Fuzhou financial support for the integration of urban and rural development was successfully held.


Fuzhou financial support for the integration of urban and rural development was successfully held.

In order to carry out the action of "three struggles and three leads" in depth, strive to write Fuzhou chapters such as technology and finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance, strengthen financial support for urban-rural integration development, and continue to create a first-class financial business environment. On January 8, Fuzhou Financial Support for Urban-rural Integration Development was successfully held. Vice Mayor Lin Zhiliang of Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government and Deputy Director Lin Jiandong of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives Union attended the event, with leaders from more than 30 municipal units and enterprises.

Lin Zhiliang, deputy mayor of Fuzhou, stressed in his speech that financial institutions should earnestly shoulder the heavy responsibility of rural revitalization and urban-rural integration development, increase financial support for Fuzhou’s characteristic agricultural industries such as aquatic products, edible fungi and tea, actively help agricultural parks, rural roads, rural water supply, rural tourism and human settlements improvement, and actively provide strong financial guarantee for urban-rural integration development and comprehensive rural revitalization.

Lin Jiandong, deputy director of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives Union, said in his speech that Fuzhou rural credit cooperative system should adhere to the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, focus on supporting urban and rural employment and entrepreneurial innovation, helping rural infrastructure upgrade, activating the value of rural resource elements and other key tasks around the "five major articles" put forward by the Central Financial Work Conference, continue to deepen cooperation, expand the "big ecology" of serving the people, and support the integrated development of urban and rural areas with more abundant products and better services.


The signing ceremony of Fuzhou Office of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives and Fuzhou Financial Bureau (Photo courtesy of Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperatives)

At the meeting, Fuzhou Office of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives and Fuzhou Financial Bureau formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement on financial support for urban-rural integration development. According to the agreement, Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative will provide a comprehensive credit of 300 billion yuan within two years to support financing in urban and rural education, medical care, old-age care, housing and other fields, and the implementation of the project of "demonstrating and leading thousands of villages, making all villages rich and beautiful", helping the rural areas to revitalize in an all-round way and promoting the construction of a blessed state and a happy city.

At the matchmaking meeting, Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative System also released "one platform, one product" to support the development of urban-rural integration. "One platform" is "Rongxin e-link", which integrates the functions of "policy release, customer docking, execution tracking and information sharing" and is the first outreach service platform for docking cooperation units of rural credit cooperatives in the province.

During the activity, eight travel agencies in Fuzhou area carried out financing docking with representatives of participating enterprises, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and signed credit contracts.

The relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative said that in the next stage, with the full support and full cooperation of all cooperative units, it will show greater achievements in helping to achieve a higher level of urban-rural integration and development, and achieve more qualitative and effective financial work results, so that the people can gain more sense, happiness and security. (Chen Yanshui)


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