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Ma Shanglong | Materializing Chinese hegemony, wealth, and homesickness in the age

Original, Ma Shanglong, Shanghai Xiaolong Lane

Women love tianjiao, men like to dominate. When Santana couldn’t afford it, men made their dream a Rolls-Royce – the Rolls-Royce of the moped drove to Shanghai. Baofu’s advertisement is "Rolls-Royce of the moped".

** the most powerful thing is to reduce the 50cc light ride to 49cc, no longer belongs to the motorcycle series, and can ride without a driver’s license. The flood of mopeds and ** also began

Piaggio should be translated as "Piaggio", but "Baofu" seems to be more domineering. It is not particularly exaggerated to call it the Rolls-Royce of the scooter. When Baofu first entered the Shanghai market, it was only sold in overseas Chinese stores, not only for money, but also for overseas Chinese exchange coupons. Driving on the road, compared to the "one-pull" permanent scooter, Baofu was very angry. At that time, there was no concept of private car buying.

The Chinese are really good at taking advantage of loopholes. The moped is a concept that only China has. Bawu belongs to the moped in Italy, which is the "light ride" in the Chinese concept. Its power is 50cc, not 250cc or more of motorcycles. Although it is a moped, it still belongs to the category of motorcycles and has a government-stipulated light ride driver’s license. The most powerful thing about the Chinese is that they downgraded the 50cc moped to 49cc, which no longer belongs to the motorcycle series. You can ride without a motorcycle driver’s license. Later, the flood of mopeds in Shanghai started with 49cc, what Thomson, Firebird, Jialing… Later, the all-powerful traffic police brigade disappeared like this. Why? You know.

At that time, more than 10,000 yuan a Baofu, now it seems that it can be compared with the car around 200,000?

The real "materialization era" of the Chinese people began in the 1990s.

Before, especially until the 1980s, the Chinese mainland had been in the "age of dematerialization." A person who was named a model worker was rewarded with a certificate on the wall, at most an enamel cup and a notebook, and society was very poor in material goods – a typical dematerialized society.

After the 1980s, society used material things as a standard and weighing instrument to transform into spiritual life. Giving high rewards to advanced workers is a materialized reward, donations to help the poor and disaster relief, and materialized goodwill; a diamond ring "passed down forever" at a wedding is a materialized love. Material has shown an unprecedented role in any aspect of society – the age of materialization has arrived.

The whole people are doing business, the overnight wealth of stock subscription certificates, the sudden emergence of "Yang Million" and other social coordinates, and the desire of the Chinese to get rich can be said to be "suddenly like a spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms".

Diamonds last forever, one will last forever, provided that there is money, there must be enough money — the core value of the materialized era

In 1994, there was an advertisement for making a fortune that went with public opinion: "Hengyuanxiang, sheep make a fortune". It’s really funny in the new year. Shanghainese people prefer to read it as "making a foreign fortune". Making a foreign fortune is the ability of Shanghainese in the old days, making money from foreigners, and it is also a true record of going to Japan to study in Australia in those years to really make a foreign fortune.

1994 was not the Year of the Sheep in the lunar calendar. Apparently, Hengyuanxiang was excited about his "Sheep Fa Cai" advertising ideas, but he couldn’t wait for the next round of the Year of the Sheep to arrive in 2003. So in the year of brainstorming, he took it out and shared it with people, singing loudly: Hengyuanxiang, Sheep Fa Cai. I remember that the TV station also did advertisements one after another on each channel. It was much more cultured than the current Granny Zhang sea cucumber and decoration advertisements, like a child’s voice reciting the "Three Character Classic": Hengyuanxiang, Sheep Fa Cai. "Sheep Fa Cai" is an octave high with an exclamation mark.

The dream of making a fortune is the true Chinese dream of the Chinese people

But maybe Chinese people still like to "make a fortune in silence". A few days after the sheep made a fortune, the TV advertisement was changed: Hengyuanxiang, sheep, sheep! Still like a child’s voice reciting the "Three Character Classic", still "sheep, sheep" is an octave high with an exclamation mark.

The 1999 Hengyuanxiang calendar card I saw is still "Sheep Fa Cai". I believe that this is no longer Hengyuanxiang’s social advertisement, because the calendar card has long been out of the enthusiasm of Shanghai people every year, and may just be a small gift from Hengyuanxiang’s sales channels.

The unintended spin-off of "Beijingers in New York", Kong Fu’s wine, is homesick

Also in 1995. The 1990s was the most memorable and memorable decade in many Chinese people’s lives.

The materialized era brought material things, people would be materialized, and things would also be humanized. "The wine of the Confucius Mansion makes people homesick" is the most successful integration of materialization and humanization.

The separation of family ties among the Chinese people was the most prominent syndrome of the 1990s. A large number of foreign people who cut the queue made a fortune, but at the expense of family ties and even the breakdown of marriages and families; there is a more turbulent wave that has already hit, that is, the wave of migrant workers that has not yet calmed down.

"Homesickness" became the voice of the times for the first time, and that bottle of wine took advantage of the opportunity to imitate Dukang and relieve sorrow.

From the educated youth going to the mountains and going to the countryside in the 1960s, to the foreign queue jumping in the 1990s, to the emerging migrant workers, homesickness has become the theme of social and people’s livelihood in China for half a century

The endorsement of this advertisement is Wang Ji, and the background song of this advertisement is Sun Nan’s "I Pursue You for Thousands of Miles". Before that, in 1993, the TV drama "Beijingers in New York" was a big success, Wang Ji was the star, and "I Pursue You for Thousands of Miles" was the theme song – it can be said that the full value of Kong Fu’s wine is almost this advertisement, which is such a eight-word sentence: Kong Fu’s wine makes people homesick.

Family love, in the materialized era, has become a social public issue, and a bottle of wine is the first to be handed in in this public issue examination room.

This article is the third of "The Three View Curve of Shanghai Street Advertising in Forty Years"; one of the two is the first two official accounts "Jinsky blinked out the desire of Chinese women" and "The leader of the Celebrity Gate, the new wife, the girl in red, how to rival her wearing Tianjiao".

Thank you to many friends for leaving messages on my last official account, giving their impressive advertising slogans, and I also enjoyed it.

(The photos in this article are all selected from the Internet, and I would like to express my gratitude to the photographer and editor of the original photos.)

Ma Shanglong

Member of the Chinese Writers Association, director of the Shanghai Writers Association, deputy director of the professional creation committee of prose reportage; editor

Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Committee Publishing and Media Committee

Chairperson of Mingfu Library, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Consultant of Shanghai Pingtan Troupe Art Committee

Ma Shanglong Director of Haipai Culture Studio

The works are mainly divided into three series, namely the essay series such as "Humor Should Laugh at Me" and "Students with Celebrities", the Shanghai series such as "Made in Shanghai", "Why Shanghai" and "Shanghai Women", and the essay series such as "Roll Sign Language" and "Some Meaning You Never Understand".

The new book published in 2019 is "Shanghai Road Numbers".

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The original title: "Ma Shanglong | Materializing Chinese Hegemony, Wealth, and Homesickness in the Age"

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Extreme krypton IPO: a valuation stop loss in the "reverse growth cycle"

Wen | Tan Qing said AI, author | Zheng Kaiche

In the matter of building a car, although everyone has different resource endowments, US stocks seem to be a common destination.

Less than three years after its establishment, Krypton is finally going public in the United States.

With capital technology and other resources, coupled with its strong brand-building ability, Geely has successfully created a valuation of nearly 100 billion yuan. The IPO road is obviously faster than Tesla and Wei Xiaoli. Although there is Geely’s support behind it, the speed of this IPO has surprised many investors.

The extremely krypton IPO was interpreted by the outside world as a powerful counterattack by the traditional car-making forces. It’s just,Look closely, although this hand counterattack is menacing, it still lacks some internal force.

This IPO, the planned amount of funds raised is not high, and the planned financing is 1 billion US dollars, compared with the expected valuation of 18 billion US dollars.This fundraising plan is still a bit conservative.Conservative fundraising plans often have a cause, either because the industry valuation is not ideal or because they are not confident in their own growth value.

