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The cultural activities of the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in Jincheng, Shanxi Province in 2024 were staged.

During the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in 2024, Jincheng will carry out "two festivals" cultural activities with the theme of "Happy China Year, Healthy Cultivation of Jincheng Taste", and send New Year greetings to the general public and tourists with various and colorful activities to share a happy and peaceful cultural feast of the Spring Festival.
During the "two festivals", Jincheng will hold the Spring Festival Gala with the theme of "Happy Year of Longteng Fengcheng", a series of activities of "Celebrating the New Year on Taihang Mountain", an exhibition of outstanding plays of "Fengming Chunxiao", a Spring Festival opera evening of "Pear Garden Singing Prosperous Times, Love for Party Style" and the lighting of main roads, squares and parks in urban areas. Among them, in the "Taihang Mountain for the New Year" activity, before February 29, Jincheng and Changzhi, Luoyang, Jiaozuo and Jiyuan formed a tourism "partner" to carry out the ticket exemption activities for A-level tourist attractions; The main scenic spots in counties (cities, districts) have carefully prepared activities such as dragon dance, lion dance, iron flower, food street and so on; From the twelfth day of the first lunar month (February 21st) to the sixteenth day of the first lunar month (February 25th), the first Yangtze River Delta tourist train will be opened to "Taihang Mountain for the New Year", and about 300 tourists will enter the scenic spots such as Situ Town, Huangcheng Xiangfu, Xiangyu Castle, Busan, Xizhen Suzhuang, Yandi Mausoleum, Yuhuang Temple and Jincheng Museum. This activity is of great significance for the next step to expand the tourist market in the Yangtze River Delta.
Counties (cities, districts) will simultaneously hold a series of cultural activities with local characteristics. With the integration of traditional customs and modern science and technology, the urban area has formed a strong atmosphere of "ten activities to celebrate the New Year and all the people to celebrate the New Year" by means of "online+offline"; Zezhou carried out the lighting of the "Ancient Rhyme Zezhou" lantern show, the folk culture parade, the regional characteristic activities, and the exhibition and broadcast of traditional Chinese opera literature and art; Gaoping held the second Yandi Lantern Festival, and made every effort to create 16 boutique projects of four experience activities, namely, "Celebration, Joy, Gathering Gaoping", "Enjoying Gaoping with Non-legacy", "Warming the city with fireworks" and "Good Life". Yangcheng strives to create a "prosperous year" with dim lights, a "folk year" with ancient charm and a "cultural year" with strong book fragrance around the park, mountain city, traditional culture and book fragrance. Lingchuan highlights the theme of "health care" and focuses on the characteristics of "local culture", and launches cultural experience projects such as the Spring Festival Gala, the parade and performance of non-legacy projects, the handcrafted lantern corridor, and the poetry street. Qinshui has launched seven kinds of activities: Quyi, Opera, Intangible Heritage, Folklore, Performing Arts, Lantern Festival and Exhibition. Reporter Zheng Lu Shanxi Daily

What is the experience of playing volleyball on the bench? Come to Hainan to see "Village Pai"

