Deep once | Behind Zhang Yuxi’s ocean, those "small details" that belong to China’s swimming.


Deep once | Behind Zhang Yuxi’s ocean, those "small details" that belong to China’s swimming.

When Zhang Yufei was the first to finish the 50-meter butterfly final in 25.10 seconds, a few minutes later, Qin Haiyang also won the men’s 50-meter breaststroke in 26.35 seconds, which was the 100th gold medal of the China delegation in this Asian Games.

Although Zhang Yufei’s original dream of 7 gold medals failed to come true because the result of the women’s 4× 100m medley relay was cancelled due to a foul in the preliminary round, Zhang Yufei, who holds 6 swimming gold medals, is still a powerful battle for the most valuable athletes in this Asian Games.

Behind Zhang Yufei, the new frog king Qin Haiyang-he won 5 gold and 1 silver in 6 events, becoming the male athlete who won the most gold medals in the Asian Games at present.

Poster design whitewater

Behind them is the eye-catching report card of the China swimming team-the day before the closing day, the China swimming team tied the best record in the history of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games with 24 gold medals, and when the swimming events of the Asian Games closed, the number of gold medals climbed to 28.

Behind the "purchase mode" of all members of China Swimming Team is the support and guarantee of every detail.

Zhang Yufei wept with joy after winning the gold medal in the 50-meter butterfly.

Polishing the details and warming up.

In the Asian Games, whenever there is a player from China, the physical fitness coach Charlie will pat the muscles of the athletes to help them get excited quickly.

This is the most common action in swimming competition, but the surprise brought by Li Li to the swimming team is not limited to these.

Since former synchronized swimming world champion Cherie joined the China Swimming Team as a physical fitness coach, she has always practiced dancing before each water class. This is an activation training specially designed by Cherie and described by Zhang Yufei as "forced starting".

Yan Li (in white) leads the China swimming team for physical training.

Compared with the unique warm-up session, the more important content that Charlie brings to the swimming team is the emphasis on core strength.

Yan Li once explained in an interview with The Paper:"There are similarities between flower swimming and swimming, but the swimming team pays more attention to strength, and some details on the water will be vague, or they have not been carefully trained, so the flower swimmers can provide some help in this respect."

Qin Haiyang displayed the gold medal.

Swimming is not only a test of individual ability, but also a sport that reflects the strength of science and technology. How to help athletes improve their level through science and technology, Xinhua News Agency has given such a detail in its report:

In the Shanghai Sports Training Base Management Center (Green Boat Area), a mirror was specially installed under a swimming lane in preparation for the Asian Games, so that athletes can see their underwater movements during training.

In addition, tank training, underwater 3D camera and artificial intelligence technology, 360-degree holographic imaging system and other advanced equipment are all integrated into daily training, and data has become an important reference for athletes and coaches.

Coach Cui Dengrong, who instructed famous players such as Zhang Yufei and Qin Haiyang, said: "In this ever-changing era, only by constantly innovating training methods and concepts can we conform to the development trend of modern competitive sports and walk at the forefront of the world."

When the correct concept and cutting-edge technology meet swimming, the result is also obvious-Five years ago, at the Asian Games in Jakarta, China and the Japanese kept neck and neck and each won 19 gold medals. At this Asian Games, China Swimming Team won 28 gold medals, which set a new record in the history of the Asian Games.

"Thank you, folks"

From Guangzhou to Hangzhou, the host status undoubtedly has a natural psychological advantage for athletes, and Ye Shiwen, who participated in the Asian Games again after nine years, felt the deepest feelings.

"Every time I play, everyone cheers for me loudly, and I can feel that I am not fighting alone and being so favored." Ye Shiwen, who won the women’s 200m breaststroke championship, said with emotion after the game.

Similar to Ye Shiwen, Wang Shun also thanked the "hometown folks" frequently after the game. On the evening of September 24th, Wang Shun swam 1 minute 54.62 seconds in the 200m medley, which not only won the championship, but also set a new Asian record.

Qin Haiyang won 5 gold and 1 silver.

After the game, he said: "This month has been very difficult. Thanks to the team, the mentality is like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs in training and sometimes it collapses. I didn’t expect to break the Asian record in the end. Today’s performance exceeded expectations, and I thank my hometown folks for their support. "

Zhang Yufei also revealed after winning the women’s 100m butterfly gold medal that the Hangzhou Asian Games was the first time for her grandparents to watch her own competition on the spot, and she was even more excited to cry after the game.

When the family watched the game on the spot and the audience gave the warmest cheers, the China Swimming Team not only broke the competition record for many times in Hangzhou, but also created six Asian records.

Zhang Yufei and Japan’s Chijiang Rihuazi hugged each other and cried after the game.

The security is getting more and more perfect, and the security is getting richer and richer.

It is not only the atmosphere at the scene that makes athletes very excited, but also the guarantee from all sides that gives athletes more confidence in their outstanding performance.

Before the competition, Qiu Peihuang, director of the venue construction department of Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, revealed: "In this year’s operation, no new tap water has entered the swimming pool so far."

Qiu Peihuang said that this is due to the world-class water treatment technology adopted in the museum. A drop of water has to go through seven passes, and the water quality fully meets the international competition standards.

In addition, the security forces from the society are becoming more and more perfect.

Take insurance protection as an example. On the occasion of the Asian Games, China Pacific Insurance customized an exclusive insurance protection scheme for the "Pacific Blue Team", providing insurance coverage with a total amount of more than 830 million yuan, mainly covering accident insurance liabilities such as accidental injury and acute medical care, emergency rescue and flight delay, and providing two health insurance guarantees: supplementary medical care and millions of medical care. Zhang Yufei and Qin Haiyang are the "Pacific Insurance Service Experience Officers" of the Asian Games.

China Pacific Insurance organized a delegation to watch the Asian Games. Wang Xinyu

In order to make Zhang Yufei and Qin Haiyang have no worries, China Pacific Insurance also set up a family doctor’s studio to provide long-term and active health management for their families, so as to fully protect the health needs of athletes and their families.

On the last day of the swimming competition, China Pacific Insurance also organized an Asian Games watching group to cheer for the athletes on the spot.

It is the first time for Ms. Xu to cheer for swimmers on the spot. When talking about her feelings, she said, "This is the first time for me to watch a swimming competition on the spot, which is very different from watching it on TV! The atmosphere at the scene is particularly good and passionate. I am very excited to see Zhang Yuxi win the championship. She is also a member of our Pacific Insurance’ Pacific Blue Team’ and I am very proud! "

When the slogan "Come on, Zhang Yufei" and "Qin Haiyang will win" appeared in the Asian Games, the support for athletes from all sectors of society was condensed behind it.

Indeed, when the correct ideas, cutting-edge technology, cheers from the home audience and support from all sectors of society are all United, China athletes naturally have more confidence.


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