[Xunxi Baoma] Spring is coming! Tell these idioms and things about beginning of spring to children.


[Xunxi Baoma] Spring is coming! Tell these idioms and things about beginning of spring to children.





February 3, 2021, 22:59:00

At 22: 59 today, the "beginning of spring" solar term will be ushered in

from this day onwards

The earth began to thaw.

The stinger gradually wakes up.

Beginning of spring is the first of the 24 solar terms.

Spring returns to the earth, which is the beginning of time series.

In our traditional culture,

There are many idioms about "spring"

Every time I read it, I always have a kind of

Feel like a spring breeze

Today, Xiaobian reveals "beginning of spring" with six idioms.

Read idioms with children.

Learn about these traditional cultural knowledge.

The Origin of beginning of spring in Spring Return to the Earth


A year’s plan starts with spring. The ancients in China attached great importance to "beginning of spring" and always regarded it as a festival.

The word "beginning of spring" appeared as early as three thousand years ago in the Zhou Dynasty. According to the Book of Rites, during the Zhou Dynasty, every time in "beginning of spring", the Emperor of Zhou personally led officials, governors and literati to hold a ceremony to welcome the Spring Festival in the eastern suburbs, and then rewarded his ministers and benefited the people.

After the Eastern Han Dynasty, the custom of "welcoming the Spring" appeared in the ruling and opposition parties, such as women’s "cutting the ribbon for swallows" as headdresses and pasting "Yichun" on doors. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, on the day of "beginning of spring", ministers below the prime minister would go to the DPRK to congratulate them. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, no matter "welcoming the spring" or "whipping the spring", the etiquette is extremely grand.

Beginning of spring’s Three Seasons in Spring.


According to the order of the twenty-four solar terms

Beginning of spring is the first solar term.

Also known as "DaChun"

It is the sixth "nine" after the winter solstice.

Therefore, there is a saying that "spring hits six or nine heads"

"Look at the willows across the river in May and June"

At this time, the festival will see a slight green.

In the eyes of the ancients

There are three iconic phenology in beginning of spring.

Wait, the east wind thaws.

The gentle east wind caressed the earth.

Waves gently shake green, frozen marks pin in the water.

Second, the sting insect begins to vibrate.

Hibernating animals don’t get up.

But I woke up and wanted to stretch.

The third time, the fish will lose ice.

Some ice began to melt, and fish could be seen.

But there are still some broken ice on the water.

It feels like a fish is swimming with ice on its back.

Of course, beginning of spring is just an idea.

After that, "the willow color is golden and tender, and the pear flower is snowy."

Is the epitome of spring phenology.

The day of beginning of spring is still warm and cold.

Beginning of spring customs full of spring.


This day in beginning of spring

Folk beliefs offer sacrifices to Mang God.

Namely Ju Mang.

It is the God of the East.

It symbolizes the arrival of spring and the growth of all things.

Purpose of sacrifice

Is to pray for a bumper harvest in agriculture

In beginning of spring, there was a custom of "biting spring" among the people.

Beginning of spring eats spring cakes because people.

Good wishes for "a year’s plan lies in spring"

And "biting spring" chewing radish, take the ancients.

The meaning of "biting the grass roots, you can do everything"

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Beginning of spring, this day.

Many places still have to "spring"

Also known as "whip spring cow"

Mould cattle with soil and stuff them with grains.

Worship, break, grab soil, pick up grain

It is called grabbing spring, and it is lucky to grab the cow’s head.

This way reflects

People’s good expectations for a bumper harvest of grain.

Comic book: Whip Spring

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After beginning of spring, wait until the spring blossoms.

Even more, travel together.

Commonly known as going out of the city to explore the spring.

This is also the main form of spring outing.

Beginning of spring proverb of beautiful spring scenery.


At the end of the year, beginning of spring plans to farm early.

A year’s plan lies in spring, and a lifetime’s plan lies in diligence.

In spring, there is a struggle for the sun, and in summer, it is not too late to have a big event in a year.

It rains in beginning of spring, get up early and go to bed late.

Spring is chilly and summer is cold and rainy.

The ship arrives without waiting for passengers, and the season waits for no man.

One day by mistake, one year by mistake.

If you want good crops, it is early all the year round.

Spring is cold and summer is stuffy and rainy, autumn is cold and winter is dry and windy.

Beginning of spring’s poems full of spring scenery


Beginning of spring on the 7th day of the first month in Beijing.

Don Luo Yin

One two three four five six seven,

Every tree is born today.

Far away, the geese return to the clouds,

Fish swimming near the water burst out of the ice.

Minus Magnolia beginning of spring

Song Sushi

Spring cattle and spring staff,

Infinite spring breeze comes to the sea.

With spring work,

Dyed pink as flesh.

Spring banners win in spring,

A spring breeze woke up the wine.

Not like the end of the world,

Roll up poplars like snowflakes.

Snow in beginning of spring since the morning.

Don Zhang Jiuling

Suddenly to Lin Tingxue,

Yaohua is everywhere.

At the beginning of this year,

Last night, I accompanied the Spring Festival.

Bamboo in front of Yurun window,

Plums in the flower garden.

Eastern suburb fast sacrifice place,

You should see the five gods.

Yu Meiren See Mei Zuo in Yizhou

Song Huang tingjian

There is also a letter from Jiangnan in the end of the world.

A plum blossom knows spring is near.

The midnight wind is fine and fragrant late,

Don’t come to dawn and spread all over the south branch.

Jade platform should be jealous of powder flowers,

Floating to the eyebrows.

I want to be deep in my life.

Go to the country and be a teenager at the age of ten.

Chun Hua Qiu Shi zhi beginning of spring health


The key to health care in beginning of spring lies in disease prevention and health care.

Especially in early spring, when the weather turns from cold to warm, all kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses grow and multiply. In order to avoid the occurrence of diseases in spring, in the preventive measures, we must first eliminate the source of infection; Second, always open the window to keep the air fresh; Third, we should strengthen exercise and improve the body’s defense ability.

Spring is the best time to exercise and keep fit.

Gymnastics, jogging, walking and outing are all good choices. People who are engaged in exercise in spring have strong resistance, and the early morning is the time when the sun is shining, which is most suitable for exercise.

Dressing should be "thick at the bottom and thin at the top"

After beginning of spring, although the temperature began to rise and the rainfall began to increase, beginning of spring is only the beginning of spring, especially in the north, where there will be a period of cold and warm, and "cold in late spring" often strikes, so we should pay more attention to keeping warm and protecting the yang.

Live up to spring.


In less than ten days, we will usher in the Spring Festival.

Beginning of spring is approaching the end of the year

The rich flavor of the year began to diffuse.

This past year

No matter what ups and downs there have been.

Let it go.

Let’s start with beginning of spring.

Regain confidence and courage in the new year.

Pay for love and work hard for dreams.

Cherish spring scenery

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