Inheriting oriental aesthetics, Hua Xizi introduced intangible culture into fashion makeup.


Inheriting oriental aesthetics, Hua Xizi introduced intangible culture into fashion makeup.

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In the past year or so, new domestic products and consumer goods have become a trend. In the category of make-up, a series of beauty brands focusing on Chinese style are constantly emerging. However, in the field of many brands with fierce competition, most domestic cosmetics brands with labeled products and lack of innovation are gradually eliminated, and brands with truly excellent product strength stand out.

In the consumer goods market, word of mouth means everything. At present, in the field of beauty cosmetics, Hua Xizi, with the brand concept of "Oriental make-up, keeping makeup with flowers", has quietly risen.

Behind Hua Xizi’s success is not only a strong product strength, but also its profound understanding of traditional culture explains the connotation of domestic beauty.

Endowing tradition with fashion and beauty, skillfully blending Miao culture.

In the impression of consumers in the past, makeup fashion is far from the elements of traditional culture, and it is difficult to effectively integrate their characteristics. How to combine traditional culture with modern fashion culture skillfully is a difficult problem faced by domestic cosmetics brands.

The answer to this problem can be interpreted in Hua Xizi’s brand. Hua Xizi brand was born on March 8, 2017. The word "flower" in Hua Xizi refers to "keeping makeup with flowers" and the word "Xizi" is taken from Su Dongpo’s poem "If you want to compare the West Lake to the West Lake, it is always appropriate to make light makeup and heavy makeup".

In the products launched by Hua Xizi, traditional culture is everywhere. Take Hua Xizi’s "Carved Lipstick" as an example. This lipstick is different from other lipstick products that only work hard on external packaging, and the micro-carving process is moved to lipstick paste. At present, this lipstick sells more than 100,000 pieces a month, and keeps Tmall’s high score of 4.9 points.

Huaxizi carved lipstick

The excellent market performance of this lipstick also proves that the combination of traditional culture and fashion is not a dead end, but requires ingenious creativity.

In Hua Xizi’s product lineup, carved lipstick is not a case. Since its establishment, Hua Xizi has launched dozens of makeup products that reproduce traditional oriental crafts. This time, Huaxizi, relying on its unique creativity, launched a series of products with Miao’s intangible culture.

It is understood that the Miao Impression Gaoding series is inspired by the Miao Yin craft of a few famous Miao people. Miao silver ornaments have long been important first ornaments and wedding supplies in Miao areas. For the Miao people, Miao Yin is a "fashion" element preserved in the long history, with unique oriental beauty.

Hua Xizi joins hands with fashion anchor Li Jiaqi to explore Miao Yin culture.

However, the Miao silver jewelry handicraft, which belongs to the intangible culture, is on the verge of disappearing, and its unique oriental charm is gradually forgotten.

Out of the sense of mission for the inheritance of traditional culture and the insistence on "Oriental beauty", Hua Xizi went deep into Miao village to explore the art of Miao silver ornaments, took Miao elements as design inspiration, and combined Miao Yin skills with modern technology to create a series of Miao impression advanced customization products.

In the final series of Miao impression products, this unique oriental beauty also appears with a new look. In the series of Miao impression products, Hua Xizi combined the engraving technology with the oriental micro-carving technology to reproduce the Miao silver-making technology on the products. In addition, Hua Xizi also carved the ancient and mysterious totem "Mother Butterfly" and flowers and plants into the products.

Huaxizi Miao Impression Gaoding Series Gift Box

When consumers use Miao Impression series products, their unique totem labels and cultural connotations will also make consumers look brand-new.

The "Miao Impression" high-definition gift box takes the shape of oriental makeup and blends into the Miao customs. It is inspired by the Miao girl skirt, decorated with Miao Yin pendant, batik and Miao Xiu, and made of high-quality leather. The high-definition version of air honey powder "Miao Impression" adopts a brand-new private model design and takes the shape of lotus leaf condensation to interpret the charm of Miao silver ornaments.

Carving of Honey Powder Cake in Miao Impression Series

However, it is not easy to rejuvenate traditional culture in the field of beauty cosmetics. It is reported that Hua Xizi has experienced many twists and turns in the process of developing Miao impression series products. Its appearance lasted for two years. After countless formula adjustments, and thousands of evaluations such as internal testing, external testing, external testing by experience officials and evaluation by makeup college, the product was finally listed.

At the moment when intangible cultural heritage skills are facing the challenge of inheritance, it is very smart to choose to tap intangible cultural heritage to create products. While spreading the intangible culture, the traditional culture also endows Huaxizi products and brand culture with deeper connotations. Through the combination with traditional culture, Hua Xizi has an unexpected advantage in product creativity. This is undoubtedly attractive to young consumers who pursue individuality.

In the process of endowing tradition with fashion, the brand symbol of Hua Xizi’s "Oriental Aesthetics" is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Only by understanding "Oriental Beauty" and polishing products can we make domestic products well.

