The nemesis of shuffling Trump in American politics is the 80-year-old "devil"!


The nemesis of shuffling Trump in American politics is the 80-year-old "devil"!

  BEIJING, Jan. 13 (Xinhua)-The violent attack on Capitol Hill in the United States not only raised eyebrows in the international community, but also triggered an "earthquake" in American politics. In the chaos, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives who was re-elected in early 2021, continued to "pursue Trump" and received much attention.

  This 80-year-old female politician of the Democratic Party has made Trump "three axes" and "hard and hard". What role will she play in the new season of "The Storm of Capitol Hill"?

  The office was broken into and the computer was lost in the riot … …

  Pelosi made "Three Axes" hard on Trump.

  On the 6th, the day of the riots in the US Congress, although Pelosi left the Capitol through the emergency passage like other members, her office was broken into by protesters.

  The door of the office was violently knocked down, protesters proudly took photos on her desk, staff had to hide under the desk for hours, the mirror in the room was broken, a work computer was stolen, and the podium was removed and put into online auction … … Trump supporters seem to regard Pelosi as a "punching bag."

  Nowadays, the violent riots have stopped and Biden is about to take office. For Democrats such as Pelosi, the time to "calculate the general ledger" with Trump has already begun. In order to completely end Trump’s political life, Pelosi offered three tricks!

  The first move: send an ultimatum to Burns.

  A few days ago, Pelosi said that the House of Representatives will introduce a resolution on the 11th, demanding that Burns "convene and launch the cabinet, and use the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to declare that the current president cannot exercise his functions and powers".

  However, this appeal of the House of Representatives failed to be agreed by all members, and a Republican congressman voted against it. Therefore, the House of Representatives will discuss and vote on this on the 12th local time. As the Democratic Party controls the House of Representatives, this vote is expected to be passed.

  Burns, on the other hand, has a day to consider whether to comply with the appeal of the House of Representatives.

  It is widely believed that Burns will not take action to remove Trump’s presidency. Therefore, Pelosi has also prepared a second trick — — Congress impeached.

  The second measure: advance the impeachment procedure.

  On the 11th, the US House of Representatives formally proposed a resolution to impeach President Trump, accusing Trump of "inciting rebellion".

  Pelosi and others said that if Burns is unwilling to remove Trump, the House of Representatives will vote on the impeachment resolution on the 13th EST.

  Trump’s time in the White House is running out. Congress impeached him again at this time. Although he could not be driven out of the White House in advance, it was not meaningless. As a former president, Trump can still be impeached.

  Once the impeachment is successful, in addition to leaving a stain on Trump’s political career, it may make him unable to run for public office again.

  The third measure: stare at the nuclear button and launch a public opinion offensive.

  In addition, Pelosi also launched a public opinion offensive and questioned Trump’s mental state several times.

  In a letter to her Democratic colleagues, Pelosi specifically stated that she would "prevent an insane president from using nuclear weapons". She said: "This insane president is too dangerous. We must take all measures to protect the American people from his psychological imbalance attack on the United States and democracy."

  On the 10th, in an interview, Pelosi added: "The people in charge of our government administration are crazy, insane and dangerous."

  In fact, this is not the first time Pelosi has confronted Trump. From the investigation of "TongRumen" to the impeachment of "TongWumen"; From sticking Trump’s funds to build a border wall to tearing Trump’s congressional speech; It can be said that Pelosi is one of Trump’s strongest political opponents.

  Her methods are ruthless and her style is tough. How was such an American politician tempered?

  From housewives to the third person in American politics

  How do senior women play "power games"?

  According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Pelosi, who officially entered American politics at the age of 47, completed the identity transformation from a housewife with five children to the first female speaker in the United States in 20 years. Among them, I have to mention her family background.

  — — Born into a political family

  Pelosi was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA in 1940. She was the youngest of seven children. Different from many people, Pelosi’s family has a strong political color. Her father and a brother have both served as mayors, and her mother is also keen on political activities.

  Perhaps influenced by the family atmosphere, Pelosi attended the Democratic Party Congress when she was 12 years old, and also chose political science when she went to college. In 1961, she also attended the inaugural ball of then US President John F. Kennedy.

  However, after graduating from college, Pelosi did not go into politics directly, but chose to marry a banker and become a full-time wife.

  — — Step into politics

  In 1976, Pelosi began to dabble in politics. At that time, she used her personal connections to help California Governor Brown win the Maryland presidential primary. After that, she "took off" all the way in the state’s Democratic Party and took the top spot in the state’s party.

  In addition, after moving to San Francisco with her husband, Pelosi also met Phillip Burton, a California Congressman, an "important person" in her political career.

  It is reported that after Berton’s death, he passed on his position to his widow Sarah. Before Sarah died of cancer, she expressed the hope that Pelosi would take over the position.

  At this time, Pelosi’s children went to college, and she also decided to concentrate on politics. As a result, she raised $1 million in seven weeks, held 100 family gatherings, and won a special election in 1987 to become a federal representative.

  — — Reach the peak

  With a keen political sense, Pelosi rose rapidly within the Democratic Party. In 2001, Pelosi ran for the minority supervisor of the House of Representatives (the second chair of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives) and won by a narrow margin. A few months later, she was promoted to be the leader of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives.

  When the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, Pelosi was one of the most famous and public opponents at that time. This position paid off in 2006 — — Democrats won control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 12 years.

  Therefore, Pelosi was elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives by the Democratic Party in 2007, becoming the first woman in American history to hold this position.

  According to reports, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is not only the power core of the US Congress, but also the second "heir" of the US President and the "third person" in American politics. In addition, the House of Representatives is also in charge of the "money bag" of the US government. No wonder some media said that Pelosi was the "most powerful woman" in Washington.

  Became Speaker of the House of Representatives for four times.

  How to play Pelosi’s new season play?

  On January 3, 2021, local time, in the 117th Congress of the United States, Pelosi led the Democratic Party, won the House of Representatives election with a narrow majority of 216 votes to 209 votes, and was elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the fourth time.

  At this point, Pelosi, who is over eighty years old, has set another record — — Become the oldest speaker of the House of Representatives in American history.

  It is worth noting that the BBC analysis said that in the next term, Pelosi will not sit back and relax, but is likely to encounter a huge political test.

  In the next two years, how to help Biden’s government’s legislation pass smoothly in the House of Representatives is a top priority for Pelosi. However, in this House of Representatives election, Pelosi leads her opponent with only 7 votes, and her advantage is very weak. A little wavering will make Biden’s government’s efforts to implement policies difficult.

  In addition, Pelosi also faces many challenges, such as being questioned by her age, severe epidemic situation, and bridging differences within the party.

  "She has to find a way to turn her weak majority seat into sustained action," BBC reporter Seckel said.

  What role will Pelosi, who looks like scenery, play in the new season of "The Storm of Capitol Hill" after the 2020 American election? (End)


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