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What is the experience of playing volleyball on the bench? Come to Hainan to see "Village Pai"

This summer, the township volleyball league in Wenchang, Hainan was popular through the Internet. Although it is an amateur competition attended by local villagers, there are many fierce competitive scenes and more enthusiastic fans and spectators. There are competitions in every village and everyone can play ball. Why are local residents so keen on volleyball? Walk into Wenchang, Hainan and feel the popularity and vitality of the "village platoon" here.
In Wenchang volleyball circle, Huang Zi, who is over half a century old, is a famous figure. When he was young, he was also a fierce player on the court. Now he is too old to run, but his enthusiasm for volleyball remains undiminished. The township volleyball league was about to start that night, and Lao Huang was busy again. He loaded the fans’ clothes customized by his friends into the car.
The game on the field is fierce and the field is packed. Who would have thought that this was just a township volleyball league? Different from the 6-a-side volleyball matches we often see, all the volleyball played here is 9-a-side volleyball. Not only many people participated in the competition, but also many players went into battle barefoot or in slippers, and they played fast break, spike and block brilliantly.
Xu feng, captain of Wenchang Dongjiao Team: It’s hot here, and everyone likes to wear slippers. It’s easier to go outside. I’m used to playing. I can play without clothes or barefoot.
There is a court in every village, and everyone can play. In Wenchang, in such a stadium, the most common picture is to meet acquaintances. The players may be the "second brother" who went home during the summer vacation, or the "third uncle" who opened a shop in the town. We are close to each other and know each other well.
Fu Xingfa, a member of Wenchang Zhongxing Team: On the opposite side are some of my former friends, all of whom often play ball. Friends off the court, but opponents on the court, so we won’t give in to you. If you lose, let’s buy drinks.
The competition is amateur, but the organization of the competition is not sloppy. Physical education teachers are referees, young and beautiful volleyball babies, humorous commentators, various live broadcast equipment and even sponsors’ advertisements around the stadium. These professional stadium elements are all available, and cheerleader Huang Zi is very busy.
The competition not only attracted local people, but also many fans specially came from other places to experience the charm of Wenchang Village Pai. According to the organizer’s statistics, just two weeks after the competition started, it attracted tens of thousands of people to watch it.
Ms. Sheng, a volleyball fan in Haikou: I came from Haikou just to experience it and see if this feeling is really different. Young people can play, and old people can understand.
Laura, host of Hainan International Communication Center: Playing volleyball in Hainan is very popular. I have learned to play volleyball, that is, playing volleyball with them in Hainan.
The whole people love volleyball "village volleyball" and the mass base is deep.
A township volleyball match is really exciting and enjoyable. After stepping down from the field, the players have resumed their old lives. They may be farmers who cultivate the land, small business owners who run shops, or young people who go out to work or return home during holidays, but volleyball has become an indispensable part of their lives. Wenchang has a good reputation as the "hometown of volleyball". According to the Records of Wenchang County, Wenchang volleyball has a long history, and it has been more than a hundred years since volleyball was introduced to Wenchang in the early 20th century.
Lin Min, a cheerleader in Puqian Town, Wenchang City: There is always a volleyball match in our village. Everyone will play, and when the atmosphere comes up, they all play. It’s a natural gene. That’s how the ball hits the hand.
This court, which is hidden in the coconut grove, is the volleyball court in Yehai Village, Dongjiao Town, Wenchang City. It is a standard-sized court with all kinds of nets and sideline. In the evening, the weather is still hot, and many children are already playing on the court.
Fu Fangji, a middle school student in the eastern suburbs of Wenchang City: Show me the photos of my dad when he was young. I saw that my dad looked handsome when he played volleyball, and then I followed him. They all play on the playground with their classmates, often sweating.
In the mottled shadows of the trees, several teenagers confronted each other on the field. They were shirtless and sweaty, laughing and laughing constantly. The children in the village like to play games, and gradually developed solid basic skills in the confrontation. Of course, if you win, you can also get a reward.
Lin Fa, a middle school student in the eastern suburbs of Wenchang City: Whoever loses will treat you, and treat you to drinks.
The stadium is a paradise for children during the day and a stage for adults at night. Farming, selling vegetables, driving, opening stores … After work, people took off their shoes and played ball with bare arms until late at night. In the evening, there is a friendly match between Dongjiao Town and Dongge Town. The game has not started yet, and the field is already surrounded by villagers and fans.
In Wenchang, the whole people participate in volleyball, and the gameplay is even more varied. Playing with benches, everyone holding hands and playing together … Among them, the "bench" volleyball is the most distinctive, and the players use the "bench" to serve, spike and block.
In recent years, Wenchang has built and renovated many volleyball courts, large and small, with different standards. Today, there are more than 600 volleyball courts in the city, covering almost every village, with the participation of all men, women and children.
Bao Guangyu, director of Wenchang Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports Bureau: Every year, there will be new construction, renovation or renovation, ranging from a dozen to dozens of volleyball courts. At least millions of funds are invested in rural volleyball, just volleyball.
Grounding gas gathers popularity "village platoon" to make rural life more exciting.
With a strong local flavor, Wenchang volleyball is out of the circle, which also drives volleyball to blossom everywhere in Hainan. In recent years, some young people who love volleyball have also played at home and abroad. Village Pai, as a mass sport, has made the people play their best, and the local government has also actively promoted the cultural tourism industry centered on village Pai, which has promoted the prosperity of rural culture and economic development.
Fu Xiangming, although he is not tall, once participated in the first nine-a-side volleyball competition in China on behalf of Hainan Province. He was the only player without professional training. He worked hard with his teammates and finally won the championship.
Fu Xiangming, a member of Wenchang Dongjiao Team: When I was in the first grade of primary school, I tied a rope under the coconut tree and played volleyball with my classmates. Basically, I played volleyball with my classmates every day after class.
Fu Xiangming’s parents didn’t approve of his playing at first. However, seeing his son’s enthusiasm for volleyball, his parents finally chose to support him silently.
Fu Xiangming’s father, Fu Xiangshun: This is Xiang Ming’s winning prize in competitions in counties and cities in recent years. In order to encourage him, I will do everything as hard as I like volleyball.
Now Fu Xiangming works in a local coconut processing factory in Wenchang, and playing volleyball is still an important part of his life. Busy in the production line during the day, after work at night, he plunged into the volleyball court to feel the enthusiasm and passion of volleyball.
Fu Xiangming, a member of Wenchang Dongjiao team: You should work hard here to make money during the day, or your boss will deduct your salary. If you get off work, you usually get off work at five or six o’clock. When you get off work, you really want to get off work and play ball. I go to the stadium almost every day. If I don’t play, I just sit there and watch them play.
Fu Xiangming is only 162 meters tall, but he has a solid defensive skill in the back row. He saved the ball and risked his life. The locals gave him the nickname "Tie Sanbo".
Fu Xiangming, a member of Wenchang Dongjiao team: Those fans have a little recognition of my own strength, so I got the nickname. What they didn’t expect was that the ball could hardly be saved, but I thought in my heart that I could save the ball. Every game should be fought for honor and never admit defeat.
There are many people playing volleyball, watching volleyball and engaging in volleyball in Wenchang. For more than ten years, Wenchang Amateur Sports School has provided a group of excellent players for China men’s volleyball team, women’s volleyball team and sand volleyball team, and even more, it has stepped out of the world champion of sand volleyball, Lin Meimei. The popularity of Wenchang Township Volleyball League matches is closely related to the planning and organization of the local government. This year, there are 20 teams participating in the township volleyball league, with a total of 52 games, which last for 2 months. In order to expand its influence and meet more audiences, the local government has made detailed plans. In front of the shop, the town is decorated with lights to welcome visitors from all directions. The venue was brightly lit, and the inner and outer floors were surrounded by spectators. The shouts of players and the cheers of the audience pierced the night sky. The pedestrian street outside the venue is also very lively, with the live broadcast of the game on the big screen, wonderful programs on the stage, and the overflowing smell of vinegar, which makes the whole town immersed in the festive atmosphere.
Mr. Zhong, a volleyball fan in Haikou: As a Hainanese, I will feel that Hainan’s sports culture is going up.
Bao Guangyu, Director of Wenchang Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports Bureau: It is our goal to build Hainan’s "Village VA" ("Village Pai") into a well-known brand of mass sports events in China. We must continue to do so to make brand events more durable and more vital, and at the same time play a better role in driving.
"Village Pai" in Wenchang, Hainan: Making the countryside more vibrant.
This summer, a series of fiery "Village Pai" events, while constantly enriching the spiritual and cultural life of local people, have gradually become a new engine to promote rural revitalization. The rise and fall of "Village Pai" in Wenchang, Hainan has undoubtedly injected more vitality into the countryside and made the countryside present a more vibrant scene.

It’s snowing Many places in Guangxi welcome the first snow in 2024.

