Employment discrimination gives birth to "physical examination gunner". Physical examination group earns millions a year (Figure)


Employment discrimination gives birth to "physical examination gunner". Physical examination group earns millions a year (Figure)

Physical examination "gunman group" earns millions a year.

  At present, it is the peak of the physical examination for graduates. In exchange for a "spotless" physical examination report, some people began to look for "physical examination gunmen". Because of the loopholes in hospital management, the "gunmen" exploited the loopholes. Behind the survival of the physical examination "gunman", it once again reminds the society that the employment discrimination problem needs to be solved urgently.

  job seeker

  Who will take my physical examination and pay 500 yuan?

  "The university is graduating soon, and I finally found a job, but the employer asked me to issue a medical certificate. I am a hepatitis B virus carrier, but my liver function is normal and I am not contagious. I hope to find a good-hearted person to take my medical examination. I will provide 500 yuan nutrition fee and I will pay for the medical examination fee. " Recently, a post like this appeared on a forum.

  The reporter contacted the poster Ronaldinho according to the way this post was left. He claimed to be a fresh graduate of a university in Zhongshan and worked as an intern in a foreign company last December. "They were satisfied with my conditions, but after the physical examination, they turned me down because I was a hepatitis B virus carrier."

  Ronaldinho is very depressed about this. This month, when he went to another company for an interview, he decided to find someone similar to himself for a physical examination based on the experience taught by his predecessors. He said with emotion: "Now the employment pressure is so great that it is hard to find a job, and I have to worry about the physical examination. It is really sad to think about it."

  Ronaldinho told reporters that in the circle of hepatitis B virus carriers, it is an unspoken rule to find a "gunman" in the physical examination. He said: "Recently, it is the peak of graduation job hunting. Many people are looking for’ gunmen’, and some even call for the establishment of a medical examination alliance."

  "Gunners’ Regiment"

  Business across regions, nearly a thousand people a year for inspection.

  According to the data released by the Personnel Bureau of Zhongshan City, the number of college graduates in Zhongshan will exceed 20,000 this year, the highest in history. The employment situation is not optimistic. For hepatitis B virus carriers, their situation is even more embarrassing.

  With the increasing employment pressure and social discrimination, hepatitis B virus carriers have suffered more harm than hepatitis B virus itself. The reporter learned that there are still many units that have more or less "hepatitis B discrimination", which has given birth to things like "missing people for physical examination".

  It is no secret that the physical examination "gunner circle" in the Pearl River Delta has a high income. Ronaldinho also told reporters that a few years ago, the price of "gunner" for inspection only needed 250 yuan, and at most 500 yuan. Now, the price of finding a professional "gunner" has almost quadrupled, so he only considered looking for body double in the campus forum.

  "Hepatitis B discrimination" and good income make some gunmen see business opportunities, and they even unite to set up a "inspection company". The reporter learned from the investigation that the "business scope" of some companies has gone beyond a single city, and many "gunmen" claim to have businesses in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai and Zhongshan. Some people even revealed that their operation team provides business for nearly a thousand people every year, with an annual income of over one million yuan.

  boast wildly

  No matter which hospital, it is guaranteed to pass the customs.

  Through Ronaldinho, the reporter contacted a physical examination "gunman". "We have professionals to do the inspection, and the charge is 2,000 yuan at a time." He said that for the physical examination of the agent, his team has been operating for a long time and everything is easy to solve.

  The "gunman" asked the reporter which hospital he would have a physical examination in, and said that he had accumulated contacts in many hospitals. "All hospitals in Zhongshan have to put photos and stamps and show their ID cards when they have a physical examination, but no matter which hospital, we can help pass the customs."

  "I help you to do the people’s hospital, top three hospitals, more authoritative. Pay a deposit in 500 yuan in advance and provide ID information. " Later, he sent a paragraph on the Internet: Zhongshan People’s Hospital, hand in your ID card during the physical examination, then register the information and send a physical examination form. There are photos, and the place where blood is drawn is one meter away from the registered place, which is suitable for "gunmen" to do all the projects.

  "Then how can I give you the money? How can you promise not to lie to me? " When the reporter asked for an interview, the "gunman" became wary. "You can transfer money or come to Dongguan People’s Hospital to meet me, but I won’t go to Zhongshan. We are not people who can be called out by a phone call."

  Hospital: impossible to prevent and have no right to punish.

  Because of the strict inspection, Zhongshan People’s Hospital and Pok Oi Hospital are called "restricted areas for substitute inspectors" by some "gunmen". The relevant person in charge of the two hospitals said that the substitute can be found almost every month, but the hospital can’t punish the parties.

  Feng Yanggen, chief of the physical examination center of Pok Oi Hospital, said, "Although the hospital is strictly controlled, it is impossible to completely eliminate this phenomenon. Hospitals are not law enforcement agencies and there is no way to punish them. "

  Voices of all parties

  Health department: looking for someone to check for you will cause endless trouble.

  Regarding the phenomenon of impersonation in physical examination, the relevant person in charge of the office of Zhongshan Municipal Health Bureau said that although there are many reasons for finding "gunmen" to replace physical examination, it is the employee’s irresponsibility to himself. Physical examination on behalf of the examination will not only be harmful to society, but also cause adverse consequences to the medical examiner, medical institutions and employers, and will also bring adverse consequences to the health, study and employment of the person being examined.

  Enterprise: You must know the health status of employees.

  The person in charge of the human resource management department of an IT enterprise told the reporter that from the perspective of employing people, the unit must understand the health status of employees. "If a person clearly needs to rest in poor health, but the company gives him a very important and stressful project without knowing it, does this help him or hurt him?"

  Expert opinion

  Employment discrimination gives birth to "physical examination gunner"

  In a forum called "physical examination bar", the reporter saw that many medical examiners who posted for help showed their helplessness. A netizen named "hou1979" left a message saying that he is a carrier of hepatitis B virus. This year, the unit requires everyone to have a physical examination, so he can only try his luck to find the "gunman".

  Experts from the Nanjing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention bluntly said that before the employment discrimination was effectively resolved, some people were really helpless to find a "gunman" for medical examination. On the one hand, they are asking major hospitals to strengthen the examination; on the other hand, they hope that the unit can face up to the results of the physical examination and consider it humanely for the professionals.

  Lawyer’s suggestion

  No longer check for hepatitis B in the physical examination.

  Ms. Huang Yizhi, who is in charge of assisting the parties in Beijing Yirenping Center, an anti-discrimination public welfare organization, said that in the world, carrying hepatitis B virus belongs to the personal privacy of workers, and employers have no right to conduct hepatitis B virus tests on workers, let alone discriminate against hepatitis B virus carriers and deprive them of equal employment rights.

  In this regard, some lawyers suggested that relevant laws and regulations should be introduced to standardize the contents of physical examination and cancel the hepatitis B virus examination at the time of on-the-job physical examination.

  Accelerate the pace of legislation to eliminate "hepatitis B discrimination"

  Although from a legal point of view, the physical examination of "gunmen" will lead to deception, cheating and other hazards, but most netizens will respond with sympathy and understanding to the abundant information of "looking for guns" on the Internet.

  Some netizens believe that at present, some employers do have violations and discrimination in the medical examination system, and the "hidden rules" of refusing to hire patients with diseases such as "Big Three Yang" are still in effect in some units. In real life, due to the unequal status of employers and employees, it is not easy for workers to safeguard their own rights and interests. Therefore, we should speed up the pace of legislation and eliminate "hepatitis B discrimination".

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