What did reading teach us? Kang Hui and Zhu Guangquan said this.


What did reading teach us? Kang Hui and Zhu Guangquan said this.

  CCTV News:Today is World Book Day, full screen of recommended books and tricks are read live, but don’t worry, ask yourself, what did reading teach you?


  Kang Hui read The Little Prince.

  In CCTV’s Reading with You program, Kang Hui recommended The Little Prince. He said that the first time he read The Little Prince was eight years old. At that time, it was difficult for him to understand its profound meaning. The only interesting plot was that the little prince met a fox in the desert.

  He is thinking, will this fox become a beauty? Finally, I lived happily with the little prince, just like the ending of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

  By 2005, Kang Hui was in his thirties, but a sentence in The Little Prince touched him again.

  "I was too young to love her."

  In that year, Kang Hui’s father died, and he finally understood that love in this sentence does not only refer to love between lovers. And once, he didn’t know how to love those unique people in his life.

  Kang Hui learned from The Little Prince that year that "in fact, love needs learning".


  Zhu Guangquan read Chu Wu.

  In the CCTV program Reading, Zhu Guangquan recommended Chu Wu: From Xiang Yu to Han Xin. He said that the author, Mr Li Kaiyuan, was a detective.

  Zhu Guangquan introduced that taking Xiang Yu’s Wujiang River as an example, according to historical records, there were five experts who got Xiang Yu’s body, divided it into five pieces to take credit for it, and finally sealed it. The author, Mr. Li Kaiyuan, conducted a rigorous "political examination" on these five people to assess their origins and subsequent development. One of them is very special, named Yang Xi.

  When Yang Xi’s position was passed on to his fifth-generation descendant Yang Chang, his wife happened to be Sima Qian’s daughter, so the author imagined that Yang Chang and his old father-in-law Sima Qian would tell him their family history in a embellished way while drinking wine on the wine table, which may become a record in Historical Records.

  But when Zhu Guangquan read this, he wondered, is this oral history true? Maybe Xiang Yu didn’t die. At that time, the person who killed Xiang Yu could deliberately point the wrong finger and say that the general who looked similar around him was Xiang Wang, so everyone swarmed and divided his body into five pieces. What about the real Xiang Yu? From then on, it is possible to remain anonymous and forget each other in the rivers and lakes.

Zhu Guangquan: You can't think that what you think is what you think.

Zhu Guangquan: You can’t think that what you think is what you think.

  Finally, Zhu Guangquan said that one of his inspirations was that "certainty became less certain". Indeed, for those who can’t witness the history with their own eyes, how can we give a definite process? What we need to do is "to challenge the limits of history".


  What did reading teach you?

  Going back to our original question, what did reading teach us?

  Like Kang Hui, when he was young, he was ignorant and couldn’t understand the mystery of the book. When he grew up, he suddenly realized the true meaning of life.

  Or like Zhu Guangquan, from the book to expand Lenovo, to learn from history.

  A thousand people reading a book can probably have ten thousand answers.

  According to the 17th national reading survey report released by China Press and Publication Research Institute on April 20th, in 2019, the average reading volume of paper books and e-books for adults was 4.65 and 2.84 respectively, both of which were lower than last year.

  The report also shows that the time spent using mobile phones is increasing — — The average length of mobile phone contact for Chinese adults is 100.41 minutes per day, an increase of 15.54 minutes compared with 2018.

  Some people say that I read a lot of WeChat official account articles every day. Is this not reading?

  Some people say that paper books are no longer the only ones. I can "listen" to books. Isn’t that reading?

  Some people say that I can gain knowledge by watching all kinds of long videos and short videos, so why is it not reading?

A best-selling author is communicating with readers through live broadcast software. (Source Zhongxin. com)

A best-selling author is communicating with readers through live broadcast software. (Source Zhongxin. com)

  Refutation words are also overwhelming. Fragmented reading is not reading, but reading a paper book is reading, and reading can be remembered. ……

  Who is right or wrong probably needs time to answer. Compared with how to read, perhaps what we have gained from reading is more worthy of our deep thinking.

  Descartes said "I think, therefore I am". Now, it is better to say "I think, therefore I read".


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