Snow in Guyu Village, Anma Township, Yizhou, Hechi. (Photo/He Taowen/Nie Peibin)

Snow in Guyu Village, Anma Township, Yizhou, Hechi. (Photo/He Taowen/Nie Peibin)

Snow falls in vegetable fields in Sanbao Village, Sanbao Township, Tiane County, Hechi. (Photo/Xie Cuiting Wen/Nie Peibin)

Snow Scene of Zafu Village, Jiayou Town, lingyun county, Baise. (Photo/Hu Renhuan Wen/Nie Peibin)

Snow covers the car in Zafu Village, Jiayou Town, lingyun county, Baise. (Photo/Hu Renhuan Wen/Nie Peibin)

Snow Scene in Xiasan Village, Jiayou Town, lingyun county, Baise. (Photo/Yang Zaifuwen/Nie Peibin)

Snow scene of lingchuan county Meteorological Bureau in Guilin. (Photo/Deng Suhua Yuwen/Nie Peibin)

Snow scene in observation field of lingchuan county Meteorological Bureau, Guilin. (Photo/Deng Suhua Yuwen/Nie Peibin)

Snowflakes are fluttering in the urban area of Guilin. (Photo/Peng Wenyu Wen/Nie Peibin)

Snowflakes are fluttering in the urban area of Guilin. (Photo/Peng Wenyu Wen/Nie Peibin)

Snowflakes are fluttering in the urban area of Guilin. (Photo/Peng Wenyu Wen/Nie Peibin)

Snowflakes are fluttering in the urban area of Guilin. (Photo/Peng Wenyu Wen/Nie Peibin)

Snow scene of xing an weather station in Guilin. (Photo/Li Huiling Wen/Nie Peibin)

Snow scene of Longji terraced fields in Longsheng, Guilin. (Photo/Meng Jingwen/Nie Peibin)

Snow scene of Longji terraced fields in Longsheng, Guilin. (Photo/Meng Jingwen/Nie Peibin)

People play with snow in Quanzhou, Guilin. (Photo/Zhao Zuhuawen/Nie Peibin)

Snow scene in Ziyuan County, Guilin. (Photo/Tan Qiongwen/Nie Peibin)

Snow scene in Ziyuan County, Guilin. (Photo/Tan Qiongwen/Nie Peibin)

Snow scene in Ziyuan County, Guilin. (Photo/Tan Qiongwen/Nie Peibin)

China Weather Network News It’s snowing! From January 21 to 22, 2024, affected by cold air, the weather in Guangxi was cold, and some areas in the north ushered in the first snow in 2024. The picture shows the snow scene in Ziyuan County, Guilin. (Photo/Tan Qiongwen/Nie Peibin)


Rare in the north! The most beautiful ancient bamboo forest village in Shandong is hidden here! The spring is full of bamboo caves, and the beautiful scenery is better than Jiangnan.

Summer begins to grow as soon as possible, and the south wind is fragrant.
The shoulders are quite smooth, and the Jian road is very cool.
-Tang Bai Juyi’s "Early Summer Tour to Pingquan"
In Tongjing Town, yinan county, there is one.Bainian ancient village,Here, the spring comes out from the mountain, and the bamboo is born from the spring; Villagers live around the spring and build houses by laying stones..
The bamboo forest is hidden in a thatched cottage, and every family faces a clear spring, and the pastoral fruits are fragrant.It is a rare Taohuayuan village in northern China. This isBamboo spring village Hongshizhai Scenic Spot.
Linyi | bamboo spring village Hongshizhai
Exploring the Green Spring of Bamboo and Peach Blossom Garden in Jiangbei
When the summer rain pours down, the bamboo in bamboo spring village glows like a washed green. After a storm comes a calm, under the bamboo forest.Tindel effectBeauty is intoxicating.
Beams of sunlight pass through the cracks and shoot at the ground, and bamboo shadows dance like a holy door to heaven.
"leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song"Playing a mountain stream and pouring a cup of wine among bamboo forests is also a rare pleasure in this world.
Of course, you can also choose to sit in a boat.Listen to the bright folk songs, see the picturesque scenery and feel the customs of Yimeng Mountain area.
Summer is in the flood season, and the waterfalls and streams in the village are flowing like joy. The mountains and rivers are full of vegetation and flowers.A handful of clear springs and a pole of bamboo are the best interpretations here..
If you want to feel more folk customs and food experience, you may wish to go.Lishui StreetVarious explorations in the streets and lanes constitute the unique scenery of bamboo spring village Hongshizhai.
On the long street, a number of gourmet shops lined up:Crock chicken, iron pot fish, whole lamb soup, rolled scallion with vermicelli …It is full of traditional Yimeng cuisine, and together with many ethnic handicrafts, it has built an old street with strong fireworks.
There are also scenic spots.Courtesy in Zhaiwangfu, cottage parade, auto and motorcycle stunt, cross-country motorcycle, Yimeng wedding.And many other deductive activities, so that you have had an addiction to drama.
If you want to have a stronger experience, you might as well try it.Grass skiing, rafting, seaplaneand9D glass bridgeLet you pursue the simplest happiness in the hot summer …
Linyi | bamboo spring village Hongshizhai
The night is more charming when the lights are on.
At night in bamboo spring village, the lights are on, and the light and shadow are mottled, just like a small village in the south of the Yangtze River.
Tourists taste authentic food and snacks, enjoy street performances and feel the lively "fireworks" in the night when bamboo shadows are swaying and springs are gurgling!
Time goes by slowly, the night will not be dark, passing through time after time, and the summer is gentle … The coolness here gives everyone a quiet summer night!
Linyi | bamboo spring village Hongshizhai
Food, the soul of a trip
When you go to a place, you must catch all its delicacies. In bamboo spring village Hongshizhai, you can not only taste the local delicacies, but also enjoy many online celebrity delicacies!
If you are looking for a sense of ceremony, you might as well go to an antique oneZhuyuanEat in the restaurant!The wild flowers are blooming in front of the door, the house is very fashionable, and there is an ins-style dining environment waiting for you..
Whether it’s a bright and clean room or a poetic outdoor, it’s a good place to film!Is there a proper online celebrity wind?
Linyi | bamboo spring village Hongshizhai
B&B brings a happy ending to the trip.
During the trip, have you ever thought about having a homestay, among the green bamboo and green water,Breathe pure negative oxygen ions; Listen to the spring through the wall, the bamboo shadow shakes the window.
I met an eco-boutique B&B in bamboo spring village and gave up your long-awaited wish …
Eat delicious, drink cool ~ you can find a boutique hotel to live in, each yard has its own characteristics,With thatched roofs and stone walls, the interior is decorated with high-end atmosphere..
There are still plants in the yardGourd, towel gourd, lentil, pepperAnd other crops, so that people who have lived in cages for a long time have the opportunity to experience the most authentic pastoral life …
PS: Accommodation in the scenic spot includes Zhuruoju and Hongshi Inn, ecological courtyard, boutique hotel and wooden house villa hotel, etc., each with its own characteristics. You can choose according to your own preferences.
Address:Bamboo spring village Hongshizhai Scenic Spot, Tongjing Town, yinan county City, Linyi City
Transportation:Exit the north and south of Changshen Expressway, all the way to the west via Hutou Town, Sucun Town and Tongjing Town to the north to reach the scenic spot; Get off at Gaoli exit of Rilan Expressway and arrive at the scenic spot in journey to the south; Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Yinan Qingtuo Exit.
·There are many parking lots outside the scenic spot, and there are plenty of parking spaces.
Seeing that the hottest dog days are coming, why don’t friends come to bamboo spring village to feel the bright moon and bamboo, and the coolness and coziness of stones of crystal in its brooks?
Image from bamboo spring village Hongshizhai Scenic Area, copyright belongs to the original author.

In 2024, the "3+1+2" mode of college entrance examination in our province will be arranged from June 7 to 10.

Xin Gansu client Lanzhou Xun(New Gansu Gansu Daily reporter Su Jiaying) The Provincial Education Examinations Institute recently announced the "Implementation Plan for the Admission Examination and Admission of Colleges and Universities in Gansu Province in 2024". In 2024, the "3+1+2" mode will be adopted in the general college entrance examination in our province, and the examination time will be arranged from June 7 to 10.

According to reports, in the "3+1+2" model, "3" is a unified college entrance examination subject of Chinese, mathematics and foreign languages (including English, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish and French); "1" is the first choice for candidates in physics and history; "2" is two re-selected subjects selected by candidates from four subjects: ideological politics, geography, chemistry and biology. Unified college entrance examination subjects use national unified examination papers. The preferred subjects and re-selected subjects for the selective examination of high school academic level are independently proposed by our province.

The total score of candidates consists of three unified college entrance examination subjects and three selective examination subjects, with a full score of 750. Among them, the original scores of unified college entrance examination subjects such as Chinese, mathematics and foreign language use are included in the total scores of candidates, with a perfect score of 150 points for each subject; The first choice subjects of the selective examination (physics and history) are included in the total score of the candidates with the original score, with a perfect score of 100 points for each subject; The re-selected subjects (ideological and political, geography, chemistry, biology, 2 out of 4) are included in the candidates’ total score after the grade assignment conversion according to the Implementation Measures of Gansu Province for the Selective Examination Results of Ordinary Senior High Schools’ Academic Level Included in the Total Score of College Entrance Examination, with a perfect score of 100 for each subject.