This summer, the township volleyball league in Wenchang, Hainan was popular through the Internet. Although it is an amateur competition attended by local villagers, there are many fierce competitive scenes and more enthusiastic fans and spectators. There are competitions in every village and everyone can play ball. Why are local residents so keen on volleyball? Walk into Wenchang, Hainan and feel the popularity and vitality of the "village platoon" here.
In Wenchang volleyball circle, Huang Zi, who is over half a century old, is a famous figure. When he was young, he was also a fierce player on the court. Now he is too old to run, but his enthusiasm for volleyball remains undiminished. The township volleyball league was about to start that night, and Lao Huang was busy again. He loaded the fans’ clothes customized by his friends into the car.
The game on the field is fierce and the field is packed. Who would have thought that this was just a township volleyball league? Different from the 6-a-side volleyball matches we often see, all the volleyball played here is 9-a-side volleyball. Not only many people participated in the competition, but also many players went into battle barefoot or in slippers, and they played fast break, spike and block brilliantly.
Xu feng, captain of Wenchang Dongjiao Team: It’s hot here, and everyone likes to wear slippers. It’s easier to go outside. I’m used to playing. I can play without clothes or barefoot.
There is a court in every village, and everyone can play. In Wenchang, in such a stadium, the most common picture is to meet acquaintances. The players may be the "second brother" who went home during the summer vacation, or the "third uncle" who opened a shop in the town. We are close to each other and know each other well.
Fu Xingfa, a member of Wenchang Zhongxing Team: On the opposite side are some of my former friends, all of whom often play ball. Friends off the court, but opponents on the court, so we won’t give in to you. If you lose, let’s buy drinks.
The competition is amateur, but the organization of the competition is not sloppy. Physical education teachers are referees, young and beautiful volleyball babies, humorous commentators, various live broadcast equipment and even sponsors’ advertisements around the stadium. These professional stadium elements are all available, and cheerleader Huang Zi is very busy.
The competition not only attracted local people, but also many fans specially came from other places to experience the charm of Wenchang Village Pai. According to the organizer’s statistics, just two weeks after the competition started, it attracted tens of thousands of people to watch it.
Ms. Sheng, a volleyball fan in Haikou: I came from Haikou just to experience it and see if this feeling is really different. Young people can play, and old people can understand.
Laura, host of Hainan International Communication Center: Playing volleyball in Hainan is very popular. I have learned to play volleyball, that is, playing volleyball with them in Hainan.
The whole people love volleyball "village volleyball" and the mass base is deep.
A township volleyball match is really exciting and enjoyable. After stepping down from the field, the players have resumed their old lives. They may be farmers who cultivate the land, small business owners who run shops, or young people who go out to work or return home during holidays, but volleyball has become an indispensable part of their lives. Wenchang has a good reputation as the "hometown of volleyball". According to the Records of Wenchang County, Wenchang volleyball has a long history, and it has been more than a hundred years since volleyball was introduced to Wenchang in the early 20th century.
Lin Min, a cheerleader in Puqian Town, Wenchang City: There is always a volleyball match in our village. Everyone will play, and when the atmosphere comes up, they all play. It’s a natural gene. That’s how the ball hits the hand.
This court, which is hidden in the coconut grove, is the volleyball court in Yehai Village, Dongjiao Town, Wenchang City. It is a standard-sized court with all kinds of nets and sideline. In the evening, the weather is still hot, and many children are already playing on the court.
Fu Fangji, a middle school student in the eastern suburbs of Wenchang City: Show me the photos of my dad when he was young. I saw that my dad looked handsome when he played volleyball, and then I followed him. They all play on the playground with their classmates, often sweating.
In the mottled shadows of the trees, several teenagers confronted each other on the field. They were shirtless and sweaty, laughing and laughing constantly. The children in the village like to play games, and gradually developed solid basic skills in the confrontation. Of course, if you win, you can also get a reward.
Lin Fa, a middle school student in the eastern suburbs of Wenchang City: Whoever loses will treat you, and treat you to drinks.
The stadium is a paradise for children during the day and a stage for adults at night. Farming, selling vegetables, driving, opening stores … After work, people took off their shoes and played ball with bare arms until late at night. In the evening, there is a friendly match between Dongjiao Town and Dongge Town. The game has not started yet, and the field is already surrounded by villagers and fans.
In Wenchang, the whole people participate in volleyball, and the gameplay is even more varied. Playing with benches, everyone holding hands and playing together … Among them, the "bench" volleyball is the most distinctive, and the players use the "bench" to serve, spike and block.
In recent years, Wenchang has built and renovated many volleyball courts, large and small, with different standards. Today, there are more than 600 volleyball courts in the city, covering almost every village, with the participation of all men, women and children.
Bao Guangyu, director of Wenchang Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports Bureau: Every year, there will be new construction, renovation or renovation, ranging from a dozen to dozens of volleyball courts. At least millions of funds are invested in rural volleyball, just volleyball.
Grounding gas gathers popularity "village platoon" to make rural life more exciting.
With a strong local flavor, Wenchang volleyball is out of the circle, which also drives volleyball to blossom everywhere in Hainan. In recent years, some young people who love volleyball have also played at home and abroad. Village Pai, as a mass sport, has made the people play their best, and the local government has also actively promoted the cultural tourism industry centered on village Pai, which has promoted the prosperity of rural culture and economic development.
Fu Xiangming, although he is not tall, once participated in the first nine-a-side volleyball competition in China on behalf of Hainan Province. He was the only player without professional training. He worked hard with his teammates and finally won the championship.
Fu Xiangming, a member of Wenchang Dongjiao Team: When I was in the first grade of primary school, I tied a rope under the coconut tree and played volleyball with my classmates. Basically, I played volleyball with my classmates every day after class.
Fu Xiangming’s parents didn’t approve of his playing at first. However, seeing his son’s enthusiasm for volleyball, his parents finally chose to support him silently.
Fu Xiangming’s father, Fu Xiangshun: This is Xiang Ming’s winning prize in competitions in counties and cities in recent years. In order to encourage him, I will do everything as hard as I like volleyball.
Now Fu Xiangming works in a local coconut processing factory in Wenchang, and playing volleyball is still an important part of his life. Busy in the production line during the day, after work at night, he plunged into the volleyball court to feel the enthusiasm and passion of volleyball.
Fu Xiangming, a member of Wenchang Dongjiao team: You should work hard here to make money during the day, or your boss will deduct your salary. If you get off work, you usually get off work at five or six o’clock. When you get off work, you really want to get off work and play ball. I go to the stadium almost every day. If I don’t play, I just sit there and watch them play.
Fu Xiangming is only 162 meters tall, but he has a solid defensive skill in the back row. He saved the ball and risked his life. The locals gave him the nickname "Tie Sanbo".
Fu Xiangming, a member of Wenchang Dongjiao team: Those fans have a little recognition of my own strength, so I got the nickname. What they didn’t expect was that the ball could hardly be saved, but I thought in my heart that I could save the ball. Every game should be fought for honor and never admit defeat.
There are many people playing volleyball, watching volleyball and engaging in volleyball in Wenchang. For more than ten years, Wenchang Amateur Sports School has provided a group of excellent players for China men’s volleyball team, women’s volleyball team and sand volleyball team, and even more, it has stepped out of the world champion of sand volleyball, Lin Meimei. The popularity of Wenchang Township Volleyball League matches is closely related to the planning and organization of the local government. This year, there are 20 teams participating in the township volleyball league, with a total of 52 games, which last for 2 months. In order to expand its influence and meet more audiences, the local government has made detailed plans. In front of the shop, the town is decorated with lights to welcome visitors from all directions. The venue was brightly lit, and the inner and outer floors were surrounded by spectators. The shouts of players and the cheers of the audience pierced the night sky. The pedestrian street outside the venue is also very lively, with the live broadcast of the game on the big screen, wonderful programs on the stage, and the overflowing smell of vinegar, which makes the whole town immersed in the festive atmosphere.
Mr. Zhong, a volleyball fan in Haikou: As a Hainanese, I will feel that Hainan’s sports culture is going up.
Bao Guangyu, Director of Wenchang Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports Bureau: It is our goal to build Hainan’s "Village VA" ("Village Pai") into a well-known brand of mass sports events in China. We must continue to do so to make brand events more durable and more vital, and at the same time play a better role in driving.
"Village Pai" in Wenchang, Hainan: Making the countryside more vibrant.
This summer, a series of fiery "Village Pai" events, while constantly enriching the spiritual and cultural life of local people, have gradually become a new engine to promote rural revitalization. The rise and fall of "Village Pai" in Wenchang, Hainan has undoubtedly injected more vitality into the countryside and made the countryside present a more vibrant scene.

Thirty-one provinces started the teacher qualification examination registration today. This information needs to be understood.

  BEIJING, Beijing, Sept. 2 (Xinhua)-From the 2nd, the registration of primary and secondary school teachers’ qualification examination (written examination) will begin in the second half of 2021. In recent years, the professional attractiveness of teachers has been continuously enhanced. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the average number of qualified teachers in China was more than 1.6 million, and the "teaching enthusiasm" was concerned by public opinion.

  Registration for the teaching examination will begin in the second half of the year.

  According to the news from the Examination Center of the Ministry of Education, the registration for the qualification examination (written examination) for primary and secondary school teachers in the second half of 2021 began on September 2.

  Judging from the registration announcements issued by various provinces a few days ago, the written test was held in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government), and the registration announcements of various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) also went online one after another.

  According to the current teacher qualification examination method, the examination is held twice a year in most provinces, and the general written examination is arranged in March of the first half of the year and November of the second half of the year, 1-mdash ahead of schedule; Start registration in 2 months.

  According to local announcements, the national primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination (written examination) in the second half of this year will be held on October 30th.

  The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" has recognized more than 1.6 million teachers annually.

  In recent years, the "enthusiasm for teaching resources" has become a topic of social concern. According to the data released by the Ministry of Education in December last year, during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, 28 provinces participated in the pilot reform of the qualification examination and regular registration system for primary and secondary school teachers, and the average number of qualified teachers was over 1.6 million, an increase of about 37% compared with the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" year.

