Mileage anxiety It doesn’t exist! Ask M5 to accompany you on your way home in the Spring Festival.


Mileage anxiety It doesn’t exist! Ask M5 to accompany you on your way home in the Spring Festival.

  With the approaching of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Loong, people are more and more eager to go home. Air tickets are too expensive, and high-speed trains can’t get tickets. Many people choose to go home by car. Traveling in winter, choosing a new energy vehicle with long battery life and high performance has become the key to a long journey. With excellent endurance and strong power, the M5 can easily cope with all kinds of road conditions, and is undoubtedly the ideal partner for young people to return home in winter.

  1400+km long battery life, bid farewell to the anxiety of replenishing energy.

  Endurance has always been one of the most worrying issues for new energy users, not to mention traveling in winter. But for M5, there is no need to have these concerns. In the case of full fuel and electricity, the four-wheel drive version CLTC of the M5 intelligent driving version has a battery life of up to 1265km, and the rear-wheel drive version has reached an astonishing 1425km. Whether it’s a long journey across the north and south or a short trip in the suburbs, the M5 can meet your needs. Even if you return home across provinces, the long cruising range greatly reduces the number of times of recharging, which makes users easily get rid of the anxiety of endurance and makes your way home more secure. Not only that, the charging of the M5 is also very efficient. In just 45 minutes, the power can be quickly charged from 20% to 80%. In the time of a cup of coffee, the M5 can be "full of blood".

  Huawei is empowered, and it can be smooth and steady in winter travel.

  I have been wandering outside for a whole year. During the Spring Festival holiday, migrant workers want to release their inner passion and forget the pressure of work and life on weekdays. If you want to have a carefree travel experience, you can’t do without a powerful travel partner.

  Wenjie M5 is equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE three-in-one electric drive system, which provides unparalleled driving experience for migrant workers. Its maximum power can reach 365kW, the peak torque is as high as 675N·m, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers takes only 4.4 seconds, which makes you feel passionate, whether it is the silky overtaking on the expressway or the first step in the congested road section.

  Under the complicated road conditions in winter, driving needs to face multiple challenges. As a "treasure performance car", with its excellent performance strength, Wenjie M5 can not only be comfortable on the expressway, but also easily cope with all kinds of complicated road conditions in winter. In the face of icy, snow-covered roads, many vehicles will feel inadequate and have a strong sense of bumps when driving. The Wujie M5 is equipped with HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system, which provides a stable driving experience for drivers and passengers. The system can reduce the impulse feeling before driving by 31% and the bump feeling by 46%, and even when driving on the snowy and icy road, it can maintain the stability of the body posture.

  In addition, thanks to the blessing of the million-level all-aluminum chassis, the Wujie M5 has excellent cushioning effect on bumpy roads and speed bumps, giving perfect consideration to sports performance and comfort. The design of the front double wishbone and the rear multi-link independent suspension makes the M5 reduce the body shaking feeling during driving, and maintain better stability and smoothness under different driving conditions.

  Before the arrival of the Spring Festival, in order to thank the majority of users for their support, the customer M5 specially launched a surprise gift package, so that users can buy this high-quality new energy vehicle at a more favorable price. If you buy M5 before January 31st, you can enjoy the rights package with a maximum value of 52,000 yuan, including 12,000 yuan for interior and exterior decoration and 15,000 yuan for technology enjoyment package. For users who choose the smart driving version, they will be given an additional 20,000 yuan of Huawei ADS 2.0 urban NCA smart driving package matching rights and benefits, and enjoy 5,000 yuan of insurance subsidies. In addition, users who have made up their minds now only need to wait for 2 ~ 3 weeks to mention their cars, so they don’t have to wait for a long time.

  During the Spring Festival in the Year of the Loong, the reporter M5 accompanied the migrant workers to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip home and became the best partner on the way home. No matter when and where, you can gallop and move forward without worry, adding endless laughter and happiness to users’ journey, and marching towards a new year with hope.


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