Since this year, the enrollment of colleges and universities in our province has been combined with the unified college entrance examination and the ordinary high school academic level examination, with reference to the admission model of the comprehensive quality evaluation of ordinary high school students. The enrollment categories of colleges and universities in our province are divided into general category and artistic category, in which the general category is divided into four batches: undergraduate advance approval, undergraduate approval, higher vocational (specialist) advance approval and higher vocational (specialist) approval; There are three batches of arts and sports: undergraduate approval in advance, undergraduate approval and higher vocational (specialist) approval; Each batch is set up with several paragraphs, and the voluntary reporting mode of "college professional group" is implemented.


The original small group has an annual income of 300 million? She finally forwarded the clarification: because of this, I got the nickname "Tuan 300 million"

Original title: The small group has an annual income of 300 million? She finally forwarded the clarification: because of this, I got the nickname "Tuan 300 million"

"Tuan 300 million"

A long time ago, it was reported that some well-known anchors were worth a lot of money, such as a small group that never showed up, and she could earn 300 million yuan a year. However, the news is a bit strange. In fact, two years ago, someone said that the small group was the anchor with an annual income of 300 million. Recently, a so-called "list" was exposed, saying that the small group earned 300 million yuan a year.

If that’s the case, why hasn’t her price remained the same for two years? In fact, the popularity of the small group was higher before, and now the number of fans is higher. In any case, there should always be some changes in her worth. Nothing has changed in two years, and the data are exactly the same, so the authenticity is open to question.

Soon, the leaderboard said that they didn’t make this kind of table, and the source of the data was not clear, which means it’s not true. Now, Xiao Tuantuan finally clarified her worth, and she joked with fans: Because of this, I have a nickname "Tuan 300 million". Her worth has been fixed at 300 million, so everyone is so spiteful.

Real worth

Xiao Tuantuan stood up and clarified herself, proving that she really didn’t have such a high price, but the fans were adamant. She teased Xiao Tuantuan in the comment area and teased her price. Xiao Tuantuan has been a well-known anchor for a long time, and she usually has no entertainment activities, just playing with her girlfriends. Xiao Tuantuan should have saved a lot of money now. What is her price?

In fact, the signing fee of many big-name anchors is only tens of millions, and it is not bad to reach 100 million with the money earned from various promotions. The small group is not so popular, and its real worth should be tens of millions. Moreover, this money is not only for her, but also for the guild, the team and the platform.

The first is the platform. The money earned by the anchor often needs to be given as a gift, which is earned by the platform. Gifts from fans, the platform will also get a big head. In addition, the small group has a guild called Chongqing Wan. Not long ago, they also had some disagreements, because the small group wanted to leave. Unfortunately, the three-party contract still expired in two years, and the small group was registered by the guild. The anchor was a little sad and cried directly.

Therefore, the guild will also take some money. Then there is the small group’s team. She is also a big anchor and needs her own team to take care of daily affairs. These staff members are paid, but they just don’t know whether it is given by the guild or the small group. There is a high probability that it is her own.

Personal point of view

Therefore, the small group seems to have made a lot of money. In fact, it is divided into so many people, and there is no such high annual salary at all. Is the small group really earning 300 million yuan a year? She finally forwarded the clarification: because of this, I got the nickname "Tuan 300 million". This article is completely original, welcome to pay attention and take you to learn together!

Editor in charge:


Real estate recovery can be expected

Lian Ping/Wen

In the first half of the year, the recovery of the real estate market was difficult. Real estate sales showed a positive signal at the beginning of the year and fell again in the second quarter. House prices generally bottomed out, new house prices generally showed signs of stabilization, and second-hand house prices continued to fall. The financial situation of housing enterprises is tight, land acquisition is cautious, and land transactions continue to grow negatively. The special loan of "Baojiaolou" promoted the continuous improvement of the completion end, the investment in new housing construction and Jian ‘an project was slow, and the decline in real estate investment narrowed slightly.

Looking forward to the second half of the year, the real estate market may still face a "headwind" in a short period of time. The Politburo meeting brought a long-lost warm wind to the market. Housing policy will increase support in the second half of the year. The interest rate of individual housing loan policy is expected to remain low, and the market interest rate may be slightly lower. It is estimated that the annual residential sales are still expected to achieve a slight positive growth, the overall house price will gradually stabilize, and the supply and demand structure of the land market will improve. It is expected that more effective positive policies will be introduced in the second half of the year to promote the "second half" of real estate projects and alleviate the debt problem of housing enterprises. It is expected that the decline in real estate investment in the whole year will be narrower than that in the first half of the year.

I. Market Operation Outlook in the Second Half of the Year

1. This round of real estate cycle tends to be weak recovery.

The real estate market did recover in the first half of the year. With the implementation of previous policies and measures, the dark moment of real estate has passed and the recovery channel has been opened. Although the first quarter of the property market is fleeting, the real estate industry still has the momentum of sustainable development. First, the policy is in a relatively supportive stage. The further implementation of the previous property market policy and the continued relaxation of the subsequent property market policy will continue to provide a relatively relaxed policy support environment for the real estate industry. Second, the income of residents is gradually improving. With the economic recovery, the per capita disposable income of urban residents increased by 5.4% in the first half of the year, up 1.4 percentage points from the first quarter. Third, the continuous advancement of new urbanization continues to provide effective demand for the real estate market. In 2022, China’s urbanization rate is 65.2%, and the household registration rate is around 47%, which is far from the average level of 80% in developed economies. In the coming period, China is still in the rapid development stage of new urbanization, and the huge demand potential released in this process will provide strong support for the real estate market. Fourth, the fading of factors such as epidemic disturbance has promoted the rapid release of the backlog of demand.

At present, the purchasing power of residential departments is not as good as similar cycles in the past. In the past two decades, there have been three negative growth in real estate sales area, in 2008, 2014 and 2019. Among them, 2008 was hit by the global financial crisis, when the growth rate of disposable income of urban households was above 14%; The growth rate of disposable income of urban households was around 8%-9% when real estate sales declined in the last two times, but now, after three years of epidemic, the growth rate of disposable income of urban households is only around 5%. The slowdown of residents’ income growth is one of the important factors to curb the expansion of housing demand.

Housing financial support policies are relatively mild. Mortgage interest rate policy, the rate of interest rate reduction is relatively limited. The inflection point of this round of mortgage interest rate began at the end of the third quarter of 2021, and by the end of the second quarter of 2023, the LPR was reduced by 45 basis points, and the personal housing provident fund loan interest rate was reduced by 15 basis points, with a total reduction of 60 basis points. Although this is related to the current management of the overall domestic bank loan interest rate level, it is relatively small compared with the previous 100 and 150 basis points.

Real estate developers actually get less financial support. Although since the third quarter of 2022, commercial banks have gradually improved their loans to housing enterprises under the promotion of the special loan of "guaranteed property" and the policy of "three arrows of finance", considering that the target of policy support is mainly high-quality housing enterprises, the financing difficulties of some small and medium-sized housing enterprises with relatively poor qualifications have not been effectively solved. By the end of the first half of 2023, the off-balance-sheet financing of real estate enterprises continued to decrease, and many other listed real estate enterprises were told by the exchange that there was a risk of delisting, and the private financing capacity was relatively lacking. In the first half of the year, the self-raised funds of real estate enterprises (accounting for 35% of the sources of housing enterprises’ funds in 2022) decreased by more than 20% year-on-year, which was very rare in the past.

Under the background of the real estate support policy of most local governments in China, the central bank, policy banks and state-owned banks have increased the investment in housing financial resources, and launched development loan support plans, rescue funds, rental housing financial loan support tools and so on. Due to the impact of the epidemic and the pressure of long-term debt of real estate enterprises, it has had a great impact on the two important sectors of the real estate market-the residential sector and the real estate enterprises. It is difficult for the real estate market to repair as quickly as in 2009, 2013 and 2016, and the recovery cycle of this round of real estate market is likely to be weaker than the previous recovery cycle.

Based on the comprehensive judgment, it is expected that the real estate market may be in a weak recovery situation in general during the year. With the support of relatively loose housing policy, the situation of further rapid decline in the short term has been alleviated, but compared with previous recovery cycles, there may be many twists and turns in the recovery process, and the poor actual capital turnover of some housing enterprises may lead to the overall real estate construction investment is difficult to improve comprehensively. The expected return of real estate investment comes at a time when the sustained recovery of commercial housing sales and external financial support are needed. The downside risks of investment still exist during the year, and the drag on economic growth still needs attention.

