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Fierce than a raptor! What do you think of the pre-sale of 126,800 pickup trucks for the Great Wall Gun?

Which one do you think of when you mention high-end pickup trucks? Toyota Road, Ford Raptor? I promise, if you pay attention to its release on August 18th, there will definitely be only one answer to this question in the future: Great Wall Cannons and Pickups. Speaking of the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck, it is much more "genuine" than those high-priced pickup trucks. What knocked on the blackboard was that at the press conference, Great Wall Motor not only released the new brand of Great Wall Cannon, but also officially opened the pre-sale of the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck, with the price range of 126,800-159,800. For this reason, domestic pickup fans are all boiling!

In fact, since the first appearance of the Great Wall Gun, many people have been curious about why this brand was named after "Gun". On the battlefield, "cannon" is a powerful weapon, and "cannon" has naturally become synonymous with strength and energy in everyone’s cognition. Named after "Cannon", it also reflects the strength and determination of Great Wall pickup truck to enter the international market once in generate.

Release a brand-new logo

At this brand launch site, Great Wall Gun also released a brand new logo. This logo evolved from the letter "P", which has the triple meanings of "POWER strength and strength", "PK challenge and innovation" and "PERFECT perfection and extreme life", and seamlessly matches the connotation of freedom, fearless challenge and pursuit of perfection of the Great Wall Gun.

The Great Wall pickup truck has always been praised as "national pride", and this time the Great Wall Gun has set its sights on the global market while basing itself on the domestic market. In other words, the Great Wall Gun will face the international mainstream pickup truck brands such as Toyota and Ford on the international stage. To this end, the Great Wall Gun has also determined the "1-2-3" global development strategy, that is, to maintain the absolute first domestic and export sales; By 2020, the annual sales will exceed 200,000; In 2025, the cumulative global sales exceeded 3 million.

Create the strongest ecological circle of pickup culture

The release of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun also officially opened the "one gun and three rings" plan of the Great Wall Gun. In the future, the Great Wall Gun will focus on users and create a full-scene pickup truck life around three dimensions: super products, super services and super experiences. To this end, at the press conference, the Great Wall Gun also established the "Great Wall Gun Alliance" in conjunction with outdoor clubs, modified brands, sports brands and public welfare organizations.

In the future, members of the Great Wall Gun Alliance will realize the open sharing of marketing promotion, peripheral products, space and user circles, and gather various forces to make pickup trucks popular and become a culture. With connotation and ambition, it is the most appropriate summary of the Great Wall Gun brand. The connotation of a brand often needs to be based on the quality of the product in order to become a super brand with connotation, ambition and strength.

BMW 8AT gearbox with the same model

As for the specific strength foundation of the Great Wall Gun, we might as well take a look at the newly released Great Wall brand passenger pickup truck. In terms of basic hardware configuration, the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is equipped with ZF 8AT gearbox and 2.0T gasoline engine of the same model as BMW. It is worth noting that this 2.0T engine is independently developed by Great Wall, with 4 cylinders in line, with a maximum power of 140kW, a maximum torque of 360N·m and a maximum torque and speed range of 1800-3600r/min, which meets the national emission standard of 6 B..

At the same time, this engine is also equipped with 350bar fuel injection system, double balance shaft, timing mute system, intake/exhaust VVT, etc. The stability, NVH characteristics, power and environmental protection of the engine have been greatly upgraded. Motorists who are familiar with Great Wall Motor should know that the Great Wall auto start is located in pickup trucks, but it also plays an important role in the SUV market. At the moment when the high-end process of pickup trucks is highlighted, the Great Wall has also made full use of its advantages in SUV and made full preparations for the interior of pickup trucks.

The cab of the pickup truck used for the Great Wall Gun comes standard with a six-way main driver’s electrically adjustable seat. The seat has its own electric heating function and is equipped with dual-temperature automatic air conditioning. More than 100 partitions/sound absorption treatments and multi-link rear suspension applications are set in the car, which greatly improves the driving comfort. In addition, the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is also equipped with TOD intelligent four-wheel drive, high-strength cage body of the whole vehicle, ESP with the latest generation Bosch 9.3 version, equipped with 360 look around, reversing image, parallel assistance, intelligent forward looking, 12 radar probe and so on.

This car also adopts a brand-new car networking technology, which can realize functions including intelligent voice control and intelligent dynamic information service. It is equipped with L2-level automatic driving technology, matching ACC adaptive cruise, lane keeping, intelligent driving assistance and other functions, and can realize assisted driving, environmental awareness, planning and decision-making and other functions.

Oh, yes! Another point is to inform you that the Great Wall Gun is built on the new P71 platform of Great Wall Motor, which is safer, more comfortable, lighter and more extensible. It can also derive more than 100 models with different sizes, different power and different driving forms, such as commercial pickups and off-road pickups. It can be said that the birth of the Great Wall Gun means that Great Wall Motor is accelerating the globalization process in an all-round way, opening the era of pickup trucks and making pickup trucks the mainstream cars!


A number of logistics companies responded to the impact of rainfall in Beijing; SF reported the progress of the loss of 380,000 yuan Rolex watches; Weilai car crashed into a road pillar and caught fir

  [technology circle]

  16 billion rupees to invest and build factories in India?Respond again

  According to media reports, the government of Tamil Nadu in southern India said on July 31 that,Its subsidiary has signed an agreement with Tamil Nadu to invest 16 billion rupees ($194 million) to build a new one.Manufacturing plant. In this regard, in the morning of August 1, investors replied on the interactive platform: On similar rumors, the company issued a clarification in the early stage.The announcement was released on July 19. After verification, the company has no circumstances that should be disclosed but not disclosed.For related matters, please contactAnd the content published by official channels shall prevail. (Times)


  The APP store removed the iFLYTEK Spark App. respond

  IFLYTEK Spark APP was removed from the app store at 2 am on August 1st. It is reported that the APP was previously put on shelves in major mobile app stores on June 29. Today, the reporter called the investor hotline as an investor to inquire about the relevant situation. The staff said that the reason why iFLYTEK Spark APP was taken off the shelf is still unclear, and they are communicating with colleagues on the platform. At present, other apps in Iflytek are in normal condition.

  Rumor of wholly-owned acquisition of Yonghui: There is no such intention at present.

  At noon on August 1, the relevant person told the First Financial Reporter: "There is no such intention at present".

  [Car ring]

  Yiwu police bulletinThe car hit the road post and caught fire: the driver died after being rescued.

  On the evening of August 1st, Yiwu Public Security Bureau reported that at 14: 48 on August 1st, Yiwu Public Security Bureau received an alarm that a traffic accident occurred at Lingyun Interchange of Airport Road. After investigation, the driver of the vehicle, Shen Mou, drove a small ordinary bus through the intersection of Huancheng West Road and Airport Road auxiliary road and hit the road pillar, causing the vehicle to catch fire. At present, the driver Shen died after being rescued, and there were no other people in the car. The cause of the accident is under further investigation. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

  Changan Ford officially took over the operation of Ford electric horse market in China.

  On August 1, Ford Electric Mach Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and ChanganCo., Ltd. jointly issued a statement saying that according to the strategic transformation and business adjustment in China market, it officially took over the operation of Ford electric horse electric vehicle in China market from August 1st.

  Jianghuai responded by cooperating with Huawei to develop MPV with a price of about 1 million yuan.

  August 1 ST, Tianfeng InternationalGuo Ming said on the social platform that Huawei is working withCooperate to develop a series of MPV with a price of 1 million yuan. The new car is expected to be mass-produced in the second quarter of 2024, and the sales target is to deliver 50,000 vehicles in the first year of listing. The party said that it did not receive the relevant notice.

  : AITO Media M9 will be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0, which is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter.

  According to the official micro-disclosure of the Group on August 1st, AITO M9 will be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0, which is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year. In addition, Auto and Huawei jointly established the "AITO Joint Working Group on Marketing and Service", which has been fully responsible for the end-to-end closed-loop management of marketing, sales, delivery, service and channels since July 1.

  : Brilliance creditors have approved Brilliance reorganization plan.

  On the evening of August 1, it was announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the company was informed by Brilliance that the creditors of Brilliance had approved the restructuring plan of Brilliance. Brilliance reorganization plan must still be approved by Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court.

  : The actual controller of the company did not lose contact.

  According to the interactive platform, the company’s actual controller has not lost contact, and the company can normally contact the actual controller and communicate with the company’s related business. The actual controller also maintains close contact with the company’s board of directors and related personnel. The actual controller of the company has offices in many places and travels a lot, and the office location is not completely fixed.

  It is announced that the second phase of co-creation delivery will be launched, and the delivery process will be launched in the second week of August.

  On August 1st, it was announced that the second phase of co-creation delivery was officially launched, and FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance will be delivered to the first batch of users. FF has successfully completed all compliance tests of FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance. FF will start the delivery process in the second week of August, and plans to deliver FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to the first user in mid-August. (Interface News)

  : JulyCar sales reached 262,161 vehicles.

  Announcement: In July, the automobile sales volume was 262,161, compared with 162,530 in the same period of last year. In July, 18,169 passenger cars were sold overseas.

  As of July 30th, the monthly sales volume has reached 32,500 vehicles, reaching a new high.

