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The first new energy owners to eat crabs silently return to fuel vehicles, and the reasons are revealed

"The last breath of the fuel car is broken", "The swan song of the fuel age", "The fuel car is about to end"…

In today’s public opinion environment, fuel vehicles seem to have been sentenced to "capital punishment", and the undermining of fuel vehicles has long been a mainstream trend in the automotive public opinion field.

For new energy vehicles, the trend of branding, changes in sales, the mutual confrontation between business executives, and the operation of car owners and users’ rice circles are all the focus of public opinion.

According to the Baidu index keyword search trend comparison data, the online traffic popularity of new energy vehicles and trams far exceeds that of fuel vehicles and fuel vehicles. Of course, these all reflect the "silence" of fuel vehicles.

"A joint venture is not a representative of backwardness, it has maturity and stability, and it also has the tenacity to start later." Wen Dali, executive deputy general manager of GAC Toyota, made a public shout at the Guangzhou Auto Show, which is quite worth pondering.

The joint venture "big brothers" who have promoted the development of the automobile industry in the past few decades have also had to use this peculiar way to "confess" to consumers, which can be regarded as a special footnote for the various challenges faced by fuel vehicles.

Is it true that no one supports fuel vehicles anymore? In fact, for a long time to come, the development of the global automobile market will definitely be a parallel between gasoline and electricity, and fuel vehicles are far from being sentenced to death.

The same is true from the data point of view. According to the data released by the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, nearly 60% of the cars on display at this auto show are fuel vehicles, which is still the absolute main body. In October this year, among the 308,000 cars sold by Volkswagen in China, new energy accounted for only 8%, and fuel vehicles accounted for 92%.

In fact, users who insist on fuel vehicles may not be active in major online forums, do not operate in circles, and rarely participate in public opinion wars and war of words. They do not seem to have such a strong "sense of existence", but they still use real money to buy cars to "vote" for fuel vehicles and brands, expressing a "silent" support.

During the multi-day visit to the Guangzhou Auto Show, Zhixing Driving Road also found some voices behind the "silent majority", whose stories and choices reflect the development of enterprises and industries.

1. New energy owners returning to fuel vehicles

If young people are more likely to be attracted by new energy vehicles, then Brother Yu, who is in his 40s, is a special case.

Many years ago, when new energy vehicles were still widely questioned and challenged, Brother Yu became one of the early owners. There were two main reasons. He liked to try new technologies and thought that charging was more cost-effective than refueling. However, after a few years, Brother Yu found that he still paid by mistake.

"Now I’m angry when I mention trams." At the Guangzhou Auto Show, when Big Brother Yu and Zhixing Driving Road talked about the topic of new energy vehicles, he seemed quite excited. After a deeper understanding, Zhixing Driving Road also found that his experience has a certain group image representation, which can also bring some inspiration to consumers who are torn between oil cars and trams.

Brother Yu said helplessly, a few days ago on a business trip, came back to find the car can not start, also can not charge, many times with the brand after-sales staff communication, the final conclusion is always not in line with the quality assurance rights and interests, change the battery at your own expense, the price to tens of thousands, and ultimately can only find a third-party auto repair company to try their luck, to see if there can be a low-cost solution.

After experiencing this bad thing, Brother Yu even more believes that many early tram owners were taken advantage of and bought at a high price. The performance and functions of the car are far inferior to the current ones, and many shortcomings are also more obvious. For example, the battery life is more serious. Charging in the city often requires queuing up for empty charging piles, and the cost of charging is not cheap. The overall cost of using a car is not necessarily much cheaper than that of an oil car. More importantly, it is tiring.

In fact, like Brother Yu, car owners who are willing to buy cars for real money in the early stage of the development of new energy vehicles should be well maintained by car companies. But it backfired. After the vehicle battery failed, the brand tried its best to distance itself from the relationship and refused quality assurance. Eventually, the new energy owners like Brother Yu were pushed back into the arms of fuel vehicles.

At the auto show, Brother Yu actually went to the new energy vehicle booth for a stroll. He confessed to Zhixing Driving Road that many sales pitches are still similar today, and car purchase rights look very good.

All kinds of lifelong free, lifelong quality assurance and so on, behind a lot of details and rules are not explained in detail, after a few years really need quality assurance, it is estimated that another way of saying, just like their current tram manufacturers use some reasons to reject quality assurance.

Zhixing Driving Road also found by visiting the new energy vehicle booth that the sales staff often simply inform Sandian of the lifetime quality assurance, but did not mention the specific rules and conditions. We also found through inquiry that there are various rules behind the so-called lifetime quality assurance. If the owner is not careful, he will violate the rules, or lose the rights and interests of lifetime quality assurance because of some easily negligent reasons.

On the other hand, in the eyes of Big Brother, the current fuel vehicles have made great progress in terms of fuel consumption, making up for a competitive shortcoming. After understanding several different brand booths, he found that today’s fuel vehicle brands are developing faster in terms of gasoline-electric hybrid engines. After replacing the hybrid engine with traditional models, the fuel consumption value is directly "cut in half", and the progress is more obvious, which also makes him think that the so-called "electricity saving" advantage of new energy vehicles is not so prominent.

In addition to Big Brother Yu, Zhixing Driving Road interviewed many consumers who still firmly choose fuel vehicles in the fuel vehicle exhibition area. In their opinion, the inconvenience of charging is only secondary, and the risk of car companies going bankrupt and running away is even more important. Behind this are various vehicle function upgrades, after-sales services, maintenance and replacement issues.

Consumers’ concerns in this regard are not biased. Some time ago, the rumors of Weimar’s "bankruptcy" that swiped the screen on the whole network led to a series of chain reactions such as the lack of protection of owners’ rights and interests, the "shutdown" of some car functions, and the collapse of prices in the second-hand market.

The relevant report released by the China Consumers Association in May this year also shows that new energy vehicle companies have closed down and delisted, and it is difficult to continue to provide relevant vehicle maintenance, after-sales maintenance, and original spare parts services. The problem of after-sales insecurity of consumer vehicles is frequent.

Therefore, some consumers have admitted to Zhixing Driving Road that they will still pay more attention to the models and products of mainstream fuel vehicle brands. After all, fuel vehicles have very mature solutions and systems in this regard.

It is understood that when a fuel vehicle company withdraws from the market, the relevant after-sales services will be taken over by other main enterprises of the group or entrusted to qualified third parties. For example, after the withdrawal of GAC Mitsubishi, the relevant services will be handled by GAC Group.

However, there are many original enterprises in the new energy market. Once the enterprise has a problem, it is often a plot of "walking away". The lack of reliable related parties to continue to provide services to car owners is one of the important factors affecting consumer decision-making.

2. Worried about backstabs, etc. Party

Zhixing Driving Road found that all kinds of new energy brands at the Guangzhou Auto Show are showcasing their muscles in new technologies and experiences such as intelligent driving, charging battery life, and intelligent cockpit. There are also many models with a greater sense of technology, product power, and cost performance.

But through interviews with some consumers, we found that some consumers are actually scared away by the rapid replacement of new energy vehicles. Of course, most of them will not battle in the public opinion field, but will silently invest their car purchase budget in fuel vehicle brands.

"New energy vehicles are now being packaged more and more like mobile phones, but buying a car is completely different from buying a mobile phone." At a new energy vehicle booth, Ah Shui, who had just learned about the new model, told Zhixing Driving Road that the new energy vehicles are indeed becoming more and more "cool", but because of this, he does not know when is the right time to start.

In Ah Shui’s opinion, if he decided to buy a new energy vehicle this year, there might be newer, stronger, and more cost-effective models on the market in a few months, and even his own car would launch a facelifted model with additional features and reduced prices. This would not only make it appear that he was backstabbed, but also make the car in the quasi-new car state a little "outdated".

In this regard, Ah Shui also admitted that such problems rarely occur in fuel vehicles, such as Santana, Jetta, Accord, Camry, etc. After years of precipitation, the product power has long been very stable, and the appearance of new and modified models will not affect the experience and mentality of old car owners too much.

He used mobile phone products to make a metaphor, the fuel car is a bit like the iPhone of squeezing toothpaste, the overall difference is not bad, do not have to pursue the latest generation of products. But the new energy vehicle is now a bit like the stage of alternating between functional machines and smart machines, and there may be large product iterations at any time. If you need a car urgently, it is better to be a fuel car first, and it is better to be a new energy vehicle and so on.

In conversations with a number of consumers, Zhixing Driving Road also learned that the maintenance and after-sales system for new energy vehicles needs to be improved, which has also caused many consumers to back down.

For traditional fuel vehicles, daily scratches and collisions can be relatively simple to repair. Whether it is a 4S shop or a third-party auto repair shop, they already have a very mature system, and the price is relatively transparent.

But new energy vehicles are different, involving sensors such as radar, cameras, and chassis battery packs. Even seemingly minor scratches and collisions may damage these expensive components and even lead to changes in battery safety. As mentioned earlier, due to restrictions such as quality assurance agreements, maintenance can only choose official channels, which are not as flexible as fuel vehicles, and will continue to increase the psychological burden of owners.

Zhixing Driving Road found that, in general, the client base that still favors fuel vehicles has a more rational side, and in their opinion, the reliability, practicality, safety and long-tail cost of vehicles are more important.

That is to say, the price war and the so-called "charging is cheaper than refueling" and other selling points cannot convince these consumers to switch to new energy vehicles at present. They are waiting for a more mature opportunity, at least after the replacement no longer has a strong sense of backstabbing, the maintenance and after-sales system is further mature, and the price system of used cars is relatively stable.

3. "Yes, but not many."

When it comes to the topic of fuel vehicles, the brand side, especially the first-line sales who face customers, also has the voice over.

"There is indeed a big impact, and the number of customers I receive is obviously less." Xiao Xin, a salesperson for a Japanese fuel vehicle brand, told Zhixing Driving Road that many of the models displayed by the brand at the Guangzhou Auto Show this year are fuel vehicles, which are indeed not as lively as new energy brands.

Sales staff said that the overall impact is relatively limited, whether it is their own brand or other fuel vehicle brands, have a relatively loyal and large client base.

Although the brand is benchmarking the new energy vehicle market, it has also developed and configured technologies such as L2 smart driving and smart cockpit, but Xiaoxin found that many consumers who come to see the car are not too "cold" about these functions, but still focus on suspension upgrades, chassis design advantages, body robustness, safety, and improved control.

The intelligent driving lane also observed at the relevant fuel vehicle booths that the salesperson was interrupted by the consumer when he took the initiative to show the functional upgrade of the intelligent driving to the consumer, and was instead consulted about the interior space, tire wheelbase, and other information.