In short, lowering the planned fundraising may make it easier for the IPO to succeed. After all, before the growth is really realized, the valuation will still be variable, and the current market valuation of new energy car companies is not the highest point, and it is more pragmatic to be conservative.

From an external perspective, this may be related to the financial demand for funds. After all, after two and a half years of operation, the accumulated loss of Krypton is as high as 16 billion yuan. According to the data of Tianyancha APP, in February this year, the A-round financing was 750 million US dollars, and the valuation reached 13 billion US dollars.

Under the continuous loss, the "second generation of cars" will be "independent" after all. It is also a road that needs to be taken after all to get out of the arm of the parent company and run its own profits and losses.

Geely’s plan to split Krypton and list it independently has been planned for a long time. In October 2022, Geely Automobile planned to split and go public. So, why wait until now to go public?

From the financial point of view, the conditions for split listing are also mature.

According to the data in the prospectus, the revenue from 2020 to 2023 was 3.185 billion yuan, 6.528 billion yuan and 31.899 billion yuan respectively, and the revenue growth rate in 2021 and 2022 was 104.94% and 388.69% respectively.

What is this concept?

Let’s look at Tucki. In the corresponding reporting period, Tucki’s revenue was 5.844 billion, 20.988 billion and 26.855 billion respectively, and the revenue growth rate in 2021 and 2022 was 259.12% and 27.95% respectively.

In other words, from 2021 to 2022,Krypton’s revenue scale and growth rate have surpassed that of Xpeng Motors.

Compared with Weilai and Ideality, the latter’s revenue in 2022 was 45.507 billion and 45.287 billion respectively, with growth rates of 37.19% and 67.67% respectively. If krypton can maintain a similar growth rate, then krypton is likely to come from behind in terms of revenue scale.

At least for now,Weilai revenue > ideal revenue > krypton revenue > Tucki revenue.

Let’s look at the net profit.

From 2020 to 2023, the net profit of Krypton was 104 million yuan,-4.514 billion yuan and-7.655 billion yuan respectively. In the same period, the figures in Tucki were-2.732 billion,-4.863 billion and-9.139 billion. Obviously, Krypton has more revenue, less losses and higher management quality than Tucki.

The other two companies had less ideal losses, with net profits of-166 million,-321 million and-2.032 billion respectively, and the net profits of Weilai were-5.304 billion,-4.017 billion and-14.437 billion respectively.

As far as losses are concerned, Weilai > Tucki > Extreme Krypton > Ideal.

Coincidentally, the current ideal market value of US stocks is US$ 44.8 billion, which is greater than US$ 16.3 billion in Tucki and US$ 13.8 billion in Weilai. That is to say, from the perspective of profit valuation, if Krypton is valued at $18 billion, it is just between the ideal and Tucki.

Overall,No matter from the revenue valuation or profit valuation, with the current scale and profitability, it has reached a node that can be an independent IPO.

Tan Qing said that AI believes that besides its mature operating conditions, the listing of Krypton may be more influenced by external environmental factors.At this time, it is extremely listed, which may be intended to stop loss.

The first is the stop loss on valuation.

Affected by the market cycle, the secondary market is experiencing a reverse growth cycle. At this time, the extremely listing means more "stop loss" in valuation for shareholders such as Geely.

From the external environment, whether it is a science and technology track or a new energy vehicle track, the growth valuation has been killed. Weilai’s market value has dropped from more than 60 billion US dollars to 13.8 billion US dollars, Tucki has dropped from more than 30 billion US dollars to more than 16 billion US dollars, and even Tesla has dropped from one trillion US dollars to more than 700 billion US dollars.

Even if Krypton waits any longer, it may not have a good valuation window. It is better to go public at this time, relying on its own experience quality and growth ability, and strive for a better valuation as much as possible, at least higher than that in Tucki.

Extreme krypton has this confidence.

On the one hand, the average bicycle price in Krypton is better than that in Tucki.

Taking the data in 2022 as an example, the sales revenue of vehicles (19.67 billion) and the sales volume of krypton in 2022 were 71,941 vehicles.

According to the accounting, the income of extremely krypton bicycles is about 270,000. In the same period, Weilai was 370,000, Tucki was 210,000 and Ideal was 330,000.

On the other hand, Krypton’s gross profit margin performed better.

In terms of gross profit margin, Krypton’s gross profit margin was 10.5% last year, while it was 21.22% in the same period. Tucki’s gross profit margin has not yet turned positive, and Weilai’s is only 1.28%.

The listing of MPV Extreme Krypton 009 raised the average selling price of bicycles in the first half of the year. The average selling price of bicycles in the first half of the year was 309,000 yuan, up 30,000 yuan year-on-year. In addition, with the increase in product sales and the support of Geely’s industrial chain, the cost of building a car is also declining. As these advantages are further revealed, the performance of Krypton may have more room for release.

Therefore, IPO may not be the best time at this time, but it is indeed a more suitable time for valuation.

Second, the financial stop loss.

Finance here does not mean extreme krypton, but Geely. Geely is not only a brand of extreme krypton, but it is indeed a one with more losses.

In August this year, Geely released its financial report for the first half of this year. The company’s total revenue increased by 25.8% year-on-year, slightly increased by 1% year-on-year, and its gross profit margin was 14.4%. Compared with the same period last year, it decreased by 0.2 percentage points. In this unsatisfactory net profit data, it is difficult to ignore the loss impact caused by extreme krypton and Lectra.

Next, the competition in the whole automobile industry will become more intense, not only in the new energy market, but also in the fuel market. Therefore, financially, Geely does have a lot of pressure.

In fact, if the losses continue, the impact of Krypton on Geely’s finance will be no less than a "bad asset". If Krypton’s independent listing is successful, then Geely’s pressure will be relatively less.

Maybe,The listing of krypton is not only a kind of "sizing up the situation", but also a kind of "having to do it".Even in the "reverse growth cycle" of the secondary market, the market will not give a satisfactory price.

For Krypton, IPO means to really "grow up" and decide your own destiny in terms of brand, product and manufacturing.

According to the prospectus, 90% of the fund-raising plan is related to further expansion of business, such as investing in research and development, increasing product portfolio, and further improving the service network and energy-supplementing facilities network.

In other words, before the product can truly achieve large-scale hematopoietic capacity, krypton still needs a considerable amount of fresh blood from the secondary market.

From the perspective of business structure,The main automobile sales business urgently needs to form a stronger positive cycle ability.

In krypton business, automobile sales accounted for 61.9%, battery and other parts sales accounted for 34.6%, and R&D services and other services accounted for 3.4%. Among the three major businesses, the gross profit margin of Krypton automobile sales business is actually not as high as expected.

In comparison, the gross profit margin of extremely krypton vehicle sales in 2022 was 4.69%, and Wei Xiaoli was 13.70%, 9.45% and 19.09% in the same period.

Gross profit margin is so low,It is because of the market strategy of exchanging price for quantity in the early stage of product launch.

One fact is that most of Krypton’s revenue is supported by 001. In terms of the sales proportion of the brand, before January 2023, there was only one product, 001, and after delivery began in October 2022, the sales volume was more than 10,000 vehicles for three consecutive months.

In February, 2023, after the new car was delivered, the sales volume of Krypton 001 dropped to 88%, and in July, it dropped to 51%, and in September, it returned to 71%.

From this point of view, the sales volume of Krypton 001 is still very large.

I understand that it is impossible to "eat all over the sky in one stroke" by changing the price with the price of Extreme Krypton 001, so I immediately launched Extreme Krypton 009 and Extreme Krypton X, which respectively correspond to hunting MPV and young personalized SUV market segments.

In addition to exchanging price for quantity, the big move released by Krypton is"product positioning and market segmentation win". At the end of October this year, Krypton 001FR, with a starting price of 769,000 yuan, went on the market, which is the ultimate performance of Krypton’s consistent market strategy.

Can this strategy succeed? It remains to be seen.

After the launch of new models such as Extreme Krypton X and Extreme Krypton 009, the brand has indeed gone up, and the price of bicycles has also gone up. Extreme Krypton has firmly established itself in the luxury market.Although the price has gone up, the sales volume of 001 is still very high.

