CCTV’s exposure of Apple’s old mobile phone is slow, and changing the battery reloading system can’t solve the problem.


CCTV’s exposure of Apple’s old mobile phone is slow, and changing the battery reloading system can’t solve the problem.

  CCTV News:Recently, Apple’s mobile phone has been caught in the storm of "slowing down the door". Many users have found that after upgrading the latest system, the performance of their old iphone has weakened and the response has slowed down.

  The Apple iPhone6 phone used in Shanghai was stuck after the system was updated to iOS10 version. At that time, he thought it was some accidental phenomenon after the system was upgraded, so he ignored it, but then the mobile phone system was updated and upgraded again, which made Xiao Shao very upset.

  When consumers were younger than September 2017, after upgrading iOS11, they felt that their mobile phones were getting stuck, which was particularly unacceptable. Sometimes they even said that it would take about five or six seconds to answer the phone, and seven or eight seconds to respond.

  Then, one day in December, he came across a post on the forum, in which a user said that his iPhone 6 had been downgraded and introduced the test software he used.

  After monitoring the frequency of the iphone6 mobile phone, I found that the maximum frequency of the original mobile phone was maintained at 1400 MHz, and the frequency of his mobile phone was maintained at 600 MHz, which was less than half of the maximum frequency of this mobile phone.

  Therefore, Xiao believes that the real reason for the jam is that his mobile phone is down-converted. Subsequently, less than contacted Apple’s online customer service.

  Consumers are less than that, that is to say, we don’t admit that you consumers get the information of CPU frequency software at first, and we won’t make any explanation for you, that is, his explanation is that all our explanations are written in that statement issued by their Apple company.

  The explanation of Apple’s online customer service makes Xiao Xiao very helpless. Later, Apple’s online customer service also suggested reinstalling the system and restoring the factory settings, and raised the objection whether the aging of the mobile phone battery led to frequency reduction. The reporter inquired about Apple official website and found the so-called statement less than that mentioned by Apple. The simple description is that, first, there are some temporary minor errors in the system that have been solved, and second, it is recommended to change a battery.

  I listened to Apple’s customer service solution, but I didn’t do it one by one, but as a result, except for wasting 588 yuan of battery money, the problem of being stuck with a mobile phone was not solved.

  Consumers are less than saying,I replaced the battery at the Apple Putuo Global Harbor Direct Store. He told me that the battery of my mobile phone was in a very good condition, and suggested that I just reinstall the system and restore all the settings, but after I did these things, I found that the jam had not been eliminated.

  Two so-called solutions given by Apple, one is to reinstall the system and the other is to replace the battery. Consumers have done both, but the phenomenon of mobile phone jam has not been alleviated. So what is the real reason for the slowdown of mobile phones? Continue to look at the reporter’s investigation.

  Reporter Wang Jing said that the reporter learned from the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee that there were more than 2,600 complaints about Apple products and quality in 2017. However, in the past two months, there were more than 300 complaints about product slowdown. The staff of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee told us that this number is still rising.

  According to statistics, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee received 964 complaints about Apple products and services in 2015, 4,021 in 2016 and 2,615 in 2017. These complaints involved battery quality, unexpected shutdown, account theft and after-sales service. On the basis of sorting out and summarizing consumers’ opinions, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee sent inquiry letters to Apple China Company and Apple Global Headquarters respectively.

  Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, said that we also noticed that in fact, some explanations of Apple and its related measures failed to solve consumer dissatisfaction. In other words, what should we consumers do with those slow-down mobile phones? What did Apple do, and what kind of behavior did Apple take to make consumers’ mobile phones slow down and become stuck?

  Experts stressed that,The higher the frequency of CPU, the stronger the computing power, and the lower the frequency, the weaker the computing power. This time, the user appears stuck. In fact, the frequency of the mobile phone is down, and the computing power is reduced.

  Wang Chaodong, deputy director of the Information Security Department of china academy of telecommunication research Huadong Branch, said that this time Apple aimed at this matter, but it was actually a patch package that it turned off abnormally. If it turned off abnormally, it should be one. Technically, this is a BUG, and its solution to this BUG is one of its solutions, but we talked about this solution earlier, and it may have chosen one that is not very appropriate without the user’s knowledge.

  In response to the Apple Caton issue, the China Consumers Association said that it was suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

  Jian Chen, director of the Legal and Theoretical Research Department of the China Consumers Association, said that Apple used this software upgrade to slow down its mobile phone without telling consumers the real situation. In fact, it was to solve the problem of its own mobile phone battery, but it was suspected of infringing consumers’ right to know, choose and dispose of property.

  Experts say that Apple has deprived consumers of their right to know and control.

  Wang Chaodong, deputy director of the Information Security Department of china academy of telecommunication research East China Branch, said, if you move the smart terminal, it is very important for the user to know and control it, that is, to make any upgrade, you should actually let the user know what upgrades to make and what impact it will have. Moreover, users can make their own choices, and after the upgrade, we can return to the previous version. If users need it, we can return it. This means that I think it means respecting the rights and interests of consumers.

  On January 19th, Apple submitted the Reply to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, which clearly admitted that the slowdown operation existed. At the same time, it promises to give consumers a clear prompt when upgrading the operating system in the future, and set the consumer’s own choice switch.

  After Apple’s reply was made public, the reporter called the consumers in Shanghai less than, less than, which clearly showed his views.

  Consumers are less than saying that if Apple can fulfill its promise, it will be a good thing, but how can it compensate or compensate consumers for the losses they have already suffered? This is completely ignored by Apple in his statement. This is the most important issue for our consumers and also related to their direct interests. We hope to see Apple’s sincerity in these aspects.

  In response to Apple’s reply, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee said that it would continue to follow up and pay attention to Apple’s final treatment measures until Apple put all necessary measures in place.


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