  Judging from the examination of teaching resources, in recent years, the teacher qualification examination has been held twice a year, and the number of applicants for each examination is over one million. In 2016, the number of applicants for the teacher qualification examination totaled 2.6 million, reaching 4.1 million in 2017 and climbing to 9 million in 2019.

  For example, in the second half of 2019, on the first day of the teacher qualification examination online report, due to too many applicants, the registration port was congested, and the server that registered for official website once collapsed due to excessive pressure, which even made a hot search on the Internet. In that exam, the number of applicants was as high as 5.9 million.

  Expert: The attraction of the teaching profession is increasing.

  Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at China Education Research Institute, analyzed that the "fever" of the teaching-funded examination was firstly due to the increasing scale of college graduates in recent years, and the total scale of college graduates in 2021 reached 9.09 million. Under the employment competition, holding a certificate means an extra "outlet".

  "From a macro perspective, teachers’ salaries and benefits are constantly improving, and the state has also given priority to ensuring demand in the preparation. The attractiveness of teachers’ careers in the future is increasing, which is the background of the rising popularity of teaching examinations." Zhang Xiaojing, an expert from Huatu Education Teachers Research Institute, analyzed.

  Zhang Xiaojing said that in recent years, the state has raised the entry threshold for teachers, and the teacher qualification certificate has become a necessary condition for teachers inside and outside the staff. In addition, in recent years, the state has gradually required some teachers in training institutions to obtain teacher qualification certificates, which has led to the popularity of teacher qualification examinations.

  Relevant experts also said that although the number of teachers applying for the exam has increased, the ratio of the number of qualified teachers to the number of on-the-job teachers is still low, and the source of teachers should be more active, so that more outstanding talents can enter the teaching industry.

The form is taken from the announcement of the qualification examination (written examination) for primary and secondary school teachers in Hebei Province in the second half of 2021.

  The form is taken from the announcement of the qualification examination (written examination) for primary and secondary school teachers in Hebei Province in the second half of 2021.

  What qualities are examined in the teaching examination?

  As far as examinations are concerned, primary and secondary school teachers’ qualification examinations include kindergarten teachers’ qualification examination, primary school teachers’ qualification examination, junior middle school teachers’ qualification examination, senior middle school teachers’ qualification examination, secondary vocational school cultural courses and professional courses teaching, and secondary vocational school internship guidance teaching examination.

  Examination is a national unified examination established by the state and organized by provincial education administrative departments, including written examination and interview.

  According to the introduction of the primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination network of the examination center of the Ministry of Education, it is necessary to examine whether the applicant has the professional ethics, basic literacy, educational and teaching ability and professional development potential of teachers through the implementation of the primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination.

  Zhang Xiaojing said that the teacher qualification examination is based on the principle of strictly controlling the entrance of teachers and attaches importance to the examination of the comprehensive ability of applicants. In recent years, the difficulty of teaching-funded examination has increased, and the proposition angle of comprehension and application topics has become more novel and flexible, focusing on examining candidates’ comprehension ability and comprehensive application ability, especially on teachers’ innovation ability. (End)


In 2024, the "3+1+2" mode of college entrance examination in our province will be arranged from June 7 to 10.

Xin Gansu client Lanzhou Xun(New Gansu Gansu Daily reporter Su Jiaying) The Provincial Education Examinations Institute recently announced the "Implementation Plan for the Admission Examination and Admission of Colleges and Universities in Gansu Province in 2024". In 2024, the "3+1+2" mode will be adopted in the general college entrance examination in our province, and the examination time will be arranged from June 7 to 10.

According to reports, in the "3+1+2" model, "3" is a unified college entrance examination subject of Chinese, mathematics and foreign languages (including English, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish and French); "1" is the first choice for candidates in physics and history; "2" is two re-selected subjects selected by candidates from four subjects: ideological politics, geography, chemistry and biology. Unified college entrance examination subjects use national unified examination papers. The preferred subjects and re-selected subjects for the selective examination of high school academic level are independently proposed by our province.

The total score of candidates consists of three unified college entrance examination subjects and three selective examination subjects, with a full score of 750. Among them, the original scores of unified college entrance examination subjects such as Chinese, mathematics and foreign language use are included in the total scores of candidates, with a perfect score of 150 points for each subject; The first choice subjects of the selective examination (physics and history) are included in the total score of the candidates with the original score, with a perfect score of 100 points for each subject; The re-selected subjects (ideological and political, geography, chemistry, biology, 2 out of 4) are included in the candidates’ total score after the grade assignment conversion according to the Implementation Measures of Gansu Province for the Selective Examination Results of Ordinary Senior High Schools’ Academic Level Included in the Total Score of College Entrance Examination, with a perfect score of 100 for each subject.

Since this year, the enrollment of colleges and universities in our province has been combined with the unified college entrance examination and the ordinary high school academic level examination, with reference to the admission model of the comprehensive quality evaluation of ordinary high school students. The enrollment categories of colleges and universities in our province are divided into general category and artistic category, in which the general category is divided into four batches: undergraduate advance approval, undergraduate approval, higher vocational (specialist) advance approval and higher vocational (specialist) approval; There are three batches of arts and sports: undergraduate approval in advance, undergraduate approval and higher vocational (specialist) approval; Each batch is set up with several paragraphs, and the voluntary reporting mode of "college professional group" is implemented.


Focus: The real estate market is gradually stabilizing and commercial real estate investment is active.