  According to official micro-news, as of July 30, the sales volume this month has reached 32,500, a new high. In the 31st week of 2023 (7.24-7.30), LI’s weekly sales volume reached 7900, ranking first in China’s new power brand sales.

  Guangzhou Automobile Aian sold 45,025 vehicles in July, up 80% year-on-year.

  According to the news of Ai ‘an WeChat official account on August 1, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an sold 45,025 vehicles in July, an increase of 80% year-on-year; From January to July, the cumulative sales volume was 254,361 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 103%.

  Cyrus: In July, the sales of new energy vehicles decreased by 47.83% year-on-year.

  On August 1st, Cyrus released the July production and sales express. In July, the sales volume of Celestial vehicles was 4,240, down 45.69% year-on-year; In July, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 6,934, a year-on-year decrease of 47.83%.

  Chemical industry

  : andRenew the lithium hydroxide supply agreement

  Announcement, with the renewal of the lithium hydroxide supply agreement, the total number of transactions from 2023 to 2030 is about 207,000 tons to 301,000 tons, and the number of years shall be implemented according to the agreement.

  Real estate

  President Zhang Li made his first appearance after returning to China.

  After rumors that he has returned to China for a long time, Zhang Li, one of the founders, co-chairman and president, finally made his first public appearance. On July 31st, Zhang Li and Li Silian, another founder and chairman, attended the opening ceremony of Guangzhou R&F Hospital. At the event, Li Silian delivered a speech on behalf of R&F. Zhang Li did not speak, but only appeared in the photo session (the interviewed enterprises provided pictures, and the fourth from the right was Zhang Li). (national business daily)

  As reported by the mediaPlan response: No final agreement has been reached on the proposed transaction.

  It was announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that there were media reports about the proposed placement company.Share. The company hereby clarifies that no final agreement has been reached on the proposed transaction on the date of this announcement, and the company does not consider the proposed transaction at this stage.


  A number of express logistics companies responded to the impact of rainfall in Beijing: some outlets lost contact and are counting losses.

  Secondary disasters caused by continuous rainfall in Beijing have also had an impact on express delivery in the region, an interview with Yicai., SF Express, Yunda Express,Many logistics companies have learned that some express outlets have been cut off, disconnected and lost contact, and the specific losses are being counted.

  SF Express reported the progress of the loss of 380,000 yuan Rolex watch: it was initially determined that it was done by outsiders.

  On August 1st, Guan Wei of SF Express Co., Ltd. informed the progress of the loss of Rolex watches: the express mail number SF1159XXXXX1637 was sent from Yanji City, Jilin Province to Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and the customer reported that the internal parts were missing after signing the express mail. After investigation by relevant departments, it was preliminarily determined that the watch was made by an external person. At present, the watch has been recovered, and it is not the responsibility of the delivery courier of our company. The relevant situation is still under investigation. The company has informed the customer of the information, and at the same time, it has properly negotiated with the customer and reached an agreement on the follow-up matters.


Hot sales? AITO asks for more than 40,000 new M7 vehicles.

On October 5, 2023, AITO asked the official news that the new M7 has accumulated more than 40,000 large orders, which means that customers have paid a non-refundable reservation deposit.

Prior to this, on September 12, 2023, AITO officially released the new M7 and announced its price.

The new M7 is available in two versions, with five seats and six seats, and the price range is between 249,800 yuan and 329,800 yuan. This price range is equivalent to that of the medium-sized SUV M5 of the same brand, and the price of the new M7 is reduced by 70,000 yuan compared with the previous version, and it is also reduced by 40,000 yuan compared with the price-reduced M7 in January.

Not only that, the independent press conference of the new M7 in the world is the first time since the establishment of the brand.

In the past, models including M5 and M5 EV were released at Huawei’s new product launch conference. However, this time, the media chose to release the new M7 independently, which may reflect Huawei’s internal reflection on the auto industry and the change of attitude, and it is also a reflection of AITO’s media brand after its sales in the terminal market declined.

As a brand jointly launched by Cyrus and Huawei, the product advantages of AITO series models are mainly reflected in intelligent driving and cockpit capabilities. Specifically, the new M7 adds a lidar and is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which can realize high-speed and advanced intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps.

At the same time, Yu Chengdong said at the press conference that the new M7 is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which is expected to realize high-speed and advanced intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps in December. Urban intelligent driving pilot assistance (urban NCA) will realize the nationwide experience. At the same time, the new M7 vehicle is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, and combined with the high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, it realizes the perception ability of dynamic and static targets (including alien objects) in the whole scene and all weather.

On October 1st, AITO officially announced the order status of the new M7.

According to the official, since its listing on September 12th, the average daily order of the new M7 has exceeded 1,500, and the total order in September has reached 30,000. According to the latest data, as of October 5, the cumulative large order of the new M7 has exceeded 40,000 vehicles, which means that the daily order volume is about 2,000 vehicles.

During the National Day, the sales of the new M7 are more popular than before. However, on October 1st, domestic new force automobile enterprises generally announced their delivery, but AITO asked the community to remain silent again.

According to the data, the cumulative sales volume of LI in the first three quarters reached 244,200 vehicles, while their annual sales target was 300,000 vehicles, and the completion rate reached 80%. This makes LI the company with the highest delivery target achievement rate among emerging forces.

In addition, the annual sales target of Krypton cars is 140,000, and the completion rate in the first three quarters is 54%. However, the completion rate of other models is less than 50%. In the fierce market competition, it is expected that it is difficult to achieve the sales target.

With the introduction of the new M7 by AITO, it may change the situation that its attention is not high.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in the fourth quarter, AITO also plans to launch a new model named M9. Yu Chengdong announced at Huawei’s new product launch conference in autumn on September 25th that the M9 will be released in December.

From the perspective of product positioning, the M9 will directly compete with the ideal L9. According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wenjie M9 will provide two power options: extended range and pure electric. The body size is 5230/1999/1800mm and the wheelbase is 3110 mm. It is positioned as a full-size SUV, which will face direct competition with the ideal L9.

It is understood that Huawei’s latest complete set of smart car technology solutions will be applied to the world M9, including HUAWEI x HUD AR-HUD, HUAWEI xPixel, HUAWEI xScene light field screen and the latest HarmonyOS 4. Interestingly, Yu Chengdong once said: "The M9 is not only the best SUV within 10 million, but also the most powerful SUV on the road."

National Ride: Can it be far ahead?

What deserves our attention is that with the cooperation between Huawei and more and more automobile manufacturers, the "China" element of the brand is gradually being diluted. How will we deal with this challenge in the future?

In addition, the pricing of this model has not yet been determined. If its pricing directly refers to the ideal L9, then as a product in cooperation with Huawei, the M9 may become a hot-selling model. However, considering the current market trend and the influence of AITO in the domestic market, it is not a simple task to directly replace the ideal L9, and it remains to be seen whether it can lead.

Of course, the final result will be decided by the choice of the market and consumers. Let’s wait and see.


The 300,000th complete vehicle of the Great Wall Gun went offline and the trailer version was officially listed.

Chexun. com reported】 On May 8th, the 300th complete vehicle of Great Wall Gun was officially rolled off the assembly line at Chongqing Smart Factory of Great Wall Motor. It is worth noting that from zero to 300,000, the Great Wall Gun only took 2 years and 8 months, and what is called "the speed of the Great Wall Gun" was deduced with strength! Refresh the industry record! In addition, the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns are officially listed, with C6 trailer qualification, unlocking the life of pickup trucks in the whole scene. In just two years, the Great Wall Gun has achieved a leap from zero to 200,000 units. Today, it takes only eight months for the Great Wall Gun to reach the third 100,000 units. Behind the figures, it shows the great wall gun’s powerful brand potential and development toughness, which strongly boosts the development confidence of China pickup truck industry.

The achievement of 300,000 sets of glory is a strong proof of Chongqing Smart Factory’s powerful system capability and intellectual strength. Great Wall Motor is the fifth full-process vehicle production base in the world. Based on the concept of "green, environmental protection, lean and efficient", Chongqing Factory strictly controls every link from parts screening to four major processes, and then off-line testing to ensure that every Great Wall gun product off-line can be delivered with high quality, thus gaining the recognition and trust of 300,000 users around the world. Behind the glory of 300,000 units is the life attitude and life story of 300,000 users. Artillery League Cheyouhui has 31 provincial teams, 800,000 fans of Great Wall Gun APP, and six pickup colleges. Great Wall Gun and users really play together to build a pickup cultural base camp in China, making pickup a life, an attitude and a spirit. Great Wall Gun also bravely assumed the responsibility of the industry, and jointly promoted the introduction of new pickup standards with the China Automobile Association, the Passenger Association and all pickup truck friends, prepared for the establishment of pickup truck associations, and promoted the lifting of the pickup truck policy. According to statistics, at present, more than 70% cities in China have relaxed the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city.