Of course, this may also be related to the production side.

On the one hand, in the case of insufficient production capacity of its own factory, it may still be necessary to hand over some models to Geely for production, which means that even if it comes to IPO, it may still not have complete autonomy in production.

On the other hand, for Krypton, it also needs a climbing process from the release of new products to the release of production capacity. The production capacity of 001 is sufficient, but it is still unknown whether other product lines can successfully complete the capacity climbing.

Whatever the reason,A situation that cannot be ignored is that there is not much time left for krypton.

From the data point of view, the driving force of 001 sales growth is declining. The sales data show that from January to September 2023, the cumulative sales volume of Krypton 001 reached 52,998 vehicles, down 26.33% year-on-year.

Judging from the prospectus, a number of models have been launched.And further research and development of more models to put on the market and spread the product line is a road that has been selected.

According to the prospectus, in 2020-2022 and the first six months of 2023, the R&D expenses of Krypton were RMB 23 million, RMB 3.16 billion, RMB 5.446 billion and RMB 3.189 billion respectively. The expense rates are 1%, 48%, 17% and 15% respectively. We compare the R&D expenditure in 2022, and the ideal R&D expenditure rate is 15%, Weilai 22% and Tucki 19%.

Further, the prospectus shows that 50% of the expenses of Krypton during the reporting period are consulting fees, SEA (Geely Vast Architecture) licensing fees and verification and testing fees.

In other words, half of the research and development expenses are actually given to Geely for the development of new models on the vast architecture. Eager to develop new models and put them on the market,It also seems to explain from the side that the strategy of market segmentation and niche brand style can not support the growth of revenue scale.

Tesla, Ideal, Tucki and Zero Run have all proved that,The real success of building a car is not the success of the niche market, but the success of the mass market.

Why is the sales of Krypton 001 so good? Not because he is a hunting car, but because he can play Krypton 001 in the whole large market of medium and large cars. Therefore, even if we dig deeper into market segments such as MPV, we really can’t support real sales. What Krypton really lacks is to find another mass market product besides 001.

This product is Krypton 007, which appeared at Guangzhou Auto Show.

Extreme Krypton 007 brings an 800V platform and dual motors, with a starting price of 229,900 yuan. In addition, 007 is equipped with an 8295 chip, a 90-inch smart light screen and three laser radars, and its hardware configuration is full.

In the medium-sized car market, Krypton obviously put more chips on it.

Compared with the products of Krypton brand in the past, Krypton 007 faces a more rational market and more intense competition. This market not only includes Tesla Model3, but also Tucki P7 and BYD Han EV, which is the most competitive market for new energy. This also means that the former "car second generation" began to walk out of the comfort zone and walked into the most important main battlefield of new energy vehicles.

"This market is extremely awkward and does not have overwhelming product advantages." Xiao Guo, a brand salesman, said: "Judging from the newly released product information of Krypton 007, it seems that Krypton still emphasizes the hardware parameters of the product, but when users in this market make decisions, after the test drive experience, their intellectual driving ability will often become the key factor in the final transaction, and the advantages of Krypton in this respect are not obvious."

In 2022, Krypton once said that it would put into production L4 self-driving cars for the C-end consumer market in 2024, and Krypton also cooperated with Mobileye to pave the way for the intelligent driving ability of Krypton cars.

Once the rhetoric has gradually arrived at the moment of landing, what kind of answer sheet will Krypton hand over? Can this answer sheet satisfy the market? Perhaps the next secondary market will give the fairest judgment.

What will happen to the performance of krypton IPO? It is worth our common expectation.


Preliminary sea election of eight China brand models

  [car home preliminary sea election] On May 10th, 2017, the State Council approved the first "China Brand Day", and five years passed quickly, but it was a rapid development for China automobile brands. From word-of-mouth, sales volume to users’ cognition and satisfaction, China brand has been growing rapidly in all vehicle types in the past five years. With the arrival of another Chinese Brand Day on May 10th, here we select eight models in the three price ranges of 10-20/20-30/30+ for recommendation, which are also the top-selling products at all levels in the past six months to see if these products are strong enough.

Home of the car

★ 100,000-200,000 level recommendation

  100,000-200,000 China brand models are numerous, ranging from traditional fuel to new energy, many of which are the range where first-time car buyers set foot. This part of China brand vehicles have the characteristics of high cost performance, complete configuration and novel design. Because there are so many models worth buying, the space recommended here is not enough, so I chose four models with top sales, which have high reputation and recognition.

● Sales King-Great Wall Haval H6

  The name Haval H6 can be said to be an old-timer in the China brand compact SUV market, occupying the top position in the sales list all the year round, and even many consumers think of Haval H6 when they mention this level. Now it has experienced three generations of models, and the latest one on sale is the third generation Haval H6. Based on the brand-new lemon platform, it has higher technical content and more brand branding in design. At the same time, it has also been comprehensively improved in the intelligent interconnection that consumers are paying more and more attention to, and has a balanced product strength.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The third-generation Haval H6 has 1.5T and 2.0T power options, and the 2.0T also offers four-wheel drive models. In recent years, Haval has greatly improved the smoothness and transmission efficiency of power output. The 1.5T engine will not feel that the power is weak enough, while the 2.0T engine will have a more obvious experience in speeding up. As a cost-effective product, the third-generation Haval H6 is a player with strong comprehensive strength within 150,000 yuan.

● Rising star-Changan CS55PLUS

  Changan CS55PLUS is not as "long-standing" as Haval H6, but its sales volume and reputation are not lost at all. What is currently on sale is its second-generation model, which is one of the highest in its class in design and is also a strong selling point. Judging from the new models recently released by Changan, the brand’s own brand has won people’s hearts, and both UNI series and CS series are the best players in the same class. CS55PLUS continues this advantage from the outside to the inside, especially the paragraphs in the interior are rich in layers and have a sense of the future.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  At present, the second-generation CS55PLUS launched a total of three models, the choice is relatively simple, unlike Haval H6, which has 2.0T and four-wheel drive models. For this size, it is no problem for the 1.5T model to meet the daily transportation, and it can be relatively comfortable in the force range, and the performance of this 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox is also very stable, and there will be almost no annoying problems when driving daily. CS55PLUS is more suitable for young consumers to buy, with high value and technology, and low fuel consumption, which will not increase the use cost too much.

● Exquisite car-Geely Xingrui

  After the recommendation of two SUVs, if you are not so persistent about models such as space or SUV, Geely’s car must be considered. It is Geely Xingrui. Let’s not say that it is built by the whole system of 2.0T plus CMA architecture. These two points can be won at a price of more than 100,000 yuan, which is really very conscience, which is also the core reason for its high sales. In addition to the two points just mentioned, Xingrui is also exquisite in design, without grandiose decoration or gilded lines, which is very in line with the scene of daily household scooters, and even feels a little leapfrog when put together with Volkswagen and Toyota models of the same level, especially its wheelbase has reached 2800mm, and the whole vehicle is very close to a medium-sized car.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Needless to say, the whole 2.0T+7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is an excellent level in its class, whether it is the ride comfort or the feeling of power improvement. German and Japanese players at this price can hardly find 2.0T engines, and 1.5T/1.4T players at Yishui. Based on CMA architecture, Xingrui has created the amulet of "super matrix", and there is no doubt about driving sound insulation and chassis performance. In this price range, Xingrui can be said to have the most comprehensive performance model, which is very worthy of your consideration.

● master of saving money-BYD Qin PLUS DM-i

  Haval H6 is the sales king of China brand compact SUV, and the title of the compact car belongs to Qin PLUS. Under BYD’s latest strategy, Qin PLUS provides plug-in hybrid products and pure electric products. Today, we are going to talk about plug-in hybrid DM-i products, which have both fuel economy and convenience, and are more acceptable to many consumers who do not have fixed parking spaces or charging piles. The lower price and the interior and exterior decoration design in line with China consumers’ aesthetics are its strongest competitiveness, and all the configuration levels are also the first echelon at the same level.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Qin PLUS DM-i system consists of 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and motor, and there are two battery versions currently on sale. Choose a 120KM model. If there is a charging pile at home, you can hardly use gasoline for commuting. The 120KM version without charging pile has a fast charging interface, and charging is also very convenient. The intervention of the engine will not be abrupt when the driving part is mixed with oil and electricity, but when the motor works, both the acceleration response speed and the speed-up ability are stronger than those when the motor is pure gasoline. Qin PLUS DM-i is most suitable for pragmatic consumers, and the vehicle is cheap and the use cost is low, which can be described as both.

