"Edge Walker" will be released, such Ren Xianqi is a bit "evil"!


"Edge Walker" will be released, such Ren Xianqi is a bit "evil"!

1905 movie network feature Even with more than 30 years of experience as an actor, in our interviews, he still modestly and repeatedly emphasized that he is not a "professional" actor, and still continues to draw nutrients from the actors around him.


Whether it was an old partner or someone who had just ended their collaboration recently, the group of "movie maniacs" around him always affected his attitude and understanding of acting.

The new work recently opened its second round of screening, three years after he last met the audience on the big screen. This time, Ren Xianqi said bluntly that he was very happy, "using the most authentic performance to present that kind of shock, we hope to be able to shoot some authentic Hong Kong police and bandit action movies."

This time, whether it is the partner of the cooperation or the type of theme, how can the outside world not expect this familiar little brother Qi?

01. Collaboration with Hua Ge


"Edge Walker" is the third collaboration between Ren Xianqi and Ren Dahua in 16 years. They have had partners with him in the past, but this time they really have the opportunity to play against each other.


"Excited", "Moved", "So cool"… When it came to this interaction and cooperation, Ren Xianqi couldn’t contain his excitement and kept repeating his feelings to us. Since his debut, Ren Dahua has always been the learning object in his performance and life.

"Brother Hua is very attentive to each character, he will tell us what he will do, and let us give back with our true reactions. Sometimes there may be no him in this scene, but there may be some emotional motivation involved in the plot, and Brother Hua will come to the crew to watch." This kind of rapt attention was always seen by Ren Xianqi.

In "Marginal Walker", Ren Xianqi’s A Luo is an undercover agent, and Ren Dahua’s Lin Yaochang is a gang boss. He struggles in his heart, but in the face of A Luo’s identity, he is always willing to withstand the pressure of other gang members and give him a way out.

"Do you know? He has always taken care of me like a big brother, and in the play, the relationship between the two characters is also very close. I seem to be directly transformed from real life into a character in the play, which is quite touching." In reality, the two have known each other for many years, and every time Ren Xianqi goes to work in Hong Kong, Ren Dahua will always take him to various delicious things.

In Ren Xianqi’s eyes, he can be "willful" in front of this big brother, "In real life, he has always loved me, and even if I do something wrong, he will cover me."


In addition to being a good big brother, Ren Dahua is also a fashionista in Ren Xianqi’s eyes. "In my early concerts and records, I would refer to Brother Hua’s daily clothes. Even for the album’Angel, Brother, Little White Face ‘, I was very fortunate to have Qiqi (Ren Dahua’s wife) help me with the styling, and Brother Hua did the photography for me."


After so many years, Ren Xianqi still regarded the other party as his fashion indicator. In the filming of "Edge Walker", Ren Dahua personally participated in the styling of his character. "After the filming, everyone rushed to get Brother Hua’s clothes for collection."

Ren Xianqi naturally did not miss this opportunity. In the final climax of the movie, the green leather jacket designed by Ren Dahua became the best collection of Ren Xianqi’s filming.


02. "Movie Madman"


In the eyes of many audiences, Ren Xianqi’s performance has two sides.

One side is the kind of handsome and sunny beach boy that "Summer Momocha" entered the eyes of the public; the other side is the villain with "evil" in many Hong Kong movies.


In "Edge Walker", although Ren Xianqi’s character is an undercover agent, the evil spirit still persists.


When they saw the first poster of the movie, many fans thought of Ren Xianqi’s original transformation in "The Big Event". After all, before that, the public impression of him was more of the boy singing with a guitar.

When he first received the movie invitation, he didn’t give much feedback or change, "During the process of talking about this story, I thought about it very seriously. Maybe the director seized that moment and thought that I was very different, and my eyes were also different." Recalling the past, the details appeared in Ren Xianqi’s eyes one by one.

But it was also "The Great Event" that became a turning point for Ren Xianqi’s films.

"When I was shooting, I was taking my guitar and trying to write the theme song. When I got there, it was very serious, and then there was gunfire and explosives everywhere, and I suddenly realized that I was in the environment and I was going to fit in. The whole time I was shooting, my eyes were very sharp because I had to see where there was explosives and where there was explosions, and then I naturally became like that."

For himself, when he got this kind of role, he would always show his former side as an athlete again. During sports training, his mentality was serious and cautious, and in the process of real competition, he would naturally exude that kind of murderous aura and deterrence, "I just applied this state to my movies."


In Ren Xianqi’s opinion, he has always been using the dumbest way to perform – using the truest feeling to figure out the character, so that he can truly become that person, and then be born from the heart.

Due to this, it is always difficult for him to allow himself to "double" to do many things, and when facing his career plan, he insists on starting from beginning to end.

In order to shoot, he had made himself very fat, stopped shooting in the middle, and spent time planning his body to a healthy state, "During this period, I didn’t do anything else at all, and when I was filming, I wouldn’t do concerts. I can’t adapt to this state of jumping."


"Therefore, I don’t have a lot of movies." Ren Xianqi was sincere but a little regretful when he talked about this.

For viewers who liked Ren Xianqi, they could often see him on the big screen in the future, because in the past, he had collaborated with the director; he had starred in the production of the movie "Temporary Robbery", as well as the production of the production…

When it comes to the filming of the series that just ended, Ren Xianqi can’t suppress his love either. Although he keeps praising us how Guo Fucheng and Lin Jiadong love movies, how they don’t let him rest and drag him to discuss the script. But the lines are full of Ren Xianqi’s own feelings about the movie, "I think this life is not wasted."

"We really only have to show our own blood and resolve to make a good movie. No matter which country we get such a work, it deserves to be respected."


Look, Ren Xianqi is the "movie lunatic". Even when asked what kind of evaluation would make him happy, his answer was "hard enough".


03. Unfulfilled dreams


In addition to "movie acting", "movie director" is also at the most prominent position on Ren Xianqi’s wish list.


Ren Xianqi worked as a director and collaborated with him. The origin of this film is from Ren Xianqi’s cover song "Grandma’s Penghu Bay".

In his plans, there are still three movies to be made, all from his musical compositions.

It was Ren Xianqi’s trilogy – "The Heart is Too Soft," "The Girl Across the Opposite Looks Over" and "Sad Pacific" – three songs that once led an era and have a special story script in his heart.


"’Heartbreak Pacific’ will definitely be a gangster story; ‘Too Soft Heart’ will be a story about killers; and’The Girl Across the Street ‘will be a ghost movie." The three seemingly bizarre settings had long planted seeds in Ren Xianqi’s heart.


The three relationships that were originally related to love were instead handled by him as very "tough guys".

Ren Xianqi talked about the creativity of these three stories, and it can be said that he talked endlessly, "In’The Girl Opposite Look Over ‘, the girl is a female ghost, and’I’ is a timid guy. In short, this story must be interesting for me before I really start to execute it."


But at the moment, Ren Xianqi has not found a good screenwriter to participate in the creation of these stories, "This dream is still burning in my heart, and I will try my best to realize it."


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