The 300,000th model rolled off the assembly line this time is a trailer version of passenger guns, and the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns are also listed simultaneously. On April 1st, this year, the relevant regulations of C6 light tractor trailer were formally implemented. In order to meet the diversified needs of users, Great Wall Gun introduced trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns with higher cost performance on the basis of artillery, locomotive guns and off-road guns, and the market guidance price increased by 2,000 yuan on the four-wheel drive AT models of passenger guns and commercial guns. The trailer version of the Great Wall Gun has powerful functions, has the towing qualification of C6 driving, and is equipped with 2.5-ton trailer qualification, trailer power inlet and trailer installation port, which can infinitely expand the use scenarios of towing, including transporting motorcycles, towing yachts, motor boats, etc., and perfectly adapt to the life of pickup trucks in the whole scene, so that users can enjoy the charm of pickup truck culture.

Since its birth, Great Wall Gun has deeply implemented the globalization strategy, and has become the "China business card" of the global pickup truck category. Up to now, Great Wall Gun has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents, and it has become the first China brand with five-star safety rating under the latest Australian ANCAP standards, and established the brand image of China on the global stage. Today, the 300,000th vehicle of the Great Wall Gun is rolled off the assembly line, further boosting the global development of pickup trucks in China and even those made in China.

With its hard-core strength, Great Wall Gun led China’s high-end manufacturing to the world, and let the world witness the Chinese power of automobile manufacturing. The 300,000th vehicle of the Great Wall Gun rolled off the assembly line, which is a new leap and a new starting point. On the basis of the brand value and users’ trust of 300,000 units in the world, Great Wall Gun will point to the top three in the world, push globalization to a deeper and further development, continue to build a full-scene pickup truck life, lead the pickup truck culture in China, and create a new world of pickup trucks with global users.



Beijing will announce next month that the blacklist platform for network anchors cannot be employed again.

  On April 18th, 20 webcasting platforms, including Sina, Sohu, Youku and Baidu, jointly issued the Convention on Self-discipline of Beijing Webcasting Industry (hereinafter referred to as the Convention). The Convention covers the following contents: anchors need real-name authentication, webcasting videos should be kept for no less than 15 days, and no registration channels should be provided for anchors under the age of 18.

  Recently, the reporter interviewed Shen Rui, captain of the network law enforcement team of the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps. Shen Rui said that the Convention was jointly drafted by the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps and the Beijing Network Culture Association. During the drafting process, the opinions of all webcast platforms in Beijing were solicited twice, and finally the content of the Convention was formed.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has started to monitor relevant webcast platforms in accordance with the Convention, and will announce the first batch of blacklists of anchors in May. These blacklisted anchors will no longer be employed by the webcast platform.

  □ Talk about hot spots

  The national live broadcast mode will be constrained.

  Shen Rui introduced that some webcasting platforms are now implementing the nationwide live broadcast mode in their business models. National live broadcast refers to any registered user of the live broadcast website, who can realize live broadcast without identity audit.

  What are the problems in the business model of national live broadcast? Shen Rui said that this way of national live broadcast is very dangerous. Once the live broadcast content is involved in drugs, pornography and violence, the anchor will suddenly broadcast it after accumulating a certain popularity, which will have a great impact on society and there is no way to recover it. In addition, for enterprises, the operational risk is very high. Once there is a bad social impact, enterprises may be completely shut down by the government or shut down for rectification.

  The reporter learned that the first item in the Convention is to require the authentication of the anchor. Shen Rui said that at present, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has asked the webcast platform to adjust its mode.

  There will be more and more star live broadcasts.

  When talking about actress Tamia Liu’s live broadcast in Yingke, she gained more than 700,000 viewers and more than 200,000 yuan in rewards in two hours. Shen Rui said that the law enforcement corps did not comment on the business model of such websites, but the stars went to the live broadcast platform, indicating that the live broadcast has begun to have an impact on the traditional video industry. Many stars gradually shifted their attention from newspapers, periodicals and television to the network, especially the live broadcast platform. This phenomenon will be more and more in the future, and even some websites are preparing to open a specific live broadcast room for specific stars. At the same time, it is also a business operation mode.

  According to Shen Rui, there are currently more than 30 webcasting enterprises in Beijing, and there are about 40 if you add large websites that operate live programs. According to the statistics of relevant ministries and commissions, there are about 200 webcasting enterprises in China. Although the number is small, there are many internet companies preparing to invest in webcasting. Recently, almost every week, one or two enterprises have entered this industry.

  □ Talk about problems

  Mixed vulgar content in live broadcast

  Shen Rui said that since last year, there have been many obscene and vulgar contents such as "live broadcast creating people" on the webcast platform. Shen Rui said that in terms of content, the main problem is that some videos contain obscene pornography and vulgar content. There are three reasons for this situation. On the one hand, it is the anchor’s own reasons; On the one hand, it is the lack of supervision responsibility of network enterprises; Another reason is that some enterprises are promoting the fermentation of such events for the sake of earning investment.

  Shen Rui said that in the field of webcasting, the mainstream is still good, and there is still a lot of positive energy content. At the same time, webcasting provides a platform for the public to show themselves, and even a platform for making stars. The reason why the public left a bad impression on webcasting is related to the fact that a few enterprises tried to attract attention through vulgar and pornographic content in order to earn traffic and then gain investment or financing. Through this kind of hype, the problems existing in the live webcast are magnified.

  "As an anchor, there is an impulse to pursue online celebrity and an impulse to make a profit." Shen Rui said that some anchors rely on "detachment" to win their attention, but it should be said that statistically speaking, this anchor group has little profit from live broadcast of obscene or vulgar performances. It can also be seen from here that the audience is not willing to pay for watching such live broadcasts. The live content that can really make a profit is a talent performance. "This kind of live broadcast can make the audience get positive energy, and this kind of content is what the audience is willing to pay."

  The platform is responsible for vulgar content.

  If there is obscene and pornographic content in the live broadcast, is it the responsibility of the anchor or the network platform? Shen Rui said that at present, there is no clear regulation on the division of responsibilities. In the process of law enforcement, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has three criteria. At first glance, the duration of obscene video, if the pornographic video live broadcast lasts for more than 3 minutes, belongs to poor platform supervision. Second, if the obscene content lasts for a short time, but it appears for several days in a row, it is the platform’s responsibility that it belongs to the platform and is not found. Third, if the content of the question to be broadcast live is pre-announced, or there is speculation afterwards, and the platform does not handle it in time and review the title, this is also the responsibility of the platform.

  For example, the previous Betta TV "Live Making Man" event was announced on Weibo before the live broadcast.

  In addition, Shen Rui said that in specific incidents, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will distinguish which party has the greatest responsibility according to the specific situation, but the focus of supervision is the webcast platform. As long as the problem content appears in the live broadcast, it is difficult for the network platform to get rid of the responsibility it should bear.

  Shen Rui said that at present, there are penalties such as warnings and fines for illegal online platforms. If the circumstances are serious, enterprises are required to suspend business for rectification, and relevant licenses are revoked. For enterprises involved in spreading obscenity and pornography, if the circumstances are serious, they can close their websites and investigate the administrative and criminal responsibilities of website promoters.

  □ Talking about supervision

  The platform shall not employ "black" anchors.

  According to Shen Rui, after the implementation of the Convention on April 18th, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has been monitoring the webcasting enterprises in Beijing to check whether these enterprises have fulfilled the Convention. A month later, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will jointly with the Beijing Network Culture Association announce the blacklist of the first batch of anchors. For those blacklisted anchors, all webcasting companies in Beijing are not allowed to continue to employ them, nor are they allowed to provide live broadcast space for blacklisted anchors.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the work is in progress, and the first batch of blacklists will be published one month later. If the webcasting enterprises that have signed the Convention refuse to implement the Convention, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will bring these enterprises into the key supervision category, and once violations of laws and regulations occur, they will be severely dealt with according to law.

  Small platform self-supervision is weak.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the systems and mechanisms of many live broadcast enterprises in Beijing are not perfect. "Many live broadcast enterprises are not large in scale, and some live broadcast platforms only have dozens of staff.". Shen Rui concluded that because the platform is relatively small, there is no abundant funds and insufficient technical strength to invest in content supervision, which is an important reason for various problems in some live broadcast platforms.

  Shen Rui said that the core supervision of webcasting enterprises is done by manpower, which cannot be done by machines. Failure to keep up with manpower will lead to the lack of supervision.

  The reporter learned that there are two contents related to supervision in the Convention, one is to require all live videos to be stored, and the other is to require all live videos to be watermarked with corporate Logo.

  Shen Rui said that these two measures are self-discipline for enterprises, and are also conducive to self-protection. "Once there is a problematic live broadcast platform, you can quickly determine which live broadcast platform the problematic video comes from.".

  At present, there is no legal constraint.

  Shen Rui said that now, it seems that every live broadcast platform has some problems. "It is not surprising that the anchor has problems with the live broadcast content, but it is strange why the anchor has quickly become a online celebrity." That is, a few enterprises are speculating for the purpose of attracting investment.

  "Through hype, the number of video downloads and active users has surged in the short term." Shen Rui said that investors choose enterprises to invest, mainly depending on the number of users on the live broadcast platform, the number of active users per month and the number of active users per day. "In fact, investors look at these contents of enterprises, and the platform can most easily achieve these goals by spreading live videos of obscene and pornographic content."

