How long can I learn to swim? Which swimming stroke is best for exercise?


How long can I learn to swim? Which swimming stroke is best for exercise?

After Tomb-Sweeping Day, the weather is really warm. The temperature in Guangzhou has been close to 30 degrees recently. What does this portend?The season of learning to swim is coming again!The swimming pool is going down to jiaozi again!

Summer is the season of ice cream and swimming. Big friends and children who can’t swim yet and are ready to learn to swim must have many questions about learning to swim. Today, we will answer common questions, hoping to help you enter the swimming learning stage faster and better.

First of all, I want to remind you of one thing:Don’t take the expectation of "swimming well" and just pay the effort of "swimming".

It is not difficult to learn to swim. First, we should define the standard of "meeting":

If you just want to swim forward in the water without choking and enjoy swimming in the water,Then a short swimming crash course can satisfy you, after continuous10 ~ 15 classes of study,90% people can learn the first breaststroke and start swimming in the water.

The remaining 10% is basically because the degree of fear of water is relatively deep, which delays the learning progress. Adding more classes can also achieve the goal.

But if you have a high standard of "meeting",Require beautiful standard swimming strokes; A slow speed; A long distance of continuous swimming,It will take longer to learn. You can swim in the water, improve your movements through constant practice, and become familiar with the interaction with the water. You can naturally make continuous progress over time. This cycle depends on the frequency of swimming and the degree of serious study.

Generally speaking, it takes 3 ~ 6 months, and most people can swim one or two hundred meters skillfully with the enlightenment breaststroke.


Mass swimming is not an intense sport. As long as there are no physical defects or diseases that can’t make you exercise, you can learn to swim.

What you need is to hold the confidence that I can learn to swim, and then study hard.

After all, there are many people who learn freestyle in our training camp in their 60s.

There are two separate direction:

1. learn to swim

2. Cultivate your interests.

If you just learn swimming, you can sign up for it after you are 7 years old.Most of the swimming training enrollment age limit will also be above 7 years old, because children under 7 years old are relatively weak in understanding and body control, and the short-term training effect is not good. Because of fun, there may be security risks.

If you want to cultivate your interests, it is recommended to start enlightenment at the age of 3.Parents can take their children to play in the water as soon as possible, get familiar with the sense of water and water, and let their children have a deeper affinity for water, which is conducive to subsequent study and training. At the age of 5, you can start learning swimming movements.

"Coach, I think foreign countries learn freestyle or backstroke first, and we all learn breaststroke first in China. So which is better to learn first?"

First of all,Swimming is divided into mass swimming and competitive swimming.Competitive swimming is the butterfly, the back, the frog and the self in the competition, while mass swimming contains many kinds of fitness swimming, such as side stroke, reverse breaststroke and our common enlightenment breaststroke, that is, flat frog.

There is only competitive swimming in the swimming training system abroad. Simply put:Everything is based on professional competition.

And it is more humanized in China.Pay attention to "let’s swim in the water first",Using the more simple and easy-to-learn enlightenment breaststroke as a beginner stroke, you can learn to swim in a shorter time and enjoy swimming.

If you have more time, energy and economic conditions, you can choose more professional competitive swimming as an introduction. Of course, the study time is longer and the study is more difficult.

If you want to swim quickly in the water first, choose a simpler enlightenment frog.


Freestyle has several advantages over other strokes:

1. More suitable for long-distance swimming.

2. The fastest.

3. There are relatively few requirements for physical fitness.

4. It has a more positive effect on joint activity and exercise.

Swimming, as an aerobic exercise, can reduce fat.

But the premise is to achieve the aerobic goal. Simply put, if you don’t feel tired after swimming, the effect of reducing fat can be imagined.

If you want to lose weight by swimming, here are some suggestions:

1. Exercise should be intense. You swam 1000m a year ago, and now you swim 1000m, so this exercise intensity can’t stimulate your fat.

2. Exercise needs persistence. If you only swim once or twice a week, no exercise can achieve good fat reduction.

3. Don’t overeat after exercise. Almost everyone has a feeling of hunger after swimming. After practicing, you will eat like crazy, and no one can lose weight.

Because swimming is an exercise in water below body temperature, the human body itself uses fat to help keep warm.Therefore, if you simply want to reduce fat with a large base, I suggest you change to a sport with faster effect and sweating; If you just want to lose weight and keep fit, swimming must be a good choice.


That’s all for this issue. As summer approaches, I hope more people will take part in swimming. Instead of wondering how long it will take me to learn to swim, I’d better ask myself: How long am I going to love swimming? I’ll see you at the pool ~


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