★ 200-300,000 range

  China brand’s main battlefield is concentrated in the price range of 100,000-200,000, but in the improved range of 200,000-300,000, large-size SUVs and MPVs account for a large proportion, such as Roewe iMAX8, Chuanqi GS8 and BYD Tang. But here I want to recommend two different products in this price range.

● China Steel Gun-Lingke 03+

  Linke 03+ is a test of China brand in the field of partial performance vehicles, which is very successful in terms of sales volume and attention. Nowadays, a customized version of Cyan has been launched, which is said to be a very difficult car to grab. With the background of WTCR racing, it can not only better sell its sports models, but also stimulate the enthusiasm of Chinese people for racing. Linke 03+ Basic Edition has a good playability, and it has a stronger power experience and more fun to drive than ordinary 03. The exterior and interior also create a very sporty atmosphere, and this kind of "original modified car" is also increasingly sought after.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The combination of 2.0T engine and Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission can give you a smooth daily travel experience and more radical power feedback when needed. Although the absolute acceleration ability of the Lectra 03+ has not entered a particularly outstanding performance, the overall atmosphere and the sporty adjustment of the chassis will make you like driving more, and keep more sense of the road and make you feel more communication with the car. In addition, with the penetration of WTCR racing culture and the growing number of car owners of Link 03+, the third-party modification market has also introduced more suitable products, so that consumers can experience the fun outside the original car.

● Hard-core retro-tank 300

  With the recommendation of the fun car, the fun SUV is naturally indispensable. Before the tank 300 appeared, similar products were either too expensive or too small, or the design was too old-fashioned. After the hard-core SUV tank 300 with retro style came out, it also became a online celebrity car in one fell swoop, and even a car was hard to find. The square shape has a very hard-core feeling, and the retro details and color matching make it walk between cities without feeling different. In the interior part, it also combines off-road and technology well, and the tough lines are not rough at all, which is also the part that contemporary consumers value very much.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The power level of the whole system of 2.0T+8AT allows you to leave the city for the wild without feeling overwhelmed. According to different models, it is equipped with part-time 4wd and timely four-wheel drive, and the non-loaded body is also its hard-core logo. In addition to these mechanical hardware, the tank 300 also supports many scientific and technological auxiliary systems, such as tank turning mode, transparent chassis angle of view, crawling mode and all-terrain control, which can make you more comfortable when you are off-road. With so many labels, Tank 300 naturally becomes a hot commodity.

Level 300,000-400,000

  This price range was definitely dominated by overseas brands five years ago. China brands sold well at this price, and few models can be remembered by most consumers. This price model is also a good reflection of the progress of China brand, especially in the context of the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, the rise of China brand, a new car, has played a key role. The emergence of products such as Ideal, Weilai and Tucki has enabled China consumers to accept new energy products more quickly. With the progress of technology and design concept in traditional automobile enterprises, products such as Hongqi H9 have emerged.

● Daddy’s magic car-Li ONE

  Li ONE has shaken the position of many Japanese and German medium and large SUVs on his own, and has been the top spot of medium and large SUVs for half a year. This achievement should have been unthinkable five years ago. Exquisite and practical design and a thorough understanding of the needs of consumers in China are the keys to its success. Unlike other models, Li ONE has only one configuration, and consumers don’t need to study the configuration table repeatedly. What you get is what you need. At the same time, the reliable quality and preservation rate also make customers trust the brand more and more.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Li ONE adopts extended range system, front and rear dual-motor driven vehicles and 1.2T range extender for power production. There is no doubt that the feeling at the driving level is the same as that of a pure electric vehicle, and it has the characteristics of speeding up and driving quietly. With a range extender and a fuel tank, it will not be subject to charging problems, and all kinds of consumer driving needs can be met. The six-seat layout is also very suitable for home use, and there are rich configurations and entertainment systems. It can be said that it is the most popular daddy car on the market at present.

Low momentum like a rainbow-red flag H9

  As a medium-sized and large-sized car with red flag, H9 not only undertakes the sales task, but also carries the memories of many consumers in China. It can be seen on various important occasions, and it can be said that the Red Flag is China people’s own luxury brand. After several generations of product development, we finally handed in a satisfactory answer sheet on the H9 model. The majestic posture and the design with China cultural heritage make it completely competitive with BBA, even surpassing its rivals in attention and momentum, which also makes it favored by many business consumers.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Hongqi H9 provides 2.0T and 3.0T power for customers to choose from, and the 2.0T is also equipped with a 48V light mixing system, which has good fuel economy in actual test. The 3.0L supercharged engine can make you more comfortable when driving. Its adjustment highlights a stable word, and the linear power output is also very suitable for its identity. When driving fiercely, I didn’t make an exaggerated posture because of my oversized body, and the whole is very controllable. Generally speaking, Red Flag H9 is a choice for customers with business needs. It also launched a customized version today, which can be more luxurious according to their own needs.

● Summary:

  In a short period of five years, China automobile brands have made many impossible things possible, and achieved many achievements that they dared not expect at that time. In addition to the eight products recommended today, there are a lot of excellent models of China brand waiting for you to choose. Because of the space problem, we can’t recommend them in detail. Many new models are also officially put on sale this year, and we are also looking forward to their sales performance. As a practitioner in the automobile industry, it is what we most want to see that China brand has developed vigorously for five years, and we also hope that China brand will continue to develop in the next 5 /10 years and in the years to come, and create more glories!

Home of the car

  In the past 20 years, how has China’s automobile industry changed from a faltering start to a soaring, from a single brand to a multi-category matrix? Pay attention to China brand new cars and witness the development of China brand. Please pay attention to the special planning of car home on May 10th, China Brand Day, and help China brand together! (Text/Figure car home Cao Wei)


Huawei P70 appearance exposure triangle module adds a new certificate Art irregular shape.

Earlier, it was reported that Huawei’s P70 series 5G image flagship was tentatively released in late March, which is expected to bring Huawei P70, P70 Pro and P70 Art three new machines. Now there is more news about the appearance.

As can be seen from the above figure, the latest news shows that Huawei P70 series is the same as the earlier rumors. It is expected that the P70 and P70 Pro rear modules will adopt triangular Deco (see the middle model with the picture above), while the P70 Art will undergo some changes on the basis of triangular Deco, which is more bold and irregular.

Above is the Huawei P70 third-party mobile phone case exposed by @ Digital Chat Station. ?

What do you think if Huawei P70 series finally looks like this?

Historical information


Hot sales? AITO asks for more than 40,000 new M7 vehicles.

On October 5, 2023, AITO asked the official news that the new M7 has accumulated more than 40,000 large orders, which means that customers have paid a non-refundable reservation deposit.

Prior to this, on September 12, 2023, AITO officially released the new M7 and announced its price.

The new M7 is available in two versions, with five seats and six seats, and the price range is between 249,800 yuan and 329,800 yuan. This price range is equivalent to that of the medium-sized SUV M5 of the same brand, and the price of the new M7 is reduced by 70,000 yuan compared with the previous version, and it is also reduced by 40,000 yuan compared with the price-reduced M7 in January.

Not only that, the independent press conference of the new M7 in the world is the first time since the establishment of the brand.

In the past, models including M5 and M5 EV were released at Huawei’s new product launch conference. However, this time, the media chose to release the new M7 independently, which may reflect Huawei’s internal reflection on the auto industry and the change of attitude, and it is also a reflection of AITO’s media brand after its sales in the terminal market declined.

