2022, take it! Don’t blame me for watching the top seven games of the year.


2022, take it! Don’t blame me for watching the top seven games of the year.

2022 has reached the end of the year, and with the countdown approaching, we will usher in a new beginning. This year, we witnessed countless changes. We cheered for the Beijing Winter Olympics at the beginning of the year and the two world sports events in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 at the end of the year. We also cheered for the completion of the Tiangong Space Station and the first flight of the C919.

In this year, we have experienced too much, whether it is science and technology, audio-visual entertainment, or transportation, compared with 2021, there have been no small changes.

In the field of consumer digital, smart phones are undoubtedly one of the main battlefields of competition among manufacturers. Data show that the global mobile phone market has begun to fall into the industry trough this year, and manufacturers have begun to compete fiercely in the stock market, but this also makes high-end mobile phone manufacturers headed by Apple have to start to introduce new "black technology" to attract consumers. The downward trend of the global economy has also put many established manufacturers in the technology circle into trouble, and various acquisitions are also full of ups and downs.

2022 is also a year when new technologies are ushered in. The live broadcast industry is still developing rapidly, but it also exposes many problems and contributes a lot of "rollover" scenes, which makes people doubt the credibility of anchors and businesses. In addition to real people, virtual people are beginning to appear more and more in people’s sight. Although the metauniverse was not as big as before in 2022, virtual people generated based on metauniverse and AI technology have erupted this year, and they can be seen in many industries such as film and television, games and media.

Under the influence of epidemic situation, unemployment and other factors, many people may think that 2022 is an "emo" year, but compared with the big names in the technology circle whose prices have plummeted and their companies are in trouble, I believe their experiences can make you get back some desire for life. Of course, video games are also a magic weapon to get out of "emo", and in 2022, such a prestigious 3A masterpiece as Eldon’s Ring of Law was born. For the majority of gamers, these popular and popular games in 2022 must not be missed.

In 2022, people’s travel modes have also changed a lot. The most obvious thing is the increasing penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China. However, this does not mean that fuel vehicles have come to the end of the times. In 2022, they will still bring us many popular models. I believe you will not miss it if you want to buy a car. The confrontation between new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles has also made the domestic automobile circle very lively in 2022, so there have also been many hot events, and even Andy Lau is inexplicably "lying down".

Anyway, 2022 will soon be "Say Goodbye" with us. As an annual reserved column, CNMO specially launched "2022! In this article, we will focus on "Seven Applauding and Blockbustering Games of the Year" and present the ultimate inventory in this field in 2022.

2022 is a year of epidemic, but even so, in this year, we can still see that many excellent new games are successfully sold, or some old games are still on the whole platform with great vitality, which has to make people feel that the vitality of the game industry is still very strong. This time, CNMO will take stock of seven popular and popular games in 2022, just as New Year’s Day and Spring Festival are approaching, so you can relax when you are on vacation.

One: The Eldon Method Ring

Since it is the annual game of inventory, how can we not mention this year’s TGA best first? In addition to the best of the year, Eldon’s French Ring has also successfully won many awards such as "Best Game Direction", "Best Art Direction" and "Best Role Playing", which can be said to be the biggest winner of TGA this year. In addition to TGA, the current Eldon French Ring has also successfully won the annual ultimate game of the Golden Rocker.

Eldon’s Ring of Law

In fact, although many players had high hopes for this game before it was officially released. However, what players, game manufacturers and publishers may not have expected is that the achievements of Eldon’s Ring of Law can reach today’s level. This work not only achieved almost perfect evaluation and Metacritic score of 98 points in many media, but also successfully broke the limitations of soul games, successfully extended the influence of soul games to many new players and users, and successfully broke the circle.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the financial report data of the game publisher Bandai Nanmeng Palace, the sales volume of the global digital version+physical version of "Eldon Ring" in November this year reached 17.5 million copies. Before Eldon’s Ring of Law, the sales volume of Dark Soul 3 only reached 10 million in 2020, which is obviously different from the former.

Two: The Twilight of the God of War

In addition to Eldon’s Ring mentioned above, The Twilight of the God of War also performed quite well in TGA this year, and it won awards such as Best Narration, Best Music, Best Sound Design, Barrier-free Innovative Games and Best Action/Adventure Games. There is no doubt that "The Twilight of the God of War" is also a strong competitor of this year’s best game. Even many people think that the main reason why it missed the TGA year is that the release time is too late-the release time is November 9, 2022.

Evening of the God of War and Gods

In terms of media rating, the PS5 version of "The Twilight of the God of War" has been well received by hundreds of media on Metacritic, among which dozens of media such as IGN, VGC, Push Square also gave full marks, with an average score of 94. IGN rated it as a "great achievement", which created a new benchmark and made many works of the same type look unremarkable by comparison.

Of course, while the word-of-mouth is excellent, the sales of "The Twilight of the God of War" have naturally not fallen. At present, this game is exclusively owned by Sony PlayStation platform. According to the data published by Sony PlayStation’s official Twitter account, the sales volume of this game reached 5.1 million sets in the first week, which directly set a new record for the series of "God of War", not only far exceeding the god of war 4 released in 2018, but also breaking the sales record of the first-party game of PlayStation.

Three: Monster Hunter Rise (PC Edition)

Monster Hunter can be said to be quite a classic IP, and it must be a childhood memory of countless people. The Monster Hunter Rise was originally monopolized on Nintendo’s NS platform, but now it has logged into Steam, and it is still in the promotion period. The price of CDKEY in some shopping malls is less than 100 yuan, which is quite affordable.