Image source/Xinhua News Agency
■ China Economic Times reporter Zhou xuesong
Recently, Ni Hong, Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Rerublic of China publicly stated that this year’s real estate market is generally high, low and stable. As for the next policy direction, Ni Hong said that the real estate market has its particularity, and the transaction volume and price of each city are very different. Regarding real estate regulation and control, it emphasizes the policy of the city, the precise policy, and one city and one policy.
Experts interviewed by China Economic Times said that the incremental real estate market has peaked, but the real estate stock market is huge, especially the huge scale of urban renewal, which is expected to drive the real estate market to usher in the "second spring".
Real estate is expected to usher in the "second spring"
Ni Hong said that from the data, policies and measures such as "recognizing the house but not the loan" and "reducing the down payment ratio and interest rate" have played a positive role. From January to October, although the transaction volume of first-hand houses decreased, the second-hand houses increased. First, the second-hand houses together achieved positive growth year-on-year. In addition, the solid progress of the work of ensuring the delivery of buildings has led to a year-on-year increase of nearly 20% in the completed housing area in the country, which also reflects that it is effective for local governments to help enterprises bail out.
Chen Gui, executive president of Beijing Real Estate Society and founder of Wharf Think Tank, said in an interview with China Economic Times that with the real estate market entering the stock age, some old houses built in the past can no longer meet people’s needs for a better life, and large-scale urban renewal is expected to promote the "second spring" of the real estate market.
At the same time, rigid demand and improvement demand are still huge. However, due to limited income, the current real estate market demand has not been well met, and the price is in the exploratory stage. As long as the economy recovers and the price adjustment is in place, demand will break out again.
For the overall judgment of the next real estate market trend, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development believes that at present, China’s real estate market is in a transitional period, and the future sustainable development still has solid support. Under the new model, real estate enterprises should have a clear understanding. What they want now is high quality, new technology and good service. Whoever can build a good house for the masses and provide good service for the masses will have a market and development.
Ni Hong said that the development model that used to pursue speed and quantity in solving the "whether there is" period can no longer meet the new requirements of solving the "whether it is good" problem and high-quality development stage, and it is urgent to build a new development model. In terms of system and mechanism, on the one hand, it is to establish a new mechanism for the linkage of "people, housing, land and money", starting with the scientific allocation of factor resources, and setting housing by people, land and money by housing to prevent market ups and downs; On the other hand, it is necessary to establish a life-cycle management mechanism of houses from development and construction to maintenance and use, including reform and development methods, financing methods and sales methods, and establish systems such as house physical examination, house pension and home insurance. In terms of implementation, it is necessary to implement the "three major projects" of planning and building affordable housing, transforming villages in cities and building public infrastructure for both peacetime and emergency use.
In an interview with China Economic Times, a medium-sized real estate developer said that in the past, financial support for real estate development mainly supported large-scale real estate enterprises, and small and medium-sized real estate enterprises did not support them enough or even received attention. However, recently, the housing enterprises that have problems are basically large-scale real estate enterprises, and financial institutions must have mortgages for the financing requirements of small and medium-sized real estate enterprises. On the contrary, many small and medium-sized real estate enterprises are living relatively well now, which is worth pondering. The reform of the future real estate development model must start from the financial field.
Commercial real estate investment is more active.
From the horizontal comparison, the current real estate market in China is still remarkable. According to the latest capital tracking data of Jones Lang LaSalle, the total investment in commercial real estate in the Asia-Pacific region in the third quarter of 2023 was US$ 21.3 billion, down 22% year-on-year, and China Mainland became the most active market in the Asia-Pacific region.
Pang Shudong, head of investment and capital market department of Jones Lang LaSalle in China, told reporters: "The real estate industry in China has gone through many cycles, whether it is a strong cycle or a weak cycle. In the long run, investors still hold a positive attitude towards the real estate market in China. We have seen that investors have seized special opportunities and made significant progress in strategic acquisitions. These acquisitions will bring rich returns to them in the future. "
The data shows that in the third quarter of 2023, the total investment in the Hong Kong market reached 800 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 15%. The Japanese market recorded an investment of US$ 4.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3%. Investment in Australia reached US$ 3.8 billion, down 47% year-on-year. Singapore’s total investment in the third quarter was $2 billion, down 11%. Mainland China has become the most active market in the Asia-Pacific region, with a total transaction volume of US$ 4.7 billion, an increase of 43% over the same period last year.
Pang Shudong told reporters that the investment activity in China’s mainland market rebounded after the second quarter of this year, mainly due to the strong acquisition actions of domestic buyers, including capital from domestic insurance, government platforms and financial institutions. Generally speaking, Jones Lang LaSalle maintains confidence in the resilience and long-term attractiveness of commercial real estate in the Asia-Pacific region.
Looking forward to 2024, Fitch Ratings predicts that the business environment of Chinese-funded housing enterprises will still be full of challenges in 2024, but with the help of government support policies, the sales of high-tier cities should gradually stabilize, thus laying the foundation for the long-term recovery of the market. Fitch predicts that the contracted sales will drop by 0%-5% in 2024, which means that the revenue will reach 10 trillion -10.5 trillion RMB.
Jin Tailun, senior director of corporate rating of Fitch Ratings Limited, told China Economic Times that the differentiation pattern of China’s real estate industry will continue: the sales of economically developed regions and cities will stabilize in the next 12 months, while the road for low-tier cities to absorb unsold housing stock is still long. Fitch believes that although the government’s measures aimed at improving the financing channels of private housing enterprises are intensively introduced, the dominant position of state-owned housing enterprises will be further expanded in 2024.
In addition, Fitch expects that the government will continue to work to curb the downward pressure on the real estate market and affect the stability of the system, and will issue follow-up measures to avoid negative interference to the market due to the backlog of unfinished real estate projects and large fluctuations in housing prices.
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Rugby: witness the blood boiling in the rain

