Table tennis World Cup: The schedule will be announced on December 5th! The list of the top 8 was born, and Japan faced a strong enemy.


Table tennis World Cup: The schedule will be announced on December 5th! The list of the top 8 was born, and Japan faced a strong enemy.

On December 5th, Beijing time, the Chengdu Table Tennis Team World Cup is about to usher in the second competition day, and the first stage of the competition will also end on this day. The list of the top eight will be ready, and the competition will be more intense!

At present, the China team swept Sweden with an 8-0 victory in the first game, and the next day it will play against the remaining China and Puerto Rico teams in Group A, so it is unlikely to be upset. And next, Japan will encounter an opponent with good strength, that is, the French team with lebrun brothers, Yuan Jianan and others as the backbone, or a fierce battle will break out. Wonderful is worthy of attention! See below for more details.

On the first day of the World Cup, all teams were gradually adapting to the latest 8-win system in 15 games, and most of the top teams won the final victory. The four top seed teams-China, German, Japanese and Korean-all passed the test smoothly, and Guoping even scored a disparity of 8-0. The only surprise was that the Hong Kong team in China lost 7-8 to Puerto Ricans.

Next, Guoping will play against China at 13:00 p.m. and Puerto Rico at 19:00 p.m. on December 5, among which Huang Zhen Ting, Du Kaiyu and A Diaz are undoubtedly the most difficult to deal with, but the main players of Guoping are in an advantage after all, and the probability of winning is obviously higher.

A duel that also started at 13:00 is even more noteworthy, that is, Japan VS France. Friends who are concerned about table tennis know that the French team has made great progress in recent years. A pair of brothers Alex lebrun and Felix lebrun, born after 00, have reached the world-class level, and Yuan Jianan, a woman, has also won Manyu Wang and Ito Meicheng.

Although the French team suffered some losses in the women’s line in this competition, the strength of the men’s line is even worse than that of Japan. If we can break through Zhang Benzhihe and Yukosuke, and the women’s extraordinary performance, we may not be able to bring this formidable enemy down, which is worth looking forward to!

In addition to France, Japan will also play against the United States at 19:00 pm, and the pressure of this game will be much less. However, Zhang An on the other side is in full swing, and he has won Hirano Miwoo before, so it may not be impossible to break through the defense line of the island country again.

There are too many table tennis masters who have not signed up for this competition, so the gold content has declined slightly. However, most of the main players from China, Japan and South Korea have already participated in the war, and the French, China and Hongkong teams are also the best. Generally speaking, there is still some competition. So which eight teams can reach the second stage? Suspense still exists, let’s wait and see: Come on, China!


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