  Shen Rui pointed out that the current situation is that the country has not yet had a law to restrict such issues. The development of webcasting industry can no longer be managed and restricted by a single department. "The problem now is that some relevant management units can manage webcasting enterprises, but they can’t manage all of them."

  Shen Rui concluded that webcasting enterprises are just in the middle of the supervision of various government departments, which is the core issue in management now.

  > > news playback

  Betta TV "Live Making Man" Event

  In the early morning of January 10th this year, Betta TV outdoor live channel, the anchor "Indulge 123" broadcast indecent behavior in the room named "Live Doll Making", and the attention of the live broadcast quickly broke through thousands. That night, Betta TV announced that all the Betta live broadcast rooms were certified by real names. The platform administrator had stopped the live broadcast of the indecent video incident involving the anchor at the first time, and reported the case to the police to provide the personal identity information of the anchor involved. Betta TV reserves the right to initiate proceedings against it.

  The Ministry of Culture recently announced that online live broadcast platforms such as Betta, Tiger Tooth Live, YY, Panda TV, Battle Flag TV, Dragon Ball Live, Six Rooms, 9158, etc. have been included in the investigation list for allegedly providing Internet cultural products that promote obscenity, violence and abetting crimes.

  Jinghua Times reporter Zhang Sijia Jinghua Times cartoon Xie Yao


Interview with Ceng Qinghong of Guangzhou Automobile Group: Maximize overtime work and strive to recover lost output value.

Since 2003, Ceng Qinghong, Party Secretary and Chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group, has been elected to the National People’s Congress for three times from the 10th, 11th to 13th sessions.

Ceng Qinghong, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group

The National People’s Congress in 2020 is the 13th year for him to participate in and discuss state affairs as a representative of the National People’s Congress. This time, he brought five suggestions, three of which were related to the automobile industry.

"Overall, the impact of this epidemic on the automobile industry is not small, and it may take a long time to digest and absorb these effects. However, we must also actively face up to this impact, and our confidence in the long-term development of China’s automobile industry cannot be shaken. " Recently, Ceng Qinghong said this in an interview with a reporter from The Paper.

Guangzhou Automobile Group actively carried out the work of resuming work and production.

In the interview, in addition to carefully interpreting his own suggestions, Ceng Qinghong also comprehensively analyzed various measures that Guangzhou Automobile Group was prepared to face difficulties, and responded to the latest progress of strategic cooperation with SAIC and Weilai Automobile, which were concerned by the outside world.

He revealed that although the current production and operation encountered some difficulties and challenges, the sales volume of new energy vehicles of Guangzhou Automobile Group rose by 85% against the trend in the first four months, and the group’s goal this year is to achieve a sales growth of 3%.

In his view, the future automobile market will be the world in the field of intelligent networked new energy. Guangzhou Automobile Group will further expand joint ventures and cooperation, and is willing to join hands with new forces to create a better future.

It is suggested that the cost of car purchase should be substantially reduced.

You have brought five suggestions to the two sessions this year, three of which are related to the automobile industry. Among them, the proposal to reduce the total tax burden of automobile consumption is particularly impressive. Compared with the various policies that have been introduced to promote consumption, what are the advantages of this proposal?

Ceng Qinghong:This year, I put forward suggestions related to the automobile industry from three aspects: fighting against epidemic, reducing burdens, promoting automobile consumption, and accelerating the construction of new energy automobile industrial cluster in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Among them, further reducing the overall tax burden of automobile consumption will essentially reduce the cost of consumers’ car purchase, reduce the burden of consumers’ cars and promote automobile consumption.

One of the suggestions is to reduce the tax burden of vehicle purchase tax and vehicle consumption tax. The second is to further reduce the value-added tax burden. Third, the eligible car loan interest will be included in the special additional deduction of personal income tax to reduce the burden on residents.

Recently, countries and localities have introduced policies to promote automobile consumption, such as liberalizing purchase restrictions and subsidizing car purchases. What do you think of these policies?

Ceng Qinghong: No matter in the short term or in the medium and long term, these policies are conducive to the further development of domestic new energy vehicles.

Guangzhou Automobile Plus Car Purchase Discount, Guangzhou "Guangzhou Car Purchase" launched to promote automobile consumption.

The state has taken many measures to improve the automobile consumption environment and reduce the tax burden on automobile consumption. Especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic this year, many departments have issued a number of policies on stabilizing and expanding automobile consumption, including subsidies, delays and financial support for national sixth and new energy vehicles, which have effectively boosted automobile consumption.

Guangzhou Automobile Group actively participates in live broadcast with goods to promote sales.

For example, on the eve of May 1 ST, Guangzhou launched the subsidy activity for automobile consumption benefiting the people. During April and May 1 ST, the passenger flow and order volume of various brand stores under Guangzhou Automobile Group increased significantly, and some even exceeded the level of the same period last year. During the May 1 ST period alone, the total passenger traffic of seven vehicle brands under GAC increased by 6% year-on-year, the number of clues increased by 19%, the order volume increased by 20%, and the terminal sales increased by 19% year-on-year. The effect of promoting sales is quite remarkable.

It takes a long time to digest and absorb the impact of the epidemic.

In April, China’s auto sales ended the negative growth for 21 consecutive months. Does this mean that the turning point of auto market recovery has arrived?

Ceng Qinghong:On the whole, the impact of this epidemic on the automobile industry is not small, and it may take a long time to digest and absorb these effects. However, we should also face up to this impact positively, and our confidence in the long-term development of China’s automobile industry cannot be shaken.

What impact did this epidemic have on Guangzhou Automobile Group? What measures have we taken to make up for the possible losses?

Ceng Qinghong:Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, from January to April, domestic automobile production and sales were 5.596 million and 5.761 million, down 33.4% and 31.1% year-on-year; From January to April, the production and sales of Guangzhou Automobile Group were 444,000 vehicles and 472,400 vehicles, down by 30.54% and 27.49% respectively, which was slightly better than the industry average.

Although there are some difficulties and challenges in current production and operation, our goal of 3% sales growth has not changed, and we mainly make efforts in the following aspects:

First, make real moves in increasing sales. Strengthen product innovation, and develop vehicle products equipped with CN95 high-efficiency vehicle air conditioning filter elements; Strengthen marketing innovation, such as VR car watching, live broadcast with goods, etc.; Actively follow up local policies to promote automobile consumption.

Second, efforts should be made to replenish production and increase production. Strive for the support of all parties, stabilize the effective operation of domestic and foreign supply chains, and avoid supply interruption, especially the imported parts and components. Major vehicle companies make the best use of working days after work and weekends to arrange overtime, do everything possible to tap and improve production capacity, and strive to recover the lost output value.

Third, make a fuss about project guidance. Focusing on the construction task of "attacking the city and pulling out the village" project in Guangzhou in 2020, we will continue to strengthen the construction of independent research and development capabilities and accelerate the construction of a series of projects of Guangzhou Automobile Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park.

Fourth, tap the potential in increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. Vigorously carry out the activities of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, actively expand the international market, and reduce the minor expenditures of various management affairs.

Guangzhou Automobile Group’s sales of new energy vehicles increased by 85% in the first four months of this year.

The rapid development of GAC New Energy in the past two years is obvious to all. What advantages do you think GAC has in developing new energy products?

Ceng Qinghong:Guangzhou Automobile Group has accelerated its layout and investment in the field of new energy vehicles, and its strategic transformation has achieved initial results.

From January to April, 2020, although the overall sales volume of the automobile industry suffered a double-digit decline due to the epidemic, GAC’s new energy sales volume increased against the trend. In April, Guangzhou Automobile Group sold 5,281 new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 55%; From January to April, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was about 15,900, an increase of 85% year-on-year. Among them, GAC New Energy sold 4,006 vehicles in April, up 125% year-on-year and 14% quarter-on-quarter; From January to April, the sales volume was 11,900 vehicles, with year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter growth exceeding 94%.

Rendering of Guangzhou Automobile Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park

In terms of new energy vehicle manufacturing, the first phase of the Guangzhou Automobile Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park, which started construction in 2017, was completed at the end of December 2018.

The key technology of GAC Class A pure electric vehicle won the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award.

In terms of pure electric platform GEP, GAC GEP platform can expand different levels of pure electric platform models, greatly saving development costs, shortening development cycle and enhancing product competitiveness. At present, three models of Aion S, Aion LX and Aion V have been launched, and a new energy vehicle is planned to be launched every six months.

In terms of new energy R&D test, in December 2019, Guangzhou Automobile South (Shaoguan) Intelligent Networked New Energy Vehicle Test and Testing Center officially started.

ADiGO (intelligent driving interconnection) ecosystem

In the future, we will jointly develop core technologies with SAIC to jointly expand overseas markets.

In December 2019, GAC and SAIC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

After cooperating with Weilai, GAC announced a strategic cooperation with SAIC at the end of last year. What is the current cooperation progress and project promotion?

Ceng Qinghong:Win-win cooperation, innovative development, Guangzhou Automobile Group has always adhered to joint venture cooperation and independent innovation for common development, and we very much welcome partners who share common goals and seek common development.

Guangzhou Automobile Group and Weilai are committed to all-round cooperation in all aspects of the industrial chain. In May 2019, GAC Weilai’s brand new brand "HYCAN Hechuang" was officially released; In April this year, HYCAN 007, the first model of Guangzhou Automobile Weilai Hechuang brand, was officially launched.