As a brand jointly launched by Cyrus and Huawei, the product advantages of AITO series models are mainly reflected in intelligent driving and cockpit capabilities. Specifically, the new M7 adds a lidar and is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which can realize high-speed and advanced intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps.

At the same time, Yu Chengdong said at the press conference that the new M7 is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which is expected to realize high-speed and advanced intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps in December. Urban intelligent driving pilot assistance (urban NCA) will realize the nationwide experience. At the same time, the new M7 vehicle is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, and combined with the high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, it realizes the perception ability of dynamic and static targets (including alien objects) in the whole scene and all weather.

On October 1st, AITO officially announced the order status of the new M7.

According to the official, since its listing on September 12th, the average daily order of the new M7 has exceeded 1,500, and the total order in September has reached 30,000. According to the latest data, as of October 5, the cumulative large order of the new M7 has exceeded 40,000 vehicles, which means that the daily order volume is about 2,000 vehicles.

During the National Day, the sales of the new M7 are more popular than before. However, on October 1st, domestic new force automobile enterprises generally announced their delivery, but AITO asked the community to remain silent again.

According to the data, the cumulative sales volume of LI in the first three quarters reached 244,200 vehicles, while their annual sales target was 300,000 vehicles, and the completion rate reached 80%. This makes LI the company with the highest delivery target achievement rate among emerging forces.

In addition, the annual sales target of Krypton cars is 140,000, and the completion rate in the first three quarters is 54%. However, the completion rate of other models is less than 50%. In the fierce market competition, it is expected that it is difficult to achieve the sales target.

With the introduction of the new M7 by AITO, it may change the situation that its attention is not high.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in the fourth quarter, AITO also plans to launch a new model named M9. Yu Chengdong announced at Huawei’s new product launch conference in autumn on September 25th that the M9 will be released in December.

From the perspective of product positioning, the M9 will directly compete with the ideal L9. According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wenjie M9 will provide two power options: extended range and pure electric. The body size is 5230/1999/1800mm and the wheelbase is 3110 mm. It is positioned as a full-size SUV, which will face direct competition with the ideal L9.

It is understood that Huawei’s latest complete set of smart car technology solutions will be applied to the world M9, including HUAWEI x HUD AR-HUD, HUAWEI xPixel, HUAWEI xScene light field screen and the latest HarmonyOS 4. Interestingly, Yu Chengdong once said: "The M9 is not only the best SUV within 10 million, but also the most powerful SUV on the road."

National Ride: Can it be far ahead?

What deserves our attention is that with the cooperation between Huawei and more and more automobile manufacturers, the "China" element of the brand is gradually being diluted. How will we deal with this challenge in the future?

In addition, the pricing of this model has not yet been determined. If its pricing directly refers to the ideal L9, then as a product in cooperation with Huawei, the M9 may become a hot-selling model. However, considering the current market trend and the influence of AITO in the domestic market, it is not a simple task to directly replace the ideal L9, and it remains to be seen whether it can lead.

Of course, the final result will be decided by the choice of the market and consumers. Let’s wait and see.


Beijing will announce next month that the blacklist platform for network anchors cannot be employed again.

  On April 18th, 20 webcasting platforms, including Sina, Sohu, Youku and Baidu, jointly issued the Convention on Self-discipline of Beijing Webcasting Industry (hereinafter referred to as the Convention). The Convention covers the following contents: anchors need real-name authentication, webcasting videos should be kept for no less than 15 days, and no registration channels should be provided for anchors under the age of 18.

  Recently, the reporter interviewed Shen Rui, captain of the network law enforcement team of the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps. Shen Rui said that the Convention was jointly drafted by the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps and the Beijing Network Culture Association. During the drafting process, the opinions of all webcast platforms in Beijing were solicited twice, and finally the content of the Convention was formed.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has started to monitor relevant webcast platforms in accordance with the Convention, and will announce the first batch of blacklists of anchors in May. These blacklisted anchors will no longer be employed by the webcast platform.

  □ Talk about hot spots

  The national live broadcast mode will be constrained.

  Shen Rui introduced that some webcasting platforms are now implementing the nationwide live broadcast mode in their business models. National live broadcast refers to any registered user of the live broadcast website, who can realize live broadcast without identity audit.

  What are the problems in the business model of national live broadcast? Shen Rui said that this way of national live broadcast is very dangerous. Once the live broadcast content is involved in drugs, pornography and violence, the anchor will suddenly broadcast it after accumulating a certain popularity, which will have a great impact on society and there is no way to recover it. In addition, for enterprises, the operational risk is very high. Once there is a bad social impact, enterprises may be completely shut down by the government or shut down for rectification.

  The reporter learned that the first item in the Convention is to require the authentication of the anchor. Shen Rui said that at present, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has asked the webcast platform to adjust its mode.

  There will be more and more star live broadcasts.

  When talking about actress Tamia Liu’s live broadcast in Yingke, she gained more than 700,000 viewers and more than 200,000 yuan in rewards in two hours. Shen Rui said that the law enforcement corps did not comment on the business model of such websites, but the stars went to the live broadcast platform, indicating that the live broadcast has begun to have an impact on the traditional video industry. Many stars gradually shifted their attention from newspapers, periodicals and television to the network, especially the live broadcast platform. This phenomenon will be more and more in the future, and even some websites are preparing to open a specific live broadcast room for specific stars. At the same time, it is also a business operation mode.

  According to Shen Rui, there are currently more than 30 webcasting enterprises in Beijing, and there are about 40 if you add large websites that operate live programs. According to the statistics of relevant ministries and commissions, there are about 200 webcasting enterprises in China. Although the number is small, there are many internet companies preparing to invest in webcasting. Recently, almost every week, one or two enterprises have entered this industry.

  □ Talk about problems

  Mixed vulgar content in live broadcast

  Shen Rui said that since last year, there have been many obscene and vulgar contents such as "live broadcast creating people" on the webcast platform. Shen Rui said that in terms of content, the main problem is that some videos contain obscene pornography and vulgar content. There are three reasons for this situation. On the one hand, it is the anchor’s own reasons; On the one hand, it is the lack of supervision responsibility of network enterprises; Another reason is that some enterprises are promoting the fermentation of such events for the sake of earning investment.

  Shen Rui said that in the field of webcasting, the mainstream is still good, and there is still a lot of positive energy content. At the same time, webcasting provides a platform for the public to show themselves, and even a platform for making stars. The reason why the public left a bad impression on webcasting is related to the fact that a few enterprises tried to attract attention through vulgar and pornographic content in order to earn traffic and then gain investment or financing. Through this kind of hype, the problems existing in the live webcast are magnified.

  "As an anchor, there is an impulse to pursue online celebrity and an impulse to make a profit." Shen Rui said that some anchors rely on "detachment" to win their attention, but it should be said that statistically speaking, this anchor group has little profit from live broadcast of obscene or vulgar performances. It can also be seen from here that the audience is not willing to pay for watching such live broadcasts. The live content that can really make a profit is a talent performance. "This kind of live broadcast can make the audience get positive energy, and this kind of content is what the audience is willing to pay."

  The platform is responsible for vulgar content.

  If there is obscene and pornographic content in the live broadcast, is it the responsibility of the anchor or the network platform? Shen Rui said that at present, there is no clear regulation on the division of responsibilities. In the process of law enforcement, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has three criteria. At first glance, the duration of obscene video, if the pornographic video live broadcast lasts for more than 3 minutes, belongs to poor platform supervision. Second, if the obscene content lasts for a short time, but it appears for several days in a row, it is the platform’s responsibility that it belongs to the platform and is not found. Third, if the content of the question to be broadcast live is pre-announced, or there is speculation afterwards, and the platform does not handle it in time and review the title, this is also the responsibility of the platform.

  For example, the previous Betta TV "Live Making Man" event was announced on Weibo before the live broadcast.

  In addition, Shen Rui said that in specific incidents, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will distinguish which party has the greatest responsibility according to the specific situation, but the focus of supervision is the webcast platform. As long as the problem content appears in the live broadcast, it is difficult for the network platform to get rid of the responsibility it should bear.

