turning over against the wind"

The first program of "Meet Big Coffee" in the fifth season is Li Bin of Weilai Automobile. "Meet Big Coffee" program group paid attention to him in the fourth season. At that time, Li Bin was in the limelight in the automobile field. As a persistent entrepreneur who started three businesses and rang the bell three times, Li Bin not only invested in more than 30 internet companies related to automobiles, but also almost half of the products in the field of travel were related to him. When Li Bin founded Weilai Automobile, Weilai Automobile was considered as the China electric vehicle that could best benchmark Tesla, and he himself was also called "China version of Musk". However, in 2019, Weilai Automobile lost 11.3 billion yuan. During the three years since its establishment, Li Bin’s accumulated loss reached 26.77 billion yuan. Weilai Automobile’s stock once fell from 11 dollars to 1.19 dollars. It was considered as a company with no future, and the aura hanging over Li Bin quickly faded. Some media even called it "the worst person in 2019".

When the overall public opinion was generally bearish on Weilai Automobile, Meet Big Coffee decided to shoot Li Bin again. Shi Xiaonuo’s second dialogue with Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of Weilai Automobile, unveiled the mental journey of "roller coaster" development he encountered in the past two years. In an exclusive interview, Li Bin said frankly that in order to "save Weilai", he "looked for money" everywhere, but Li Bin didn’t find any money. "In the fourth quarter, we talked about many people, and what I can talk about in my contacts, whether it is industry or capital, government-related or personal, anyway, I talked about everything."

In January 2021, the share price of Weilai Automobile reached US$ 66, and its total market value exceeded US$ 100 billion, surpassing BMW, GM and Ford. But how did Li Bin spend those days when he couldn’t find money? What did he do right to bring Wei Lai back to life? What will make Li Bin, a tough guy who keeps starting a business, cry?

China entrepreneurs with different records! From January 30th, every Saturday night at 22: 20, please pay attention to the CCTV financial channel "Meet Big Coffee"!


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