A 10-year-old boy walks alone in Beijing, writes 200,000-word novels and understands computer language.


A 10-year-old boy walks alone in Beijing, writes 200,000-word novels and understands computer language.


  Ten-year-old children in Hubei visit Beijing alone.

  Although he is only 10 years old, he has created nearly 200 thousand words of novels in different genres; Mastered graphic design, web page making, C language and other computer technologies; Recently, he won the gold medal in the science and technology production category and the silver prize in the performance category in the "China Baby Talent Show Competition". Yesterday afternoon, the reporter met this little "prodigy" from Jingmen, Hubei-Yin Hualong in a hotel near Nanlishi Road.

  Listen to self-taught storytelling on tape

  In order to show his strength, Yin Hualong first told a story-telling story vividly. "Speaking of the Monkey King, that’s quite impressive …" When it comes to happiness, he will dance with the characters in the play. Xiao Hualong’s father, Yin Feng, said, "No one has ever instructed him to talk about storytelling. He listened to tapes by himself and then figured them out. I didn’t expect this talent show contest to win a silver award in the performance category. "

  Talking about his nearly 200,000-word novels, the little guy is very modest. "It’s all hobbies." Open his "masterpiece", although some sentences are not smooth enough, and there are even many typos, but we can still see the imagination of a 10-year-old child.

  "I often read books and watch TV, and I often go out with my father to collect scenery in order to learn painting. These are the sources of my writing." Xiao Hualong said.

  Want to work in Microsoft

  Yin Hualong’s biggest hobby is computers. As soon as this topic was mentioned, the little guy kept talking. As early as when Xiao Hualong was four or five years old, he studied five strokes of typing, graphic design and web page making under the guidance of his father. He is proud that he is "the best computer in his class". "My classmates asked me to download a song for him and invited me to eat. In fact, this is the simplest computer knowledge."




  尹峰还表示,虽然小华龙这么聪明,但他在班上的成绩也就”中不溜儿”。他在这方面也从来没对孩子提出过什么要求,”不想让孩子陷入题海之中”,还是希望孩子能按照自己的兴趣来学习。不过他也坦言,毕竟自己的知识有限,所以希望能有名师或是专家指点一下孩子。(实习记者 许前程 文/摄)



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