Sales staff who have served several new energy and fuel vehicle brands said that in addition to a few new energy vehicle companies that really have full-stack self-research capabilities and are "far ahead", each product has entered a relatively homogeneous stage in terms of function, performance, product power, etc. What is the competition at this time is naturally the hard power of the company itself.

For example, the safety and comfort experience brought by various hardware dimensions of the vehicle; the tonality of the brand, the stability of the pre-sales and after-sales services system, etc., are all areas where fuel vehicle brands have advantages; and the stories of overcharging and high-end intelligent driving told by new energy vehicles are more likely to take a long time to land in the future.

Sales of fuel vehicle brands have generally admitted that some customers have been robbed by new energy vehicle brands, but they still generally have confidence in their own brands and products, and do not express too much concern about future market competition.

This is actually not blind confidence. On the one hand, many new energy brands are still in the loss stage of burning money to develop and improve the system to "sell one at a loss", and there are still great uncertainties in the future. The monthly sales competition seems to be lively, but in fact most of them are far less than the sales data of fuel vehicle brands.

On the other hand, fuel vehicle brands not only have a deep technical heritage and a strong sales network, but also actively seek change and face the competition with new energy vehicle brands.

4. The hard-working elephant turns around

"New energy vehicles are the trend of the future, so the group is also transforming towards electrification, developing technologies, launching new energy sub-brands, and so on." The sales staff of a pure electric sub-brand under a fuel vehicle brand told Zhixing Driving Road that at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, the group did not issue the task of releasing new fuel vehicles, but only released a few new energy models. The original fuel models of the subsequent brand will also be gradually transformed into gasoline-electric mixing, plug-in mixing, etc.

The person also said that such as the design of vehicle appearance, interior space, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and other functions, these new energy models are equipped with standard elements. In short, "what new energy vehicles should have, we also have it." According to reports, about 40% of the current pure electric vehicle users of the fuel vehicle brand are from the previous conversion of their own fuel vehicle owners.

In the Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Honda, GAC Toyota, Kia, Jiangqi, Changan Mazda and other mainstream fuel vehicle brands have displayed many new energy-related models such as gasoline-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid, as well as many electrification The results of transformation, some brands are even reported by the media to cancel the traditional pure fuel version models and fully embrace electrification.

Not only that, but some of the unique selling points of new energy vehicles have also begun to appear in fuel vehicles, such as the new generation of BMW 5 series long wheelbase version exhibited by BMW, which is equipped with a 31-inch rear floating screen, which is nicknamed "big color TV" for rear passengers.

There are also the previously mentioned smart cockpit, L2-assisted driving, embedded door handles, and a more sci-fi and streamlined design language similar to new energy vehicles. It can be observed that many elements of fuel vehicles are aligned with new energy vehicles, or in order to narrow the competitive differences between them.

In this regard, the sales staff of the joint venture fuel vehicle brand said that in response to the user habits and changes in the Chinese market, the brand has indeed been making some corresponding targeted improvements, which are actually rolled up by new energy vehicles. Many configurations and designs that have been recognized by consumers may have some disadvantages in the competition if we do not integrate them in the modification.

So the question is, sales account for the main body and accelerating recovery, the client base coverage is still broad, car companies are also working hard to transform and change, why are fuel vehicles still being sung down and losing the voice of public opinion?

In the exchange with many consumers at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Zhixing Driving Road found one of the most important reasons, that is, the social thinking, user thinking and Internet thinking of new energy brands are far ahead, occupying the network of natives has the voice over.

Some new energy vehicle owners told Zhixing Driving Road that the new energy vehicle brand has done a good job in building an online and offline car owner community, which is an experience that has not been experienced before when driving a fuel vehicle.

The offline activities of new energy vehicles, online community interaction, and social interaction have gradually cultivated the owner’s sense of brand belonging. If there is any problem, they will give feedback through online social interaction, and they will also go to the Internet as tap water to help the brand promote and so on.

Obviously, when a large number of car owners are developed into such online social and interactive habits, the online popularity of new energy brands will naturally increase.

From another perspective, this is precisely what fuel vehicle brands can learn from and make up for. If fuel vehicles can break the "silent" label and gradually become active in various platforms, just like new energy vehicle brands, they can truly return to the center of the stage and return to the "C position" in the market.


The first batch of M5 Smart Driving Edition was delivered, and Huawei was empowered to innovate "acceleration"

# Q: The first batch of M5 Smart Driving Edition delivered in China # 2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Automobile Expo and New Energy Automobile Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from June 16th to 24th. On the first day of the Expo, the first delivery of the M5 Smart Drive Edition of AITO was successfully completed.

The M5 series intelligent driving version made its debut at the press conference in April this year. At the same time, it was equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system and HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0. According to reports, this car is the first to realize the intelligent driving function without relying on high-precision maps, which expands the application scope of intelligent driving and makes driving safer and easier.

At the first delivery ceremony, the first owners of the M5 Smart Driving Edition, on behalf of @ Feifei’s car COOL, shared their personal experience of driving and their understanding of intelligence. At the same time, at the meeting, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, said that the first delivery of the M5 version of Zhijie will help more users enjoy the bonus brought by smart cars.

Not long ago, AITO asked the community to announce the completion of the official production of the 100,000 th vehicle, which lasted for 15 months and stood out among a number of new energy brands, becoming the fastest new energy vehicle brand in the industry to reach 100,000 vehicles.

For the brand of new energy vehicles, the first 100,000 vehicles are of great significance, which means that the enterprise has the ability to systematize. Once it reaches 100,000 vehicles, it is equal to the "line of life and death" that it has crossed. The completion of the first 100,000 new energy brands is a leap from "0 to 1", which opens up the market and builds the brand’s own value system. Not only that, the figure of 100,000 vehicles also represents the possibility of profit.

Earlier, Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Automobile Association, said in an interview that with the rapid growth of the new energy vehicle market, cakes are getting bigger and bigger, and related car companies can reach sales of 100,000 vehicles or more, which may make a profit. In March 2022, the pure electric versions of the M5, M7 and M5 were delivered one after another, and the cumulative sales volume of AITO vehicles in 2022 was nearly 80,000.

In addition, AITO’s brand has been recognized in the industry evaluation and consumer reputation. According to the data, the net recommended value (NPS) of the M5 car owners is as high as 86.4%. In the "Report on the Quality of New Passenger Cars in 2022", AITO ranked first in the quality ranking of new energy brands, far exceeding the industry average.

Behind the delivery volume and word of mouth, what needs to be guaranteed is the production capacity. Yu Chengdong said at the ceremony of asking about the 100,000 vehicles off the assembly line, "Celestial already has two factories, and now the third factory is under construction, which has a large enough production capacity. At present, the sales volume is not high enough because the new car (Wujie M5 Smart Driving Edition) will be delivered to consumers in the middle and late June, and we need time to complete the process of sales growth. "

The cooperation between Cyrus and Huawei began in 2021. At that time, Yu Chengdong was appointed as CEO of Huawei BU, and he took the lead in choosing the "intelligent selection mode". As Yu Chengdong later said at the automobile 100-member conference, Huawei BG has more than ten years’ experience in user experience design, product design, industrial design, brand marketing and channel retailing, which can help car companies make their cars competitive together.

The performance of the media just proves that this statement is true. In the time since Yu Chengdong took office, Huawei and Cyrus have launched four AITO series vehicles, namely, the extended-range version of the five-seat SUV, the six-seat SUV, the pure electric version of the M5, and the full-size SUV, the M9, which will be launched in the fourth quarter. After it was released in March 2022, M5 became the sales leader among the new forces at that time.

The automobile industry has formed a consensus that new energy is electrified in the first half and intelligent in the second half. The technical advantages provided by Huawei have helped the products in the world win the front seats in the second half competition.

Specific to the technology, the "double intelligent ceiling" of the M5 can be summarized, one is the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit 3.0, and the other is the ADS 2.0 system equipped with the M5 intelligent driving version.

HarmonyOS cockpit has been recognized as "smart car ceiling" by the industry. With the maturity and integrity of HarmonyOS’s ecosystem, HarmonyOS Cockpit allows cars, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic products, and even smart homes and other equipment to be connected to the same technological ecosystem. The HarmonyOS cockpit of Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition can also realize all-round automatic adjustment of seat position, HUD height and rearview mirror position.

It is understood that Huawei ADS2.0 system does not rely on high-definition maps, and can reduce traffic accidents caused by inattention and complex road conditions by 90%. In terms of actual driving experience, Yu Chengdong personally drove the ADS 2.0 version in Shanghai the day before the press conference, carried out a test drive across several districts, and ran all morning on elevated roads, tunnels and roads with mixed people and vehicles. He told us that even if we didn’t run the road during the test, we didn’t need someone to take over the steering wheel, and we achieved zero take-over in the whole process.

For smart driving, Huawei wants to go further. Huawei plans to land intelligent driving assistance in at least 15 cities in the third quarter of this year without relying on high-precision maps, and land in 45 cities in the fourth quarter.

How do the results of intelligent selection mode reach users? Using its huge retail channels, Huawei has built a sales network of cars in just a few months, so that new products can reach users faster.

According to media reports, the sales channels of the world are usually divided into three types: the flagship store operated by Huawei, the smart life museum or authorized experience store led by dealers, and the AITO authorized user center led by Cyrus. At present, the user center and experience center of AITO has covered 230 cities, with more than 1,000. And the AITO user center is still being upgraded one after another, and more than 178 companies have taken the lead in completing the image upgrade.

The dual advantages of technology and channels make AITO become the best-performing brand in Cyrus Group. Judging from the 2022 financial report of Sailis, the revenue of new energy automobile business, as the core growth engine of Sailis, reached 24.934 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 482.8%. The cumulative production and sales of Sailisi new energy vehicles were 139,100 vehicles and 135,100 vehicles, with year-on-year growth rates of 233.64% and 225.90% respectively. According to the data, the sales volume of the consulting industry accounts for 60% of the sales volume of Celestial new energy vehicles. It can be said that the consulting industry is the main force driving the performance growth of Celestial new energy vehicles.

There is no reference for the intelligent selection model. Judging from the current delivery data and market performance of the car, this is a road that can lead to the future. As for what kind of future? Zhang Xinghai, the chairman of Celestial Group, once proposed that Celestial should be a Chinese-style new energy automobile head enterprise when the 100,000 th car rolled off the assembly line, and AITO would build another 5 million market in 10 years.


Inheriting oriental aesthetics, Hua Xizi introduced intangible culture into fashion makeup.

The article was authorized to be transferred from WeChat official account: the forefront of entrepreneurship (ID: chuangyezuiqianxian) Author: Teacher Li.

