Film is the youth that never leaves | This decade, our film life.


Film is the youth that never leaves | This decade, our film life.

1905 movie network news In this decade, from fireworks to prosperity in the world, movies have always been in our lives. This decade, the film is life, life is film, this decade, our film life.

Movies have grown up with many people and are engraved in the memory of generations. At any time, there are always young viewers.

Ten years ago, I was only six years old. When he was about nine years old, he appeared in his first film. In the film, Rong Zishan plays the son. At that time, he didn’t have much idea about acting, and he performed it step by step.

Ten years ago, I was 9 years old. She started her career as an actress when she was very young. At that time, filming was like living another life for her. The first work she made was Roller Coaster. Recalling the filming experience of this film, Wen Qi described it as "depressed". She is often criticized by the director for not being able to act. She cried to her parents and said that she would not do this business.

Ten years ago, James Zhou was 13 years old and was in primary school. She loved movies since she was a child, and she was a small audience of China movies. At that time, she didn’t expect that one day she would use her own way to promote more excellent China movies and let more audiences get in touch with these moving films.

Ten years ago, Qi Qi was 15 years old and was in high school. Since her sophomore year, the school will let them go home from school early every Friday. After returning home, Lacquer began her movie time. Among the movies she saw at that time, what impressed her deeply was the scene in the director’s movie. After being diagnosed with cancer, she faced the old man who told her to give up her seat on the bus. She wore sunglasses and showed no expression on her face. She patted her thigh and said, "Sit down, sit here."

Ten years ago, Xue Mengcheng was 19 years old and was in college. At that time, digital movies have gradually replaced film movies and become the mainstream media in the screening hall. Xue Mengcheng may not have thought that he would have a memorable story with the film in the future.

Ten years ago, they all had an indissoluble bond with China’s films, as small actors or fans. In the past ten years, their love for movies has not changed, but they have more in-depth contact with China movies and become a member of the wave of film development in China.

Today, Rong Zishan has appeared in other films. He knows more and more about acting. What the actor said to him benefited him a lot. Zhang Songwen told him, when performing, don’t let the other party say it immediately, but make a feeling of digesting and rebounding. With the gradual accumulation of experience, acting is more handy for him. "In fact, I have been looking forward to it. I think it will be like learning martial arts, and I will begin to understand it and my skill will explode. But what I feel now is that there is no shortcut that will suddenly enlighten you, and performance is such a thing that needs to be accumulated day after day and year after year. My love for it has never changed, so I will keep doing it. "

Today, Vicky Chen is a college student. Not only has she not given up being an actress, but her outstanding acting skills in films such as Carnival have been recognized by more and more people. She feels very lucky, and her career as an actress has been encouraged by many predecessors. She is now taking plays while attending college, which is very fulfilling for her college life. She gets up at six o’clock every day, starts her morning work, then shouts to the playground for an hour, and then has dance lessons, vocal lessons and acting lessons. In these classes, she should practice liberating nature, which makes her feel free. Vicky Chen’s college life is dizzying and very happy. She will also continue to work with China films.

Today, James Zhou has become a new media publicist. By chance, she came into contact with a film about veterans of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea in Douban Group. James Zhou is eager to organize a movie in his hometown of Huaihua, Hunan. She contacted the local volunteer association and arranged a film screening, and her parents also went to see it. James Zhou found that her mother, who never walked into the cinema, shed tears because of this movie. This made her feel that she should bring this film to more people. Later, she contacted more than 90 channels, of which more than 20 were successfully screened. In addition to her, more "tap water" joined in. On the night when the movie broke 10 million, they opened WeChat to share, showing their positions in the north and south of the motherland.

Today, Lacquer is a talk show actor. After graduation, she worked in film propaganda. Later, she explained that she was going to perform a talk show, which made her feel very interesting. She will create her own jokes, and the creation of these jokes is influenced by movies. She found the charm of the story from the film and other uses in life.

Today, Xue Mengcheng is an office worker. A few years ago, he learned about an old movie called "The Movie" on the collection website. There was only a short film left, about two minutes. Later, he learned that China Film Archive is the best place to store films in China, so he took this film and donated it to China Film Archive. At the donation ceremony, he said: "I don’t know what kind of vicissitudes this film has experienced before, so it will only be two minutes long." But I am particularly happy today that with our efforts, it finally ended its wandering career and found its best home. " Then the lights dimmed and the soul of this film reappeared on the big screen.

They are still young, and in their own way, they are promoting the development of China films. There are also more young audiences, and through their efforts, they can see more excellent movies. Stories on the screen span time, and there are always young viewers who have a fate with them.


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