Table tennis world cup: the top 8 has gone out of its 4 th! South Korea and Germany advanced, and the China Taipei team reversed.


Table tennis world cup: the top 8 has gone out of its 4 th! South Korea and Germany advanced, and the China Taipei team reversed.

On the evening of December 5th, Beijing time, the Chengdu Table Tennis Mixed Team World Cup ended the round robin competition between Group B and Group D, and four seats were born in the list of the top eight. China’s two table tennis rivals, German and Korean, were promoted without accident, while the other two places were won by Slovak and China Taipei teams respectively.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that in the final showdown with Singapore, the China Taipei team fell behind 5-7 and made a three-game reversal. At the same time of the final 8-7 reversal, it was not easy to beat Singapore by a total score of 26-25. Please see below for the detailed situation.

In this competition, the teams with the highest ranking in Group B and Group D are Germany and South Korea respectively, but their strengths are different-the six main players of the German team, Ochalov, Qiu Dang, Francesca, Bohr, Han Ying and Mittham, did not participate in the competition, and only Shan Xiaona was regarded as the first-class master of foreign associations, with greatly reduced strength and far less advantages than usual.

As for South Korea, this time, it is an active registration and a gathering of experts. Almost all the stronger ace athletes have participated, and they are far ahead in this group, so it is not difficult for them to advance, while the German team is facing a severe test.

After the game started, the South Korean team won two games in a row on the first day. First, it beat Singapore 8-3, then it beat Canada 8-2. It was playing with Chinese players all the time. I didn’t know it, but I thought it was Guoping Team 2 and Team 3, but Jin Naying lost 1-2 unexpectedly. However, when Germany met the Egyptian team in Africa, they all stumbled and finally won 8-3, which was really uncomfortable.

After the next day’s game, the Korean team continued to exert its strength, winning 8-2 in China and 8-1 in India to become the first in the group, while Germany won 8-3 in Portugal and 8-1 in Slovakia, winning all four games. It is indeed "a thin camel is bigger than a horse"!

The strongest team in Group B was originally Portugal, but their two main players, Freitas and Apollonia, didn’t come, and they lost to Slovakia by one point, ranking third. As for Egypt, they were at the bottom of the total score and missed the promotion.

The competition in Group D was fierce. The China Taipei team without Lin Yunru, Chuan Chih Yuan and Zheng Yijing had the same score as Singapore before the final battle, and then the two teams had a very fierce competition. At one time, they were pushed into a desperate situation after falling behind 5-6, and finally won the last promotion place with 8-7, becoming the fourth team to pass the customs. It was really fierce competition!

The game is still going on, let’s wait for the new battle report to come back!


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