In December 2019, Guangzhou Automobile Group and SAIC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, two leading high-end manufacturing enterprises, joined hands for the first time.

At present, we are exploring the feasibility of cooperation from the technical field. Logistics, mobile travel, big data, international business, spare parts, insurance and other fields are also gradually sorting out the cooperation direction of business.

In the future, we will jointly develop core technologies and discuss joint investment and development of strategic core technologies and platforms in the fields of new energy, intelligence, networking and lightweight. Share industrial chain resources, explore cooperation in the field of manufacturing, and plan to cooperate in logistics, auto finance, insurance services, aftermarket, industrial investment and so on; Focus on new business models and jointly strengthen research and cooperation in new business models such as car sharing, travel service, and separation of vehicles and electricity; Work together to expand overseas markets.

Further expand joint ventures and cooperation, and are willing to create a better future with Ctrip, a new force in car manufacturing.

This year, the automobile market has obviously accelerated the speed of elimination. Do you think there is anything that traditional car companies can learn from the new car companies?

Ceng Qinghong:In the long run, the automobile industry is in a period of profound historical changes in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing are the general trend of automobile development. The future cars will be self-driving cars and driverless cars to solve the problems of traffic, environment and old-age care. Artificial intelligence will change life and travel. Therefore, the future automobile market will be the world in the field of intelligent networked new energy.

Most new car-making forces are better than traditional car-making enterprises in terms of internet thinking and business model innovation. Guangzhou Automobile Group is willing to further expand joint ventures and cooperation with Ctrip, a new car-making force, and accelerate the innovation of "car+internet".


Hot spots of the week | Seven departments: gradually cancel the purchase restrictions of new energy vehicles

[EV Vision Report] What hot events and important new car information are there in the new energy automobile industry this week? Let’s look at the EV vision to summarize and sort it out for you.

1. Development and Reform Commission: Vigorously promote new energy vehicles and gradually cancel the purchase restrictions in various places.

On January 21st, the National Development and Reform Commission and other seven departments issued two documents, proposing to vigorously promote new energy vehicles, gradually cancel the purchase restrictions of new energy vehicles in various places, promote the standardized and orderly development of charging facilities, and accelerate the construction and installation of charging facilities in residential communities.

In the "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other seven departments, it is proposed to vigorously develop green transportation consumption. Vigorously promote new energy vehicles, gradually cancel the purchase restrictions of new energy vehicles in various places, promote the implementation of support policies such as exemption from restrictions and road rights, strengthen the construction of supporting infrastructure such as charging and replacing electricity, new energy storage and hydrogenation, and actively promote the development of LNG for vehicles and ships. We will promote the pilot application of the new energy vehicle power exchange mode, and carry out the demonstration application of fuel cell vehicles in an orderly manner. In-depth development of new energy vehicles to the countryside activities, and promote the improvement of rural operation and maintenance service system.

2. Free parking for Shenzhen New Energy Vehicles for 2 hours every day.

According to the Notice of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission on Relevant Matters Concerning the Reduction and Exemption of Parking Charges for New Energy Vehicles, starting from January 20th, when new energy vehicles are parked in urban road parking spaces, they will be exempted from the use fee of temporary roadside parking spaces for the first 2 hours per day within the specified charging period, or for those whose first parking time is less than 1 hour per day (including 1 hour), they will be exempted from the use fee of temporary roadside parking spaces for the second time. Airport, dock, station, port, tourist attractions supporting parking facilities and mechanical three-dimensional parking facilities invested or built by the government in full will still be subject to the current regulations on parking fee concessions for new energy vehicles, that is, charging in the above parking facilities will be exempted from parking fees within 2 hours (including 2 hours) corresponding to the charging time every day.

3. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited released the power exchange brand EVOGO.

On January 18th, Time Electric Service, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, officially released the overall solution for power exchange brand EVOGO and combined power exchange, and its power exchange products will be geared to automobile enterprises. The first model that cooperated with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited to exchange power was FAW Pentium NAT combined power exchange version. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s "combined power exchange" scheme is composed of power exchange block, quick exchange station and App. Under the mode of vehicle-electricity separation, the battery is separated as a shared asset, which brings a brand-new attempt to the market.

4. BYD’s new energy vehicle will increase its price by 1,000-7,000 yuan.

On January 21, BYD officially said that due to the sharp rise in raw material prices and the decline in subsidies for new energy vehicles, BYD will adjust the official guide prices of new energy vehicles related to Wangchao.com and Haiyang.com by 1000-7000 yuan. The price adjustment will take effect on February 1, and customers who have signed contracts before that will not be affected by the price adjustment.

5. The production target of M5 in the first quarter is 10,000 vehicles.

Recently, Xiaokang Co., Ltd. held a production and supply guarantee meeting of Wujie M5 in Chongqing Liangjiang Factory, and fully laid out the production of AITO Wujie M5. The big screen of the factory showed that it planned to produce 10,000 Wujie M5 in the first quarter. According to the plan, Wujie M5 expects to achieve small batch delivery in February and complete the first batch of 5,000 users in March.

6, Euler lightning cat production version spy photos exposure

A few days ago, it was learned from relevant channels that the spy photos of the production version of Euler Lightning Cat have been exposed. The car was officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show last year, combining retro with future elements. According to relevant news, the car will be listed in May at the earliest.

7, three cylinders to four cylinders/positioning full-size luxury SUV ideal X01 latest information exposure

On, EV Vision obtained some parameter information of the ideal X01 vehicle from relevant channels. The new car is positioned as a full-size SUV, and its body size is larger than that of Li ONE (parameter | quotation). In terms of power, the new car will use the second-generation extended-range platform, with an acceleration of 5.8s, a comprehensive cruising range of 1050km, and the price of the vehicle is about 450,000-500,000 yuan. It is reported that the car is expected to be released around April 2022.

Judging from the spy photos exposed before, the ideal X01 also adopts the ideal family-style design style, but it is not equipped with a large air intake grille, but the Mercedes-Benz headlight style is exactly the same as that of Li ONE.

8. Volkswagen and Bosch plan to set up a battery equipment joint venture company.

On January 18th, Volkswagen, a German automobile manufacturer, and Bosch, the world’s largest supplier of auto parts, announced that they would set up a joint venture before the end of this year, and the two sides would build a European battery equipment manufacturing factory to help achieve self-sufficiency in battery production.

9. A preview of the new concept car.

On January 19th, Jidu announced the preview of its car robot concept car. The new car will be unveiled at the 2022 Beijing Auto Show, and the first mass-produced car robot will be delivered in 2023.

Jidu announced some exterior and interior design details of the concept car robot. The concept car will be officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April, and the appearance of the production car robot will be 90% consistent with the concept car. The first mass-produced car robot will be delivered in 2023.

10. BYD and FAW Group set up FAW Fudi New Energy Company.

BYD recently formally established a joint venture company with FAW-FAW Fudi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., whose business scope includes the development, production and sales of power batteries and battery systems, as well as providing related after-sales and technical consulting services. Tianyancha shows that the company is jointly owned by Foday Industrial Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of BYD, and FAW Equity Investment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China FAW Group Co., Ltd., of which Foday holds 51% and FAW holds 49%.


Betta established the first party branch in online celebrity: Where did the live broadcast go and where did the party building advance?

Betta established the first online celebrity Party branch.

Where did the live broadcast go? Where did the party building advance? Where did the fighting fish set up the first "online celebrity Party Branch" in China?

  Among more than 500 live broadcast platforms in China, this "online celebrity Party Branch" is the first one, directly under the Betta Party Committee, and has 18 network anchors, party member. In May last year, when Betta just established the Party organization, the number of people in party member was 65. After one year’s development, the number of people in party member has increased to 178, accounting for more than 10% of the total number of employees.

  With the implementation of the "Red Engine Project" in Wuhan, party member has become the most energetic "red cell" around the masses. According to the data provided by Ai Media Consulting, in 2017, there were nearly 400 million users of China live broadcast platform, accounting for more than 50% of the total netizens. At present, there are more than 100 million registered users of Betta.

  Zhang Wenming, CEO of Betta Company, said that he fully supports the establishment of a Party organization in Betta, and the Party building will be promoted wherever the live broadcast goes. Gu Na, secretary of online celebrity Party Branch, a "post-90s" betta fish, said that betta fish has been striving to be an experimental field for party building in the live broadcast industry. After the establishment of "online celebrity Party Branch", it will continuously build a clean and tidy cyberspace through live broadcast.

  The network anchor "Lan Panger" has 80,000 "fans" on the platform of fighting fish, and was approved as the organizing committee member of "online celebrity Party Branch" after active application. "Lan Panger", who participated in several live broadcasts on the theme of party building, said that he met a 69-year-old man in the live broadcast. During the rainy season last year, the community was flooded. She volunteered to join the volunteer team in party member, carrying the children whose parents were not at home barefoot and taking them home to take care of them. Many netizens have praised her.

  "The spirit of party member in my eyes is to spread daily good deeds more widely by live broadcast." "Blue Panger" said, "A recent live party building activity about singing red songs attracted more than 1.05 million people to watch in 48 hours." In June this year, Betta began to broadcast the deeds of advanced party member on a large scale, starting from Wuhan and covering the whole country one after another.