2. The real estate policy is expected to further increase support.

The real estate policy will remain warm in the second half of the year. In July, the Politburo meeting decided to "adapt to the new situation of great changes in the supply and demand of China’s real estate market and adjust and optimize real estate policies in a timely manner". The basic idea of supporting policies is to continue to focus on improving housing sales and activating demand. At the same time, on the basis of the existing conditions, the policy will enhance the ability of high-quality housing enterprises to acquire land and expand, strengthen the investment in the construction of new and guaranteed buildings, and prevent large-scale accidents of housing enterprises as much as possible. Under the policy background of "staying in a house without speculation" and "making policy for the city", all localities will further explore the introduction of policies conducive to the stabilization of the real estate market, so as to gradually realize the goal of "three stabilities" in the real estate market.

On the demand side, the adjustment method is mainly to lower the threshold of buying houses and increase transaction activity. The mortgage interest rate is expected to drop slightly. With the central bank lowering the LPR benchmark interest rate in June, the benchmark mortgage interest rate of commercial banks will be lowered accordingly, and the first and second home mortgage interest rates are expected to fall further. The restrictive housing purchase policy is expected to be further loosened. It is expected that more third-tier cities will follow Yangzhou’s practice in the second half of the year and gradually cancel previous measures such as restricting purchases, loans and sales to promote the recovery of the property market. There may be more cities adopting the second-hand housing transaction mode of "mortgage transfer", moderately lowering the tax rate of second-hand housing transactions and reducing the brokerage service rate. For the first-tier and second-tier housing market with tight supply and demand, it is not excluded to gradually and moderately cancel the restrictive housing purchase policy for some or all urban areas when necessary, and increase the housing purchase subsidy to boost the confidence of the housing transaction market.

On the supply side, the main ways of policy support are to ensure the reasonable financing needs of housing enterprises, do a good job in risk management and control of housing enterprises and optimize the land transaction system. At the end of June, the central bank and the General Administration of Financial Supervision extended the two important financing businesses of real estate enterprises until the end of 2024, and proposed that the next stage will keep the real estate financing reasonable and moderate, increase the financial support of Baojiaolou, and promote the marketization of industry risks. It is expected that relevant departments will speed up the examination and approval of bond financing and equity financing of housing enterprises, meet the reasonable financing needs of the industry (especially for high-quality housing enterprises), promote mergers and acquisitions of the industry, and continuously improve and optimize the assets and liabilities of housing enterprises. It is expected that the credit resources of "Baojiaolou" may increase in the second half of the year, which will accelerate the completion of commercial housing and the sale of existing homes. There is still room for improvement in the land market. It is expected that some big cities will gradually introduce high-quality land and increase the proportion of residential land supply. The rules of land auction may be loosened in terms of reducing the proportion of allocation or self-holding, the proportion of deposit, and the payment period, so as to reduce the funds occupied by real estate enterprises. Conditional cities may moderately increase the premium rate of land auction and increase the enthusiasm of real estate enterprises including private enterprises.

3. Investment confidence in the real estate market still needs to be boosted.

In the second half of the year, the sales of commercial housing may be suppressed first and then stabilized. At present, the foundation for the full recovery of the real estate market is not solid. Demand is mainly concentrated in first-tier cities and surrounding third-tier cities and key second-tier cities, and the housing demand accumulated over the past two years is expected to continue to be released. After the rapid release at the beginning of the year, it may enter a steady state in the remaining months, and the anxiety about the housing market may continue into the third quarter and become the lowest point in the year. In the fourth quarter, with the recovery of residents’ income and the completion of housing, it is expected to push up sales and pick up. The traditional "Golden September and Silver 10" market may be difficult to reproduce, but the high-end market in some big cities still has good appeal. The low base in the fourth quarter of 2022 will also help the growth of real estate sales in the fourth quarter technically. It is estimated that the sales area of commercial housing will increase slightly by about 2%-3% year-on-year, and the sales will turn from negative to positive.

The improvement of sales margin will help more cities to stop falling and stabilize housing prices. The month-on-month trend of commercial housing prices is basically synchronized with the performance of housing sales. It is expected that house prices may decline slightly in the third quarter and return to positive in the fourth quarter. The inventory of commercial housing in most second-and third-tier cities is at a relatively high level, and the process of destocking is relatively tortuous. Combined with the performance of similar cycles, it is estimated that by the end of the year, the price of new houses in China will increase by 1.5% year-on-year, the price of second-hand houses will increase by 0.5% year-on-year, and house prices in many cities will "turn from falling to rising". Housing prices in some big cities are relatively firm, which is due to the low inventory of existing commercial houses and the rising land prices in the past three to four quarters. It is estimated that the price of new houses in first-tier cities will increase by 3% year-on-year, and the price of second-hand houses will increase by 2% year-on-year.

The land market will still focus on big cities and their surrounding areas. Housing enterprises’ own interest expenses and debt repayment pressure are still not small. The main participants in the local auction market are still central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises with relatively stable styles. It is unlikely that private housing enterprises will significantly increase their land reserves during the year, but they may participate selectively in the second half of the year when the capital situation is relatively abundant. It is expected that some big cities will release more high-quality land plots. The central bank has indicated its support attitude towards the development loans of high-quality housing enterprises. Objectively, some high-quality housing enterprises also need to replenish their warehouses. According to estimates, the inventory (land reserve) of listed high-quality real estate enterprises is at a relatively low level. Based on the comprehensive calculation, the ratio of inventory to total assets of the top 30 real estate enterprises listed in A shares and H shares fell to 45.9% by the end of 2022, the second lowest since the epidemic in 2020. It is not difficult to explain why in the first half of 2023, state-owned enterprises such as China Resources, Poly and China Shipping ranked among the top three in terms of land acquisition amount during the year.

Confidence in real estate investment is still insufficient. Considering that the improvement of housing sales and land market is not fully improved, and most housing enterprises are still trapped and the financial situation is tight, the regional real estate investment mainly depends on the eastern coastal areas. From the perspective of the source of funds for housing enterprises, the incremental funds in the second half of the year mainly come from advance receipts, deposits and personal mortgage loans, and its growth rate is expected to improve slightly. The special loan for "Baojiaolou" will continue to provide support for the housing completion section. However, the off-balance-sheet "leverage reduction" behavior of housing enterprises may continue with a high probability, mainly because the balance of Chinese offshore US debt and trust will continue to decrease. With regard to the judgment of construction funds for projects under construction, it is expected that the extension of loans related to large-scale high-quality housing enterprises will be supported by banks, but the possibility of further capital injection by most small and medium-sized developers is low. Based on comprehensive judgment, it is expected that there will still be some downside risks in real estate investment in the second half of the year, and the pressure in the third quarter is relatively high. It is expected to rebound slightly in the fourth quarter, and the accumulated real estate investment in the whole year may fall by 7% year-on-year.

Second, the industry risk analysis

1, the macroeconomic impact of the real estate market downturn.

As a pillar industry of the national economy, real estate connects the two major demands of consumption and investment, and plays an important role in economic growth. According to statistics, real estate economic activities account for nearly 30% of GDP, real estate-related loans account for nearly 40% of bank credit, real estate-related income accounts for 50% of local comprehensive financial resources, and real estate accounts for 60% of urban residents’ assets. According to the model of Zhixin Research Institute, every 1% drop in real estate development investment will drag down the GDP growth rate by about 0.1 percentage points. In the first quarter, the real estate market turned down in the second quarter after a short period of spring. In the first half of the year, the decline in real estate investment dragged down the growth rate of fixed assets investment by 1.6 percentage points and the growth rate of total retail sales of consumer goods by 2.3 percentage points. It directly dragged down the GDP growth rate by about 0.4 percentage points, and indirectly dragged down GDP by about 0.5 percentage points; The negative impact of real estate-related activities on economic growth, especially on stimulating domestic demand, is remarkable. In the first half of the year, the growth rate of total retail sales of enterprises above designated size increased from 1.9% at the end of last year to 6.3%, but the growth rate of sales of products closely related to real estate was still lower than the average. For example, the sales growth rate of building and decoration materials, household appliances and audio-visual equipment, furniture, especially building products has not improved, but has further declined.

The drag of real estate investment on economic growth is expected to narrow slightly in the second half of the year, but it should not be taken lightly. Considering the financial pressure of housing enterprises, the low level of land acquisition and the pressure on the stock of Jian ‘an projects, it is difficult for real estate development investment to improve in the second half of the year. However, under the low cardinal utility in the same period last year, the year-on-year decline of real estate development investment will be narrowed from -7.9% in the first half of the year to -7%, and the drag of real estate on economic growth will also be slightly narrowed. It is estimated that investment in real estate development in the second half of the year may drag down investment in fixed assets by 1.6 percentage points, drag down social zero consumption by 2.1 percentage points, and drag down GDP growth by about 0.7 percentage points. According to the above calculation results, real estate investment may have a greater drag on GDP for the second consecutive year, which is really rare in the economic development of China in the past two decades. During this period, most real estate developers’ continuous reduction of balance sheets may imply the change of their main business objectives, that is, the change from actively expanding balance sheets to actively managing balance sheets. International experience shows that the formation of this trend may last for many years, in other words, the downward drag of real estate investment on the macro economy may continue further.