Monster Hunter Rise

The media rating of "Monster Hunter Rise" is naturally quite good. The PC version of this work got an average score of 86 points on Metacritic website, which was well received by most media. PC Gamer gave a 90-point evaluation, and called "Monster Hunter Rise" the "greatest work" in Capcom’s main series, and it is also a game that never stops moving forward. Moreover, there are still many reviewers who think that the PC version of this work is better than the NS version, such as resolution, frame rate and combat mechanism.

There is no doubt that Monster Hunter Rise is also a commercial success. According to the data released by game developer Capcom, the sales of Monster Hunter Rise reached 11.2 million sets, and Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn has also successfully sold more than 4.4 million sets. Predictably, as the price of PC version continues to drop, there is still a lot of room for growth in the sales of Monster Hunter Rise.

Four: Plague Legend Requiem

It is said that "Plague" is the most serious epidemic in human history. It is famous for its high mortality rate and was once called "Black Death". This novel "Plague Legend Requiem" also takes this as the core of the story, and on the basis of the previous work "Plague Legend Innocence", it makes breakthroughs in many aspects such as picture quality, plot and gameplay, and continues the design that is very "friendly" to intensive phobia patients, which is a masterpiece that intensive phobia patients have to taste at present.

Plague Legend Requiem

At present, most of the media comments on the Plague Requiem on Metacritic are positive, and IGN also gave it an "excellent" evaluation of 8 points, calling it a reassuring and exciting sequel. The number of mice in the game is amazing and impressive. As for the sales volume of the game, the official data is that the number of players has exceeded 1 million in half a month. However, it should be noted that the game "Plague Legend Requiem" is currently on Microsoft’s XGP, which will greatly affect the sales performance of this game.

Five: "Master"

There is no doubt that Master is an excellent Chinese style action game, although its production team is not from China. It is reported that in order to create a better game, the production team of this game specially went to China to study the white eyebrow boxing, and took care of the players in the China market in the subsequent operation of the game. Shortly after the game was released, Master also added Chinese dubbing. At present, the work can be played on PlatStation platform, and Epic Mall is the exclusive one on PC platform.


Excellent works are naturally not lacking in recognition, and so is Master. Games Radar++scored 90 points for this work. The reviewers think that this is an action game with gorgeous fighting, originality and excellent mechanism design. The game structure created by its exquisite aging mechanism and super compact fighting can make players feel the confidence of the production team. At the beginning of March this year, the global sales of Master had exceeded 1 million copies. In addition, according to the information disclosed by the game developer, it is possible for the game to land on the Steam platform in the future, and the sales volume should be further improved at that time.

Six: Unusual Records of Goddess 5 Royal Edition (Replica Transplant Edition)

I believe that many people have heard the words "P5 is the best in the world" before playing the game "Unusual Records of the Goddess 5", so they have a certain impression on this game. On the other hand, Exotic Tale of the Goddess 5 Royal Edition is based on Exotic Tale of the Goddess 5, which adds a lot of plots and characters, and the game content is more abundant. Its reproduced transplanted version landed on the whole platform on October 21 this year and joined XGP for the first time, ending its monopoly on Sony PlayStation platform. This landing on the whole platform has made this game attract widespread attention again.

Unusual Records of Goddess 5 Royal Edition

Undoubtedly, it can be called "No.1 in the world" by countless players, and "Unusual Tales of Goddess 5 Royal Edition" is naturally quite excellent. The artistic design, UI design, music production, combat design, map design and character design (except for a detective) of this work are quite good, which makes it score 95 points on Metacritic website, and The Mako Reactor and Gamelant all give full marks.

In terms of sales volume, Sega, the publisher of The Tale of the Goddess 5 Royal Edition, announced on December 1st that the global sales volume of The Tale of the Goddess 5 Royal Edition (re-engraved transplant edition) exceeded 1 million copies. It is worth noting that this sales achievement is outside the independent "Unusual Tales of Goddess 5 Royal Edition" and was achieved when XGP was added to the first game.

Seven: Total War Warhammer 3

When I watched the Lord of the Rings, I often fantasized about what it would be like to add a race/power based on "China" to a similar world. Now, Total War Warhammer 3, as the last work in a series of trilogy, has finally satisfied the author’s fantasy, and launched a brand-new design of "Aurora", which has severely satisfied a wave of China players.

Total War Warhammer 3

As the last work in the series, Total War Warhammer 3 can be regarded as a master, which integrates almost all the contents of the first two works. The game has dozens of races, hundreds of legendary lords and thousands of arms for players to choose from (at present, you have to sacrifice your wallet to buy the first two games and all DLC), and the map of the mortal empire is further expanded. However, it is a pity that the officials of races and forces such as Nipeng and Indy, which are cherished by countless players, seem to have no idea for the time being.

On Metacritic website, a large number of media have given favorable comments on Total War Warhammer 3, with an average score of 85 points. IGN gave a score of 90 and said that it presented us with a tense, challenging and multi-level campaign, which was driven by a fascinating story and an unforgettable opponent. As for the sales volume, neither The Creative Assembly, the developer of the game, nor Sega, the publisher, has yet announced the sales results of Total War Warhammer 3, but in the early days of the game’s release, the game has always been at the top of the Steam sales list.

Write it at the end

Above all, this CNMO inventory is seven popular and popular games of the year. Of course, there are actually many games that are not on CNMO’s inventory list, but this can’t hide their Excellence, such as Jet Warrior 3, Lost and so on. In 2023, it is foreseeable that we will see more exciting and exciting new games for sale, and next year will not be ordinary.


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