In the past year or so, new domestic products and consumer goods have become a trend. In the category of make-up, a series of beauty brands focusing on Chinese style are constantly emerging. However, in the field of many brands with fierce competition, most domestic cosmetics brands with labeled products and lack of innovation are gradually eliminated, and brands with truly excellent product strength stand out.

In the consumer goods market, word of mouth means everything. At present, in the field of beauty cosmetics, Hua Xizi, with the brand concept of "Oriental make-up, keeping makeup with flowers", has quietly risen.

Behind Hua Xizi’s success is not only a strong product strength, but also its profound understanding of traditional culture explains the connotation of domestic beauty.

Endowing tradition with fashion and beauty, skillfully blending Miao culture.

In the impression of consumers in the past, makeup fashion is far from the elements of traditional culture, and it is difficult to effectively integrate their characteristics. How to combine traditional culture with modern fashion culture skillfully is a difficult problem faced by domestic cosmetics brands.

The answer to this problem can be interpreted in Hua Xizi’s brand. Hua Xizi brand was born on March 8, 2017. The word "flower" in Hua Xizi refers to "keeping makeup with flowers" and the word "Xizi" is taken from Su Dongpo’s poem "If you want to compare the West Lake to the West Lake, it is always appropriate to make light makeup and heavy makeup".

In the products launched by Hua Xizi, traditional culture is everywhere. Take Hua Xizi’s "Carved Lipstick" as an example. This lipstick is different from other lipstick products that only work hard on external packaging, and the micro-carving process is moved to lipstick paste. At present, this lipstick sells more than 100,000 pieces a month, and keeps Tmall’s high score of 4.9 points.

Huaxizi carved lipstick

The excellent market performance of this lipstick also proves that the combination of traditional culture and fashion is not a dead end, but requires ingenious creativity.

In Hua Xizi’s product lineup, carved lipstick is not a case. Since its establishment, Hua Xizi has launched dozens of makeup products that reproduce traditional oriental crafts. This time, Huaxizi, relying on its unique creativity, launched a series of products with Miao’s intangible culture.

It is understood that the Miao Impression Gaoding series is inspired by the Miao Yin craft of a few famous Miao people. Miao silver ornaments have long been important first ornaments and wedding supplies in Miao areas. For the Miao people, Miao Yin is a "fashion" element preserved in the long history, with unique oriental beauty.

Hua Xizi joins hands with fashion anchor Li Jiaqi to explore Miao Yin culture.

However, the Miao silver jewelry handicraft, which belongs to the intangible culture, is on the verge of disappearing, and its unique oriental charm is gradually forgotten.

Out of the sense of mission for the inheritance of traditional culture and the insistence on "Oriental beauty", Hua Xizi went deep into Miao village to explore the art of Miao silver ornaments, took Miao elements as design inspiration, and combined Miao Yin skills with modern technology to create a series of Miao impression advanced customization products.

In the final series of Miao impression products, this unique oriental beauty also appears with a new look. In the series of Miao impression products, Hua Xizi combined the engraving technology with the oriental micro-carving technology to reproduce the Miao silver-making technology on the products. In addition, Hua Xizi also carved the ancient and mysterious totem "Mother Butterfly" and flowers and plants into the products.

Huaxizi Miao Impression Gaoding Series Gift Box

When consumers use Miao Impression series products, their unique totem labels and cultural connotations will also make consumers look brand-new.

The "Miao Impression" high-definition gift box takes the shape of oriental makeup and blends into the Miao customs. It is inspired by the Miao girl skirt, decorated with Miao Yin pendant, batik and Miao Xiu, and made of high-quality leather. The high-definition version of air honey powder "Miao Impression" adopts a brand-new private model design and takes the shape of lotus leaf condensation to interpret the charm of Miao silver ornaments.

Carving of Honey Powder Cake in Miao Impression Series

However, it is not easy to rejuvenate traditional culture in the field of beauty cosmetics. It is reported that Hua Xizi has experienced many twists and turns in the process of developing Miao impression series products. Its appearance lasted for two years. After countless formula adjustments, and thousands of evaluations such as internal testing, external testing, external testing by experience officials and evaluation by makeup college, the product was finally listed.

At the moment when intangible cultural heritage skills are facing the challenge of inheritance, it is very smart to choose to tap intangible cultural heritage to create products. While spreading the intangible culture, the traditional culture also endows Huaxizi products and brand culture with deeper connotations. Through the combination with traditional culture, Hua Xizi has an unexpected advantage in product creativity. This is undoubtedly attractive to young consumers who pursue individuality.

In the process of endowing tradition with fashion, the brand symbol of Hua Xizi’s "Oriental Aesthetics" is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Only by understanding "Oriental Beauty" and polishing products can we make domestic products well.

The combination of traditional cultural elements is not unique to Hua Xizi, but the abuse of traditional cultural elements and lack of awe of traditional culture have made many domestic beauty brands mediocre.

In the current domestic beauty field, the phenomenon of product design homogenization and concept labeling is still common. After the novelty of the concept of domestic products disappears, consumers’ expectations for domestic beauty products are rising day by day. How to make consumers accept domestic beauty products is an unavoidable problem for domestic beauty products. Promoting Oriental Beauty is the responsibility of any domestic brand.

However, this problem is not unsolvable. When interpreting traditional culture, Hua Xizi also focuses on excavating the "oriental beauty" in traditional elements, and integrates the "oriental beauty" into the product design process with unique insights.

Take air honey powder, one of Hua Xizi’s explosive products, as an example. This product follows the peach blossom red skin cream, which was specially developed by Princess Taiping in the Tang Dynasty. While following the ancient method, Huaxizi relies on advanced grinding technology to refine the particles of honey powder to three times that of ordinary cosmetics. This process not only inherits the traditional beauty formula, but also uses advanced production technology to rejuvenate the ancient formula.

Oriental cultural products represented by Miao Impression Haute Couture Series are not Hua Xizi’s first attempt. As an oriental makeup brand born in 2017, Hua Xizi has launched a series of innovative products with the mission of inheriting oriental culture and recreating traditional oriental crafts. These products are on a par with international brands, but also stand out from the crowd with unique cultural concepts.

Having a good idea is enough to create an explosive product, but this is not the whole pursuit of Hua Xizi.

In the increasingly competitive beauty field, the good-looking products cannot support the long-term survival of a brand. On the basis of maintaining creativity, Hua Xizi has also made a lot of efforts in product quality. In the process of product making, Hua Xizi insists on the spirit of craftsman, polishes products over and over again, completes every detail, and even pays ten times and one hundred times of energy to develop a product.

For example, for an oil control effect, the product manager needs to find dozens of different oil control ingredients, and test each different ingredient one by one internally, and finally find the ingredient that takes into account the oil control ability and does not dry, so that the product can achieve high-quality efficacy and comfortable skin feeling.

With a sense of responsibility for the inheritance of traditional culture, a unique understanding of traditional cultural elements and high requirements for product quality, Hua Xizi can stand out among a number of domestic beauty brands. The hot performance of Huaxizi products in domestic and overseas markets is enough to show that Huaxizi has gradually become a beauty brand that cannot be ignored and a representative of domestic beauty.

Brand internal and external repair, Hua Xizi goes abroad.

Over the years, the right to speak in the field of beauty has been in the hands of international brands, but the situation is changing.

With the growth of young people’s voices in the post-90s and post-00s, consumers’ pursuit of aesthetics and culture is gradually diversified, and mainstream western aesthetics is no longer all-inclusive. In the process of continuous restoration of national self-confidence and cultural self-confidence, consumers’ desire for local culture is stronger than before. In this context, domestic brands that can resonate with consumers’ national feelings and maintain a good reputation gradually rise.

Relying on the brand concept of "Oriental make-up, make-up with flowers", Hua Xizi walked out of a unique route belonging to domestic make-up.

Looking at Hua Xizi’s journey to fame, it is not difficult to find that its marketing path is the young female group with personalized pursuit in the Z generation, which is inherited from the ancient method of "keeping beauty with flowers" in China traditional culture, carving the dual charm of fashion attributes, cultural connotation and exquisite products with oriental charm, and realizing the capture of more meta-audiences.

Hua Xizi’s firm commitment to products has also been recognized by young domestic consumers. In the dissemination of products and brands, Hua Xizi also conveyed his own experience and brand persistence to consumers, and explained to consumers what domestic cosmetics should look like with a unique product understanding.

While conquering domestic consumers, Hua Xizi also went abroad. Previously, in 2019, Hua Xizi’s West Lake gift box series products had caused a heated discussion on Twitter in Japan. The packaging and texture of Hua Xizi made international friends feel the charm of domestic beauty cosmetics and the unique connotation of Chinese culture. Some Japanese netizens even said that they would like to go to China once to buy Hua Xizi.

Hua Xi zi Xi Hu yin Ji gift box

Hua Xizi sparked heated discussion on Twitter in Japan.

Hua Xizi’s popularity overseas proves a way for domestic brands to rise-brands with local characteristics and profound cultural connotations can help promote national culture and contribute to cultural self-confidence. The excellent performance of Hua Xizi in the domestic market also proves the correctness of Hua Xizi’s brand line of "giving tradition to fashion".

In the era of content marketing, Hua Xizi explored a new way for domestic beauty cosmetics through careful interpretation of consumer demand, re-innovation of traditional culture and persistence in quality. All these persistence and efforts also reflect the brand vision of Huaxizi brand "promoting the beauty of the East and casting a century-old national makeup".

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A number of logistics companies responded to the impact of rainfall in Beijing; SF reported the progress of the loss of 380,000 yuan Rolex watches; Weilai car crashed into a road pillar and caught fir

  [technology circle]

  16 billion rupees to invest and build factories in India?Respond again

  According to media reports, the government of Tamil Nadu in southern India said on July 31 that,Its subsidiary has signed an agreement with Tamil Nadu to invest 16 billion rupees ($194 million) to build a new one.Manufacturing plant. In this regard, in the morning of August 1, investors replied on the interactive platform: On similar rumors, the company issued a clarification in the early stage.The announcement was released on July 19. After verification, the company has no circumstances that should be disclosed but not disclosed.For related matters, please contactAnd the content published by official channels shall prevail. (Times)


  The APP store removed the iFLYTEK Spark App. respond

  IFLYTEK Spark APP was removed from the app store at 2 am on August 1st. It is reported that the APP was previously put on shelves in major mobile app stores on June 29. Today, the reporter called the investor hotline as an investor to inquire about the relevant situation. The staff said that the reason why iFLYTEK Spark APP was taken off the shelf is still unclear, and they are communicating with colleagues on the platform. At present, other apps in Iflytek are in normal condition.

  Rumor of wholly-owned acquisition of Yonghui: There is no such intention at present.

  At noon on August 1, the relevant person told the First Financial Reporter: "There is no such intention at present".