The land purchase fee may have a negative growth for three consecutive years, and the local government’s debt repayment pressure will increase. From January to June 2023, the land purchase fee was 2.1 trillion yuan, down 2.6% year-on-year; The corresponding local state-owned land transfer income was 1.87 trillion, down 20.9% year-on-year, and the decline may be further expanded in the second half of the year. Due to the continuous decline of land transfer income, the income of local government funds has also declined simultaneously, resulting in a decline in the proportion of these two incomes in the overall local fiscal revenue. By the end of June, 2023, the proportion of land transfer in the narrow sense of national fiscal revenue has dropped to only 13%, which is the lowest level in the past decade. It seems that the decline of land transfer revenue has little impact on national fiscal revenue. However, the decline in the scale and growth rate of land transfer income is actually a huge test for local finance. By the end of June, 2023, the proportion of land transfer revenue to local narrow fiscal revenue dropped to about 20%, and the proportion of local government fund revenue was 87%. In the three years since the introduction of the "Three Red Lines", the local government’s land transfer income has been negative for two consecutive years, and the land transfer income is likely to remain at a low level in the second half of the year, which means that the corresponding government fund expenditure projects have insufficient investment support. At present, the repayment guarantee multiple of local government special debt has been reduced to 3.5 times, and the repayment pressure of local government debt will continue to increase, which may induce urban investment companies in economically underdeveloped areas to face greater repayment pressure in the future, and does not rule out the possibility of local debt repayment delay or debt default.

2. The debt repayment pressure of housing enterprises cannot be ignored.

It is estimated that the outstanding debt of housing enterprises in the second half of the year is 369.2 billion yuan, a decrease of 126.7 billion yuan compared with the first half of the year, which is still no small challenge compared with revenue. Among them, in the third quarter, housing enterprises will usher in the second small peak of debt repayment in the year, which is still a big test for housing enterprises; In the fourth quarter, the debt repayment pressure of housing enterprises may be eased. It should be pointed out that the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate may lead to an increase of 5%-8% in the overall debt service cost of housing enterprises this year compared with last year.

Affected by delisting and debt default, there was a big funding gap in the special loan of "Baojiaolou" during the year. According to the public information of listed real estate enterprises that have been disclosed, in addition to the three companies that have been delisted in the first half of the year, there are currently six listed real estate enterprises in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and nine listed real estate enterprises in Hong Kong have suspended trading for more than 18 months before the end of the year, which may lead to the risk of triggering the exchange to issue a delisting warning letter. In view of the fact that many of the above-mentioned housing enterprises are well-known large and medium-sized housing enterprises, with a large number of projects and cities covered, and most of them have experienced problems such as debt default, project shutdown, significant decline in sales and tight cash flow. If the impact of delisting is superimposed, the difficulty of continuing to promote the task of "guaranteeing the delivery of buildings" may further increase, and it will have a certain impact on the smooth operation of the market. Based on financial calculations, including sales repayment ability, construction and installation costs, accounts payable and other indicators, it is estimated that the funding gap of "Baojiaolou" related to real estate enterprises that have been or are facing delisting risks may reach 400-500 billion yuan during the year.

3. Financial risks of housing enterprises need to be paid attention to.

At present, the interest rate of housing enterprises’ bank loans is higher than their return on investment. Due to factors such as epidemic disturbance, financing difficulties and periodicity, the return on investment of real estate enterprises has suddenly and rapidly declined since the fourth quarter of 2021, and it continues to be lower than the average loan interest rate of financial institutions. In history, only in the middle of 2011, there was a brief "cross" between the return on invested capital and the loan interest rate, but at that time, the return on invested capital of real estate enterprises was still at a relatively high level of more than 8%. According to statistics, the weighted return on investment capital (ROIC) of real estate enterprises listed on the mainland A-share market has rapidly dropped from 6%-8% in 2018-2020 to less than 4%, and it was 3% in the first quarter of 2023. Although the weighted average interest rate of RMB loans of financial institutions has gradually declined in the past three years, the overall loan interest rate has declined by about 100 basis points. By the end of the first quarter of 2023, the weighted average interest rate of loans will be 4.34%. That is to say, from the fourth quarter of 2021, for the relatively high-quality housing enterprises that can get loans from commercial banks, the on-balance-sheet credit cost begins to be higher than the return on investment. Perhaps in the short term, housing enterprises can fill the short-term liquidity gap through bank loans, but in the medium and long term, they will have to shrink credit to curb high costs. Therefore, the input cost is higher than the rate of return, which leads to a sharp contraction in the profits of housing enterprises in the past two years, and even some listed housing enterprises suffer losses, which is also an important reason for the non-performing loans of banking housing enterprises.

In recent years, the balance and non-performing rate of real estate loans of state-owned banks and large and medium-sized joint-stock commercial banks have been "Shuang Sheng". In order to actively respond to the policy call, commercial banks increased their credit support to housing enterprises in 2022, especially in the second half of the year. By the end of 2022, the credit balance of sample commercial banks to housing enterprises reached 6.4 trillion yuan, up 3.8% year-on-year, and the balance growth rate increased by 4.2 percentage points compared with the end of 2021. However, the increase in credit has not effectively reduced the scale and growth rate of non-performing loans of housing enterprises. At the end of 2022, the total non-performing loans of sample commercial banks and housing enterprises reached 268 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 68%; The non-performing loan ratio of housing enterprises rose to 4.2%, an increase of 1.6 percentage points from the end of 2021 and an increase of 3.3 percentage points from the end of 2019 before the epidemic. The rising rate of non-performing loans of commercial banks’ housing enterprises is caused by many factors, but the problem of "sequelae" after three years of epidemic is more prominent. By the end of 2022, the proportion of non-performing loans of housing enterprises in the total non-performing loans of commercial banks has risen to about 20%, even exceeding the level of non-performing loans of the four major housing enterprises during the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States from 2007 to 2009, which must be paid enough attention to.

It is very difficult for commercial banks to continuously increase credit support for housing enterprises. Usually, commercial banks have two ways to deal with non-performing loans. First, if the operating conditions of housing enterprises change positively with the improvement of housing sales, commercial banks will seek to solve the problem of non-performing loans by extending the loan period and allowing borrowers to extend their existing loans appropriately. The other is inclined to shrink and reduce the loan business of housing enterprises to reduce the scale of corresponding concern loans, but this may lead more housing enterprises to face more risk of debt default. In view of the large regional differences in the current national real estate market, some housing loans focusing on the real estate market in third-and fourth-tier cities may still be risky in the future.

Third, policy recommendations to maintain the healthy operation of the real estate market

The "July 24" Politburo meeting further strengthened the wording of supporting policies in the real estate field, and proposed "adjusting and optimizing real estate policies in a timely manner to adapt to the new situation in which the relationship between supply and demand in China’s real estate market has undergone major changes". This is of great significance to the real estate market and China’s economic recovery, and the real estate policy needs to be adjusted and optimized according to the actual situation.

At present, the real estate market is gradually turning from a comprehensive downturn to a recovery, but we still can’t underestimate the resistance and hidden risks faced by the recovery of the real estate market. The repair of residents’ balance sheets needs more patience, and the release rhythm of individual housing loans may be longer than before. To fully understand the risks of housing enterprises, real estate developers are facing operational difficulties, the increase of non-performing loans, financing sustainability and other issues that deserve more attention, and the whole is in the process of reducing leverage in the medium and long term. It is expected that some eligible first-tier and key second-tier cities in the second half of the year may cancel or moderately cancel the restrictive housing purchase policy and try to implement "one district, one policy"; The supply side will further increase the supply-side support of housing finance and effectively resolve the financial risks of housing enterprises. In order to better release the market demand and prevent and control the risks of housing enterprises, nine policy suggestions are put forward.

The first suggestion is to guide commercial banks to further provide stable housing credit support for residents. In view of the demand for rigid first suites, eligible cities can appropriately reduce the down payment ratio of mortgage loans, including key second-tier cities and some first-tier cities; Commercial banks can reduce the mortgage interest rate by "adding points"; Increase the relaxation of local provident fund policies, and the maximum amount of provident fund loans can be increased by 50,000-100,000 yuan. We will ensure that 2.3-2.5 trillion yuan of personal mortgage loans will be added throughout the year, which will drive the proportion of personal mortgage loans in commercial banks to increase by 0.2-0.3 percentage points.

The second proposal is to focus on supporting the demand for rigid housing and ensuring the lower purchase cost of the first suite. It is suggested that for cities with relatively low property market, the implementation space of preferential interest rate policy for first-home mortgage should be reserved or the lower limit of interest rate for first-home mortgage should be phased out. In order to reduce the pressure on commercial banks, the central government’s discount loan policy can be introduced to give financial subsidies to the lowered interest rates, and the implementation period is temporarily one year. According to the leverage leverage relationship between personal mortgage loans and housing sales in the past three years, the amount of mortgage loans involved is about 40 billion, and the corresponding amount of housing sales is about 250 billion yuan.

