Avita’s 12 production capacity continues to rise, with deliveries hitting 8,000 units in March


Avita’s 12 production capacity continues to rise, with deliveries hitting 8,000 units in March

On February 20th, this website reported that at present, the two flagship models of Avita’s Avita 11 and Avita 12 are in the midst of the intensive national delivery process. Affected by factors such as hot sales, the delivery process of Avita 12 has fallen behind user expectations. In this context, Avita held a "meeting this moment" user meeting in Chongqing. Chen Zhuo, president of Avita Technology, and Yong Jun, assistant vice president, visited the scene to communicate with users face-to-face, saying that the delivery volume of Avita 12 will hit 8,000 units in March.

At the event site, Chen Zhuo, president of Avita, first expressed his sincere apologies to users who failed to pick up their cars in time during the Spring Festival, and explained the tight production capacity caused by the hot orders after the launch of Avita 12. He said that in February, Avita will take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to work overtime to adjust the production line and expand production capacity, and strive to achieve the delivery target of 8,000 units in March to accelerate the meeting of user expectations.

Avita’s user-centered development concept has always been well received by users, and the excellent quality of the Avita 12 model has pushed the user’s reputation to a new height. It is reported that Avita 12 brings together the advantages of Changan Automobile, Huawei, and Ningde Times in their respective fields. It has three core advantages of top intelligence, top design, and top luxury space. It has 12 industry-first and only strong configurations at the same level, redefining the new standard of luxury in the era.

Avita 12’s appearance and intelligent strength are both, and it has achieved excellent performance in the market. Less than a month after its launch, the order of Dading exceeded 20,000. Moreover, since the official delivery of Avita 12 in December, 2004 units have been delivered in only 20 days, successfully ranking among the top of pure electric cars above 300,000. This achievement not only proves that consumers love Avita 12, but also reflects its high cost performance and advanced technology widely recognized in the market.

It is worth mentioning that, with its excellent product strength, Avita 12 won the "2023 Global Car of the Year Award" at the 2023 Global Car Annual Ceremony. You know, this award has been deeply cultivated in the automotive industry for 10 years and has high authority in the industry. And Avita 12 can stand out in the fierce competition of 54 new models, leading the luxury brand flagship model and domestic popular model with the first place in the audience, fully demonstrating its strong market influence and the unique charm of future intelligent luxury cars.

Next, it is believed that Avita will continue to maintain a high-efficiency, high-level, and high-speed evolutionary state, focusing on users’ real car needs, and continuously promoting the intelligent strength upgrade of Avita 12 and other models. Moreover, Avita is making efforts to promote channel construction, believing that in the near future, it will bring users more diverse and more pleasant product choices.


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