  [Car ring]

  Yiwu police bulletinThe car hit the road post and caught fire: the driver died after being rescued.

  On the evening of August 1st, Yiwu Public Security Bureau reported that at 14: 48 on August 1st, Yiwu Public Security Bureau received an alarm that a traffic accident occurred at Lingyun Interchange of Airport Road. After investigation, the driver of the vehicle, Shen Mou, drove a small ordinary bus through the intersection of Huancheng West Road and Airport Road auxiliary road and hit the road pillar, causing the vehicle to catch fire. At present, the driver Shen died after being rescued, and there were no other people in the car. The cause of the accident is under further investigation. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

  Changan Ford officially took over the operation of Ford electric horse market in China.

  On August 1, Ford Electric Mach Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and ChanganCo., Ltd. jointly issued a statement saying that according to the strategic transformation and business adjustment in China market, it officially took over the operation of Ford electric horse electric vehicle in China market from August 1st.

  Jianghuai responded by cooperating with Huawei to develop MPV with a price of about 1 million yuan.

  August 1 ST, Tianfeng InternationalGuo Ming said on the social platform that Huawei is working withCooperate to develop a series of MPV with a price of 1 million yuan. The new car is expected to be mass-produced in the second quarter of 2024, and the sales target is to deliver 50,000 vehicles in the first year of listing. The party said that it did not receive the relevant notice.

  : AITO Media M9 will be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0, which is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter.

  According to the official micro-disclosure of the Group on August 1st, AITO M9 will be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0, which is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year. In addition, Auto and Huawei jointly established the "AITO Joint Working Group on Marketing and Service", which has been fully responsible for the end-to-end closed-loop management of marketing, sales, delivery, service and channels since July 1.

  : Brilliance creditors have approved Brilliance reorganization plan.

  On the evening of August 1, it was announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the company was informed by Brilliance that the creditors of Brilliance had approved the restructuring plan of Brilliance. Brilliance reorganization plan must still be approved by Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court.

  : The actual controller of the company did not lose contact.

  According to the interactive platform, the company’s actual controller has not lost contact, and the company can normally contact the actual controller and communicate with the company’s related business. The actual controller also maintains close contact with the company’s board of directors and related personnel. The actual controller of the company has offices in many places and travels a lot, and the office location is not completely fixed.

  It is announced that the second phase of co-creation delivery will be launched, and the delivery process will be launched in the second week of August.

  On August 1st, it was announced that the second phase of co-creation delivery was officially launched, and FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance will be delivered to the first batch of users. FF has successfully completed all compliance tests of FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance. FF will start the delivery process in the second week of August, and plans to deliver FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to the first user in mid-August. (Interface News)

  : JulyCar sales reached 262,161 vehicles.

  Announcement: In July, the automobile sales volume was 262,161, compared with 162,530 in the same period of last year. In July, 18,169 passenger cars were sold overseas.

  As of July 30th, the monthly sales volume has reached 32,500 vehicles, reaching a new high.

  According to official micro-news, as of July 30, the sales volume this month has reached 32,500, a new high. In the 31st week of 2023 (7.24-7.30), LI’s weekly sales volume reached 7900, ranking first in China’s new power brand sales.

  Guangzhou Automobile Aian sold 45,025 vehicles in July, up 80% year-on-year.

  According to the news of Ai ‘an WeChat official account on August 1, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an sold 45,025 vehicles in July, an increase of 80% year-on-year; From January to July, the cumulative sales volume was 254,361 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 103%.

  Cyrus: In July, the sales of new energy vehicles decreased by 47.83% year-on-year.

  On August 1st, Cyrus released the July production and sales express. In July, the sales volume of Celestial vehicles was 4,240, down 45.69% year-on-year; In July, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 6,934, a year-on-year decrease of 47.83%.

  Chemical industry

  : andRenew the lithium hydroxide supply agreement

  Announcement, with the renewal of the lithium hydroxide supply agreement, the total number of transactions from 2023 to 2030 is about 207,000 tons to 301,000 tons, and the number of years shall be implemented according to the agreement.

  Real estate

  President Zhang Li made his first appearance after returning to China.

  After rumors that he has returned to China for a long time, Zhang Li, one of the founders, co-chairman and president, finally made his first public appearance. On July 31st, Zhang Li and Li Silian, another founder and chairman, attended the opening ceremony of Guangzhou R&F Hospital. At the event, Li Silian delivered a speech on behalf of R&F. Zhang Li did not speak, but only appeared in the photo session (the interviewed enterprises provided pictures, and the fourth from the right was Zhang Li). (national business daily)

  As reported by the mediaPlan response: No final agreement has been reached on the proposed transaction.

  It was announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that there were media reports about the proposed placement company.Share. The company hereby clarifies that no final agreement has been reached on the proposed transaction on the date of this announcement, and the company does not consider the proposed transaction at this stage.


  A number of express logistics companies responded to the impact of rainfall in Beijing: some outlets lost contact and are counting losses.

  Secondary disasters caused by continuous rainfall in Beijing have also had an impact on express delivery in the region, an interview with Yicai., SF Express, Yunda Express,Many logistics companies have learned that some express outlets have been cut off, disconnected and lost contact, and the specific losses are being counted.

  SF Express reported the progress of the loss of 380,000 yuan Rolex watch: it was initially determined that it was done by outsiders.

  On August 1st, Guan Wei of SF Express Co., Ltd. informed the progress of the loss of Rolex watches: the express mail number SF1159XXXXX1637 was sent from Yanji City, Jilin Province to Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and the customer reported that the internal parts were missing after signing the express mail. After investigation by relevant departments, it was preliminarily determined that the watch was made by an external person. At present, the watch has been recovered, and it is not the responsibility of the delivery courier of our company. The relevant situation is still under investigation. The company has informed the customer of the information, and at the same time, it has properly negotiated with the customer and reached an agreement on the follow-up matters.


Interview with Ceng Qinghong of Guangzhou Automobile Group: Maximize overtime work and strive to recover lost output value.

Since 2003, Ceng Qinghong, Party Secretary and Chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group, has been elected to the National People’s Congress for three times from the 10th, 11th to 13th sessions.

Ceng Qinghong, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group

The National People’s Congress in 2020 is the 13th year for him to participate in and discuss state affairs as a representative of the National People’s Congress. This time, he brought five suggestions, three of which were related to the automobile industry.

"Overall, the impact of this epidemic on the automobile industry is not small, and it may take a long time to digest and absorb these effects. However, we must also actively face up to this impact, and our confidence in the long-term development of China’s automobile industry cannot be shaken. " Recently, Ceng Qinghong said this in an interview with a reporter from The Paper.

Guangzhou Automobile Group actively carried out the work of resuming work and production.

In the interview, in addition to carefully interpreting his own suggestions, Ceng Qinghong also comprehensively analyzed various measures that Guangzhou Automobile Group was prepared to face difficulties, and responded to the latest progress of strategic cooperation with SAIC and Weilai Automobile, which were concerned by the outside world.

He revealed that although the current production and operation encountered some difficulties and challenges, the sales volume of new energy vehicles of Guangzhou Automobile Group rose by 85% against the trend in the first four months, and the group’s goal this year is to achieve a sales growth of 3%.

In his view, the future automobile market will be the world in the field of intelligent networked new energy. Guangzhou Automobile Group will further expand joint ventures and cooperation, and is willing to join hands with new forces to create a better future.

It is suggested that the cost of car purchase should be substantially reduced.

You have brought five suggestions to the two sessions this year, three of which are related to the automobile industry. Among them, the proposal to reduce the total tax burden of automobile consumption is particularly impressive. Compared with the various policies that have been introduced to promote consumption, what are the advantages of this proposal?

Ceng Qinghong:This year, I put forward suggestions related to the automobile industry from three aspects: fighting against epidemic, reducing burdens, promoting automobile consumption, and accelerating the construction of new energy automobile industrial cluster in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Among them, further reducing the overall tax burden of automobile consumption will essentially reduce the cost of consumers’ car purchase, reduce the burden of consumers’ cars and promote automobile consumption.

One of the suggestions is to reduce the tax burden of vehicle purchase tax and vehicle consumption tax. The second is to further reduce the value-added tax burden. Third, the eligible car loan interest will be included in the special additional deduction of personal income tax to reduce the burden on residents.

Recently, countries and localities have introduced policies to promote automobile consumption, such as liberalizing purchase restrictions and subsidizing car purchases. What do you think of these policies?

Ceng Qinghong: No matter in the short term or in the medium and long term, these policies are conducive to the further development of domestic new energy vehicles.

Guangzhou Automobile Plus Car Purchase Discount, Guangzhou "Guangzhou Car Purchase" launched to promote automobile consumption.

The state has taken many measures to improve the automobile consumption environment and reduce the tax burden on automobile consumption. Especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic this year, many departments have issued a number of policies on stabilizing and expanding automobile consumption, including subsidies, delays and financial support for national sixth and new energy vehicles, which have effectively boosted automobile consumption.

Guangzhou Automobile Group actively participates in live broadcast with goods to promote sales.

For example, on the eve of May 1 ST, Guangzhou launched the subsidy activity for automobile consumption benefiting the people. During April and May 1 ST, the passenger flow and order volume of various brand stores under Guangzhou Automobile Group increased significantly, and some even exceeded the level of the same period last year. During the May 1 ST period alone, the total passenger traffic of seven vehicle brands under GAC increased by 6% year-on-year, the number of clues increased by 19%, the order volume increased by 20%, and the terminal sales increased by 19% year-on-year. The effect of promoting sales is quite remarkable.

It takes a long time to digest and absorb the impact of the epidemic.

In April, China’s auto sales ended the negative growth for 21 consecutive months. Does this mean that the turning point of auto market recovery has arrived?

Ceng Qinghong:On the whole, the impact of this epidemic on the automobile industry is not small, and it may take a long time to digest and absorb these effects. However, we should also face up to this impact positively, and our confidence in the long-term development of China’s automobile industry cannot be shaken.

What impact did this epidemic have on Guangzhou Automobile Group? What measures have we taken to make up for the possible losses?

Ceng Qinghong:Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, from January to April, domestic automobile production and sales were 5.596 million and 5.761 million, down 33.4% and 31.1% year-on-year; From January to April, the production and sales of Guangzhou Automobile Group were 444,000 vehicles and 472,400 vehicles, down by 30.54% and 27.49% respectively, which was slightly better than the industry average.

Although there are some difficulties and challenges in current production and operation, our goal of 3% sales growth has not changed, and we mainly make efforts in the following aspects:

First, make real moves in increasing sales. Strengthen product innovation, and develop vehicle products equipped with CN95 high-efficiency vehicle air conditioning filter elements; Strengthen marketing innovation, such as VR car watching, live broadcast with goods, etc.; Actively follow up local policies to promote automobile consumption.