The third proposal is to give preferential loans to buyers who just need and improve their needs in stages. In order to alleviate the initial purchase cost of property buyers, it is suggested to implement a preferential repayment plan for personal mortgage loans and provident fund loans, with a loan interest rate reduced by 20% and a preferential period of two to three years. After the preferential period, commercial banks can negotiate with lenders to allocate this part of the early preferential loans to the rest of the period.

The fourth recommendation is that first-and second-tier cities should moderately loosen the policy of restricting purchases and loans to release demand, expand sales and recover funds. At present, the supply and demand structure of the real estate market has undergone tremendous changes. The public and society generally do not have a strong expectation of rising house prices, and the possibility of a sharp rise in house prices is small. At this time, the conditions for loosening the policy of restricting purchases and loans have been met. It is suggested that eligible cities can apply the policy of "recognizing houses but not loans". The national housing demand is mainly distributed in the first-and second-tier cities and the eastern coastal areas. After more than three years of the epidemic, the per capita disposable income in first-tier cities and second-tier provincial capitals increased by 5.6% annually, and the compound growth rate of primary school students was above 3%, which were significantly higher than the national average. Thanks to the support of industrial structure, social public services and high-quality educational resources, it also provides a good foundation for first-tier and key second-tier cities to bring more rigid and improved housing demand. Historical experience at home and abroad shows that relaxing restrictive measures, effectively increasing housing supply, actively controlling land prices and reasonably guiding market expectations will not lead to excessive rise in housing prices.

The fifth recommendation is to maintain reasonable financing support for high-quality housing enterprises. It is suggested that commercial banks speed up the approval and issuance of development loans and appropriately increase the proportion of development loans in the loan balance to meet the reasonable capital needs of high-quality housing enterprises. Encourage and promote large and medium-sized commercial banks to increase the provision of intentional comprehensive credit lines, and effectively implement the intention agreement signed with housing enterprises. It is suggested that 1.75-2 trillion yuan of bank housing development loans should be added throughout the year, and the proportion of development loans in the total credit stock of the banking system should be gradually increased to 6%-6.5%.

The sixth proposal is to increase the implementation of the targeted easing plan for housing enterprises, and steadily and orderly increase the scale of special loans, M&A loans and refinancing for "Baojiaolou". For high-quality housing enterprises, especially the top-ranked housing enterprises in China and real estate projects with complete documents, we will increase the financial support of banks for the "second half" of real estate project construction, and increase special loans from policy banks, M&A loans and refinancing from commercial banks. During the year, about 700 billion yuan of loans related to "Baojiaolou" were invested, which improved the cash flow pressure of related real estate enterprises and gradually stabilized their business expectations. Encourage financial institutions to carry out M&A loans in a steady and orderly manner, and focus on supporting high-quality housing enterprises to merge and acquire high-quality projects of housing enterprises with difficulties. It is suggested that banks should participate in M&A loans of about 300 billion yuan throughout the year. It is suggested that commercial banks appropriately increase the refinancing plan for housing enterprises and reduce the financing cost of housing enterprises by using lower refinancing interest rates.

Recommendation 7 is to intensify efforts to create a relaxed non-bank financial environment for housing enterprises and creatively use the "second and third arrows of housing financial support policy". Intensify efforts to dispose of non-performing loans in real estate and innovate transitional financial instruments for housing enterprises. Direct financial support can be increased for housing enterprises with relatively good qualifications, including the use of bonds, trusts, REITs, credit default swaps (private CDS) or credit risk mitigation certificates (CRMW). It is suggested to increase the scale of credit bonds issued by real estate enterprises in the mainland to 600-700 billion yuan in 2023, and the credit bonds issued in the first half of the year were only 280.4 billion yuan, down 0.4% year-on-year. For housing enterprises with relatively difficult operation and excellent stock assets, we can consider rationally using local poverty relief funds or introducing asset management company AMC to alleviate the short-term cash flow and debt pressure of this housing distribution enterprise and reduce its liquidity risk and debt default risk. It is suggested to expand the scope of equity financing of housing-related enterprises and related industries (including construction industry or industries closely related to the upstream and downstream of real estate construction), do a good job in restarting equity financing of well-run housing enterprises, and effectively play the direct financing function of the capital market.

Recommendation 8 is to explore the establishment of a national real estate fund to support the disposal of non-performing assets in the industry in the medium and long term. Due to the huge stock assets of real estate developers, in the medium and long term, due to the continuous decline in the return on net assets, the behavior of real estate enterprises to reduce leverage may continue for a long time. At present, there are nearly 10 mainland listed real estate enterprises that have received the delisting process letter from the exchange, with a total long-term loan scale of over 60 billion yuan and a total debt scale of over 100 billion yuan, which is highly likely to become non-performing loans of commercial banks in the future. If we only rely on policy banks and state-owned banks to undertake their non-performing loans, it may only be short-term, so we need policies to start in the medium and long term to prepare for the systematic "burden reduction" of the real estate industry. In order to make forward-looking preparations, it is suggested to study the establishment of a national real estate fund, with an initial scale of about 300 billion yuan, which roughly covers the current scale of non-performing loans of commercial banks and housing enterprises, and continue to inject capital in the following years to systematically and medium-and long-term deal with real estate financial risks.

Recommendation 9 is to effectively increase land supply in first-tier and key second-tier cities in the second half of the year. In the first half of 2023, the land supply area of first-tier cities and second-tier cities decreased by 15% and 19% respectively year-on-year. Insufficient land supply was an important factor that caused insufficient land transactions in the first half of the year. Judging from the land auction in the first half of the year, some big cities sold land at the top price, and the relevant high-quality housing enterprises were very enthusiastic about taking land. However, in view of the limited number of centralized land supply, the total amount of land transactions was relatively small. In the second half of the year, there were two or more times of centralized land supply in many big cities. Local governments should increase the quantity of land supply, improve the quality of land, better meet the land reserve needs of housing enterprises, and increase the market supply in a timely and effective manner.

(The author is the chief economist and dean of the research institute of Zhixin Investment)

Editor in Charge: Fang Fengjiao Editor in Chief: Cheng Kai


Fuzhou financial support for the integration of urban and rural development was successfully held.

In order to carry out the action of "three struggles and three leads" in depth, strive to write Fuzhou chapters such as technology and finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance, strengthen financial support for urban-rural integration development, and continue to create a first-class financial business environment. On January 8, Fuzhou Financial Support for Urban-rural Integration Development was successfully held. Vice Mayor Lin Zhiliang of Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government and Deputy Director Lin Jiandong of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives Union attended the event, with leaders from more than 30 municipal units and enterprises.

Lin Zhiliang, deputy mayor of Fuzhou, stressed in his speech that financial institutions should earnestly shoulder the heavy responsibility of rural revitalization and urban-rural integration development, increase financial support for Fuzhou’s characteristic agricultural industries such as aquatic products, edible fungi and tea, actively help agricultural parks, rural roads, rural water supply, rural tourism and human settlements improvement, and actively provide strong financial guarantee for urban-rural integration development and comprehensive rural revitalization.

Lin Jiandong, deputy director of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives Union, said in his speech that Fuzhou rural credit cooperative system should adhere to the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, focus on supporting urban and rural employment and entrepreneurial innovation, helping rural infrastructure upgrade, activating the value of rural resource elements and other key tasks around the "five major articles" put forward by the Central Financial Work Conference, continue to deepen cooperation, expand the "big ecology" of serving the people, and support the integrated development of urban and rural areas with more abundant products and better services.


The signing ceremony of Fuzhou Office of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives and Fuzhou Financial Bureau (Photo courtesy of Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperatives)

At the meeting, Fuzhou Office of Fujian Rural Credit Cooperatives and Fuzhou Financial Bureau formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement on financial support for urban-rural integration development. According to the agreement, Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative will provide a comprehensive credit of 300 billion yuan within two years to support financing in urban and rural education, medical care, old-age care, housing and other fields, and the implementation of the project of "demonstrating and leading thousands of villages, making all villages rich and beautiful", helping the rural areas to revitalize in an all-round way and promoting the construction of a blessed state and a happy city.

At the matchmaking meeting, Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative System also released "one platform, one product" to support the development of urban-rural integration. "One platform" is "Rongxin e-link", which integrates the functions of "policy release, customer docking, execution tracking and information sharing" and is the first outreach service platform for docking cooperation units of rural credit cooperatives in the province.

During the activity, eight travel agencies in Fuzhou area carried out financing docking with representatives of participating enterprises, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and signed credit contracts.

The relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Rural Credit Cooperative said that in the next stage, with the full support and full cooperation of all cooperative units, it will show greater achievements in helping to achieve a higher level of urban-rural integration and development, and achieve more qualitative and effective financial work results, so that the people can gain more sense, happiness and security. (Chen Yanshui)


Autumn is stronger! Next week, cold air will hit, and the day after tomorrow, China will welcome a wide range of rain and snow.

