Fierce than a raptor! What do you think of the pre-sale of 126,800 pickup trucks for the Great Wall Gun?


Fierce than a raptor! What do you think of the pre-sale of 126,800 pickup trucks for the Great Wall Gun?

Which one do you think of when you mention high-end pickup trucks? Toyota Road, Ford Raptor? I promise, if you pay attention to its release on August 18th, there will definitely be only one answer to this question in the future: Great Wall Cannons and Pickups. Speaking of the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck, it is much more "genuine" than those high-priced pickup trucks. What knocked on the blackboard was that at the press conference, Great Wall Motor not only released the new brand of Great Wall Cannon, but also officially opened the pre-sale of the Great Wall Cannon pickup truck, with the price range of 126,800-159,800. For this reason, domestic pickup fans are all boiling!

In fact, since the first appearance of the Great Wall Gun, many people have been curious about why this brand was named after "Gun". On the battlefield, "cannon" is a powerful weapon, and "cannon" has naturally become synonymous with strength and energy in everyone’s cognition. Named after "Cannon", it also reflects the strength and determination of Great Wall pickup truck to enter the international market once in generate.

Release a brand-new logo

At this brand launch site, Great Wall Gun also released a brand new logo. This logo evolved from the letter "P", which has the triple meanings of "POWER strength and strength", "PK challenge and innovation" and "PERFECT perfection and extreme life", and seamlessly matches the connotation of freedom, fearless challenge and pursuit of perfection of the Great Wall Gun.

The Great Wall pickup truck has always been praised as "national pride", and this time the Great Wall Gun has set its sights on the global market while basing itself on the domestic market. In other words, the Great Wall Gun will face the international mainstream pickup truck brands such as Toyota and Ford on the international stage. To this end, the Great Wall Gun has also determined the "1-2-3" global development strategy, that is, to maintain the absolute first domestic and export sales; By 2020, the annual sales will exceed 200,000; In 2025, the cumulative global sales exceeded 3 million.

Create the strongest ecological circle of pickup culture

The release of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun also officially opened the "one gun and three rings" plan of the Great Wall Gun. In the future, the Great Wall Gun will focus on users and create a full-scene pickup truck life around three dimensions: super products, super services and super experiences. To this end, at the press conference, the Great Wall Gun also established the "Great Wall Gun Alliance" in conjunction with outdoor clubs, modified brands, sports brands and public welfare organizations.

In the future, members of the Great Wall Gun Alliance will realize the open sharing of marketing promotion, peripheral products, space and user circles, and gather various forces to make pickup trucks popular and become a culture. With connotation and ambition, it is the most appropriate summary of the Great Wall Gun brand. The connotation of a brand often needs to be based on the quality of the product in order to become a super brand with connotation, ambition and strength.

BMW 8AT gearbox with the same model

As for the specific strength foundation of the Great Wall Gun, we might as well take a look at the newly released Great Wall brand passenger pickup truck. In terms of basic hardware configuration, the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is equipped with ZF 8AT gearbox and 2.0T gasoline engine of the same model as BMW. It is worth noting that this 2.0T engine is independently developed by Great Wall, with 4 cylinders in line, with a maximum power of 140kW, a maximum torque of 360N·m and a maximum torque and speed range of 1800-3600r/min, which meets the national emission standard of 6 B..

At the same time, this engine is also equipped with 350bar fuel injection system, double balance shaft, timing mute system, intake/exhaust VVT, etc. The stability, NVH characteristics, power and environmental protection of the engine have been greatly upgraded. Motorists who are familiar with Great Wall Motor should know that the Great Wall auto start is located in pickup trucks, but it also plays an important role in the SUV market. At the moment when the high-end process of pickup trucks is highlighted, the Great Wall has also made full use of its advantages in SUV and made full preparations for the interior of pickup trucks.

The cab of the pickup truck used for the Great Wall Gun comes standard with a six-way main driver’s electrically adjustable seat. The seat has its own electric heating function and is equipped with dual-temperature automatic air conditioning. More than 100 partitions/sound absorption treatments and multi-link rear suspension applications are set in the car, which greatly improves the driving comfort. In addition, the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is also equipped with TOD intelligent four-wheel drive, high-strength cage body of the whole vehicle, ESP with the latest generation Bosch 9.3 version, equipped with 360 look around, reversing image, parallel assistance, intelligent forward looking, 12 radar probe and so on.

This car also adopts a brand-new car networking technology, which can realize functions including intelligent voice control and intelligent dynamic information service. It is equipped with L2-level automatic driving technology, matching ACC adaptive cruise, lane keeping, intelligent driving assistance and other functions, and can realize assisted driving, environmental awareness, planning and decision-making and other functions.

Oh, yes! Another point is to inform you that the Great Wall Gun is built on the new P71 platform of Great Wall Motor, which is safer, more comfortable, lighter and more extensible. It can also derive more than 100 models with different sizes, different power and different driving forms, such as commercial pickups and off-road pickups. It can be said that the birth of the Great Wall Gun means that Great Wall Motor is accelerating the globalization process in an all-round way, opening the era of pickup trucks and making pickup trucks the mainstream cars!


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