Second, efforts should be made to replenish production and increase production. Strive for the support of all parties, stabilize the effective operation of domestic and foreign supply chains, and avoid supply interruption, especially the imported parts and components. Major vehicle companies make the best use of working days after work and weekends to arrange overtime, do everything possible to tap and improve production capacity, and strive to recover the lost output value.

Third, make a fuss about project guidance. Focusing on the construction task of "attacking the city and pulling out the village" project in Guangzhou in 2020, we will continue to strengthen the construction of independent research and development capabilities and accelerate the construction of a series of projects of Guangzhou Automobile Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park.

Fourth, tap the potential in increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. Vigorously carry out the activities of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, actively expand the international market, and reduce the minor expenditures of various management affairs.

Guangzhou Automobile Group’s sales of new energy vehicles increased by 85% in the first four months of this year.

The rapid development of GAC New Energy in the past two years is obvious to all. What advantages do you think GAC has in developing new energy products?

Ceng Qinghong:Guangzhou Automobile Group has accelerated its layout and investment in the field of new energy vehicles, and its strategic transformation has achieved initial results.

From January to April, 2020, although the overall sales volume of the automobile industry suffered a double-digit decline due to the epidemic, GAC’s new energy sales volume increased against the trend. In April, Guangzhou Automobile Group sold 5,281 new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 55%; From January to April, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was about 15,900, an increase of 85% year-on-year. Among them, GAC New Energy sold 4,006 vehicles in April, up 125% year-on-year and 14% quarter-on-quarter; From January to April, the sales volume was 11,900 vehicles, with year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter growth exceeding 94%.

Rendering of Guangzhou Automobile Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park

In terms of new energy vehicle manufacturing, the first phase of the Guangzhou Automobile Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park, which started construction in 2017, was completed at the end of December 2018.

The key technology of GAC Class A pure electric vehicle won the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award.

In terms of pure electric platform GEP, GAC GEP platform can expand different levels of pure electric platform models, greatly saving development costs, shortening development cycle and enhancing product competitiveness. At present, three models of Aion S, Aion LX and Aion V have been launched, and a new energy vehicle is planned to be launched every six months.

In terms of new energy R&D test, in December 2019, Guangzhou Automobile South (Shaoguan) Intelligent Networked New Energy Vehicle Test and Testing Center officially started.

ADiGO (intelligent driving interconnection) ecosystem

In the future, we will jointly develop core technologies with SAIC to jointly expand overseas markets.

In December 2019, GAC and SAIC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

After cooperating with Weilai, GAC announced a strategic cooperation with SAIC at the end of last year. What is the current cooperation progress and project promotion?

Ceng Qinghong:Win-win cooperation, innovative development, Guangzhou Automobile Group has always adhered to joint venture cooperation and independent innovation for common development, and we very much welcome partners who share common goals and seek common development.

Guangzhou Automobile Group and Weilai are committed to all-round cooperation in all aspects of the industrial chain. In May 2019, GAC Weilai’s brand new brand "HYCAN Hechuang" was officially released; In April this year, HYCAN 007, the first model of Guangzhou Automobile Weilai Hechuang brand, was officially launched.

In December 2019, Guangzhou Automobile Group and SAIC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, two leading high-end manufacturing enterprises, joined hands for the first time.

At present, we are exploring the feasibility of cooperation from the technical field. Logistics, mobile travel, big data, international business, spare parts, insurance and other fields are also gradually sorting out the cooperation direction of business.

In the future, we will jointly develop core technologies and discuss joint investment and development of strategic core technologies and platforms in the fields of new energy, intelligence, networking and lightweight. Share industrial chain resources, explore cooperation in the field of manufacturing, and plan to cooperate in logistics, auto finance, insurance services, aftermarket, industrial investment and so on; Focus on new business models and jointly strengthen research and cooperation in new business models such as car sharing, travel service, and separation of vehicles and electricity; Work together to expand overseas markets.

Further expand joint ventures and cooperation, and are willing to create a better future with Ctrip, a new force in car manufacturing.

This year, the automobile market has obviously accelerated the speed of elimination. Do you think there is anything that traditional car companies can learn from the new car companies?

Ceng Qinghong:In the long run, the automobile industry is in a period of profound historical changes in the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. Electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing are the general trend of automobile development. The future cars will be self-driving cars and driverless cars to solve the problems of traffic, environment and old-age care. Artificial intelligence will change life and travel. Therefore, the future automobile market will be the world in the field of intelligent networked new energy.

Most new car-making forces are better than traditional car-making enterprises in terms of internet thinking and business model innovation. Guangzhou Automobile Group is willing to further expand joint ventures and cooperation with Ctrip, a new car-making force, and accelerate the innovation of "car+internet".


Huawei’s new products are too shocking! "There is a picture without a picture" can be opened to replace the car dashboard!

Another big news came from Huawei smart cars.

On April 16th, 2023, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and CEO of smart car solution BU, released some train-borne solutions and new products.

At the meeting, Huawei launched the advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, announcing thatNo longer rely on high-precision maps. At the same time, announced a radical plan:It will land in 15 cities in the third quarter and expand to 45 cities in the fourth quarter.

In addition, Huawei also released a series of new products, such as AR HUD head-up display, iDVP smart car digital platform, which can replace the on-board dashboard, and predicted that HarmonyOS HarmonyOS 4.0 will be released in autumn.

According to reports, Huawei’s intelligent driving system industry pioneered the GOD network. Through the perception of multi-sensor integration such as laser radar, millimeter-wave radar and camera, special-shaped obstacles can also be identified, such as rollover vehicles, falling cardboard boxes, falling rocks, falling trees, etc. And slow down and stop, and build a safety line from the structure to make people drive safer.

In addition, HUAWEI ADS 1.0 has realized BEV architecture based on Transformer, while HUAWEI ADS 2.0 has been further upgraded.The network based on road topology reasoning is further enhanced, and various road elements such as roads and traffic lights can be understood even without high-precision maps, making it possible to drive without maps.

Yu Chengdong introduced that in the third quarter of this year, 15 cities without maps will land, and in the fourth quarter, 30 new cities without maps will land, reaching 45 cities.

On the intelligent parking assistance function,Huawei ADS 2.0 maintains a leading position in parking space identification, including automatic parking space search, 360 parking space discovery and display of parking spaces. At the same time, it supports intelligent parking of up to 160 kinds of parking spaces, such as unconventional parking spaces such as sloping parking spaces and broken parking spaces. In addition, RPA (Remote Parking Assist) solves the embarrassing scene of "cars can get in, people can’t get out" in narrow parking spaces, or it is inconvenient to take and put large luggage items in the car and trunk, thus realizing worry-free parking.

In terms of high-speed experience,ADS 2.0 optimizes the high-speed experience. After the optimization, the average manual takeover mileage is increased from 100km to 200km, and it is easy to cope with up and down ramps and channel obstacle avoidance.

Yu Chengdong also announced at the press conference that Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system HUAWEI ADS 2.0.The M5 Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition will be launched in AITO, and the subsequent Aouita 11 and Extreme Fox Alfa S·HI versions will also be upgraded, and more models will be carried in the future.Yu Chengdong also said that according to the test data, the models equipped with Huawei ADS have been far ahead of Tesla in expressway performance such as ramp passing rate and takeover times.

Yu Chengdong also specifically explained that before, he said that the "HI" model of cooperation between Huawei and BAIC was not cooperative. "It is not non-cooperation. Our cooperation with BAIC has been upgraded to a smart selection model, and the cooperation will be deeper."

In terms of price, HUWEI ADS announced by Huawei includes basic package, advanced package and high-end package. At present, the commercial models that have been cooperated are standard with the basic package and advanced package, and the high-end package can be purchased. The above-mentioned urban NCA and AVP are all in the high-end package scheme. Among them,HUAWEI ADS 1.0 is purchased at a lump sum of 32,000 yuan, with an annual subscription of 6,400 yuan and a monthly subscription in 640 yuan. HUAWEI ADS 2.0 is purchased at a lump sum of 36,000 yuan, with an annual subscription of 7,200 yuan and a monthly subscription in 720 yuan.

At the meeting, Huawei’s self-developed AR HUD made its debut. It is understood that,Huawei AR-HUD can replace the on-board instrument, and the effect far exceeds the instrument.Compared with ordinary HUD (Head-up Display Device), it has stronger functions and better effects.

Yu Chengdong said that Huawei AR-HUD adopted Huawei’s AutOptiX intelligent vehicle light technology, which enabled the car to enter the light display era.

The scheme is equipped with LCoS (micron pixel unit, 2K resolution), three-color LED light source (entrance brightness of 12000nits, color gamut NTSC > 85%), short-focus lens (clearer image, distortion < 2%) and polarizing component (light energy utilization rate of 90%, contrast ratio of 1200:1).

In terms of specifications,Huawei AR-HUD has the largest mass-produced frame in the industry, which can achieve the equivalent display effect of 70 inches at 7.5 meters and 96 inches at 10 meters, and has the highest resolution of 1922×730 mass-produced HUD.

Functionally, Huawei AR-HUD is deeply integrated with intelligent driving system for the first time, which can realize real-life presentation.In addition to car-level AR navigation, it can also project reversing images on the windshield and realize giant screen viewing. The effect is very shocking.

Yu Chengdong revealed that,Huawei AR-HUD will be launched by M9.It will be carried on more models in the future.

In addition, Huawei also released new products such as the brand-new in-vehicle entertainment screen category HUAWEI xScene light field screen and HUAWEI xPixel smart car light solution.

According to reports,HUAWEI xScene light field screenIt can break through the physical space limit in the car, bring a viewing experience of 3 meters away and 40 inches, and effectively reduce visual fatigue; At the same time, the world’s first car display low motion sickness gold standard was obtained, which effectively relieved motion sickness.

HUAWEI xPixel intelligent car light solution, to achieve a million pixels of refined lighting and smart lighting expression. High-precision ADB (adaptive high beam) is altruistic and selfish; The first intelligent light carpet, to achieve security protection.

Yu Chengdong also introduced a new generation of HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, which will be equipped with Huawei’s breakthrough technology HarmonyOS kernel. HUAWEI SOUND car audio system and a new generation of car smart screen will also be unveiled at the press conference. HarmonyOS Car Machine has joined hands with application partners, bringing over 50 top-quality applications from HarmonyOS and over 100 free applications from HarmonyOS.

Yu Chengdong also introduced the digital platform of HUAWEI iDVP smart car. HUAWEI iDVP is the foundation of realizing software-defined automobile, and the core of this architecture is hierarchical decoupling and SOA (service-oriented distributed architecture) service. At present, HUAWEI iDVP has delivered more than 800 standardized API interfaces to achieve rapid adaptation of cross-vehicle differences, and the cross-vehicle reuse rate of platform applications can reach over 90%.