  Shen Rui said that at present, there are penalties such as warnings and fines for illegal online platforms. If the circumstances are serious, enterprises are required to suspend business for rectification, and relevant licenses are revoked. For enterprises involved in spreading obscenity and pornography, if the circumstances are serious, they can close their websites and investigate the administrative and criminal responsibilities of website promoters.

  □ Talking about supervision

  The platform shall not employ "black" anchors.

  According to Shen Rui, after the implementation of the Convention on April 18th, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has been monitoring the webcasting enterprises in Beijing to check whether these enterprises have fulfilled the Convention. A month later, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will jointly with the Beijing Network Culture Association announce the blacklist of the first batch of anchors. For those blacklisted anchors, all webcasting companies in Beijing are not allowed to continue to employ them, nor are they allowed to provide live broadcast space for blacklisted anchors.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the work is in progress, and the first batch of blacklists will be published one month later. If the webcasting enterprises that have signed the Convention refuse to implement the Convention, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will bring these enterprises into the key supervision category, and once violations of laws and regulations occur, they will be severely dealt with according to law.

  Small platform self-supervision is weak.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the systems and mechanisms of many live broadcast enterprises in Beijing are not perfect. "Many live broadcast enterprises are not large in scale, and some live broadcast platforms only have dozens of staff.". Shen Rui concluded that because the platform is relatively small, there is no abundant funds and insufficient technical strength to invest in content supervision, which is an important reason for various problems in some live broadcast platforms.

  Shen Rui said that the core supervision of webcasting enterprises is done by manpower, which cannot be done by machines. Failure to keep up with manpower will lead to the lack of supervision.

  The reporter learned that there are two contents related to supervision in the Convention, one is to require all live videos to be stored, and the other is to require all live videos to be watermarked with corporate Logo.

  Shen Rui said that these two measures are self-discipline for enterprises, and are also conducive to self-protection. "Once there is a problematic live broadcast platform, you can quickly determine which live broadcast platform the problematic video comes from.".

  At present, there is no legal constraint.

  Shen Rui said that now, it seems that every live broadcast platform has some problems. "It is not surprising that the anchor has problems with the live broadcast content, but it is strange why the anchor has quickly become a online celebrity." That is, a few enterprises are speculating for the purpose of attracting investment.

  "Through hype, the number of video downloads and active users has surged in the short term." Shen Rui said that investors choose enterprises to invest, mainly depending on the number of users on the live broadcast platform, the number of active users per month and the number of active users per day. "In fact, investors look at these contents of enterprises, and the platform can most easily achieve these goals by spreading live videos of obscene and pornographic content."

  Shen Rui pointed out that the current situation is that the country has not yet had a law to restrict such issues. The development of webcasting industry can no longer be managed and restricted by a single department. "The problem now is that some relevant management units can manage webcasting enterprises, but they can’t manage all of them."

  Shen Rui concluded that webcasting enterprises are just in the middle of the supervision of various government departments, which is the core issue in management now.

  > > news playback

  Betta TV "Live Making Man" Event

  In the early morning of January 10th this year, Betta TV outdoor live channel, the anchor "Indulge 123" broadcast indecent behavior in the room named "Live Doll Making", and the attention of the live broadcast quickly broke through thousands. That night, Betta TV announced that all the Betta live broadcast rooms were certified by real names. The platform administrator had stopped the live broadcast of the indecent video incident involving the anchor at the first time, and reported the case to the police to provide the personal identity information of the anchor involved. Betta TV reserves the right to initiate proceedings against it.

  The Ministry of Culture recently announced that online live broadcast platforms such as Betta, Tiger Tooth Live, YY, Panda TV, Battle Flag TV, Dragon Ball Live, Six Rooms, 9158, etc. have been included in the investigation list for allegedly providing Internet cultural products that promote obscenity, violence and abetting crimes.

  Jinghua Times reporter Zhang Sijia Jinghua Times cartoon Xie Yao


Huawei is deeply empowered, and the top ten black technologies get on the bus. Ask M9 to reshape the luxury and smart travel specifications.

China Economic News Network (Liu Chenxi)On December 26th, at the press conference on the whole scene of the world of inquiry M9 and Huawei in winter, the flagship of luxury technology was officially released. As the heaviest product of the year under HarmonyOS Zhixing, Wenjie M9 is equipped with Huawei’s full-stack smart car technology solution, which not only fully incorporates Huawei’s top ten smart car black technologies, but also brings many leading product highlights such as brand-new family design, ever-changing space, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving control, intelligent driving and intelligent safety. Provide users with a continuous leading travel experience.


Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said: "The M9 is a landmark product in the intelligent era. We bring all the best Huawei smart car black technologies to the car, which brings the outstanding experience of the leading generation in all aspects that users want and can’t think of, and redefines the smart car standard. It is a well-deserved flagship SUV of luxury technology!"

Brand-new family design, six seats with equal rights

In terms of appearance, the interior and exterior design of the M9 continues Huawei’s aesthetic principle of "extreme, pure and simple" and is a design model of Huawei in the era of smart travel. Wenjie M9 offers two kinds of solid car paints, namely "Mu Ye Green" and "gilded black", and three kinds of double colors, namely "Danxia Orange", "Yadan Black" and "Xinghe Blue". The interior offers three color schemes: "Wang Shu Xing", "Moon Shadow Grey" and "Red Tea Orange".


Thanks to the brand-new luxury D-class platform and the advantages of integrated die-casting body, the M9 of Wenjie made the SUV achieve a flat floor for the first time, and the third row entered and exited the farewell steps. The front row, the second row and the third row of space of the M9 are 1045mm, 1060mm and 950mm, respectively, which has the largest space performance in the same class. At the same time, the passenger space in the cockpit reaches the largest 2725mm in the same class, and the occupancy rate is higher. It also supports the changeable seating modes of 3, 4, 5 and 6 seats. The sense of vision, space and flexibility are comparable to those of mainstream MPV models, which can easily meet the needs of users for full-scene travel.

The M9 adopts six seats with equal weight, and the front, middle and rear seats are uniformly configured, and all the independent charging ports, cup holders, mobile phone slots and HUAWEI MagLink sockets are boarded. Even the third row of seats are equipped with heating function, which is both practical and entertaining.

Leading intelligent cockpit, advanced intelligent interaction.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with the new HarmonyOS 4 and the new HUAWEI SOUND Excellence Series, and the whole car is equipped with 10 screens. At the same time, Xiaoyi is equipped with the AI ? ? big model for the first time, creating more full-scene possibilities for users.


The M9 car can be equipped with up to 10 screens, which can meet the needs of users for driving, entertainment and work at any time. Among them, the industry’s first car-level projection system is on the bus, and with the 32-inch lifting projection curtain, it perfectly reproduces the cinema-level viewing experience.

The new HUAWEI SOUND Excellence Series has flagship hardware configuration, equipped with 25 units of professional audio, and the power amplifier output reaches 2080W W. The ring scatterer integrates light and shadow aesthetics, acoustic technology and AI wisdom, which makes the audio-visual effect more shocking. At the same time, the flagship hardware is matched with Huawei’s leading technology and algorithm, which brings many unique functions in the industry, such as extrasensory spatial sound, smart sound field, privacy sound shield, smart dessert, etc., so that the sound can be heard from now on.

Xiaoyi, the on-board intelligent assistant, was further upgraded and optimized, becoming the "super brain" of M9. At the same time, Xiaoyi also has unimaginable voice interaction ability. The six seats in the whole car are free from waking up. Xiaoyi can not only identify the identity of each passenger, but also know where they are sitting, accurately respond and provide personalized service.

Leading intelligent driving control, intelligent driving without limit.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with the leading generation of Turing intelligent chassis, with front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension. The whole system comes standard with intelligent closed air suspension and CDC variable damping shock absorber, and the height of the car body is intelligently adjusted in 5 steps, giving consideration to comfort and handling. Based on the digital platform of HUAWEI iDVP smart car, through the multi-modal fusion sensing system, HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system and HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system, the mechanical quality is brought to the extreme with AI and software capabilities, bringing a better driving, safe and comfortable experience.


