The Morning Post is super-expected. The official lineup of "Hot Search" Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin starred in the registered trademark of many dramas of Noon Sunshine.


The Morning Post is super-expected. The official lineup of "Hot Search" Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin starred in the registered trademark of many dramas of Noon Sunshine.

The fresh news morning call is all in the morning paper.

The warm spring breeze blows head-on, and peach blossoms bloom.~The weather in recent days is simply too comfortable. Do you feel refreshed every morning like a girl? The weather is so good, the morning paper is indispensable. Today, the morning paper has two hands to send it.~

Preview the first look at the official lineup of "Hot Search" and expose the concept poster. Zhou Dongyu speaks for the truth


Yesterday, the film "Hot Search" exposed the concept poster and officially announced the lineup. Directed by Xin Yukun, director of Heart Labyrinth and Silent Burst, and starring Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin, the film tells the story of an explosive article from Chen Miao, editor-in-chief of the media, which accidentally involved a criminal case. The newly released concept poster is also fascinating. The poster is covered with endless digital barcodes. Zhou Dongyu’s eyes seem to be staring, but it also reveals a trace of helplessness. Under the shadow of her side face is the figure of Justin, just a twist, but people can’t help but get nervous.

Director Xin Yukun is praised by many movie fans as one of the directors who can shoot crime movies best in China. His first work, Heart Labyrinth, ranks the highest in domestic crime movies on Douban platform and has become a classic of crime movies in the eyes of many movie fans. Director Xin Yukun became famous in one fell swoop, and won many domestic and international awards and nominations with this film. The second work, Burst and Silent, has the same high score and high reputation, which makes the director of the foreign high-scoring crime film "Invisible Guest" also praise it. The film Hot Search tells the story that Chen Miao (Zhou Dongyu), the editor-in-chief of the media, accidentally receives the help of the client while tracking the topic event, and involves a criminal case. Chen Miao’s partner He Yan (Song Yang) and group president Peng Yue (Justin) are involved in it one after another. Zhou Dongyu’s role this time is Chen Miao, the editor-in-chief of the media, which is also her first time to challenge the role of a strong woman in the workplace. Mature and capable in modeling, brave and determined in character, which is quite different from the screen image she used to create. When Chen Miao put all her eggs in one basket to speak for the weak, she also completed her own human redemption. What kind of charisma and profound emotional resonance this role will bring to the audience is fascinating.

Box office trumpet "Fantastic Animals 3" exceeded 66 million, and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions rose to the runner-up.


According to the official statistics at 10: 00 pm on April 11th, the total box office of national cinemas was 7,784,800. Fantastic Animals: The Mystery of Dumbledore topped the list, with a daily box office of 3.65 million, down 77.2% from the previous day, and a cumulative box office of over 66 million. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions surpassed "Elf Hostel 4" and rose to the second place on the list, with a cumulative box office of over 34 million. The proportion of films in Moonfall rose to more than 10%, and the daily box office ranked in the top three. The single-day box office of Elf Hostel 4 only received 690,000, down 79.6% from the previous day, and the cumulative box office exceeded 41 million. "Bouquet-like Love" is on the list again after 49 days of release, and the cumulative box office will exceed 90 million.

What about the star? The cast list of "County Courtyard" was released. At noon, registered trademarks of several dramas were released.


On April 11th, the first cast of the drama "The Courtyard of the County Party Committee" produced by Noon Sunshine was made public, and the topic was searched on social platforms. The play will be starring Hugh and wuyue, with Huang Lei and Li Guangjie in particular, starring Steven Zhang, Lawrence Wang, You Yongzhi and others.

According to the enterprise search app, the producer of the film, Noon Sunshine Company, has registered the trademarks of several dramas produced. Among them, there are more than ten dramas, including Yu Huanshui, Rivers, Ode to Joy and nirvana in fire. This phenomenon is not an isolated case. The Eight Hundred, Biography of Chu Qiao, My First Half Life and other film and television dramas have also been registered as trademarks. Good film and television works are not only reflected in the box office and ratings, but also can form a complete development in the subsequent development, making it grow into a long-term vitality brand. Therefore, it is a commercial development and protection strategy to apply for the names of film and television works as trademarks.

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