At present, the shipment of intelligent components in Huawei’s smart car business has reached 2 million, five strategic cooperation models have been listed, and there are over 300 ecological partners. In addition, there are more than 10 new cars with Huawei’s advanced autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit under development, which will be launched one after another from this fall to next year.

Yu Chengdong also announced at the meeting that,Huawei HarmonyOS 4.0 (HarmonyOS OS) will be released this autumn.

It is understood that HarmonyOS OS 4.0 will realize multi-person, multi-device and multi-screen multi-tone area in the car, support sound source localization in six-tone area and concurrent control of multi-person and multi-screen multi-tone area. Compared with HarmonyOS 2.0/3.0, HarmonyOS OS 4.0 also realizes eyeball position tracking and eye state recognition in the cabin, and supports multi-screen multi-channel bidirectional circulation and multi-screen cross-device projection.

It is worth mentioning that the voice of HarmonyOS OS 4.0 intelligent cockpit will also be greatly upgraded, and the training results of Huawei’s big model will be used, and the voice of Xiaoyi will be more intelligent.

Before officially unveiling the new product, Yu Chengdong shared his views on the development trend of intelligent electric vehicles. Yu Chengdong believes that smart electric vehicles are strikingly similar to the era of smart phones more than a decade ago. Since the launch of the iPhone, the sales of smart phones have gradually increased, and feature phones have gradually withdrawn from the historical stage.

"Because I was in charge of Huawei’s terminal business ten years ago, I deeply felt at that time that with such fierce market competition or major changes in the industry, many giants may find it difficult to survive and many mobile phone manufacturers will disappear." Yu Chengdong said. Indeed, many giants in the field of feature phones have disappeared.

Yu Chengdong judged,Smart electric vehicles will reproduce the change from feature phones to smart phones. In time, 2025 will be a watershed in the era of smart electric vehicles.

"The great changes in today’s era remind us that if we don’t work hard, we can’t seize the opportunity of change in the era of intelligent electric networked vehicles, especially the opportunity of automation. No matter how powerful the company is today, it may disappear in the future. When the giant falls, he may still be warm. " Yu Chengdong stressed.

Yu Chengdong believes that in the era of intelligent electric vehicles, the first half of industry competition is electrification and the second half is intellectualization."Our first half is important in sports competitions, but the second half is the key to winning." In the electric vehicle industry, the hardware determines the experience in the first half, and the software determines the experience in the second half.

This paper is a comprehensive introduction to Guanwei, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Securities Times.

Risk warning and exemption clause
The market is risky and investment needs to be cautious. This paper does not constitute personal investment advice, nor does it take into account the special investment objectives, financial situation or needs of individual users. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints or conclusions in this article are in line with their specific situation. Invest accordingly at your own risk.

Some live broadcasts have hidden "emotional traps". Are you really the anchor "family"?

  Our reporter Zhang Ni Our intern Liu Zhenxuan Workers’ Daily (August 9, 2022, 04 edition)

  Reading tips

  It has gradually become a living habit for consumers to buy goods in live webcasts. For the benefit, some anchors played emotional cards and used words and deductive routines to get fans to place orders. Many consumers spent a lot of money on this. Some experts pointed out that the chaos of live broadcast with goods needs to be rectified urgently. At the same time, consumers should also place orders rationally.

  In the live broadcast room of a million fans in Aauto Quicker, the reporter saw such a "passionate scene" &mdash; &mdash; Accompanied by dynamic music and psychedelic lighting, the anchor affectionately shouted to the audience: "Family, everyone in this selection team stopped me from putting it on the shelves. Every time we sell more orders, we lose more money, but it is our long-cherished wish to send benefits to fans’ families. Come, link! "

  In the online world, there are many people who fall into the "emotional trap" out of their trust in the anchor. In this case, the products they buy are not necessarily what they really need, and the quality and after-sales problems of the products are not uncommon.

  "Family" caught in the emotional whirlpool

  Lao Li, a 46-year-old company employee, sometimes watches the live broadcast of an anchor with 7 million fans in Tik Tok at night, and the online audience in her studio is close to one million at the most.

  According to Lao Li, the live broadcast content of this anchor is very rich. Watching her play PK with others makes her passionate and keeps praising her. "One night when I was playing PK with a female anchor, I ordered a tea in her live room. She said that this is to fight for the dignity of herself and her family in the live broadcast room. She asked us not to brush gifts, but only to support the products of e-commerce. " Lao Li said that he was particularly excited at that time and felt that she was too difficult. He must support her. The price of tea was not expensive, but after receiving tea, he found that it was all tea stalks and could not be drunk at all.

  When the reporter opened Lao Li’s Tik Tok purchase record and wanted to check the user’s feedback of the product, the product page display was invalid.

  "In fact, there are many such situations. Many people in our fan base will feedback the quality problems in the group after receiving the goods, but no one cares about us at all, so I will never watch her live again." Lao Li said.

  Because fans like to watch each other’s PK, in order to maintain the traffic data and live broadcast benefits, some anchors will choose to "play scripts" to create topics to bring goods, birthdays, engagements, and even a word and a dress will become their hype gimmicks.

  In addition to PK anchor’s "family-style" emotional marketing, the reporter also found that most live broadcast rooms with goods will use music, words and help broadcast to incite emotions. Some anchors will tell the audience that this is a unique "mechanism", and there is not much stock left, so they must place an order immediately, thus giving the audience a psychological "sense of crisis" in purchasing.

  "Big brands give some anchors &lsquo; Mechanism &rsquo; It doesn’t mean &lsquo; dedicated to one anchor and given to all anchors. Mechanism &rsquo; All the same, consumers must be able to identify the anchor’s words and don’t be led by the nose. " A practitioner in the e-commerce industry said.

  When watching the live broadcast, the reporter found that when some anchors are selling products, after all the products are explained in a circular way, the products that were previously sold out will appear in the shopping cart again, and then the blogger will tell the fans again that this is the last inventory, so they must place an order immediately. After this process is repeated several times, the products will either be sold out or continue to be sold in the form of pre-sale.

  The above-mentioned insiders said that because the live broadcast with goods lasts for several hours and the content is relatively simple, most consumers quit the live broadcast room after buying it and will not watch it for a long time. This has kept many consumers in the dark and it is difficult to find the routine.

  Don’t let bad money drive out good money.

  Yang Siyu is an anchor with 100,000 fans in Tik Tok, and an entrepreneur who runs skin care companies and brands. Fans call him "Grass".

  "Take the beauty live broadcast as an example. After we send the products to the anchor, the responsible anchor will communicate with us about the experience, product formula mechanism, product packaging materials and other details, and will pass the heavy assessment before going to the live broadcast room. We will also communicate customer feedback with the anchor and adjust our products and cooperation plans. However, some anchors will skip these links and directly choose some OEM products with their own traffic and high commission. " Yang Siyu said. The essence of live broadcast with goods is still a form of shopping, and its flow logic should be a two-way consideration of "high-quality anchor+high-quality products", and should not be a dramatic emotional mobilization. From anchor selection to user ordering, we should adhere to the rationality of shopping around.

  "I hope that in the future, the live broadcast platform can support more high-quality e-commerce experts, and more people in the industry can dare to speak out, so as not to let bad money drive out good money." Yang Siyu said that in order to quickly realize the realization of cash, after the account is made, many anchors will embark on the shortcut of "setting up people" and "harvesting" fans with emotion. Those anchors who insist on content output will not attract traffic because of strict product selection, and the live broadcast data is often bleak.

  In addition, in order to meet the anchor’s commission requirements, some brands will continue to reduce the cost of their own product research and development and increase marketing expenses, which will lead to the decline in the quality of products that consumers get.

  Strengthen supervision and guide correctly.

  "At that time, your head didn’t hurt, nor did your cervical vertebrae, nor did you toss and turn in the sleepless night. At that time, your parents were still in good health. They were young, safe and happy, and grandparents were with you. You don’t really think about corn, you are thinking about yourself. " This is an impromptu explanation given by an anchor during the live broadcast of corn with goods, which caused tens of thousands of netizens to cry and once rushed to the hot search list.

  Dong Yuhui, the former New Oriental English teacher, said this. Together with teachers like yoyo and Dunton, he became the resident anchor of the East Selection Live Room.

  The reporter found that there was no script in the Oriental selection live broadcast room, and the anchor was not screaming at the top of his lungs. With soft music, he talked about products, astronomy and poetry, and he could get excellent sales.

  "I never watched the live broadcast with goods before, and I felt particularly fake. After I accidentally saw the live broadcast of these young people, a person who never bought anything in the live broadcast room began to place an order. Their live broadcast made me feel happy and calm, because I not only bought my favorite products in this live broadcast room, but also &lsquo; Buy &rsquo; To knowledge. " A treasure mom fan in the Oriental selection live broadcast room said.

  "Starting from the current situation of the industry, under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, practitioners in the live broadcast industry should look for breakthroughs from the incision of improving the ability to control users. Avoiding emotional temptation is not to deny emotions. High-level emotional design should be based on accurate insight into user needs. " Wei Baotao, executive director of China Advertising Education Research Association and director of advertising department of School of Journalism and Communication, Liaoning University, said.

  Under the rectification of the relevant state departments, the atmosphere of the live broadcast industry has obviously improved, but there are still many banned anchors who continue to squeeze the remaining favorite values of fans by means of secret forms such as "the master is blocked and the apprentice broadcasts". Such live broadcast poses new challenges to the subsequent industry rectification.


[Popular science hotspots] Noisy hot search! Don’t eat breakfast VS don’t eat dinner, which has a greater impact on the body?

The following article comes from China, the author Ruan Guangfeng.

Cop China.

Public science popularization and scientific communication

In the fast-paced modern life, many people often choose to skip a meal because of time constraints or other reasons. Among them, skipping breakfast and skipping dinner are two common phenomena. A few days ago, the topic # Is skipping breakfast more harmful than skipping dinner? # boarded a hot search in Weibo, which triggered a hot discussion among netizens.

So, what kind of influence will such eating habits have on the body? Skipping breakfast VS skipping dinner, which has a greater impact on your health?

Image source: Weibo screenshot

What’s wrong with skipping breakfast?

As the saying goes, a day’s plan lies in the morning. So we all take breakfast very seriously. However, due to the accelerating pace of life, more and more people often can’t eat breakfast, let alone eat breakfast badly.