In terms of power, pure electric vehicles have the highest speed motor mass-produced in 22000rpm industry, and the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is only 4.3 seconds, which is comparable to super-running; Ultra-low power consumption is only 17.4kWh/100km, which brings users an excellent performance experience of four-wheel drive power and two-wheel drive energy consumption. The extended-range vehicle is equipped with pure electric drive extended-range platform 4.0, which has an industry-leading compression ratio of 15:1. With the intelligent extended-range system, the comprehensive battery life of CLTC is as high as 1,362 km (42-degree battery)/1,402 km (52-degree battery), and the pure electric battery life reaches 225km(42-degree battery) /275km(52-degree battery).

Ask the M9 to launch HUAWEI ARHUD head-up display system, HUAWEI XPIXEL intelligent projection headlights and other industry-leading Huawei intelligent vehicle lighting technologies. HUAWEI ARHUD deeply integrates the real scene with intelligent driving, and the wide light carpet makes it safer for users to drive and meet in narrow roads, and jointly helps intelligent driving to enter the light age.


Wenjie M9 upgraded HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system in an all-round way, equipped with a newly designed 192-line laser radar, which has more powerful accurate detection and quick response capabilities. Wenjie M9 has the leading parking ability, which can be parked immediately when it is visible, supports self-defined parking spaces and back-tracking, and also brings innovative parking driving function, so that there is no anxiety in parking carts.

Leading hard nuclear safety, safety is the greatest luxury.

Safety is the greatest luxury. In terms of passive safety, the ultra-strong Xuanwu car body adopts extremely strict design standards, and the aluminum alloy volume of the car body accounts for 80%. A total of 12 parts of the car are made of 2000MPa nuclear submarine-grade thermoformed steel, which cooperates with high-grade batteries, cockpits and privacy protection to escort users every time they travel.


Based on the powerful capability of HUAWEI ADS 2.0, the forward AEB capability of M9 is further improved, and the forward stationary vehicle AEB can actively stop at a maximum speed of 120km/h, covering both human driving and intelligent driving scenarios. Lateral support for 40-120km/h active obstacle avoidance, backward support for 1-12km/h active braking, greatly reducing the accident probability. In addition, the M9 is also equipped with ESA emergency steering assist system for the first time, which can automatically control the steering assist driver to avoid collision when there is a collision risk between the vehicle and the target in front, thus bringing safer intelligent risk avoidance capability to users.


From Specialization to Professionalization, Can Network Anchor Become "Line 361"

  From disorder to norm

  China’s webcasting emerged in 2005, and it developed by spurt in 2016. By 2018, the scale of China’s live broadcast industry has exceeded 456 million people, that is, more than half of China netizens have played live broadcast. According to the data of "White Paper on Full-platform Live Broadcasting Industry of Xiaohulu in 2018", the number of new anchors on the whole platform was 1.45 million in 2017, and this number rose to 2.17 million in 2018.

  The huge market scale has led to mixed anchor groups. In order to attract attention, some anchors do everything they can, from "eel incident" to "live mother taking a bath" to "live drug taking" and "live jumping off a building", the outrageous live broadcast behavior has repeatedly broken the moral and legal bottom line. This shows that live webcasting activities and the behavior of network anchors need to be standardized. To this end, in 2018, the National Office for Combating Pornography, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Webcast Services to strengthen the basic management of the Webcast industry.

  Under strict control, extreme live broadcast behaviors such as "eel incident" have been greatly reduced, but violations such as "smoking in live broadcast" and "swearing in live broadcast" still occur from time to time. Some of these behaviors are deliberately playing "edge ball", and some are "unintentional actions" caused by the anchor’s lack of understanding of relevant norms.

  Song Leyong, deputy general manager of Guangming. com, said that since the beginning of 2018, Guangming. com, with the support of the Central Network Information Office, has built a network anchor blacklist database sharing system. Up to now, more than 2,100 anchors have entered this blacklist. "Some are deliberately involved in pornography and drugs driven by interests, but most people who enter the blacklist are ignorant. For example, some people smoke in the live broadcast, and some people swear in the live broadcast. The behavior seems to be indifferent, but once it is blacked out, they will be unable to move on the Internet, and it is difficult to open an online store. "

  Therefore, it is necessary to educate and train network anchors from the perspective of maintaining the clean cyberspace and the long-term interests of network anchors.

  In November, 2018, the Network Performance (Live Broadcasting) Branch of China Performance Association held a network performance (live broadcasting) industry training course in Shanghai, which involved the interpretation of policies and regulations, the explanation of law enforcement cases, the special training of anchor literacy, the image and etiquette of live broadcasting, etc. However, the scale was small, and most of the participants were the content audit leaders of the live broadcasting platform and some head anchors.

  The anchor training that Cool Dog started this time is large in scale, and all anchors on the platform can sign up to participate, and the other is to normalize the training. Huang Xuanting, head of Cool Dog Live Academy, introduced that Cool Dog Live Academy was launched in May 2018. At present, it has developed more than 140 online courses, 30% of which are policies, laws and regulations. The purpose is to teach anchors how to make their live broadcast behavior legal and legal. The effect of the training is obvious. "The anchor who participated in the training has a 67% decrease in behavior violation rate".

  From Yan value to value

  Hong Gege, who graduated from the School of Music of Southwest University, used to be a music teacher. Although she has a good musical literacy, she is also very nervous when she first entered the live broadcast industry. She doesn’t know how to face the camera and won’t interact with fans. When she first started the live broadcast, she was "so nervous that her hands would shake".

  Many new anchors will "learn from the teacher", that is, learn from the old anchor "how to attract fans, how to get more rewards and gifts", etc. It is basically impossible to learn more. Most anchors live in the rivers and lakes and die. As Xie Huan said, there is a strange circle in the live broadcast industry. No matter how popular the anchor is, the popularity cycle is basically 3 to 5 years.

  Fans’ attention to the anchor is mostly a fresh picture. Once the freshness is over, it is likely to "turn around". The main reason is that everyone can broadcast live with a smart phone, and the content of the live broadcast lacks professionalism, and it has been spinning at the same level for a long time. Many talent anchors have no masterpieces, and fans are prone to aesthetic fatigue. Hong Gege sighed to the reporter, "The professional bottleneck of the anchor is that fans are mobile, and you must constantly improve your talents and live broadcast skills to make fans stable."

  To improve the professional level of anchors, education and training is an unavoidable process. Cool dog’s training for music anchors is to make efforts in specialization and improve the professionalism of anchors. Huang Xuanting introduced that Cool Dog Live Academy, in conjunction with industry associations and several universities, has developed more than 140 courses for anchors to choose from, 70% of which are professional courses, ranging from basic vocal skills to the use of musical instruments to the explanation of music theory, including video courses and live courses, as well as one-to-one and one-to-many small class training. Each course has different points according to the degree of difficulty. When a certain point is accumulated, the anchor can apply for the exam. After passing the exam, the anchor entered a two-month internship period. During the internship, there are also assessments, including system rating and user rating. When the live content reaches a certain standard and there is "zero violation", it can be officially "graduated" and certified and promoted by the platform.

  In order to improve the professional level of training, Cool Dog Live Academy hired senior industry experts to offer customized teaching. For example, a vocal music professor from the Berkeley Conservatory of Music in the United States sits in the Cool Dog Live Academy and teaches from singing skills, expression management, emotional expression and other aspects. Lan Tianyang, the vocal consultant of Singer, set up a "Good Voice Training Camp" in Cool Dog Live Academy, trying to solve the problems encountered by the anchor in singing, so as to make the voice by going up one flight of stairs. Hong Gege, who participated in the training, felt that she had gained a lot. With learning how to turn her music skills into a show performance, she completed a gorgeous turn from a music teacher to an anchor in online celebrity, and hoped to write her own songs and be original in the future, so as to go further on the road of specialization.

  Gao Wenjun, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that when the platform creates a learning and upgrading space for anchors from the perspective of development, it can not only cultivate more excellent anchors, but also produce better content to attract viewers. In the long run, it can also promote the overall development of the live broadcast industry.