  Wang Pu, a professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology who has compiled the book "30 Years of Agitation", believes that Optics Valley is the most active place in Wuhan’s non-public economy, and Betta’s exploration in party building has a strong demonstration and driving role.

  On the 29th, a number of betta network anchors proposed to transfer the party organization relationship to the "online celebrity Party Branch".


"Star Live" is underage

Text | Xia Xiaoyu

Edit | Zhang Youfa


Angelabay, an artist, entered the live studio in Tik Tok with the stunt of the first show of live broadcast with goods.

This is 8: 00 pm on July 18th. After that, everything is done step by step according to the rules of bringing goods. When recommending lipstick, she daubs the color test with her arm and writes down the color number. When recommending weighing scale, weigh yourself on the spot; Invite Jing Bo Ran and Bao Wenjing, star friends, to reward each other interactively.

But after the live broadcast, the media are more willing to discuss her less eye-catching data. According to the data monitoring of flying melon, the total sales of this Tik Tok live broadcast "First Show" is about 12,149,400 yuan, which is lower than that of the head e-commerce anchor.


Angelabay live screenshot

If the Internet can remember, everyone will remember that in 2016, Angelababy and 50 online celebrity broadcasted live simultaneously, and sold 10,000 lipsticks in two hours, which turned into more than 1.4 million yuan. In the "Thousand Broadcasting Wars" dominated by shows and games, this live broadcast once triggered the discussion of "live broadcast+e-commerce".


Behind Angelababy’s experience is the change of star live broadcast.

In the embryonic stage of live broadcast, stars were important participants, but when live broadcast e-commerce really became an industry, Viya, Li Jiaqi and Simba were sitting in the live broadcast room. Last year, when the live e-commerce was in full swing, the stars once again poured into the live broadcast room, but the controversy continued.


In this year’s epidemic and multi-platform e-commerce competition, the status of stars in live broadcast has become more important, but what the public is keen to discuss is rollover.

according toPoisonous eyes (WeChat ID: domoredumou)According to incomplete statistics, in 2020, there have been 16 "rollover" accidents in the live broadcast rooms of celebrities, and stars such as Xiao Shenyang, Ye Yixi, Jordan chan and Ceng Zhiwei all overturned their cars. It involves problems such as "low quantity of goods", "fictitious price" and "shoddy".



In the cry of many brands and consumers, the perception of star live broadcast by the industry and ordinary users is gradually biased towards "negative". Some merchants once complained in an interview with 21Tech: "It is simply a fraud to ask the stars to broadcast live now."


After summing up the achievements of stars bringing goods in 2020, poison eyes think that,Most stars can’t carry goods, but they still need stars in the live broadcast room.


Stars are naturally close to brands. In the past, commodities promoted the audience of TV programs to become their own consumers through advertisements, and the stars who spoke for brands were an important bridge connecting commodities and users. After the rise of live e-commerce, the original advertising and endorsement logic faced adjustment, and the relationship between stars, brands and users was also reconstructed in the live broadcast room in 2020.


However, the core of live e-commerce is e-commerce, and the value of stars also needs to be understood according to the rules of e-commerce.

Xiaofeng, the person in charge of the live broadcast of a well-known domestic shoe and clothing brand, told Poison Eye that they would divide the stars into traffic type and goods type. When they need to rush sales, they never trust the gimmick of "a star’s live broadcast debut", but will analyze multiple data and choose the stars who can really bring goods to cooperate.

Looking back at the live broadcast of stars in 2020, these questions are still valuable: what kind of stars can bring goods? What is the relationship between stars and brands in the live broadcast room? If there is more value in the star, how can the live broadcast make use of this influence?


Even with all kinds of beautiful expectations, most stars with aura will quickly become mortal when they enter the live broadcast room.


In August this year, actor Ng Man Tat made his live broadcast debut in Aauto Quicker. Some merchants told the media that they had paid 150,000 yuan for the parking space, but less than 10 orders were sold.

In November, actor Jordan chan sold 9.9 yuan gold bars, and consumers reported receiving plastic pieces; According to the report of "Commercial Street Detective", in the same month, singer Yang Kun brought 1.22 million goods. After the cancellation, the actual sales were only 40,000. The merchant said that the worst thing was that he had put a pile of goods on himself.


Generally, the star anchor has not been able to avoid the problems that online celebrity anchor may encounter when bringing goods;On the contrary, because it is a star anchor, the artillery fire of public opinion supervision will be more fierce.. Nowadays, in the comment area of Aauto Quicker account in Ng Man Tat, some netizens wrote this comment: "Uncle Da, I heard that you only sold 6 bags of rice?"


Although it has been in this field for more than a year, there are very few star anchors with strong cargo power.

In the TOP50 anchor list of the whole network sales in November released by Fat Ball Data, only one star, Michael Chen, ranked 41st; In the October list, only three star anchors, Zhang Ting (27), Lin Yilun (32) and Ji Jie (49), were on the list.


Live broadcast with goods is a brand-new job for stars. Without the protection of the agent, the stars and fans in the live broadcast room lack buffer. The relationship between stars and fans is not communication. Under the mode of selling goods, the relationship between them becomes more complicated.


In April this year, Li XiaoLu made its first live show with goods. According to the statistics of small gourd, the single sales reached 47.915 million, but in the live broadcast, almost the whole process was introduced by the helper, and Li XiaoLu didn’t know about the product. Coupled with previous negative personal emotional events, Li XiaoLu suffered a lot of bad comments, and did not conduct a second live broadcast, ending his short live broadcast career.


Li XiaoLu said that the live broadcast is for life.

Even if the objective conditions allow the stars to continue to bring goods, some stars themselves will temporarily create accidents. In the live broadcast on August 21st, Zheng Shuang didn’t cooperate with the helper, and even collapsed on the spot, bluntly saying that "whether the performance is good or not has nothing to do with me", driving away two partners, and one person stuttered about the remaining products. The next day, the topic # Zheng Shuang Emotion # boarded a hot search in Weibo.


Compared with the e-commerce anchor, the star itself is busy and can’t bring goods full-time..

E-commerce anchor itself is a profession that needs long-term investment. The live broadcast at the front desk and the selection and rehearsal of backstage goods need a lot of time and energy. Head anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Viya all work with goods as the center.


In the most critical goods, the identity of stars is not enough for them to influence consumption decisions in the short term. When discussing star live broadcast, Zou Zhendong, a professor at Xiamen University, divided opinion leaders into three types according to the effect of public opinion war: attention opinion leaders, influence opinion leaders and appeal opinion leaders. The focus of its role is to arouse attention, influence identity and change action respectively.


In his view, successfully guiding consumers to buy products belongs to the category of "appeal", which is much heavier than "attention". butMost stars belong to attention opinion leaders, not influence opinion leaders and appeal opinion leaders, which is the deep reason why they can’t carry goods..


Li Jiaqi’s ability to bring goods is inseparable from the trust accumulated by long-term live broadcast.

Live selling has always emphasized the compression of prices, which attracts most users to pay more attention to the practicality and cost performance of products. If the stars don’t have hard-core and cost-effective products, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room will not be transformed into potential or actual consumers.

Whether a mink coat sold in Li Xiang is not sold or a tea set sold in Ye Yixi is 2000 yuan, it proves that the underlying logic of live broadcast with goods is "goods with people", not "people with goods".


But there is still room for discussion on this view. In addition to the dimension of "carrying goods", stars are naturally close to the brand and can also bring value enhancement to the brand.


Founded in May 2020, the e-commerce live broadcast MCN Galaxy Zhongxing focuses on star live broadcast. Zhuang Zhu, co-founder and vice president of the company, told Poison Eye.Stars with their own traffic can help brands achieve the result of "product efficiency and sales".

According to the owner, brands used to need artists to speak for them, and star live broadcast can give brands some more direct and flexible ways, such as the use of portraits and live sliced short videos, which is equivalent to’ light endorsement’: "It can bring both traffic and sales."


Image source: vision china

The platform has not given up the star live broadcast business.

At the end of November, the huge star map opened the star business. The cooperation methods include live broadcast with goods, live broadcast with goods, and short video with a price. At present, more than 50 stars have settled in. In the same month, on November 23rd, Cao Ying held a special jewelry delivery, which won the first place with sales of 18.1333 million yuan.

Live broadcast by needed stars

In the early development of live e-commerce, the anchors with goods were mainly shopping guides, naughty girls, merchants and short video online celebrity. July 2019 is an important time node. Taobao began to promote the "Star Project", and more and more stars entered the live broadcast room.


What the platform looks at is the traffic of star live broadcast and the spread of endorsement effect.

Xuande, general manager of Taobao Content E-commerce Division, once said that in the past, many stars showed their ability to bring goods by endorsement, but through the "Star Start Program", small and medium-sized businesses and brands can also cooperate with stars to broadcast live with low thresholds to attract new customers and expand their influence.


On April 1st, 2020, Luo Yonghao launched its first live show with goods in Tik Tok, with a total flow of 110 million and a total audience of 48 million, which became a nodal event.When Tik Tok launched live broadcast with goods, it became a very important means of drainage when it quickly created news events and attracted the audience of merchants and users..