As the first meal of the day, breakfast is very important for dietary nutrition intake, health status and work or study efficiency. Eating breakfast every day is also a healthy lifestyle advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Breakfast takes the longest time from the previous meal and consumes a lot of energy. If you don’t eat breakfast, it may lead to unbalanced nutrition. It can also lead to hunger, reduce brain excitability, slow response and inattention, and affect work and study efficiency.

It is good for health to form the habit of eating breakfast regularly. Many studies have found that eating breakfast regularly has a negative correlation with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. China’s dietary guidelines also point out that a reasonable diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and eating breakfast regularly is also part of a reasonable diet, so it is very important.

However, many people don’t eat breakfast well enough. According to the Survey Report on Breakfast Diet of China Residents, 35% of Chinese people can’t eat breakfast every day; Even if they can have breakfast, many people don’t eat healthily. There are 55% people who have less than three kinds of food for breakfast every day, and 42% people can’t get it in 10 minutes, so it is difficult to achieve a balanced diet.

What’s wrong with skipping dinner?

Of the three meals a day, we usually think that dinner is the least important.

In fact, if you really skip dinner at all, it will also do harm to your health. The most direct and obvious thing is-hunger, which leads to malnutrition.

After all, the energy and nutrition that our human body needs every day are almost the same. If we don’t eat a certain meal and don’t eat much at other times, it will definitely not be enough. Slowly, it will be exhausted, and hunger will increase sharply, which will affect the quality of sleep and make it difficult for people to fall asleep or sleep lightly.

If you don’t eat dinner simply and rudely, other living habits will remain the same as usual, and malnutrition will occur in the long run. For example, you may be listless, physically exhausted, depressed, and pale … These are all manifestations of malnutrition.

However, some patients with special diseases, such as peptic ulcer, or people who work at special time (such as three shifts and night shift), skipping dinner will have a greater impact on them.

Therefore, from the health point of view, you should also try to arrange your three meals a day regularly, and you can’t have less dinner.

Which is more important, breakfast or dinner?

The field of chrononutrition is exploring this problem.

Temporal nutrition is a new research field in recent years, which studies how factors such as food intake time, diet pattern and eating frequency affect the metabolism, energy balance and health status of the body. Over the years, it has been found that the time to eat breakfast and dinner will have a certain impact on health.

Studies have found that skipping breakfast is related to the increased risk of circulatory diseases and all-cause death in men and the increased risk of all-cause death in women; Habitual skipping breakfast is associated with an increased risk of gastrointestinal cancers, including esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma; Skipping breakfast will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.

Dinner is also important. For example, some studies have found that eating dinner after 9 o’clock increases the risk of cancer. Eating dinner before 9 o’clock every night can reduce the comprehensive cancer risk by about 25%, and at the same time, compared with going to bed immediately after meals, sleeping after meals for 2 hours or more can reduce the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer by 20%. Eating only one meal a day is associated with a higher risk of death, while skipping lunch or dinner especially increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

These studies are still being explored and need further argumentation. However, judging from the current voice in the field of nutrition, it is generally believed that a regular diet is more beneficial to health.

According to the report of American Dietary Guidelines, Americans who eat three meals a day have higher dietary quality than those who eat two meals a day, which is attributed to the relatively large intake of vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dairy products.

The American Heart Association (AHA) summarized the effects of specific dietary patterns on the health markers of cardiac metabolism, including obesity, blood lipid level, insulin resistance and blood pressure. The results showed that skipping breakfast, intermittent fasting, eating frequency (daily eating times) and eating time were the dietary patterns that affected the health markers of cardiac metabolism. Irregular eating patterns are not conducive to maintaining good cardiac metabolic health.

Therefore, it is suggested that people should consciously formulate a good eating pattern, whether it is breakfast or dinner, and develop a regular eating habit of three meals.

Finally, as a staff member in the field of food and nutrition, I would like to give you some suggestions:

1. Give yourself some time: Please give yourself some time for breakfast or dinner. Even if you simply eat a bowl of porridge, an egg, or a piece of bread and a glass of milk, you can provide your body with the energy and nutrition you need.

2. Gradually improve the level of nutrition: Many people are really busy and don’t have much time to prepare breakfast or dinner, but they can start slowly and try their best to diversify their food and promote a balanced nutrition. Dietary guidelines suggest that we eat 12 kinds of food every day and 25 kinds of food every week. Therefore, there should not be too few kinds of food every day. It is suggested that we should try our best to have high-quality protein such as vegetables, fruit staple food and meat, instead of all big fish and big meat.

3. Pay attention to your body’s feelings: When you feel hungry or uncomfortable, don’t ignore it. This is a signal from your body that you need to supplement energy and nutrition. Please respect your body’s feelings and provide it with the food it needs in time.

4. Keep a positive attitude: the change of eating habits is not achieved overnight, it takes time and persistence. In this process, please keep a positive attitude and patience, and believe that your efforts will bring good health and a better life.


[1] Flanagan A, Bechtold DA, Pot GK, Johnston JD. Chrono-nutrition: From molecular and neuronal mechanisms to human epidemiology and timed feeding patterns. J Neurochem. 2021 Apr; 157(1):53-72. doi: 10.1111/jnc.15246. Epub 2020 Dec 10. PMID: 33222161.

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Source | Popular Science China

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Community group buying welcomes new players, and the industry war is coming back?

Text |Tech Planet Lin Jing Wang Lin

Before the epidemic prevention and control was released, the maximum number of group purchases in the community could reach 600 a day, which could not be put in a 10-square-meter dry cleaner in Liu Miao, and the sorted goods piled up all the way to the door. Now, on the list of heads she shows to Tech Planet, there are an average of 100 to more than 200 orders per day, which has dropped sharply.

As a key bridge between the community group buying platform and users, the situation of the head of the group reflects the current situation of the community group buying track to some extent.

After the group-buying war in the community, nowadays, it is called "the new third group" and "the third group", and the life of the tenth group and the same journey has collapsed, leaving only the prosperity and optimization. Profitability has become the primary task of the platform. With the recovery of offline merchants, community group buying is also facing new challenges.

However, JD.COM has recently "killed" the group purchase in the community again, renaming Jingxi Pinpin as JD.COM Pinpin, and choosing Hefei as the first stop to expand the city. A local head of Hefei said, "JD.COM BD (Business Development) personally came to the door to talk about the cooperation of heads. They will select heads who have done well on other platforms and directly invite them to become the head of JD.COM."

Although Jingxi Pinpin had not been laid out in Hefei before, in the head’s view, the renamed "JD.COM Pinpin" was endorsed by the word JD.COM, with obvious brand power and rich incentives for innovation, and it broke the order on the first day. According to her observation, JD.COM’s capacity and other aspects have not kept up, and some commodities are out of stock.

When the whole track has died down, will the community group buying rekindle the war with JD.COM?

After the 01 fierce battle subsided, the only pioneer

Withdrawal from the city and contraction are the key words of community group buying track in the past year. The US delegation is preferably evacuated from Beijing and four northwestern provinces (Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Ningxia), and currently covers more than 20 key provinces. Xingsheng prefers to retreat from the 17 provinces with the highest peak. At present, its business is only in six provinces: Shaanxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi and Guangdong. Buying more vegetables has the widest coverage at present, covering 31 provinces and cities except Tibet.

Nowadays, apart from group buying in the community, Xingsheng Youxuan APP has also added the business of "Yuanben Mall", which is an e-commerce platform similar to Taobao, involving clothing, shoes and bags, department stores, food, electrical appliances, jewelry and other categories, mainly taking the cost-effective route. For example, a T-shirt for women ranges from 9 yuan to 40 yuan.

Figure: Screenshot of Xingsheng Preferred APP

According to an employee who resigned from Xingsheng, "Yuanben Mall" is Xingsheng’s preferred cooperation with external companies. In her view, categories that were not available before, such as clothing, can increase revenue for the company. A head of Xingsheng Preferred Group said that its staff had introduced new business because the single quantity was eroded by some competitors.

In today’s "new three groups", the US group preferred and bought more food as the two major heads, and competed for the "top spot" in the past year. According to the research data of Guojin Securities, as of the first half of 2022, the market share of community group buying preferred by Meituan reached 38%, second only to 45% of buying more food.

From the perspective of organizational structure, the "No.1 position" of community group buying has also changed. According to "Late", at the beginning of last year, Guo Wanhuai, vice president of Meituan, took over the fast donkey, food shopping and optimization business from Chen Liang, former senior vice president of Meituan and member of S-team, the highest decision-making body. She made a series of arrangements for Meituan’s optimization and transferred the more effective fast donkey management team to the optimization. At the same time, Meituan preferred to abolish the large-scale system and adjust the five major regions (North China, South China, East China, Central China and West China) to 17 regions, which have more decision-making power and are responsible for their own profits and losses.

According to Shenwang, since September last year, Temu, a cross-border e-commerce business, has been one of the most important strategic projects in Pinduoduo, led by Gu Yaoxian, the main person in charge of buying more vegetables.

With the full liberalization of the epidemic, retaining existing customers has become a top priority for community group buying platforms. In some areas, many people who buy more vegetables and choose the best leaders of the US delegation told Tech Planet that after the epidemic was released, the platform adjusted the latest rules in time. Originally, the commission was mainly calculated according to the order quantity. Now, users must enter through the link shared by the leader. As long as the order amount exceeds 1 yuan, the leader can get a commission of 1 to 2 yuan through this user.

When the whole track stopped, unlike the subsidy war and the influx of capital in the past, JD.COM restarted the community group buying business, which was inseparable from the sinking strategy of the whole group.

In 618 this year, Xu Ran, the new CEO of JD.COM Group, who made her first public appearance, revealed the next strategic task of the Group. Among them, sinking the market has become one of JD.COM’s three major strategies and was first mentioned. Xin Lijun, CEO of JD.COM Retail, once put forward one of the four must-win battles of JD.COM Retail 2023 in JD.COM, which is also sinking the market.

To create a low-cost mind, community group buying is undoubtedly one of the important starting points. In the past, the community group buying business in JD.COM made a rough progress. Jingxi, once led by Liu Qiangdong personally, went through the personnel adjustment and withdrew from the city, leaving only two markets, Langfang and Beijing.

In terms of organizational structure, JD.COM now belongs to the newly established Innovation Retail Department of JD.COM Group, which is headed by Yan Xiaobing, a veteran who returned to JD.COM, and reports to Xu Ran, CEO of JD.COM Group.

Compared with the radical expansion of the city, JD.COM’s spell is now a small step. A head of Hefei revealed to Tech Planet that JD.COM began to recruit heads in mid-July. Judging from the current Hefei new site, JD.COM’s spelling is still carried out through the head mode, and there are still too many innovations in the business model.