  From specialization to professionalization

  It is a very realistic question whether network anchors can stand on a higher stage without the live broadcast room. For the anchor, it means whether it can break through the professional bottleneck and open up a new world.

  Many network anchors are also trying to develop offline, in order to advance from online celebrity to performing stars. However, after leaving the live broadcast room, it is inevitable that they will not adapt to the professional stage. There was once a online celebrity music anchor with millions of fans who participated in a music program. He stood on the stage and was asked a question related to the basic knowledge of music theory by his tutor, so he was stumped and stopped.

  From the perspective of the overall environment, the scale of the webcast industry is growing steadily, and the development of the industry is also returning to rationality. It is difficult to have a foothold in the practice of spelling out the value, showing the lower limit and playing the legal edge ball. Behavior not violating the rules is only the foundation. In order to gain long-term vitality, there must be quality content. Therefore, in addition to standardization and specialization, it seems inevitable to promote the professionalization of network anchors, because only professionalism can improve the quality of live broadcast content.

  Whether network anchor can become a profession has been debated in the industry for years. Pan Yan, secretary general of China Performance Industry Association, said that live broadcast is a tool, and not everyone can become an anchor by using live broadcast. Only when a professional network anchor group appears can it become a new profession. In the future, China Performance Industry Association will provide ability certification services for anchors in need, and at the same time establish a vocational education standard system that can be applied to all platforms.

  The reality is ahead of the professional identification of network anchors. At present, a number of professional network anchors have appeared on major live broadcast platforms, and many of them have set up teams and developed from online to offline. For example, on the Aauto Quicker live broadcast platform, the Yiren team, represented by online celebrity’s "Boss Sha", gathered a group of network anchors, specializing in shooting funny short videos on rural themes, which gained high popularity and was invited to participate in the filming of the film "Genius Partner". Most of these network anchors are still engaged in other jobs, and webcasting can only be regarded as a part-time job. Only some head anchors put all their energy into the live broadcast and regard the anchor as a profession.

  This shows that the professionalization of network anchors has a long way to go. Promoting the standardization, specialization and professionalization of network anchors is difficult to achieve only by one or two platforms, but requires the joint efforts of platforms, associations and industry authorities. Huang Xuanting called on more live broadcast platforms to join the training of anchors, empower the industry incubation through talent education and training, and turn the network anchor into the "361st line" that can be the number one scholar at an early date.

   (Reporter Han Yeting)


[Popular science hotspots] Noisy hot search! Don’t eat breakfast VS don’t eat dinner, which has a greater impact on the body?

The following article comes from China, the author Ruan Guangfeng.

Cop China.

Public science popularization and scientific communication

In the fast-paced modern life, many people often choose to skip a meal because of time constraints or other reasons. Among them, skipping breakfast and skipping dinner are two common phenomena. A few days ago, the topic # Is skipping breakfast more harmful than skipping dinner? # boarded a hot search in Weibo, which triggered a hot discussion among netizens.

So, what kind of influence will such eating habits have on the body? Skipping breakfast VS skipping dinner, which has a greater impact on your health?

Image source: Weibo screenshot

What’s wrong with skipping breakfast?

As the saying goes, a day’s plan lies in the morning. So we all take breakfast very seriously. However, due to the accelerating pace of life, more and more people often can’t eat breakfast, let alone eat breakfast badly.

As the first meal of the day, breakfast is very important for dietary nutrition intake, health status and work or study efficiency. Eating breakfast every day is also a healthy lifestyle advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Breakfast takes the longest time from the previous meal and consumes a lot of energy. If you don’t eat breakfast, it may lead to unbalanced nutrition. It can also lead to hunger, reduce brain excitability, slow response and inattention, and affect work and study efficiency.

It is good for health to form the habit of eating breakfast regularly. Many studies have found that eating breakfast regularly has a negative correlation with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. China’s dietary guidelines also point out that a reasonable diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and eating breakfast regularly is also part of a reasonable diet, so it is very important.

However, many people don’t eat breakfast well enough. According to the Survey Report on Breakfast Diet of China Residents, 35% of Chinese people can’t eat breakfast every day; Even if they can have breakfast, many people don’t eat healthily. There are 55% people who have less than three kinds of food for breakfast every day, and 42% people can’t get it in 10 minutes, so it is difficult to achieve a balanced diet.

What’s wrong with skipping dinner?

Of the three meals a day, we usually think that dinner is the least important.

In fact, if you really skip dinner at all, it will also do harm to your health. The most direct and obvious thing is-hunger, which leads to malnutrition.

After all, the energy and nutrition that our human body needs every day are almost the same. If we don’t eat a certain meal and don’t eat much at other times, it will definitely not be enough. Slowly, it will be exhausted, and hunger will increase sharply, which will affect the quality of sleep and make it difficult for people to fall asleep or sleep lightly.

If you don’t eat dinner simply and rudely, other living habits will remain the same as usual, and malnutrition will occur in the long run. For example, you may be listless, physically exhausted, depressed, and pale … These are all manifestations of malnutrition.

However, some patients with special diseases, such as peptic ulcer, or people who work at special time (such as three shifts and night shift), skipping dinner will have a greater impact on them.

Therefore, from the health point of view, you should also try to arrange your three meals a day regularly, and you can’t have less dinner.

Which is more important, breakfast or dinner?

The field of chrononutrition is exploring this problem.

Temporal nutrition is a new research field in recent years, which studies how factors such as food intake time, diet pattern and eating frequency affect the metabolism, energy balance and health status of the body. Over the years, it has been found that the time to eat breakfast and dinner will have a certain impact on health.

Studies have found that skipping breakfast is related to the increased risk of circulatory diseases and all-cause death in men and the increased risk of all-cause death in women; Habitual skipping breakfast is associated with an increased risk of gastrointestinal cancers, including esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma; Skipping breakfast will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.

Dinner is also important. For example, some studies have found that eating dinner after 9 o’clock increases the risk of cancer. Eating dinner before 9 o’clock every night can reduce the comprehensive cancer risk by about 25%, and at the same time, compared with going to bed immediately after meals, sleeping after meals for 2 hours or more can reduce the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer by 20%. Eating only one meal a day is associated with a higher risk of death, while skipping lunch or dinner especially increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

These studies are still being explored and need further argumentation. However, judging from the current voice in the field of nutrition, it is generally believed that a regular diet is more beneficial to health.

According to the report of American Dietary Guidelines, Americans who eat three meals a day have higher dietary quality than those who eat two meals a day, which is attributed to the relatively large intake of vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dairy products.

The American Heart Association (AHA) summarized the effects of specific dietary patterns on the health markers of cardiac metabolism, including obesity, blood lipid level, insulin resistance and blood pressure. The results showed that skipping breakfast, intermittent fasting, eating frequency (daily eating times) and eating time were the dietary patterns that affected the health markers of cardiac metabolism. Irregular eating patterns are not conducive to maintaining good cardiac metabolic health.

Therefore, it is suggested that people should consciously formulate a good eating pattern, whether it is breakfast or dinner, and develop a regular eating habit of three meals.

Finally, as a staff member in the field of food and nutrition, I would like to give you some suggestions:

1. Give yourself some time: Please give yourself some time for breakfast or dinner. Even if you simply eat a bowl of porridge, an egg, or a piece of bread and a glass of milk, you can provide your body with the energy and nutrition you need.

2. Gradually improve the level of nutrition: Many people are really busy and don’t have much time to prepare breakfast or dinner, but they can start slowly and try their best to diversify their food and promote a balanced nutrition. Dietary guidelines suggest that we eat 12 kinds of food every day and 25 kinds of food every week. Therefore, there should not be too few kinds of food every day. It is suggested that we should try our best to have high-quality protein such as vegetables, fruit staple food and meat, instead of all big fish and big meat.

3. Pay attention to your body’s feelings: When you feel hungry or uncomfortable, don’t ignore it. This is a signal from your body that you need to supplement energy and nutrition. Please respect your body’s feelings and provide it with the food it needs in time.

4. Keep a positive attitude: the change of eating habits is not achieved overnight, it takes time and persistence. In this process, please keep a positive attitude and patience, and believe that your efforts will bring good health and a better life.


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