Guangming Daily trainee reporter Li Jie Guangming Daily reporter Wang Dong
On the afternoon of September 18th, the autumn rain continued, and the women’s and men’s rugby sevens finals of the National Games were held in Xi ‘an Institute of Physical Education.
On September 18th, Shandong team beat Beijing team to win the men’s rugby sevens final. Guangming Daily reporter Guo Hongsong photo/bright picture
In the first women’s rugby final in the afternoon, the United team beat Jiangsu 32-0 and won the championship. At the recent Tokyo Olympic Games, China women’s rugby team won the Olympic qualification for the first time, and successfully broke through, beating the Russian Olympic team by 22-10, and finally won the seventh place in the event, historically entering the top eight, creating the best ranking in the history of Asian teams.
The United team that came back from the Tokyo Olympic Games continued its level and style in the Olympic Games. "In fact, this is the third time I have participated in the National Games. This is the first time I have won the championship. I am still very excited." Chen Keyi, a member of the joint team, said at the post-match press conference.
"After coming back from the Olympic Games, we were isolated. During that time, the training conditions were insufficient and we could only train indoors, but everyone did not relax and were fully preparing for the National Games." Chen Keyi said. "I am not surprised that they entered the top eight of the Olympic Games and won the championship this time." Yuan Fengdao, head coach of the Beijing rugby team, said, "Before the Olympic Games, they had a collective preparation for three years, which they deserved."
On September 18th, Shandong team beat Beijing team to win the men’s rugby sevens final. Guangming Daily reporter Guo Hongsong photo/bright picture
On September 18th, in the women’s rugby sevens final, the United team defeated Jiangsu team to win the championship. Guangming Daily reporter Guo Hongsong photo/bright picture
"Beijing team, good job!" "Shandong team, come on!" In the cheers of the stadium, the rugby men’s final started. At the beginning of the game, the Beijing team led the Shandong team by 7-0, but then the Shandong team counterattacked all the way, never giving the Beijing team a chance to score again, and finally defeated the Beijing team by 26-7 and won the championship.
"It’s really a pity today. We made great advantages at the beginning, but we didn’t seize the opportunity later, and there was also a loss of position. Coupled with the influence of rainy days, we didn’t play real strength." Li Xuebin, a member of the Beijing men’s football team, said sadly when he walked off the field.
"It’s not easy for us to come all the way. It has been 10 years since the Beijing men’s team was established in 2011. From the fifth place in the preliminaries to the runner-up, it is really hard to stand in the finals today. " Wang Chongyi, head coach of Beijing team, said, "We entered the finals this time, relying on strength and fighting bravely. The old teammates when the team was built, some retired, some transferred to other teams, and some became coaches like me. Only a few players stayed in the team, but they all became dad-level players. In order to do a good job in this National Games, they rarely went home to reunite with their families and spent most of their time in training. "
When talking about the vision of the future, Wang Zhongyi said: "In fact, everyone still has some ideas in their hearts when they reach the final. Who is not training hard to get to the highest podium? At present, I am very satisfied with winning the runner-up, but I think that in another four years, we still have a chance to hit the gold medal in the National Games. "
Rugby is called "the sport of the brave and the strong" and is very attractive. However, compared with Europe and the United States and other countries with traditional advantages in rugby, China’s rugby "soil" can be regarded as relatively barren. "The popularity of rugby in countries such as Britain and the United States can reach 90%, while in China it is less than 1%." Yuan Feng said.
Rugby originated from a football match in England in 1823. After 1839, rugby was gradually developed in Cambridge University and other schools, and inter-school competitions became more and more active. Later, it became very popular in Britain, America and other countries. In 1900, Coubertin, then president of the Olympic Committee, introduced rugby to the Olympic Games.
However, this sport started relatively late in China, and not many people paid attention to it. In December 1990, the first football team in China was established in China Agricultural University. Subsequently, rugby was gradually developed in some large and medium-sized cities in China.
Rugby sevens is a well-known game in China. The game lasts for 18 minutes, divided into two games, the first half is 9 minutes, the second half is 9 minutes, and there is a 2-minute break between the two games. This kind of competition is characterized by short single game time, fast change of games, fierce confrontation and strong appreciation.
In 2013, rugby sevens was added to the National Games, and many provinces began to actively form their own teams under this background. At present, China has 22 professional football teams.
Regarding the current situation of rugby development in China, Yuan Feng said: "Children in Britain and the United States have been exposed to rugby since they were six or seven years old, while athletes in our country often started to contact it at the age of seventeen or eighteen." Chen Keyi, who won the women’s rugby final this time, also admitted frankly that she started practicing rugby at the age of 15.
"Rugby requires very high physical fitness. Compared with foreign players, the physical fitness of Chinese players needs to be improved. In the face of absolute strength, it is meaningless to talk about technology." Yuan Fengdao said that in the follow-up training, physical fitness is still a very important part of systematic training.
Regarding the development of rugby in China, Ma Jiale, head coach of the Beijing Rugby Women’s Team, said that the rugby foundation in China is relatively weak, and he hoped that the state would support it in policy so that more outstanding people could be discovered and kept playing. The integration of sports and education is a powerful measure to cultivate talents, so that excellent players can not only play football, but also learn. If it can be implemented solidly, it will be very beneficial to the development of rugby in China.
Rugby is a highly antagonistic outdoor sport, and many people are afraid to take the first step. "At first, I was quite scared, especially when I wanted to pounce and be tackled, but I gradually overcame it in practice." Chen Keyi said, "For me, at first I was more concerned about skin color. Later, I fell in love with this sport and felt the charm of this sport. Now I feel that my body is beautiful."
Guangming Daily (September 19, 2021, 04 edition)
Source: Guangming Net-Guangming Daily

The image of Shougang ski jumping platform "Flying" will be opened to the public after its appearance in the Winter Olympics.

Shougang ski jumping platform has been officially built, and basically has the conditions to hold competitions.

  Beijing Youth Daily News (Reporter Li Zewei) As the first newly-built competition venue in Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics, Shougang Ski Platform was officially completed on October 31, and basically has the conditions to host the competition. During the Winter Olympics, four gold medals will be produced here, and after the Winter Olympics, it will become the first ski platform venue in the world to be permanently reserved and used.

  Huang Hui, director of the Urban Venue Construction Department of the Municipal Major Projects Office, introduced that Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is the first newly-built venue completed in the Beijing Division of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and it is also the only snow competition venue. It will host the ski jumping events of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics, and four gold medals will be produced here during the Beijing Winter Olympics. After the Winter Olympics, it will become the world’s first permanently reserved and used ski platform venue, a professional sports competition and training venue, and open to the public for mass leisure and fitness activities.

  Shougang ski jumping platform consists of three parts: the track, the referee tower and the stand area. The track is 164 meters long, 34 meters wide and 60 meters high. The form of the competition is that the single board player slides down from a height, takes off from a big platform, and performs high-altitude somersaults, gyrations and other technical actions.

  According to reports, the design of Shougang ski jumping platform incorporates the element of "flying" in Dunhuang murals. The meaning of "flying in the sky" and the English word "Big Air" in the ski platform project both have the meaning of leaping and flying into the air, and the curve of the flying ribbon is very consistent with the curve of the center of Shougang ski platform, and the shape of the building is beautiful and smooth. Shougang ski jumping platform started in December 2018 and was completed on October 31, 2019, with a construction period of less than one year.

  The original cooling pump station in Shougang’s old factory area will be transformed into a ticket inspection and security hall and an event management office area during the Winter Olympics, and will be transformed into a multi-functional comprehensive building after the games to provide supporting services for the future Shougang ski jumping sports park; The old main oxygen plant was transformed into a comprehensive building during the Winter Olympics. The most striking thing is that four towering cooling towers will be transformed into supporting spaces such as auditoriums or multi-function halls.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Shouao Real Estate Co., Ltd., the ski jumping platform is the most popular sport among young urban groups in the Winter Olympics and the World Skiing Championships. The venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics was selected in the central city of Beijing and settled in Shougang Park, hoping to perfectly combine this unique event with urban culture and further promote urban renewal and development through the Olympics.

