There are three reasons why some people have negative views on running.


There are three reasons why some people have negative views on running.

In the eyes of different people, the meaning of running is different. People who insist on running will regard running as a part of their lives. They enjoy running and at the same time, running brings them health and positive energy. Most people who don’t run think that running is a very boring and tiring exercise; And there are some people who have little knowledge of running. Instead of realizing the joy of running, they think they are self-righteous.

It is worth noting that among the above three categories of people, the first category is in the minority, and the second and third categories are in the majority. Because the latter is in the majority, their understanding of running has affected the direction of public opinion, which has led to low or even negative evaluation of running among the people. There are three typical examples:

Because of the above views, many people are discouraged from running, and some even advise their running relatives and friends to stay away from running in case of accidents. We can also see arguments between runners and non-runners on the Internet. Now I will talk about the above three typical problems from the perspective of runners.

01 > > Does running really hurt your knees?

"Running hurts my knee" is the most popular negative view of running. The author was once asked by several friends whether running hurts my knee. The actual situation is that I have been running for more than 2,000 kilometers, and I have never had knee pain. My running friends have never had knee pain. Most of the running injuries I know are foot pain, muscle strain and falls, of which foot pain is mostly related to sprain, and muscle strain is a situation that occurs in most sports. In addition, every running friend has no knee pain.

As for knee pain, it is said that there is only one kind of person who will have knee pain when running, and that is "running knee". This kind of person is not suitable for running by nature, and there are elements of abnormal knee bone development in it. So as long as you are not a "running knee", you can rest assured that there will be a problem of running knee pain.

02 > > About accidents caused by running.

It is widely circulated that marathon running may cause accidents, and there is a lot of related information on the Internet. In fact, if you explore it carefully, you will find that accidents caused by marathon are actually very few and belong to very small small probability events. However, accidents caused by marathon are easy to attract social attention, mainly because marathon events are often local high-level sports events, and the media are more concerned. If there is an accident, news will easily fly all over the place. In fact, the accidents of marathon running are far less than those of swimming, cycling, racing, boxing, football and other sports.

03 > > Can you lose weight by running?

There is also a widespread negative comment on running, that is, running can’t lose weight. This understanding exists not only among ordinary people, but also among some so-called fitness experts. The reason for this situation is that some unreliable fitness theories mislead people’s views, one of which is "running takes 30 minutes to start burning fat". In fact, this statement belongs to the fitness theory of Jianghu School, and there is no scientific basis, but it is just a rumor on the Internet.

Someone ran only a few times at intervals, only a few hundred meters at a time, and arbitrarily said that running can’t lose weight. In fact, this is an irresponsible behavior and excuses his laziness. In the final analysis, losing weight is not an easy task. If you want to lose weight, you have to pay sweat, time and energy. For running, the threshold for losing weight is to run 3 kilometers a day. As long as you can do it, you will definitely lose weight.


Running is the king of physical training. Sports and military physical training will take running as the primary means. The main reason is that running can quickly create exercise and its exercise efficiency is very high. At the same time, running is a simple and easy exercise, with low requirements for venues, equipment and teams, and anyone can participate, so running is a very good choice for a person in the process of fitness.


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