Tik Tok also brings its own star genes. As of June this year, more than 2,000 stars have settled in Tik Tok. When live broadcast of goods becomes a trend, Tik Tok naturally becomes the main battlefield for stars to bring goods. In May, Michael Chen opened the first show of live broadcast in Tik Tok, with sales exceeding 80 million; In the first half of the year, more than 20 stars brought goods live in Tik Tok, and 65% of them were actors.


Under the background of multi-platform competition of live broadcast e-commerce, star live broadcast also shows the trend of multi-platform distribution.

During the period of 618, 300 stars brought goods in Taobao; In June, Aauto Quicker officially announced Yuqi Zhang as an e-commerce spokesperson, and in August, he invited Zheng Shuang to make a live show with goods. Stars like Wong Cho Lam will try on Taobao and Tik Tok platforms when they enter the game.

The star’s battlefield with cargo owners is still concentrated in Tik Tok. According to the statistics of small gourd, in the last 90 days,Among the TOP20 star anchors with average sales, 13 stars broadcast live in Tik Tok, 4 from Taobao and 3 from Aauto Quicker.

But this pattern is not constant, and more MCN are trying multi-platform layout. Master Zhuang told Poison Eyes that Galaxy Stars are also accelerating the layout of other platforms such as Tik Tok to create a full-matrix live broadcast ecology.


From the star’s point of view, it is also the general trend to strive to be a "worker" in the live broadcast room.


In the first half of 2020, the crew stopped working, the variety show was postponed, and many stars and actors were unemployed. At this time, entering the live broadcast with goods provides not only job opportunities for the stars, but also rich commissions and reward fees.

Compared with filming film and television dramas, live delivery is a cost-effective job.

The source of income of star anchors is generally "pit fees+sales commission", with pit fees ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan and commission ratio ranging from 15% to 30%. Take Mabel Yuan’s first live show in Tik Tok on June 19th as an example. According to the statistics of Cicada’s mother, the sales per show is 31.249 million. If the pit fee is not calculated, the commission will exceed 6 million if the proportion is 20%.


Screenshot of Mabel Yuan live broadcast

The high reward comes from the strong live broadcast demand of the brand..

This year’s epidemic has brought about a rapid increase in online marketing scenarios. Many brands and businesses want to find increments from live e-commerce and hope to reach cooperation with stars. According to the survey data of the second hand, in 2020, over 50% of brand advertisers said that live broadcast would be the marketing focus.

Adaptation rule

In the arena of live broadcast with goods, stars can’t change the rules, they can only adapt to them.


To become the "Li Jiaqi" and "Viya" in the star anchor, we must first ensure a stable and continuous live broadcast frequency. There is a saying in the live broadcast industry that a live broadcast is not important at all. What matters is how the 100th live broadcast is. But at present, only a few stars can broadcast live for a long time.


Source: vision china

The owner of the villa told Poison Eye that many stars cooperated with the Galaxy stars this year. "We will pay attention to whether artists have suffered and whether they are willing to take live broadcast as a career. We will ask clearly. If you tell me that you are coming to see it, I heard that live broadcast is very hot. If you give it a try, we will definitely not want it. I will communicate with artists first and need to consider it clearly. "


Tamia Liu is one of the "Kung Fu anchors" promoted by Taobao, and her personal brand has established a deep connection with the sub-brands created by Juhua. CBNData Consumer Station counted the keyword cloud in Tamia Liu live broadcast room, and the two words of Tamia Liu live broadcast and tens of billions subsidy were mentioned most frequently.

Even so, Tamia Liu has to turn around in the live broadcast and filming. In the past month, she only conducted a live broadcast because of her busy filming.

At present, the stars who still choose to stay in the live broadcast room and develop the e-commerce anchor into a long-term career are mostly middle-aged artists, with few plays or have already left the entertainment circle.


According to the statistics of Xiao Hulu, in June, the sales of a live broadcast in Zhang Ting reached 256 million, which is the first in the single live broadcast of stars. But in a strict sense, Zhang Ting has been far away from the star circle. In public, he is the founder of Wechat business brand TST. Such stars are more like "businessmen", belong to business anchors and turn themselves into salespeople.


Michael Chen and Lin Yilun also belong to the category of "businessmen". Michael Chen, an actor, not only participated in variety shows, made short videos and broadcast live, but also set up his own street brand and opened a hot pot restaurant. Singer Lin Yilun founded his own hot sauce brand "Fanye" in 2014 and received 83 million yuan in financing in 2016.

Lin Yilun (Source: vision china)


High-quality content output is also an important source of attraction in the live broadcast room.


Galaxy Stars created a live broadcast room for Wang Han to set out for a better life, positioning itself as "recommending high-quality domestic products". Master Zhuang told Poison Eye that Wang Han has advantages over other anchors, such as rich life experience, cultural connotation and intimacy. Wang Han can quickly understand the history and culture of many brands because of the contact with many brands, the accumulation of experience in agricultural and public welfare projects, and the study of the industry.

The owner said that he was deeply impressed by one of the live broadcasts: "I have a deep memory. When talking about a silk quilt, he will talk about how the silk came and how the silkworm mother collected it. When I mention the hardships of these traditional craftsmen, I will choke.This kind of empathy can only be achieved by people who have an understanding of life.. "

Stars with a strong sense of variety can bring the atmosphere of the live broadcast room and make users shop more happily. On September 24th, the night after the final of Talk Show 3 was broadcast, Li Birthday’s partners Luo Yonghao and Huang He made their first live show with goods in Tik Tok, telling jokes and bringing goods. According to official statistics, the payment amount exceeded 24 million.


Li Dan, Luo Yonghao and Huang He broadcast live together.

Supply chain capability is the key factor affecting the results of live broadcast. The brand coverage, product quality and new ability of live e-commerce need the support of supply chain team. Behind Li Jiaqi, there is a product selection team of more than 100 people in MCN Beauty Watch, which controls the category, value and price of every product that enters the live broadcast room.


The star anchors who can really bring the goods, without exception, choose the signing head MCN, such as Qianxun, Galaxy Stars, Yuanwang and other institutions.

According to Billion Power Network, MCN Qianxun, behind Viya, has built a large-scale supply chain base, which can accommodate thousands of brands and tens of thousands of SKUs. Lin Yilun and Li Jing, who have achieved good results in bringing goods, are among the stars who are modest in signing contracts.

Companies like Galaxy Zhongxing are also making efforts in the supply chain.

The company’s product selection team consists of four groups of people. First, buyers and purchasers with more than 5 years experience in each commodity category conduct research and investigation on the supply chain of goods; Second, the quality inspectors recruited from the quality inspection bureaus of various provinces and cities control the quality of the products themselves; Third, in the special category of beauty cosmetics, almost all masters or even doctors are recruited to control the quality of beauty products; Fourth, analysts with data analysis positions should ensure that the goods are needed and loved by consumers.


"Relatively speaking, the operating cost may be higher. Our initial intention is to do a good job of IP for every artist, use IP attributes to empower brands and bring better choices to consumers, so we don’t care about the cost. After all, it is a long-term career." Master Zhuang told Poisonous Eyes.

 Wang Han Live Room "Starting for the Beautiful"

The promotion and marketing of goods still need stars, but star fans are not equal to consumers, and the logic of relying on fan economy to bring goods will not work. Fang Jian, president of Yuanwang, who has signed stars such as David Wang and Wong Cho Lam, said in an interview that the stars who want to sign Yuanwang need to put down their star figure, learn the knowledge of live broadcast with goods, and cooperate with Yuanwang’s operation strategy. The signing time should be at least one year.

The shunting is continued in 2021.

As a sought-after attention resource, stars have the potential to become attractive anchors with goods. In 2021, this resource needs to be further optimized according to the rules of live e-commerce.


First of all, brands need to think about whether the effect of star live broadcast is drainage or goods.


Xiaofeng told Poisonous Eyes that they would divide star anchors into traffic type and cargo type. The former helps the brand to do new publicity and preheating, bringing a series of products, such as inviting Adam to broadcast live and recommending new shoes; The latter will bring the transformation effect of actual sales. As a result of her observation, Lin Yilun, Ji Jie, Tamia Liu, Wong Cho Lam and others belong to this category at present.


The star needs to determine the positioning in the live broadcast room, whether it is the anchor or the help broadcast.For amateur anchors, cooperation with stars can bring attention; For stars, helping to broadcast can reduce the "rollover" caused by not knowing the goods.

For example, David Wang is both a performer and a performer, so it is a good choice to liven up the atmosphere in the live broadcast room, and the product details are handed over to the professional anchor. In fact, David Wang has become a "helper".


Screenshot of David Wang live broadcast

Next year, more and more stars who are unwilling to act as "salesmen" and are not professional enough at the commodity end will have their own comfort zone-to help broadcast.


In the selection of products, stars may change from "bringing everything" to "exploring the advantages of vertical categories", which is also a return to the law of bringing goods.


After deep cultivation, the e-commerce anchor in the head is expanding the category. According to DT’s financial statistics, on the first day of pre-sale in double 11 this year, the number of products in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room increased to hundreds, which still mainly consisted of beauty cosmetics, but also included some household products, bags and household appliances. 

