Betta established the first party branch in online celebrity: Where did the live broadcast go and where did the party building advance?


Betta established the first party branch in online celebrity: Where did the live broadcast go and where did the party building advance?

Betta established the first online celebrity Party branch.

Where did the live broadcast go? Where did the party building advance? Where did the fighting fish set up the first "online celebrity Party Branch" in China?

  Among more than 500 live broadcast platforms in China, this "online celebrity Party Branch" is the first one, directly under the Betta Party Committee, and has 18 network anchors, party member. In May last year, when Betta just established the Party organization, the number of people in party member was 65. After one year’s development, the number of people in party member has increased to 178, accounting for more than 10% of the total number of employees.

  With the implementation of the "Red Engine Project" in Wuhan, party member has become the most energetic "red cell" around the masses. According to the data provided by Ai Media Consulting, in 2017, there were nearly 400 million users of China live broadcast platform, accounting for more than 50% of the total netizens. At present, there are more than 100 million registered users of Betta.

  Zhang Wenming, CEO of Betta Company, said that he fully supports the establishment of a Party organization in Betta, and the Party building will be promoted wherever the live broadcast goes. Gu Na, secretary of online celebrity Party Branch, a "post-90s" betta fish, said that betta fish has been striving to be an experimental field for party building in the live broadcast industry. After the establishment of "online celebrity Party Branch", it will continuously build a clean and tidy cyberspace through live broadcast.

  The network anchor "Lan Panger" has 80,000 "fans" on the platform of fighting fish, and was approved as the organizing committee member of "online celebrity Party Branch" after active application. "Lan Panger", who participated in several live broadcasts on the theme of party building, said that he met a 69-year-old man in the live broadcast. During the rainy season last year, the community was flooded. She volunteered to join the volunteer team in party member, carrying the children whose parents were not at home barefoot and taking them home to take care of them. Many netizens have praised her.

  "The spirit of party member in my eyes is to spread daily good deeds more widely by live broadcast." "Blue Panger" said, "A recent live party building activity about singing red songs attracted more than 1.05 million people to watch in 48 hours." In June this year, Betta began to broadcast the deeds of advanced party member on a large scale, starting from Wuhan and covering the whole country one after another.

  Wang Pu, a professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology who has compiled the book "30 Years of Agitation", believes that Optics Valley is the most active place in Wuhan’s non-public economy, and Betta’s exploration in party building has a strong demonstration and driving role.

  On the 29th, a number of betta network anchors proposed to transfer the party organization relationship to the "online celebrity Party Branch".


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