Shanghai has recently been controlled by the airflow west of the upper air.
Mainly cloudy weather.
The highest temperature on 15th to 19th is 24~26 degrees.
The lowest temperature is 16~19 degrees.
Affected by cold air on 19th and 20th.
There was a strong wind cooling process
The cooling range is about 3 degrees.
The highest temperature on 21~23 days is 21~22 degrees.
The lowest temperature is 15~16 degrees.
Autumn is stronger, and the thin coat needs to be added.
Tomorrow (October 15-16), there will still be strong precipitation in parts of Hainan and Xinjiang, so it is necessary to guard against the adverse effects of rain and snow on traffic and travel. The day after tomorrow, there will be a large-scale rain, snow, strong wind and cooling weather process in China. The public should pay attention to the forecast information and take preventive measures.
There will still be strong precipitation in Hainan, Xinjiang and other places today and tomorrow, and a large-scale rain and snow weather process will come from the day after tomorrow.
Yesterday, China’s strong precipitation mainly appeared in parts of southwest China and Xinjiang and Hainan. Monitoring shows that from 8: 00 yesterday to 6: 00 today, there was little to moderate rain in northern Xinjiang, local sleet, light rain or sleet in northeastern Inner Mongolia and northwestern Heilongjiang. In addition, moderate rain, local heavy rain or heavy rain occurred in southern Sichuan and southeastern Yunnan.
Today and tomorrow, there will still be strong precipitation in parts of Hainan and Xinjiang. The day after tomorrow, there will be a large-scale rain and snow weather process in China.
Specifically, the Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang and along the Tianshan Mountains, northern and eastern Tibet, and western Qinghai. Among them, there will be heavy snow in parts of northern Xinjiang. There are small to moderate rains in parts of northeastern Heilongjiang, Hainan Island and Taiwan Province Island, among which there is heavy rain in parts of northeastern Hainan Island.
Tomorrow, there will be small to medium snow or sleet in parts of northern Xinjiang and western mountainous areas of southern Xinjiang basin, northern and southeastern Tibet, southern and western Qinghai. There are small to moderate rains in parts of southeastern Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hainan Island, etc. Among them, there are heavy rains (50 ~ 90 mm) in parts of southwestern Guangdong and eastern Hainan Island.
The day after tomorrow, there will be light demand or sleet in parts of northern and eastern Tibet and southern Qinghai. Some areas in western Inner Mongolia, Liaodong Peninsula, Gansu, most of Ningxia, Shaanxi, most of North China, western Henan, Sichuan Basin, southwestern Guangdong, Hainan Island, Taiwan Province Island, etc. have small to moderate rains, among which some areas in eastern Hainan Island have heavy rains and local heavy rains (100 ~ 120 mm).
The meteorological department reminded that the rain and snow weather in northern Xinjiang and other places is not good for autumn harvest and autumn planting, and the transition of animal husbandry. The public should pay attention to preventive measures; It will rain again and again in Hainan in the next three days, and the local rain is strong, so attention should be paid to preventing the occurrence of secondary disasters.
The temperature in Northeast China and other places will drop today and tomorrow, and the temperature in most parts of China will turn low in the latter part of next week.
In terms of temperature, the temperature in most parts of China was higher than normal yesterday, but the temperature in some areas dropped in the morning. The temperatures in Xining, Hohhot, Taiyuan, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities hit new lows after autumn, among which Xining became the first provincial-level city to fall below freezing point in the second half of this year.
Today and tomorrow, affected by cold air, there will be 4~6 northerly winds in northern Xinjiang, central and eastern Inner Mongolia, and northeast China, with gusts of 7~9, and the temperature will drop by 4~8℃ and the local temperature will drop by 10℃. Among cities, the highest temperature in Harbin and Changchun will drop to 11℃ and 14℃ respectively today, the lowest since beginning of autumn this year, and the lowest temperature tomorrow morning will be only 1~2℃.
At the same time, the highest temperature from southern North China to southern China is above 25℃, which is warm and comfortable during the day. However, in many places, the temperature difference between day and night is above 10℃. The public should pay attention to adding clothes at the right time when they leave early and return late, and beware of catching a cold.
From the 17th, another strong cold air will affect most parts of central and eastern China. Later this week, the temperature in most parts of China will be lower than normal, and the temperature in many places will hit a new low in the second half of this year. For example, the highest temperature in Harbin will drop below 10 C for the first time, and Beijing and Tianjin will drop below 20 C; The lowest temperature in Harbin, Changchun and other places will also drop below freezing point for the first time. The public should pay attention to the forecast and early warning information and take precautions in advance.
Editor: Shi Wei
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Source: Shanghai Publishing, China Weather Network.

Zhejiang people, no nightlife?

Chao News Client Reporter Quan Linmin

As soon as summer arrives, the economy will always pop out at night to brush a sense of existence several times.

But in the office, chung Jin Jun heard colleagues from other provinces question more than once:

"Zhejiang people don’t you have nightlife? How come at ten o’clock, the street is deserted and there are few cars? "

Whenever this time, Yong Jinjun always refutes a few words for his hometown. But unfortunately, Yong Jinjun will always be "what are the interesting and delicious places?" The question was stumped and then lost in thought.

Is there really no nightlife in Zhejiang?

There is no nightlife in Zhejiang?

It is certain that Zhejiang people have nightlife, whether it is observation at the point or intuitive presentation of data.

On the first day of the ambush, Yong Jin Jun went to the Wulin night market in Hangzhou. The temperature at night is still very high, but there are no fewer people visiting the night market.

At about 8: 30, Yong Jin Jun was packed with sweat in the endless crowd. Everyone either took photos with their mobile phones or crowded in front of various booths to buy things. Popular stalls are even more crowded. For example, the squid stall that Nicholas Tse punched in is a conformity.

"After the summer, there are more people every day, and the daily sales have tripled or quadrupled compared with before." Mr. Cao, the stall owner who specializes in hand-painted masks, said.

The popularity is high. I’m afraid it’s not because there are many foreign tourists, right? But Ye Lianzhong, secretary of the Party branch of Wulin Night Market, told Yong Jin Jun that according to their estimation, 45% of the visitors to Wulin Night Market are tourists, and the rest are local residents.

What? Do you think 8: 30 is too early to be called nightlife?

Yong Jin Jun also went to the ancient town of Ke Qiao, Shaoxing, and it was already more than 9 pm when he arrived at the scenic spot. Arguably, this point was the time when everyone was ready to go home one after another. However, when Yong Jin Jun stopped, he found that the number of cars looking for vacant seats in the parking lot was comparable to the number of cars driving out, which shows that there are still many people visiting the ancient town at this point.

When I came to the core of the ancient town, around Rongguang Bridge, it was already 9: 30, and the popularity was still very strong. On the Rongguang Bridge, the river along the ancient town is either full of people or full of people.

A local told Yong Jin Jun that this is also the normal state of the ancient town, and many surrounding residents will go to the ancient town for a walk after dinner and have nothing to do.

In recent days, third-party organizations have released research reports on China’s urban night economy. According to the report, the nightlife in Zhejiang is also very active.

For example, in the Report on Night Economic Development of China Cities in 2023, Hangzhou is the first echelon (10) of the TOP100 cities with night economic prosperity, and Jiaxing, Jinhua, Ningbo and Wenzhou are the second echelon (20), and nearly half of Zhejiang cities are shortlisted.

In a word, the nightlife in Zhejiang is definitely not as cold as the outside world thinks.

I just can’t find a place.

Since the development is not bad, why do people always say that Zhejiang people have no nightlife?

"The development speed of Zhejiang’s night economy does not match its economic strength and residents’ consumption level." Zhao Haoxing, a professor at the School of Economics of Zhejiang Gongshang University and vice president of Zheshang Research Institute, said.

From the perspective of economic aggregate, Zhejiang’s GDP has always been among the best in the country, and its per capita disposable income ranks first in all provinces and regions in the country. However, in the night economic rankings, Zhejiang’s achievements can only be considered as above average, not top. A top student who has a flawed score in one subject will give the outside world a sense of gap.

In addition, Yang Yingjun, director of the Consumption Promotion Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, believes that there are not many iconic night economic scenes in Zhejiang, and there are even fewer places with national influence, which makes it impossible for foreign tourists to go to Zhejiang at night, thus becoming famous throughout the country.

There is a city that never sleeps in Datang in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi, Hongya Cave in Chongqing, and Wenhe Friends in Changsha, Hunan. But what’s in Zhejiang? You can only name the Wulin night market and the West Lake in Hangzhou at most.

But the duration of Wulin night market is limited. The stall owner puts out the stall at 5 o’clock and closes it at 11 o’clock. The market area is only about 1000 square meters, which is still the result of expansion and it is difficult to form a scale.

The West Lake is almost the same problem, and the scale of the night economic agglomeration area is not large. Unlike Wenheyou or Datang City that Never Sleeps, it has formed a relatively complete and rich night consumption scene.

Only when there is demand can there be supply. Isn’t it because there is less demand in Zhejiang? Actually, it is not.