For JD.COM, high-quality logistics experience and rich 3C categories have made it accumulate huge high-net-worth users’ minds, but they have also become shortcomings in exploring the sinking market. Moreover, in the "short-chain logistics" of community group buying, JD.COM can’t directly use the advantages of the previous warehouse network distribution system.

In the eyes of a consumer investor, community group buying competes for supply chain and efficiency, and wins by scale. After the reshuffle of the industry, the pattern has been initially determined. JD.COM will enter the game at this time and must find a new breakthrough to have a certain chance of winning.

Zhuang Shuai, an e-commerce retail analyst, believes that JD.COM’s brand image, supply chain advantages and self-operated logistics are all great advantages, but JD.COM has not accumulated particularly good methods and teams in social organization management (the head of the group is a freelancer, not a direct employee) and head expansion, and the organizational structure and process cannot well support the business model of community group buying, so it needs to be adjusted and optimized accordingly.

The bitter business of "bending down to pick up steel shovel" ushered in a new rival of "group shop"?

Community group buying, which carries the ambitions of Internet giants, is actually a bitter business. Yang Yi, an investor who entered the community group purchase in the early days, once calculated an account. The gross profit of the goods selected by Prosperity is around 20 points, and the profit rate of each order is only two or three points after deducting the commission and performance fees of the store. The customer’s unit price is ten yuan, and each order can only earn a few cents.

"Purchasing-warehousing-distribution-outlet-head -C (consumer), which involves too many links, the supply chain process is too long, and if the business process is not completely run through, the loss rate of fresh food is too high", an original orange heart optimization middle-level once analyzed to Tech Planet. This means that the homework that Internet manufacturers need to do most may be how to operate finely, and the price difference of a catty of vegetables should be considered by a few cents.

This seems to be not good for the big Internet companies. They still use the money-burning subsidies that they have always been good at for the market, shouting that there is no upper limit for investment and All In slogans, and it is easy to fall into the quagmire of losses.

Judging from the financial report data, from 2021 to 2022, the operating losses of the new business represented by Meituan Youxuan were 35.9 billion yuan and 28.4 billion yuan respectively. Previously, the financial report data released by JD.COM Group showed that in 2021, when Jingxi made every effort to expand the market, the accumulated loss of new business in JD.COM reached 10.6 billion yuan.

In the past year, players from all walks of life have relied on their own resource advantages to explore. Buy more vegetables relying on the advantages of the original supply chain of agricultural products, and build a low-price model with the help of the supply chain advantages of direct source mining; Meituan’s optimization is to change its positioning to "Tomorrow’s Day" supermarket. One advantage is that from fresh labels to supermarkets, it can cover more categories and SKUs and enhance gross profit; Amoy Caicai merged with Amoy Xianda (an instant retail business with one-hour delivery) and changed its name to Taobao to buy vegetables. This can effectively avoid traffic dispersion and reduce product distribution costs and commodity procurement costs.

According to "Late" news, as of June this year, except Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangdong, Xiangbei and Hangzhou, at present, the gross profit of buying more vegetables has turned positive in other regions of the country, but the US Mission has not yet achieved gross profit.

In addition, when the big Internet companies are caught in a profit quagmire, the group store model has become a new trend in 2023, mainly based on local group buying platforms. At present, Shijiazhuang’s "Jamlom Home" has opened more than 600 group stores all over the country, and the number of stores in Miaomeilian and Meilin Taotao has exceeded hundreds. In March of this year, Zhihua Zhiguo started the group store business and plans to open 1000 stores nationwide.

Different from the traditional community group purchase, in the group store mode, the head of the group is equivalent to the franchisee of the platform, no longer relying on commissions, but relying on the difference between the purchase and sale of goods to make money. This makes the community group buying platform itself reduce the financial pressure.

An investment promoter who "arrived home from Jamlom" introduced to Tech Planet that it was mainly aimed at middle-aged and elderly people, and Jamlom’s secret book of arriving home was "violent innovation" in the early stage. The new team leader needs to pay a promotion fee of 10,000 yuan. On the opening day, the headquarters will send employees to quickly set up a private domain group by distributing leaflets, and continue to pull new products through "a few kilograms of potatoes for one dollar".

The operation and maintenance of the WeChat group is the key. The head of the group also needs to "warm up" irregularly, take out part of the turnover regularly, and carry out new discount activities to ensure the stickiness of users. In addition, Jamlom’s home business has also been expanded to local life services such as eating, drinking and having fun, and the original private domain traffic has been directed to package tours and home service with higher unit price, thus achieving "everything can be organized".

According to Lingwu Media, Xingsheng Youxuan has set up a group store business unit, which is one of its key strategies in the next three years, and plans to open 100,000 group stores by the end of 2024.

03 tens of billions of investment, far from the end.

There has never been a shortage of challengers in the trillion-scale fresh retail. They used to be full of pride, but the fate of the challengers was not smooth. There were only 55 employees, and the daily fresh food that was once on the verge of delisting, Yiguo Fresh, and the ten clubs invested by Ali were all lost in the fresh track.

Even so, it can’t stop the enthusiasm of Internet companies, especially after "picking the drooping fruits". The year of 2020, when both Meituan and Pinduoduo attacked on a large scale, was the brightest year for community group buying. In this year, Meituan invested tens of billions in community group buying.

The optimization business has brought high user growth to Meituan. As of December 31, 2021, the number of trading users of Meituan was 690 million, an increase of 35.2% compared with 510 million in the same period of last year. However, on the other hand, it has also brought huge losses. The new business where Meituan is optimized is one of the business sectors with the largest losses.

Meituan hopes to infiltrate users in the fourth and fifth tier cities by optimizing them, with a view to transforming them into users of take-away and wine tours. However, the consistency between community group purchase and take-out/wine tour is poor, with the unit price of the former being around 30 yuan, while the unit price of take-out is around 50 yuan.

However, the US Mission did not give up. Compared with elephant fresh food, food encyclopedia, etc., optimization has been the most successful exploration of the US Mission in the field of fresh food. In June this year, after nearly two years of "reducing costs and increasing efficiency", Meituan preferred to restart its growth strategy.

A person in charge of a community group buying cloud warehouse told Tech Planet that the number of dealers who buy more food is decreasing now. In his warehouse, the GMV preferred by Meituan has surpassed that of buying more food, but the gross profit of buying more food is higher.

A partial victory does not mean the end. In his area, buying more food was profitable as early as a year ago. Not only that, according to "Late" report, a number of secondary market analysts predict that in 2022, buying more vegetables will realize the gross profit (commodity price minus purchase price, local operating costs, etc.) of half of the provinces and regions in China.

Now, Pinduoduo has devoted his energy to Temu, and many shopkeepers have become Temu’s investment promotion personnel, who send out investment promotion advertisements in the circle of friends every day.

Compared with Meituan’s optimization, Pinduoduo didn’t even make a separate APP for buying more food, because the original main APP crowd was enough to meet the user portrait of community group purchase, which meant higher efficiency of new shopping. In addition, the original accumulation in the agricultural products industry has made Pinduoduo more familiar with the supply chain.

HAYDEN CAPITAL estimates that buying more vegetables will achieve overall profit from 2023. According to conservative estimates, by 2025, this business will contribute at least about 14 billion yuan of earnings before interest and tax to Pinduoduo. This will become another big profit source for Pinduoduo, providing sufficient food and grass for its cross-border business exploration.

In addition to the "New Three Groups" of Internet giants, Xingsheng Youxuan is the only startup company that has successfully resisted the "Li Bao" of Internet giants. Community group buying is its core business and is related to the company’s lifeline.

No enterprise, whether it is a big Internet company or a survivor of the "Old Three Group", is willing to give up. Community group buying bears the ambitions of Internet companies for fresh retail and the lifeblood of startups. Even if everyone knows that it is extremely difficult to make money in the field of fresh food.

(Liu Miao is a pseudonym in the text)


"Xiaomi car price" rushed to the hot search, and Lei Jun responded: It is impossible to 99,000, and 149,000 is needless to say. The pricing is indeed a bit expensive. We must respect technology.

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference on December 28th, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Group, said that many people hoped that the price of Xiaomi SU7 would be 99,000 yuan and 149,000 yuan, but this was impossible in terms of battery configuration and automobile performance.

Lei Jun revealed some information of Xiaomi’s first model SU7: Xiaomi SU7 can achieve 0-100km/h acceleration of 2.78 seconds, which is 2.93 seconds higher than that of Porsche Taycan Turbo. Using Kirin battery in cooperation with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited will cost hundreds of thousands.

"So don’t shout 99 thousand (millet SU7 price), it is impossible, and 149 thousand is needless to say. We still have to respect technology. " Lei Jun said. "Xiaomi SU7 believes that the pricing is indeed a bit expensive, but it will definitely make everyone feel reasonable and the experience will exceed expectations."

In addition, Lei Jun said: "We originally planned to release it in August, and even the PPT was ready. As a result, it was postponed to today, and the friend released 22,000 rpm motors last month. At that time, I was still thinking about how to open this conference. Today, I want to release the third motor V8s of Xiaomi. At the press conference, friends said that they still have 3,000 revolutions to unlock. Today, we directly unlock the peak performance of global motors. "

In the face of the fact that Xiaomi has not been officially released, Lei Jun said: "We still have to do a lot of tests to ensure foolproof. In fact, our car has been mass-produced in small batches."

On December 28th, the filing website "xiaomiev.com" of Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was launched. According to the enterprise search APP, the website passed the audit on July 6th this year.

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On December 27th, on the eve of Xiaomi Auto Conference, we paid tribute to several new energy car companies in succession, which triggered a controversy among some car companies in the circle. In this regard, Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holding, said that Xiaomi Automobile’s announcement was "over": if people always want to be paid tribute, it will be over, but if people always want to pay tribute to others, there is no promise.

On the 28th, Lei Jun responded to this controversy at the Xiaomi Auto Conference, saying that everyone had misunderstood, and he was in awe of the whole industry. At the beginning of building a car, he went door-to-door to pay his respects, which everyone can prove.

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, Lei Jun said, "I met He Xiaopeng not long ago, and I told him that I would watch Wei Xiaoli again after I built the car. I think it is really not easy for the three of you, so I have to pay tribute to you in a very formal way, so I sent a Weibo and wrapped several billboards yesterday, but I didn’t expect it to cause an uproar in the industry."

He said, "Someone asked me why you don’t pay tribute to FAW, Erqi, Changan, SAIC, GAC, BAIC, Great Wall, Geely and Chery. In fact, everyone really misunderstood. I have always been in awe of the entire automobile industry. When I decided to take a car, I went door-to-door at the first time and paid my respects in person. During the visit, I also asked each industry elder what kind of car is a good car in the era of smart electric vehicles. "

[Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive Finance Association, Boss Network, Oriental Finance, Blue Whale Finance, etc.]

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