  The ski platform of Shougang has been fully considered after the competition at the beginning of design and construction. After the Winter Olympics, the ski platform can realize rapid transformation. After the Winter Olympics, the venue can host sports competitions of big platform events at home and abroad, and become a training venue for professional athletes and sports teams, a training base for young reserve talents, and a training base for event managers, which will directly serve the promotion of ice and snow sports in China. At the same time, it will become a sports theme park serving the public as a landmark landscape tourist attraction and leisure and fitness activity venue for the Winter Olympics.

  At the same time, the water outlet was reserved during the construction of the track, and the big platform can not only ski, but also be transformed into more projects such as water skiing and grass skiing according to demand in the future. The sports square and audience area under the ski jumping platform are specially equipped with "atmosphere lighting" system, which will bring viewers a completely different experience from traditional events in the future, and can also hold large-scale activities such as concerts.


Autumn is stronger! Next week, cold air will hit, and the day after tomorrow, China will welcome a wide range of rain and snow.

Shanghai has recently been controlled by the airflow west of the upper air.
Mainly cloudy weather.
The highest temperature on 15th to 19th is 24~26 degrees.
The lowest temperature is 16~19 degrees.
Affected by cold air on 19th and 20th.
There was a strong wind cooling process
The cooling range is about 3 degrees.
The highest temperature on 21~23 days is 21~22 degrees.
The lowest temperature is 15~16 degrees.
Autumn is stronger, and the thin coat needs to be added.
Tomorrow (October 15-16), there will still be strong precipitation in parts of Hainan and Xinjiang, so it is necessary to guard against the adverse effects of rain and snow on traffic and travel. The day after tomorrow, there will be a large-scale rain, snow, strong wind and cooling weather process in China. The public should pay attention to the forecast information and take preventive measures.
There will still be strong precipitation in Hainan, Xinjiang and other places today and tomorrow, and a large-scale rain and snow weather process will come from the day after tomorrow.
Yesterday, China’s strong precipitation mainly appeared in parts of southwest China and Xinjiang and Hainan. Monitoring shows that from 8: 00 yesterday to 6: 00 today, there was little to moderate rain in northern Xinjiang, local sleet, light rain or sleet in northeastern Inner Mongolia and northwestern Heilongjiang. In addition, moderate rain, local heavy rain or heavy rain occurred in southern Sichuan and southeastern Yunnan.
Today and tomorrow, there will still be strong precipitation in parts of Hainan and Xinjiang. The day after tomorrow, there will be a large-scale rain and snow weather process in China.
Specifically, the Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang and along the Tianshan Mountains, northern and eastern Tibet, and western Qinghai. Among them, there will be heavy snow in parts of northern Xinjiang. There are small to moderate rains in parts of northeastern Heilongjiang, Hainan Island and Taiwan Province Island, among which there is heavy rain in parts of northeastern Hainan Island.
Tomorrow, there will be small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang and western mountainous areas of southern Xinjiang basin, northern and southeastern Tibet, southern and western Qinghai. There are small to moderate rains in parts of southeastern Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hainan Island, etc. Among them, there are heavy rains (50 ~ 90 mm) in parts of southwestern Guangdong and eastern Hainan Island.
The day after tomorrow, there will be light demand or sleet in parts of northern and eastern Tibet and southern Qinghai. Some areas in western Inner Mongolia, Liaodong Peninsula, Gansu, most of Ningxia, Shaanxi, most of North China, western Henan, Sichuan Basin, southwestern Guangdong, Hainan Island, Taiwan Province Island, etc. have small to moderate rains, among which some areas in eastern Hainan Island have heavy rains and local heavy rains (100 ~ 120 mm).
The meteorological department reminded that the rain and snow weather in northern Xinjiang and other places is not good for autumn harvest and autumn planting, and the transition of animal husbandry. The public should pay attention to preventive measures; It will rain again and again in Hainan in the next three days, and the local rain is strong, so attention should be paid to preventing the occurrence of secondary disasters.
The temperature in Northeast China and other places will drop today and tomorrow, and the temperature in most parts of China will turn low in the latter part of next week.
In terms of temperature, the temperature in most parts of China was higher than normal yesterday, but the temperature in some areas dropped in the morning. The temperatures in Xining, Hohhot, Taiyuan, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities hit new lows after autumn, among which Xining became the first provincial-level city to fall below freezing point in the second half of this year.
Today and tomorrow, affected by cold air, there will be 4~6 northerly winds in northern Xinjiang, central and eastern Inner Mongolia, and northeast China, with gusts of 7~9, and the temperature will drop by 4~8℃ and the local temperature will drop by 10℃. Among cities, the highest temperature in Harbin and Changchun will drop to 11℃ and 14℃ respectively today, the lowest since beginning of autumn this year, and the lowest temperature tomorrow morning will be only 1~2℃.
At the same time, the highest temperature from southern North China to southern China is above 25℃, which is warm and comfortable during the day. However, in many places, the temperature difference between day and night is above 10℃. The public should pay attention to adding clothes at the right time when they leave early and return late, and beware of catching a cold.
From the 17th, another strong cold air will affect most parts of central and eastern China. Later this week, the temperature in most parts of China will be lower than normal, and the temperature in many places will hit a new low in the second half of this year. For example, the highest temperature in Harbin will drop below 10 C for the first time, and Beijing and Tianjin will drop below 20 C; The lowest temperature in Harbin, Changchun and other places will also drop below freezing point for the first time. The public should pay attention to the forecast and early warning information and take precautions in advance.
Editor: Shi Wei
Editor in charge: Sun Xinqi
Source: Shanghai Publishing, China Weather Network.

Zhejiang people, no nightlife?

Chao News Client Reporter Quan Linmin

As soon as summer arrives, the economy will always pop out at night to brush a sense of existence several times.

But in the office, chung Jin Jun heard colleagues from other provinces question more than once:

"Zhejiang people don’t you have nightlife? How come at ten o’clock, the street is deserted and there are few cars? "

Whenever this time, Yong Jinjun always refutes a few words for his hometown. But unfortunately, Yong Jinjun will always be "what are the interesting and delicious places?" The question was stumped and then lost in thought.

Is there really no nightlife in Zhejiang?

There is no nightlife in Zhejiang?

It is certain that Zhejiang people have nightlife, whether it is observation at the point or intuitive presentation of data.

On the first day of the ambush, Yong Jin Jun went to the Wulin night market in Hangzhou. The temperature at night is still very high, but there are no fewer people visiting the night market.

At about 8: 30, Yong Jin Jun was packed with sweat in the endless crowd. Everyone either took photos with their mobile phones or crowded in front of various booths to buy things. Popular stalls are even more crowded. For example, the squid stall that Nicholas Tse punched in is a conformity.

"After the summer, there are more people every day, and the daily sales have tripled or quadrupled compared with before." Mr. Cao, the stall owner who specializes in hand-painted masks, said.