Zhao Haoxing told Yong Jin Jun a very interesting phenomenon-there are more night economic scenes in Wenzhou than in Hangzhou. Many Wenzhou people go to Hangzhou because of the lack of night consumption atmosphere, so they go to bed earlier, and go back to Wenzhou later. It shows that their spending habits at night have always been there, but they just can’t find many places to spend at night.

In Zhao Haoxing’s view, the creation of the scene needs to go through a critical period. If at first the scene builder thinks that there are not many people in the street at night, and few people come out to play, they are more cautious or don’t invest in creating scenes, and there are fewer scenes, and fewer people are willing to come out at night. So everyone went to bed earlier and earlier, and there were fewer and fewer scenes. Zhejiang needs to break this cycle.

People sitting by the river for dinner in the ancient town of Ke Qiao.

How does the city that never sleeps come?

In recent years, the importance of night economy in stimulating consumption is becoming more and more prominent. Statistics show that 60% of consumption in China occurs at night, and the sales of large shopping malls from 18: 00 to 22: 00 every day account for more than half of the whole day.

According to the small and micro observation report released by the online merchant bank, the night economy with fast growth, high proportion, rich formats and contrarian market scale is becoming the force point of small and micro businesses in many cities-the national proportion is 68%.

Zhejiang has long been eyeing the important value of the night economy. In March 2020, Zhejiang took the lead in issuing the provincial government’s implementation opinions to boost consumption in the country, and made it clear that it was necessary to vigorously cultivate and develop the night economy.

This summer, Zhejiang’s summer consumption promotion put the main card on the "night economy". On the evening of July 7, the province’s night economic tour season was launched in Keqiao District, and cities were organized to carry out "night consumption promotion" activities from different levels.

Judging from the activity scene in Ke Qiao, the first stop of the tour season, Zhejiang is trying to enrich the night consumption scene and make up for the shortcomings of the night economy.

It is reported that in addition to all kinds of food and commodity markets that are very common in promoting consumption activities, the event site of the day also set up three major festivals: milk coffee festival, barbecue festival and music festival.

"In the past, the activities to promote consumption may have been to set up a few booths and urge people to come to buy buy to buy them, but this time we have merged into more formats, such as inviting bands to sing. This activity will also be fixed for a long time during the summer vacation, which will have a long-term support for local night consumption. " Yang Yingjun said.

Zhejiang is also making every effort to cultivate and build a night economic landmark with national influence. In 2020, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce started the pilot work of provincial night economy cities, and at present, 19 model cities and 6 characteristic cities have been identified in the province.

Taking Gongshu District of Hangzhou as an example, through the construction of night economy, the economic benefits of all night punching places and related enterprises in this area have been continuously improved. The night-time pedestrian flow ratio in the Wulin business circle increased by about 24% on average, and the night-time revenue of each complex increased from 45% in 2019 to about 55% in 2022.

In the first half of this year, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce jointly issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Creating High-quality Consumption Agglomeration Areas" with five provincial departments. It is planned to build 30 provincial-level night economy model (characteristic) cities, 30 provincial-level high-quality pedestrian streets and 50 provincial-level characteristic commercial streets (districts) through three-year efforts.

The fireworks in the world touch the hearts of ordinary people the most. I hope that in the near future, Yong Jin Jun can also introduce the good places in the evening and see the other side of Zhejiang night when chatting with friends from other places.

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Chen Kexin and Lang Ping appeared in the launching ceremony of China Women’s Volleyball.

1905 movie network news On the morning of April 16th, the film held a launching ceremony named "Do not forget your initiative mind, Start Together" at the Old Hall of China Women’s Volleyball Training Center in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Cao Kang, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the State Sports General Administration, Lu Liang, deputy inspector of the Film Bureau, Lai Yawen, deputy director of the Volleyball Management Center, Wei Nan, director of the Art Department of the Film Bureau, Qin Hong, chairman of Jiaying Film, director Chen Kexin, Lang Ping, head coach of China women’s volleyball team, Chen Zhonghe, former head coach of China women’s volleyball team, producer Jo Jo Hui and China women’s volleyball players Zhang Changning and Liu Xiaotong attended the launching ceremony.

Director Chen Kexin revealed at the launching ceremony that the film "China Women’s Volleyball Team" spans 40 years and tells the bloody story of several generations of women’s volleyball teams. The film will be officially released on New Year’s Day in 2020, cheering for the women’s volleyball team to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.


The movie "China Women’s Volleyball Team" was officially launched, and the Spring Festival of 2020 was scheduled to awaken the memory of the whole people. 


On the morning of the same day, the film "China Women’s Volleyball Team" released its first poster, and officially announced that it would be the first day of 2020. The main body of the poster is a white volleyball close-up. The mottled sphere and damaged epidermis make people daydream. The word "China Women’s Volleyball Team" is concise and powerful, and the overall style is eye-catching.

Preparations for the film "China Women’s Volleyball Team" started as early as two years ago. In addition to inviting gold medal partner Zhang Ji as a screenwriter, director Chen Kexin was photographed by the media many times and took his team to watch women’s volleyball matches around the world to collect materials. During this trip to Zhangzhou, in addition to attending the launching ceremony, director Chen Kexin also observed the closed training of China women’s volleyball team for the first time, and personally felt the intense atmosphere at the scene, which made him lament the hardships and difficulties of coaches and athletes again. Director Chen Kexin also said at the launching ceremony that he hoped to show the audience his understanding of the spirit of women’s volleyball through this film.


Do not forget your initiative mind jointly set off the movie "China Women’s Volleyball Team" to file the Spring Festival to cheer for the Tokyo Olympics of women’s volleyball team.

Zhangzhou is not only the earliest training base of women’s volleyball team, but also the cradle of "five consecutive championships" in Lang Ping’s mouth, where teams shed youthful sweat and strive to grow up, making it the "initial heart". This is the 46th time for China women’s volleyball team to return to Zhangzhou for closed training, in order to fully meet the next major events, including the World Volleyball League in May, the Women’s Volleyball World Cup and the qualifiers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This time, the film "China Women’s Volleyball Team" specially set the launching ceremony in the old hall of the training base, chose Zhangzhou to start its own journey, set out together with the China women’s volleyball national team, and tried its best to create a women’s volleyball story that belongs to all China people. I also hope to return to the place where the story of the women’s volleyball team began. In this venue that still retains the traces of the use of the older generation of women’s volleyball teams, I will find my original heart with the active women’s volleyball players and go to a new journey together. In the Spring Festival of 2020, I will take this film as my best wish, cheer for the women’s volleyball team’s Tokyo Olympic Games campaign, and jointly send a New Year gift from the sports and film circles to the people of the whole country.


The film will record the women’s volleyball team’s 40 years of hard work. Professional athletes may be considered in casting.


At the launching ceremony, director Chen Kexin and two famous women’s volleyball coaches of China, Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghe, made a "revelation" on the related topics of the film "China Women’s Volleyball".


Director Chen Kexin revealed that as early as the Asian Games in Bangkok in 1978, at the age of 16, he watched the women’s volleyball match in China at close range, and he still remembers the feeling of blood boiling when the China team entered the stadium. When he really had the chance to personally put the story of China’s women’s volleyball team on the big screen, he was excited and felt a great responsibility. He couldn’t help writing an article in Weibo, saying, "Now I’m almost 60 years old, and I’m going to shoot the story of China’s women’s volleyball team. Life is sometimes so wonderful. "

China women’s volleyball team has a long history and rich stories, which holds a special position in the hearts of China people. Dare to shoot such a theme, and set the file in the Spring Festival, the difficulty and pressure are self-evident, and director Chen Kexin also admitted on the spot that it is really difficult to condense the passionate memory of several generations of Chinese people on women’s volleyball into two hours. "It’s like China women’s volleyball team. Although it may not win, it is just a fight. From Yuan’s guidance to Chen’s guidance to Lang’s guidance, they can come over and we must come over. "

In terms of actor selection, director Chen Kexin revealed that in order to ensure the professionalism and visibility of the sports scene, professional athletes may be considered in this casting. For the actors who are most concerned about by everyone, Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghe, the two legendary coaches unanimously expressed their trust and respect for the director’s judgment at the event site. "Of course, it is better to be handsome," Chen Zhonghe added with a smile at the end.

Regarding the plots that I hope to present in the film, Lang said with a smile, "For every day’s efforts, no one knows what the result is, but we will all do it to our dreams and goals. The dribs and drabs of our usual life and training are the results of our United efforts. I believe that Director Kexin will definitely grasp this theme. " Director Chen Zhonghe hopes that this spirit of women’s volleyball can be promoted to everyone, especially to teenagers, and he is full of hope and confidence for director Chen Kexin to direct this film.


The movie "China Women’s Volleyball Team" is scheduled for the Spring Festival of 2020. Together with the China Women’s Volleyball Team, we will go to Do not forget your initiative mind for a new journey and rekindle the classic memories spanning 40 years!