The combination of traditional cultural elements is not unique to Hua Xizi, but the abuse of traditional cultural elements and lack of awe of traditional culture have made many domestic beauty brands mediocre.

In the current domestic beauty field, the phenomenon of product design homogenization and concept labeling is still common. After the novelty of the concept of domestic products disappears, consumers’ expectations for domestic beauty products are rising day by day. How to make consumers accept domestic beauty products is an unavoidable problem for domestic beauty products. Promoting Oriental Beauty is the responsibility of any domestic brand.

However, this problem is not unsolvable. When interpreting traditional culture, Hua Xizi also focuses on excavating the "oriental beauty" in traditional elements, and integrates the "oriental beauty" into the product design process with unique insights.

Take air honey powder, one of Hua Xizi’s explosive products, as an example. This product follows the peach blossom red skin cream, which was specially developed by Princess Taiping in the Tang Dynasty. While following the ancient method, Huaxizi relies on advanced grinding technology to refine the particles of honey powder to three times that of ordinary cosmetics. This process not only inherits the traditional beauty formula, but also uses advanced production technology to rejuvenate the ancient formula.

Oriental cultural products represented by Miao Impression Haute Couture Series are not Hua Xizi’s first attempt. As an oriental makeup brand born in 2017, Hua Xizi has launched a series of innovative products with the mission of inheriting oriental culture and recreating traditional oriental crafts. These products are on a par with international brands, but also stand out from the crowd with unique cultural concepts.

Having a good idea is enough to create an explosive product, but this is not the whole pursuit of Hua Xizi.

In the increasingly competitive beauty field, the good-looking products cannot support the long-term survival of a brand. On the basis of maintaining creativity, Hua Xizi has also made a lot of efforts in product quality. In the process of product making, Hua Xizi insists on the spirit of craftsman, polishes products over and over again, completes every detail, and even pays ten times and one hundred times of energy to develop a product.

For example, for an oil control effect, the product manager needs to find dozens of different oil control ingredients, and test each different ingredient one by one internally, and finally find the ingredient that takes into account the oil control ability and does not dry, so that the product can achieve high-quality efficacy and comfortable skin feeling.

With a sense of responsibility for the inheritance of traditional culture, a unique understanding of traditional cultural elements and high requirements for product quality, Hua Xizi can stand out among a number of domestic beauty brands. The hot performance of Huaxizi products in domestic and overseas markets is enough to show that Huaxizi has gradually become a beauty brand that cannot be ignored and a representative of domestic beauty.

Brand internal and external repair, Hua Xizi goes abroad.

Over the years, the right to speak in the field of beauty has been in the hands of international brands, but the situation is changing.

With the growth of young people’s voices in the post-90s and post-00s, consumers’ pursuit of aesthetics and culture is gradually diversified, and mainstream western aesthetics is no longer all-inclusive. In the process of continuous restoration of national self-confidence and cultural self-confidence, consumers’ desire for local culture is stronger than before. In this context, domestic brands that can resonate with consumers’ national feelings and maintain a good reputation gradually rise.

Relying on the brand concept of "Oriental make-up, make-up with flowers", Hua Xizi walked out of a unique route belonging to domestic make-up.

Looking at Hua Xizi’s journey to fame, it is not difficult to find that its marketing path is the young female group with personalized pursuit in the Z generation, which is inherited from the ancient method of "keeping beauty with flowers" in China traditional culture, carving the dual charm of fashion attributes, cultural connotation and exquisite products with oriental charm, and realizing the capture of more meta-audiences.

Hua Xizi’s firm commitment to products has also been recognized by young domestic consumers. In the dissemination of products and brands, Hua Xizi also conveyed his own experience and brand persistence to consumers, and explained to consumers what domestic cosmetics should look like with a unique product understanding.

While conquering domestic consumers, Hua Xizi also went abroad. Previously, in 2019, Hua Xizi’s West Lake gift box series products had caused a heated discussion on Twitter in Japan. The packaging and texture of Hua Xizi made international friends feel the charm of domestic beauty cosmetics and the unique connotation of Chinese culture. Some Japanese netizens even said that they would like to go to China once to buy Hua Xizi.

Hua Xi zi Xi Hu yin Ji gift box

Hua Xizi sparked heated discussion on Twitter in Japan.

Hua Xizi’s popularity overseas proves a way for domestic brands to rise-brands with local characteristics and profound cultural connotations can help promote national culture and contribute to cultural self-confidence. The excellent performance of Hua Xizi in the domestic market also proves the correctness of Hua Xizi’s brand line of "giving tradition to fashion".

In the era of content marketing, Hua Xizi explored a new way for domestic beauty cosmetics through careful interpretation of consumer demand, re-innovation of traditional culture and persistence in quality. All these persistence and efforts also reflect the brand vision of Huaxizi brand "promoting the beauty of the East and casting a century-old national makeup".

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