2024 Beijing Auto Show: Take a real shot of BYD Qin L, or sell it for 120,000 yuan.


2024 Beijing Auto Show: Take a real shot of BYD Qin L, or sell it for 120,000 yuan.

  [Pacific Auto] In 2024, L officially unveiled the mystery. As a brand-new mid-level car, Qin L positioned between BYD and made up the gap between the two cars, reaching 2790mm, and equipped with BYD’s latest technology, which has the advantages of stronger power, lower fuel consumption and less emissions. The estimated price is about 120,000.

  In terms of appearance, L inherits the classic aesthetic modeling of the dragon face of Wangchao. It melts the dragon face into the car body and realizes the evolution of the dragon face.

  The front face lines are extremely tough, and the Long Lin-shaped front grille is distributed in a lattice. The LED headlights on both sides are more narrow and sharp, and they are more harmonious with the front grille, further enhancing the sense of advanced.

  On the side of the car body, Qin L adopted a slip-back design, showing a "wide-body, low-lying" posture. The two simple main lines of the car body outline the trend of the dragon, and the roof lines are full and smooth, extending a dynamic slip-back shape.

  At the rear of the car body, the through taillight design is continued, and the "Chinese knot" is used in the internal modeling, which is more recognizable and advanced. The slightly upturned tail not only echoes the front face, but also highlights the sense of strength.

  In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Qin L are 4830/1900/1495mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2790mm, which brings spacious and luxurious driving space.
  In terms of interior, Qin L’s interior design is inspired by China landscape painting, and the agility of oriental landscape and technology are combined to create a "landscape painting cockpit" with elegant style.

  The overall layout is still simple and fashionable, equipped with 8.8-inch embedded LCD instrument and 15.6-inch rotatable central control panel, equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system, supporting intelligent cloud services, full-scene digital keys, 3D panoramic transparent chassis system, intelligent voice continuous dialogue, wireless charging of mobile phones and intelligent power-on and power-off functions.
  A large area of flexible sponge is covered under the double-color seat, which brings better physical support to the rider and won’t feel tired after long-distance driving. At the same time, the sound insulation of Qin L has also been upgraded, including noise reduction and sound insulation schemes for the front cabin, front wall, side wall, door, rear wheel cover, trunk and battery pack.

  In terms of chassis, Qin L adopts front and rear E-type four-bar independent suspension, giving consideration to handling performance and comfort. After Qin L is listed in the future, it will form a large and small Qin dual-car pattern with Qin PLUS, radiating the A+ market and further expanding the market share for BYD brand. The starting price of the new car will be more than 120,000 yuan. Will he become your car choice? (Photo/Text/Photo: Pacific Auto Huang Yudong)


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