Chen Kexin and Lang Ping appeared in the launching ceremony of China Women’s Volleyball.


Chen Kexin and Lang Ping appeared in the launching ceremony of China Women’s Volleyball.

1905 movie network news On the morning of April 16th, the film held a launching ceremony named "Do not forget your initiative mind, Start Together" at the Old Hall of China Women’s Volleyball Training Center in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Cao Kang, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the State Sports General Administration, Lu Liang, deputy inspector of the Film Bureau, Lai Yawen, deputy director of the Volleyball Management Center, Wei Nan, director of the Art Department of the Film Bureau, Qin Hong, chairman of Jiaying Film, director Chen Kexin, Lang Ping, head coach of China women’s volleyball team, Chen Zhonghe, former head coach of China women’s volleyball team, producer Jo Jo Hui and China women’s volleyball players Zhang Changning and Liu Xiaotong attended the launching ceremony.

Director Chen Kexin revealed at the launching ceremony that the film "China Women’s Volleyball Team" spans 40 years and tells the bloody story of several generations of women’s volleyball teams. The film will be officially released on New Year’s Day in 2020, cheering for the women’s volleyball team to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.


The movie "China Women’s Volleyball Team" was officially launched, and the Spring Festival of 2020 was scheduled to awaken the memory of the whole people. 


On the morning of the same day, the film "China Women’s Volleyball Team" released its first poster, and officially announced that it would be the first day of 2020. The main body of the poster is a white volleyball close-up. The mottled sphere and damaged epidermis make people daydream. The word "China Women’s Volleyball Team" is concise and powerful, and the overall style is eye-catching.

Preparations for the film "China Women’s Volleyball Team" started as early as two years ago. In addition to inviting gold medal partner Zhang Ji as a screenwriter, director Chen Kexin was photographed by the media many times and took his team to watch women’s volleyball matches around the world to collect materials. During this trip to Zhangzhou, in addition to attending the launching ceremony, director Chen Kexin also observed the closed training of China women’s volleyball team for the first time, and personally felt the intense atmosphere at the scene, which made him lament the hardships and difficulties of coaches and athletes again. Director Chen Kexin also said at the launching ceremony that he hoped to show the audience his understanding of the spirit of women’s volleyball through this film.


Do not forget your initiative mind jointly set off the movie "China Women’s Volleyball Team" to file the Spring Festival to cheer for the Tokyo Olympics of women’s volleyball team.

Zhangzhou is not only the earliest training base of women’s volleyball team, but also the cradle of "five consecutive championships" in Lang Ping’s mouth, where teams shed youthful sweat and strive to grow up, making it the "initial heart". This is the 46th time for China women’s volleyball team to return to Zhangzhou for closed training, in order to fully meet the next major events, including the World Volleyball League in May, the Women’s Volleyball World Cup and the qualifiers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This time, the film "China Women’s Volleyball Team" specially set the launching ceremony in the old hall of the training base, chose Zhangzhou to start its own journey, set out together with the China women’s volleyball national team, and tried its best to create a women’s volleyball story that belongs to all China people. I also hope to return to the place where the story of the women’s volleyball team began. In this venue that still retains the traces of the use of the older generation of women’s volleyball teams, I will find my original heart with the active women’s volleyball players and go to a new journey together. In the Spring Festival of 2020, I will take this film as my best wish, cheer for the women’s volleyball team’s Tokyo Olympic Games campaign, and jointly send a New Year gift from the sports and film circles to the people of the whole country.


The film will record the women’s volleyball team’s 40 years of hard work. Professional athletes may be considered in casting.


At the launching ceremony, director Chen Kexin and two famous women’s volleyball coaches of China, Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghe, made a "revelation" on the related topics of the film "China Women’s Volleyball".


Director Chen Kexin revealed that as early as the Asian Games in Bangkok in 1978, at the age of 16, he watched the women’s volleyball match in China at close range, and he still remembers the feeling of blood boiling when the China team entered the stadium. When he really had the chance to personally put the story of China’s women’s volleyball team on the big screen, he was excited and felt a great responsibility. He couldn’t help writing an article in Weibo, saying, "Now I’m almost 60 years old, and I’m going to shoot the story of China’s women’s volleyball team. Life is sometimes so wonderful. "

China women’s volleyball team has a long history and rich stories, which holds a special position in the hearts of China people. Dare to shoot such a theme, and set the file in the Spring Festival, the difficulty and pressure are self-evident, and director Chen Kexin also admitted on the spot that it is really difficult to condense the passionate memory of several generations of Chinese people on women’s volleyball into two hours. "It’s like China women’s volleyball team. Although it may not win, it is just a fight. From Yuan’s guidance to Chen’s guidance to Lang’s guidance, they can come over and we must come over. "

In terms of actor selection, director Chen Kexin revealed that in order to ensure the professionalism and visibility of the sports scene, professional athletes may be considered in this casting. For the actors who are most concerned about by everyone, Lang Ping and Chen Zhonghe, the two legendary coaches unanimously expressed their trust and respect for the director’s judgment at the event site. "Of course, it is better to be handsome," Chen Zhonghe added with a smile at the end.

Regarding the plots that I hope to present in the film, Lang said with a smile, "For every day’s efforts, no one knows what the result is, but we will all do it to our dreams and goals. The dribs and drabs of our usual life and training are the results of our United efforts. I believe that Director Kexin will definitely grasp this theme. " Director Chen Zhonghe hopes that this spirit of women’s volleyball can be promoted to everyone, especially to teenagers, and he is full of hope and confidence for director Chen Kexin to direct this film.


The movie "China Women’s Volleyball Team" is scheduled for the Spring Festival of 2020. Together with the China Women’s Volleyball Team, we will go to Do not forget your initiative mind for a new journey and rekindle the classic memories spanning 40 years!


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