The popularity is high. I’m afraid it’s not because there are many foreign tourists, right? But Ye Lianzhong, secretary of the Party branch of Wulin Night Market, told Yong Jin Jun that according to their estimation, 45% of the visitors to Wulin Night Market are tourists, and the rest are local residents.

What? Do you think 8: 30 is too early to be called nightlife?

Yong Jin Jun also went to the ancient town of Ke Qiao, Shaoxing, and it was already more than 9 pm when he arrived at the scenic spot. Arguably, this point was the time when everyone was ready to go home one after another. However, when Yong Jin Jun stopped, he found that the number of cars looking for vacant seats in the parking lot was comparable to the number of cars driving out, which shows that there are still many people visiting the ancient town at this point.

When I came to the core of the ancient town, around Rongguang Bridge, it was already 9: 30, and the popularity was still very strong. On the Rongguang Bridge, the river along the ancient town is either full of people or full of people.

A local told Yong Jin Jun that this is also the normal state of the ancient town, and many surrounding residents will go to the ancient town for a walk after dinner and have nothing to do.

In recent days, third-party organizations have released research reports on China’s urban night economy. According to the report, the nightlife in Zhejiang is also very active.

For example, in the Report on Night Economic Development of China Cities in 2023, Hangzhou is the first echelon (10) of the TOP100 cities with night economic prosperity, and Jiaxing, Jinhua, Ningbo and Wenzhou are the second echelon (20), and nearly half of Zhejiang cities are shortlisted.

In a word, the nightlife in Zhejiang is definitely not as cold as the outside world thinks.

I just can’t find a place.

Since the development is not bad, why do people always say that Zhejiang people have no nightlife?

"The development speed of Zhejiang’s night economy does not match its economic strength and residents’ consumption level." Zhao Haoxing, a professor at the School of Economics of Zhejiang Gongshang University and vice president of Zheshang Research Institute, said.

From the perspective of economic aggregate, Zhejiang’s GDP has always been among the best in the country, and its per capita disposable income ranks first in all provinces and regions in the country. However, in the night economic rankings, Zhejiang’s achievements can only be considered as above average, not top. A top student who has a flawed score in one subject will give the outside world a sense of gap.

In addition, Yang Yingjun, director of the Consumption Promotion Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, believes that there are not many iconic night economic scenes in Zhejiang, and there are even fewer places with national influence, which makes it impossible for foreign tourists to go to Zhejiang at night, thus becoming famous throughout the country.

There is a city that never sleeps in Datang in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi, Hongya Cave in Chongqing, and Wenhe Friends in Changsha, Hunan. But what’s in Zhejiang? You can only name the Wulin night market and the West Lake in Hangzhou at most.

But the duration of Wulin night market is limited. The stall owner puts out the stall at 5 o’clock and closes it at 11 o’clock. The market area is only about 1000 square meters, which is still the result of expansion and it is difficult to form a scale.

The West Lake is almost the same problem, and the scale of the night economic agglomeration area is not large. Unlike Wenheyou or Datang City that Never Sleeps, it has formed a relatively complete and rich night consumption scene.

Only when there is demand can there be supply. Isn’t it because there is less demand in Zhejiang? Actually, it is not.

Zhao Haoxing told Yong Jin Jun a very interesting phenomenon-there are more night economic scenes in Wenzhou than in Hangzhou. Many Wenzhou people go to Hangzhou because of the lack of night consumption atmosphere, so they go to bed earlier, and go back to Wenzhou later. It shows that their spending habits at night have always been there, but they just can’t find many places to spend at night.

In Zhao Haoxing’s view, the creation of the scene needs to go through a critical period. If at first the scene builder thinks that there are not many people in the street at night, and few people come out to play, they are more cautious or don’t invest in creating scenes, and there are fewer scenes, and fewer people are willing to come out at night. So everyone went to bed earlier and earlier, and there were fewer and fewer scenes. Zhejiang needs to break this cycle.

People sitting by the river for dinner in the ancient town of Ke Qiao.

How does the city that never sleeps come?

In recent years, the importance of night economy in stimulating consumption is becoming more and more prominent. Statistics show that 60% of consumption in China occurs at night, and the sales of large shopping malls from 18: 00 to 22: 00 every day account for more than half of the whole day.

According to the small and micro observation report released by the online merchant bank, the night economy with fast growth, high proportion, rich formats and contrarian market scale is becoming the force point of small and micro businesses in many cities-the national proportion is 68%.

Zhejiang has long been eyeing the important value of the night economy. In March 2020, Zhejiang took the lead in issuing the provincial government’s implementation opinions to boost consumption in the country, and made it clear that it was necessary to vigorously cultivate and develop the night economy.

This summer, Zhejiang’s summer consumption promotion put the main card on the "night economy". On the evening of July 7, the province’s night economic tour season was launched in Keqiao District, and cities were organized to carry out "night consumption promotion" activities from different levels.

Judging from the activity scene in Ke Qiao, the first stop of the tour season, Zhejiang is trying to enrich the night consumption scene and make up for the shortcomings of the night economy.

It is reported that in addition to all kinds of food and commodity markets that are very common in promoting consumption activities, the event site of the day also set up three major festivals: milk coffee festival, barbecue festival and music festival.

"In the past, the activities to promote consumption may have been to set up a few booths and urge people to come to buy buy to buy them, but this time we have merged into more formats, such as inviting bands to sing. This activity will also be fixed for a long time during the summer vacation, which will have a long-term support for local night consumption. " Yang Yingjun said.

Zhejiang is also making every effort to cultivate and build a night economic landmark with national influence. In 2020, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce started the pilot work of provincial night economy cities, and at present, 19 model cities and 6 characteristic cities have been identified in the province.

Taking Gongshu District of Hangzhou as an example, through the construction of night economy, the economic benefits of all night punching places and related enterprises in this area have been continuously improved. The night-time pedestrian flow ratio in the Wulin business circle increased by about 24% on average, and the night-time revenue of each complex increased from 45% in 2019 to about 55% in 2022.

In the first half of this year, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce jointly issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Creating High-quality Consumption Agglomeration Areas" with five provincial departments. It is planned to build 30 provincial-level night economy model (characteristic) cities, 30 provincial-level high-quality pedestrian streets and 50 provincial-level characteristic commercial streets (districts) through three-year efforts.

The fireworks in the world touch the hearts of ordinary people the most. I hope that in the near future, Yong Jin Jun can also introduce the good places in the evening and see the other side of Zhejiang night when chatting with friends from other places.

