It broke the record just after it was released. Why did Taylor Swift board the hot search?


It broke the record just after it was released. Why did Taylor Swift board the hot search?

To say that in 2024, the year just started, who is the most popular name in the cinema and can attract the most attention from hot search?

That is bound to be Taylor Swift.

Her music documentary "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" attracted phenomenal attention. Within three days of its release, the box office broke through the 50 million mark and became the highest-grossing music documentary in China’s film history.

It broke 35 records of mainland film history, and more than 80 thousand people in Douban gave a super high score of 9.3.

It has become the choice of many audiences for New Year’s Eve. In the cinema, people sing and dance, record screens and socialize, and are extremely immersed in the atmosphere of the scene.

In the film history of China, it is unprecedented.

At the end of 2023, Taylor Swift appeared in TIME and became the person of the year. You know, this is the first time in 96 years that Time, which focuses on economic and political figures, has awarded the title of person of the year to a female artist in the entertainment industry.

At that time, Taylor Swift was performing the sixth world tour concert, namely "The Eras Tour". It started in March 2023 and plans to perform 146 performances on five continents around the world, ending at the end of 2024 — — This is Taylor’s largest and longest tour so far.

TIME commented on her like this — — "Taylor Swift, a symbol of American soft power, seems to have a pair of ‘ The hand of Midas (the golden hand) ’ Wherever you go, you can always trigger an economic sensation, a series of numbers that are difficult to imagine with concepts. "

For example, it is conservatively estimated that the tour can generate 5 billion US dollars (about 35.873 billion RMB).

For example, when she gave a concert in Seattle, tens of thousands of spectators jumped at the scene, which triggered a 2.3-magnitude earthquake.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is a film version edited according to this concert. In early August, Taylor Swift invited director Sam Rench to shoot live videos of three tours in Los Angeles, which were edited into movies by five editors.

The film did not invest too much, and the cost was only 15 million dollars (about 108 million yuan). Of course, there was not much publicity.

It even took less than three months, and it was released on October 13th.

However, in North America, its success is phenomenal, with a box office of 37 million US dollars (about 265 million RMB) on the first day of pre-sale, it became the runner-up in the first day of pre-sale in North America, second only to Avengers: Endgame. By the end of 2023, the global box office has exceeded 250 million US dollars (about 1.794 billion RMB), which is truly certified by Guinness as "the highest-grossing concert movie in history", and this number is still rising.

At first, Hollywood production companies were not optimistic about the film. So she directly skipped these production companies and cooperated with AMC, the world’s largest cinema, to release it. Within 24 hours, she broke the highest box office record of AMC in the 103-year history of the United States.

The box office is so amazing, what about the content?

The whole film lasted for three and a half hours, without any plot or plot. Have a plenty of live concert songs, covering 10 albums created by Taylor Swift since her debut.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the film, the audience was told: during the broadcast, you can talk, sing along or record the screen — — This is also the original intention of Taylor Swift, so that people can enjoy it.

In the cinema, people who came to watch quickly entered the state.

They excitedly opened the lyrics book of their mobile phones and sang along with it. People waved light sticks, danced away, and even knelt down in the background music of Love Story, as if they were in a real concert.

Who is Taylor Swift?

I believe there is no need to introduce too much. By 2023, she has held 12 Grammys, 23 billboards and 40 national music awards, making her the highest-selling artist in the past decade.

"If Taylor Swift is an economy, then she has surpassed 50 countries in the world."

Taylor Swift was born in Pennsylvania in 1989. In her childhood, when all her peers just wanted to play with dolls and play football, she studied guitar with a computer repairman and was inspired to write her first song, Lucky You, about a different girl.

Taylor Swift has always been a girl who dreams of becoming a singer — — She participated in all kinds of competitions, sang on stage, went to various record companies to recommend herself and delivered samples of her recorded music. At the age of 17, she finally got a chance to officially debut.

At the age of 17, she released her first music album Taylor Swift, which sold 39,000 copies in the first week in the United States. At the age of 18, she released her second album Fearless, which was the best-selling album in the United States in 2009. Taylor Swift won four Grammy Awards, which made her the youngest artist to win the Grammy album of the year.

At that time, Taylor Swift’s whole moral code was that she needed to make people think she was a good person.

On the one hand, her songs only write about love and hate, and she has never set foot in politics or religion for 12 years, being a good girl in the eyes of others who doesn’t get into trouble, and she doesn’t do anything wrong.

She did. In Love Story, she taught us to pursue love bravely. In You Belong With Me, the feeling of unrequited love can also be expressed so vividly.

On the one hand, she cares about her image in others’ eyes, and she is said to be pregnant and started dieting crazily.

But gossip won’t let her go.

Netflix satirized her with lines. "You can change men faster than Taylor Swift."

And the sentence "Taylor Swift’s success in her career depends on her predecessors."

Kanye West (Kanye Omari West), on the other hand, snatched her microphone when she won the MTV Best Female Singer Video Award. In 2016, the dispute and contradiction of deliberately fabricated lyrics made Taylor Swift fall into a trough.

For a time, #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty (Taylor Swift is finished) once became the hottest topic on Twitter around the world.

In the personal documentary Miss America, she said this — —

"Do you know how many people hate you to get a word to the top of global Twitter?"

That cyber storm didn’t destroy her, but those setbacks polished her into a sparkling diamond. She began to realize — —

"If you live for the recognition of strangers, you get all the happiness and satisfaction from it, and a little carelessness will make everything collapse.

Taylor Swift’s name is more like a narrative change of women, a carrier of strength and a self-awakening.

"I can’t change what will happen to me, but I can control what songs I write."

So, she stopped dieting to fit herself into a size S dress. Because "there are always some beautiful standards that you can’t reach."

Her songs began to change style — — Jumping "Shake It Off", I got rid of the thorns that stabbed me. In "Bad Blood", I launched a smart and powerful counterattack.

She no longer restrained herself, but publicly expressed her views and positions.

At the risk of falling popularity, we should also openly resist the policy of unpaid artists during the first three months of Apple Music audition. That’s why Eddie Keyou, the vice president of Apple, promised to adjust the operation plan.

Harassed by DJ David Mueller, she bravely fought back and won the case when the latter made rumors and slandered herself, and then symbolically asked the latter to pay a dollar, because she hoped that the voices of these sexually harassed people would be heard.

Accuse Marsha Blackburn, who is running for the Senate in Tennessee, because Marsha, as a woman, opposes equal rights between men and women and discriminates against LGBTQ groups.

In the interview, she said, "I learned not to let outside opinions affect the value of my life choices."

"It is normal to try, then fail, try again, and then fail again."

Because for Taylor Swift, there are many praises and denials, but as she said — —

"But to heal and grow is the most important thing."

She crossed the thorn forest and finally came to this brand-new era belonging to Taylor Swift.

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