Di Fei Shi joined hands with Tik Tok to open a live beauty feast to attract China customers to spend in Hong Kong.


Di Fei Shi joined hands with Tik Tok to open a live beauty feast to attract China customers to spend in Hong Kong.

  DFSThe first cross-border retail partner of Tik Tok Life Service.  Create a brand-new international for China customersextravagantmagnificentTourism retailShopping experienceDi Fei Shihand in handTik Tok opens live beauty feast.,mix togetherOnline and offline shopping mode, attractChina beauty cosmetics customers come to Difeishi Hong Kong store for consumption. 


  DFS has established an unprecedented partnership with Tik Tok Life Service, which completely changes the luxury travel retail experience of China consumers by integrating online and offline shopping modes. From November 23 to 26, 2023, the two parties jointly held a live broadcast feast to introduce a series of beauty products to Tik Tok users. Users can buy vouchers at preferential prices immediately, and then they can easily buy their favorite products in four branches of Defix Hong Kong in the future. The second live broadcast will be held on February 2-3, 2024.

  Through the interaction with the anchor, customers can fully understand the related beauty products, choose products that meet their personal needs, and enjoy preferential prices at Deafy Hong Kong Branch. Difeishi fully combines the advantages of online and offline shopping and implements its concept of creating intimate shopping experience and personalized service.

  Tik Tok has a huge group of short video users, and this cooperation has attracted brand-new customers from this platform, and also provided them with a new solution for shopping at Deficit. At the same time, the fascinating live content and exciting vouchers have stimulated the members of DFSCRILE, an award-winning membership program of DFSCRILE, to spend money on the platform.

  (Hong Kong, China) The world’s leading luxury travel retailer, Defraux Group, reached the first cross-border retail cooperation between China and China with Tik Tok Life Service, a large short video platform in, creating a brand-new international luxury travel retail shopping experience for China customers. From November 23 to 26, 2023, the two sides held "DFS Heartbeat Day" for four consecutive days. The live broadcast of "Opening Ceremony" introduces more than 80 beauty products to Tik Tok users, covering skin care, make-up, perfume, etc., and provides real-time discount for purchasing HK dollar vouchers in RMB, so that customers can cash them directly when they visit four branches of Defraux in Hong Kong.

  As the first live broadcast cooperation between Tik Tok Life Service and retailers in Hong Kong, Defocus and Tik Tok Life Service have brought a new shopping experience to as many as 600 million Tik Tok users. By interacting with the anchor, customers can deeply understand the beauty products carefully collected by Difeishi for customers, easily choose the top products that meet their own needs, and then buy their favorite products at preferential prices when they visit Difeishi Hong Kong branch in the future.

  Due to the enthusiastic response, Defocus and Tik Tok Life Service have decided to conduct the second live beauty cooperation from February 2 to February 3, 2024, when professional beauty anchors will introduce the iconic products covering the fields of skin care and perfume on the Tik Tok platform.

  Open up cross-border customers with high consumption power  30% of direct income comes from new customers. 

  This cooperation has successfully stimulated the consumption of the members of the exclusive club, and at the same time opened up new customers with high consumption power. According to the data, 30% of the income directly created by the first beauty live broadcast comes from new customers, and the Sales per visit, SPV) created by customers from this beauty feast live broadcast is 88% higher than that created by new customers from branches. It can be seen that this cooperation has successfully and effectively helped Difeishi to get in touch with the target customers of beauty products, and further enhanced the popularity and market share of Difeishi brand in Chinese mainland. This cooperation also reflects that Tik Tok Life Service and its partners in Hong Kong can reach customers with relevant shopping experiences through innovative ways, thus creating e-commerce revenue for the platform and deepening the user experience.

  Through this strategic cooperation, Defocus has also become the first merchant in China and Hongkong to realize the bright code redemption of vouchers, which means that customers only need to show the QR code of vouchers on the Tik Tok application when checking out, without downloading other applications or printing vouchers. This seamless payment system has brought more convenient and comfortable shopping experience to customers of Defiance Hong Kong Branch.

  Qiu Rong, executive vice president of digital business and marketing of Deafex, said: "Adhering to the innovative concept of the Group, Deafex has been committed to continuously improving customers’ shopping experience by using technology and creating value for our brand partners through innovation. Consumers from Chinese mainland have always been the core customers of Deafex. I am very glad to have reached an unprecedented cross-border retail cooperation with Tik Tok Life Service, which has won enthusiastic response from users in Tik Tok. This cooperation has created additional customers and e-commerce income for Defoe and Tik Tok Life Service, setting a successful precedent for more diversified cooperation in the future. "

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  For the vouchers purchased in the second live broadcast, customers can cash them in person at Deafex Hong Kong Branch within three days. Users in Tik Tok can pay attention to the "DFS Difeishi Global Travel Purchase" account and participate in the live broadcast of this beauty feast in real time. The life service plan between Deafy and Tik Tok will further expand the cooperation to Deafy’s Macau branch, so that Tik Tok users can choose to shop in Macau branch after purchasing vouchers in the live broadcast room, creating more possibilities for their shopping trip.


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