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British television was accused of broadcasting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Christmas message.

Topic: picture channel

On the 24th, a newly decorated Christmas tree was placed in the Grand Square in Brussels, Belgium.

  25th is Christmas, a traditional western holiday. In the United States, President Bush and his family celebrated Christmas for the last time at Camp David, the presidential resort. In Britain, a TV station was accused of broadcasting the Christmas message of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. On that day, while festivals were celebrated in different ways around the world, travelers in some parts of the United States had to stay at the airport for the holidays because of bad weather.


  Obama encourages people

  US President-elect Barack Obama delivered a radio and Internet video speech on the 24th, taking the opportunity of Christmas to encourage people to share the financial crisis.

  Obama said that the current US economy has been hit, "millions of people have lost their jobs" and "more people are struggling to pay bills or keep their homes. From students to the elderly, I feel that the future is full of uncertainty. " He encouraged people to "do their duty to serve others, find new ideas and inventions, and open a new chapter for our country".

  Obama said: "If the American people come together and go all out to shoulder the historical responsibility, then we can let the people continue to work and point out a new direction for the country. Only in this way can we get through this crisis and make tomorrow better. "

  Obama also expressed condolences to the officers and men of the navy, army, air force, marine corps and coast guard serving overseas.

  Bush sent his subordinates jobs.

  This year is the last time Bush and his family celebrated Christmas at Camp David, the presidential resort. The Bushes, their two daughters and other family members gathered at Camp David in Maryland that day. Although in Maryland, their Christmas dinner is quite traditional in Bush’s hometown of Texas, including roast turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.

  With Bush leaving office soon, many government dignitaries are worrying about re-employment. Bush was sympathetic to his subordinates and gave them a big gift-work-on Christmas Eve, which solved their worries.

  The Associated Press reported that the White House announced on the 24th that Bush had selected 24 part-time job candidates for 10 boards and committees, most of whom were right-hand men under Bush.

  For example, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was elected to the board of directors of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for a six-year term. Minister of Commerce Gutierrez was nominated as a member of the woodrow wilson international center for scholars Council for a term of six years.

  Chino, former vice minister of transportation and chairman of the 2008 Republican National Convention, will take office on the Trade Policy and Negotiation Advisory Committee for a four-year term.

  Mcbride, the housekeeper of First Lady Laura, was also awarded a three-year term on the board of directors of the J. William Fulbright Scholarship for Foreign Scholars.

  Ahmadinejad delivered a Christmas speech

  On the 25th, the British TV station Channel 4 broadcast the Christmas speech delivered by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which provided the public with a window to understand the "alternative viewpoint", but it still attracted a lot of criticism.

  A spokesman for Channel 4 said that Ahmadinejad finished his speech in Iran with Persian quotations, and the whole process was highly confidential in advance. The producer of the program matched the speech with English subtitles.

  Ahmadinejad extended his holiday greetings to Christians in the program. However, the text of the speech shows that this holiday greeting is ironic.

  Ahmadinejad said: "If Christ were alive, he would join people in opposing the tyrannical and irritable expansionist power." The Associated Press reported that this clearly points to the United States and its allies.

  Ahmadinejad said: "If Christ were alive today, there is no doubt that he would hold high the banner of justice and fraternity against militants, occupiers, terrorists and bullies. If Christ were alive today, there is no doubt that he would resist the arbitrary policies prevailing in the global economic and political system, just as he devoted himself to it all his life. "

  Bourne, director of the news and current affairs program of Channel 4, said that Ahmadinejad was chosen as the protagonist of this year’s Christmas speech because Iran’s relations with western countries may become a key global issue next year.

  However, the efforts of "Channel 4" did not seem to help it reduce its criticism. Smith, head of the British Holocaust Memorial Center, said that Ahmadinejad’s message should be treated with caution. "Many of his political and historical views are very dangerous."

  Grunwald, chairman of the British Jewish Representative Committee, firmly believes that Ahmadinejad is not qualified for Christmas programs.

  Conservative MP Davis believes that the choice of "Channel 4" is "unacceptable at any level".


  Snow and ice weather affect some areas.

  Passengers stranded at American airport on Christmas Eve.

  Some parts of the United States suffered from snow and ice weather on the 24th, which caused some airport flights to be cancelled and delayed, and many passengers preparing to go home for Christmas were stranded.

  As the second largest airport in the United States, Chicago O ‘Hare International Airport in Illinois had to cancel more than 100 flights on the 24th, leaving more than 500 passengers stranded. The day before, due to the ice storm, the airport cancelled more than 500 flights.

  Tommy and siobhan from Ireland spent their second night at O ‘Hare International Airport on the 24th. They had planned to go to San Diego, California for their honeymoon. When they arrived at the airport on the 23rd, the flight at O ‘Hare International Airport was cancelled due to bad weather. The couple can only leave on the 25th flight at the earliest.

  As they were preparing to go to the relatively warm San Diego, the couple were unprepared for the temperature near zero degrees Celsius in Chicago and were at a loss for a while. Siobhan, 30, said: "This place was supposed to be a transit station, but now there is nothing to do but wait."

  At present, the meteorological department of the United States has issued ice storm warnings and travel suggestions to most parts of the western region and parts of the central, western and northeastern regions.


  Mysterious Santa Claus haunts Korean community

  The staff of a residential area in Jeonju, a city in southwestern South Korea, received a mysterious phone call on the 25th, reminding them to go to the parking lot to find a mysterious box.

  They found the box and opened it. It actually contained 20 million won (about 15,000 US dollars) in cash. There is also a note in the box that says, "Cheer up, breadwinners."

  The Korea Times reported that since 2000, this community has received cash from mysterious Santa Claus every Christmas, and has accumulated more than 81 million won so far.

  The staff suspect that this mysterious Santa Claus is a resident of the community, and he may not be well off, but he insists on donating his savings every year.

  Park Mingxi, the head of the community, said: "We are very touched. There is such a kind-hearted person living here." He said that he would distribute the money to 100 residents in the community.

  Add citizenship to Santa Claus

  Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Kenny granted Santa Claus citizenship on the 24th.

  Kenny said in a statement released in Ottawa on the same day that Santa Claus officially became a Canadian citizen and gained the right to enter the country many times.

  Kenny said: "The Canadian government sincerely wishes Santa all the best in his work on Christmas Eve. As a Canadian citizen, he has the right to enter Canada again after completing his world tour."

  The statement also said that Santa Claus wore traditional red and white costumes, which just echoed the color of the Canadian flag. (Wu Zheng, He Shan, Chen Lixi)

Editor: Wang Jiaolong