The star anchor gradually explored the suitable category.. Xiaofeng told the poisonous eyes, "The live broadcast of Lin Yilun is more and more perpendicular to the food; Jing Tian is more suitable for bringing beauty products, and other categories are basically unable to bring goods; Tamia Liu belongs to all categories, but relatively speaking, home products have better delivery effect than shoes and clothing products. "


With the entry of many platforms, the fading of star enthusiasm and the appearance of star live MCN, the live broadcast of star e-commerce will become professional.


According to a report by KPMG, in the first half of 2020, there were more than 10 million live e-commerce nationwide, and the number of active anchors had exceeded 400,000. Among the TOP20 star anchors counted by Xiaohulu, many stars showed abnormal live broadcast reminders, and Li Dan, Ceng Zhiwei, Wong Cho Lam, etc. all showed that the audience retention rate was less than 15% in the five-minute live broadcast room.


Source: small gourd

In the Red Sea competition, MCN, the agent of star live broadcast business, needs to make different plans according to the characteristics of each star.


For example, Galactic Stars once customized a 24-hour uninterrupted live broadcast called "The Fifth Space Module" for Hu Bing. At home, Hu Bing reminisced with his star friends, ate, and showed his taste in clothes and life.

The owner told Poison Eye that the first live broadcast was effective, and such live broadcast will continue. The founding team has participated in the production and planning of variety shows such as "Chinese Restaurant" and "Mars Creation Bureau", and will pay more attention to content creativity when setting up live broadcast plans for stars.


From the macro environment, after the tightening of supervision, the industry may usher in a new round of reshuffle.

Recently, the competent authorities began to strengthen supervision over the live broadcast industry. On December 23rd, the Guangzhou market supervision department announced the handling of the event of "Simba live broadcast of ready-to-eat bird’s nest with goods", and Guangzhou Heyi E-commerce Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Simba, was ordered to stop the illegal act and was fined 900,000 yuan.


Aauto Quicker also announced the punishment information, and closed the account of "Shida Beauty" for 60 days, closed the personal account of Xin Youzhi, the head of Heyi Company, for 60 days, and closed the accounts of 27 anchors such as Cat Sister and Chu Ruixue for 15 days.


After more than half a year of disorderly and crazy national influx and competition, live broadcast with goods deserves to be viewed and discussed more soberly, while star live broadcast, like other anchors with goods, is in such an increasingly standardized e-commerce environment, and should follow the rules of e-commerce industry and gradually move towards the "adult" stage.


Some live broadcasts have hidden "emotional traps". Are you really the anchor "family"?

  Our reporter Zhang Ni Our intern Liu Zhenxuan Workers’ Daily (August 9, 2022, 04 edition)

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  It has gradually become a living habit for consumers to buy goods in live webcasts. For the benefit, some anchors played emotional cards and used words and deductive routines to get fans to place orders. Many consumers spent a lot of money on this. Some experts pointed out that the chaos of live broadcast with goods needs to be rectified urgently. At the same time, consumers should also place orders rationally.

  In the live broadcast room of a million fans in Aauto Quicker, the reporter saw such a "passionate scene" — — Accompanied by dynamic music and psychedelic lighting, the anchor affectionately shouted to the audience: "Family, everyone in this selection team stopped me from putting it on the shelves. Every time we sell more orders, we lose more money, but it is our long-cherished wish to send benefits to fans’ families. Come, link! "

  In the online world, there are many people who fall into the "emotional trap" out of their trust in the anchor. In this case, the products they buy are not necessarily what they really need, and the quality and after-sales problems of the products are not uncommon.

  "Family" caught in the emotional whirlpool

  Lao Li, a 46-year-old company employee, sometimes watches the live broadcast of an anchor with 7 million fans in Tik Tok at night, and the online audience in her studio is close to one million at the most.

  According to Lao Li, the live broadcast content of this anchor is very rich. Watching her play PK with others makes her passionate and keeps praising her. "One night when I was playing PK with a female anchor, I ordered a tea in her live room. She said that this is to fight for the dignity of herself and her family in the live broadcast room. She asked us not to brush gifts, but only to support the products of e-commerce. " Lao Li said that he was particularly excited at that time and felt that she was too difficult. He must support her. The price of tea was not expensive, but after receiving tea, he found that it was all tea stalks and could not be drunk at all.

  When the reporter opened Lao Li’s Tik Tok purchase record and wanted to check the user’s feedback of the product, the product page display was invalid.

  "In fact, there are many such situations. Many people in our fan base will feedback the quality problems in the group after receiving the goods, but no one cares about us at all, so I will never watch her live again." Lao Li said.

  Because fans like to watch each other’s PK, in order to maintain the traffic data and live broadcast benefits, some anchors will choose to "play scripts" to create topics to bring goods, birthdays, engagements, and even a word and a dress will become their hype gimmicks.

  In addition to PK anchor’s "family-style" emotional marketing, the reporter also found that most live broadcast rooms with goods will use music, words and help broadcast to incite emotions. Some anchors will tell the audience that this is a unique "mechanism", and there is not much stock left, so they must place an order immediately, thus giving the audience a psychological "sense of crisis" in purchasing.

  "Big brands give some anchors ‘ Mechanism ’ It doesn’t mean ‘ dedicated to one anchor and given to all anchors. Mechanism ’ All the same, consumers must be able to identify the anchor’s words and don’t be led by the nose. " A practitioner in the e-commerce industry said.

  When watching the live broadcast, the reporter found that when some anchors are selling products, after all the products are explained in a circular way, the products that were previously sold out will appear in the shopping cart again, and then the blogger will tell the fans again that this is the last inventory, so they must place an order immediately. After this process is repeated several times, the products will either be sold out or continue to be sold in the form of pre-sale.

  The above-mentioned insiders said that because the live broadcast with goods lasts for several hours and the content is relatively simple, most consumers quit the live broadcast room after buying it and will not watch it for a long time. This has kept many consumers in the dark and it is difficult to find the routine.

  Don’t let bad money drive out good money.

  Yang Siyu is an anchor with 100,000 fans in Tik Tok, and an entrepreneur who runs skin care companies and brands. Fans call him "Grass".

  "Take the beauty live broadcast as an example. After we send the products to the anchor, the responsible anchor will communicate with us about the experience, product formula mechanism, product packaging materials and other details, and will pass the heavy assessment before going to the live broadcast room. We will also communicate customer feedback with the anchor and adjust our products and cooperation plans. However, some anchors will skip these links and directly choose some OEM products with their own traffic and high commission. " Yang Siyu said. The essence of live broadcast with goods is still a form of shopping, and its flow logic should be a two-way consideration of "high-quality anchor+high-quality products", and should not be a dramatic emotional mobilization. From anchor selection to user ordering, we should adhere to the rationality of shopping around.

  "I hope that in the future, the live broadcast platform can support more high-quality e-commerce experts, and more people in the industry can dare to speak out, so as not to let bad money drive out good money." Yang Siyu said that in order to quickly realize the realization of cash, after the account is made, many anchors will embark on the shortcut of "setting up people" and "harvesting" fans with emotion. Those anchors who insist on content output will not attract traffic because of strict product selection, and the live broadcast data is often bleak.

  In addition, in order to meet the anchor’s commission requirements, some brands will continue to reduce the cost of their own product research and development and increase marketing expenses, which will lead to the decline in the quality of products that consumers get.

  Strengthen supervision and guide correctly.

  "At that time, your head didn’t hurt, nor did your cervical vertebrae, nor did you toss and turn in the sleepless night. At that time, your parents were still in good health. They were young, safe and happy, and grandparents were with you. You don’t really think about corn, you are thinking about yourself. " This is an impromptu explanation given by an anchor during the live broadcast of corn with goods, which caused tens of thousands of netizens to cry and once rushed to the hot search list.

  Dong Yuhui, the former New Oriental English teacher, said this. Together with teachers like yoyo and Dunton, he became the resident anchor of the East Selection Live Room.

  The reporter found that there was no script in the Oriental selection live broadcast room, and the anchor was not screaming at the top of his lungs. With soft music, he talked about products, astronomy and poetry, and he could get excellent sales.

  "I never watched the live broadcast with goods before, and I felt particularly fake. After I accidentally saw the live broadcast of these young people, a person who never bought anything in the live broadcast room began to place an order. Their live broadcast made me feel happy and calm, because I not only bought my favorite products in this live broadcast room, but also ‘ Buy ’ To knowledge. " A treasure mom fan in the Oriental selection live broadcast room said.

  "Starting from the current situation of the industry, under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, practitioners in the live broadcast industry should look for breakthroughs from the incision of improving the ability to control users. Avoiding emotional temptation is not to deny emotions. High-level emotional design should be based on accurate insight into user needs. " Wei Baotao, executive director of China Advertising Education Research Association and director of advertising department of School of Journalism and Communication, Liaoning University, said.

  Under the rectification of the relevant state departments, the atmosphere of the live broadcast industry has obviously improved, but there are still many banned anchors who continue to squeeze the remaining favorite values of fans by means of secret forms such as "the master is blocked and the apprentice broadcasts". Such live broadcast poses new challenges to the subsequent industry rectification.