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Why is online celebrity’s being an actor frequently controversial? Changing careers is "not that simple"

Video screenshot: In the TV series "Story of Yanxi Palace", Zhang Tianyun (left) in online celebrity, Tik Tok was called by netizens as different from that in the short video.

  Video screenshot: In the TV series Story of Yanxi Palace, Zhang Tianyun (left) in online celebrity, Tik Tok is accused of being different from the short video.

  BEIJING, July 31 (Yuan Xiuyue) Recently, Yu Zheng’s new drama "Story of Yanxi Palace" was on fire. Seeing the rise, many people even turned up the "Draft of the History of Qing Dynasty" to discuss what the Empress Fucha and your concubine were like in history. Outside the play, a maid-in-waiting with few scenes has caused a lot of controversy.

  This maid-in-waiting is called Pearl, and the actor who plays her is called Zhang Tianyun, and she is also a present of Tik Tok online celebrity @ XiaoXiao. The reporter saw on Tik Tok that she has nearly three million fans. In the short video, she is sweet or cute, and the short video of "Husband, Husband, What?" once made her popular on the Internet.

  However, many people say that in the TV series, she seems to be different from the short video, and it looks "very ordinary" compared with the heroine. Some netizens joked that they suddenly admired Tik Tok’s filter. Some netizens wrote with emotion that there really is an insurmountable gap between online celebrity and the real actors. The topic that online red face and movie face are two kinds of faces was once popular in Weibo.

Video screenshot: Zhang Tianyun or online celebrity, Tik Tok

  Online celebrity turned to be an actor and "overturned" a lot.

  Internet has an indelible "grassroots" attribute since its birth, which gives ordinary people the opportunity to express themselves. From blogs and Weibo to live broadcasts and short videos, in the media changes, online celebrity characters also appeared one after another, such as Sister Furong and Sister Feng in the early days, Huang Cancan, the flower of Wuda University, Royi, Zhang Xinyuan and so on.

  When online celebrity has accumulated a certain fame, many people will choose to change careers as actors. However, it is not easy to switch from flat and short video to TV screen, and many people "roll over" in the process.

  In 2013, Huang Cancan became popular on the Internet with a group of pure photos under cherry blossoms, and was called "the campus flower of Wuhan University" by netizens, and then officially entered the entertainment circle. In 2015, he starred in the movie "Summer of Bubbles". However, the box office of the movie is generally not mentioned, and the Douban score is only 2.6 points.

Webpage screenshot

  Some netizens commented sharply, "Huang Cancan’s performance in his works has repeatedly proved that online celebrity is not only a bad actor, but also a factor that brings box office".

  The same example is Royi. She became popular because of a set of retro photos on Douban, and was called a new generation of national goddess. However, when I was a guest in Everyday Up in 2014, it caused a lot of controversy because of the big difference between the dynamics and photos.

  Later, she also appeared in many TV series, such as The Wonderland of Cocoon Town, The Half Demon City, The Biography of Chu Qiao, but the response was average.

  For Zhang Xinyuan, who turned actress, some netizens said that her biggest memory might be her white face and bright red lips.

Video screenshot: Royi plays Laner in Chu Qiao Biography.

  Why is online celebrity frequently diss by netizens?

  Online celebrity can’t leave the Internet? In the face of controversy, Zhang Tianyun also responded in Weibo, "I am wronged, I just opened a beauty and filter, I am afraid to turn these off, and everyone will take them off." She also said that her waist is not so thin, and drinking cold water makes her flesh grow.

  Different from the doubts on the Internet, in the comment area, many netizens are aggrieved by it. "I think it’s ok, not as bad as everyone said, and it has a lot to do with makeup."

  Some netizens also said that everyone was too harsh on online celebrity. "I think it’s pretty good. Being on TV would have magnified the small shortcomings, and it’s pretty good to put people in the pile."

  Some people look at the problem from the opposite side, saying that these images of online celebrity in the play are really good. On the contrary, it is terrible for some people to see talents with "they are online celebrity" colored glasses.

"Hot Blood Changan" poster, in which Zhang Xinyuan plays the role of Sun Siniang.

  Why diss online celebrity frequently disowned by netizens, just because he wears "colored glasses"? From the writing age, the graphic age to the video age, online celebrity always combines controversy and enthusiasm, which is closely related to netizens’ psychology of appreciating ugliness, aesthetics, entertainment, stimulation, voyeurism and spectator.

  In addition, online celebrity has a low threshold, mixed fish and dragons, showing off wealth, money worship, cheating, vulgarity and other negative news emerge one after another, and many online celebrity will be pulled out of a pile of black history when he just became famous, and the word online celebrity has gradually taken on a lot of derogatory meanings.

  Today, it is usually a bad description to say that a person is a "net red face". Because this may mean that this face has been decorated too much, including plastic surgery, retouching, filter beauty and so on.

  Netizens’ aversion to "net red face" is more of a resistance to a homogeneous aesthetic. Uniform pointed chin, European-style double eyelids, full forehead, and prominent risorius are fresh once, and they see a lot every day. No wonder netizens are joking. Seeing online celebrity’s photo is "lianliankan".

Video screenshot: Chun Xia won the Best Actress Award for her performance in the movie "Walking in the Snow Xun Mei".

  The difference between online celebrity and the actor is not only in the face.

  Why are "net red face" and "movie face" two kinds of faces? In fact, this is different from their presentation media. Generally speaking, the "net red face" emphasizes plane effect, and its presentation terminal is mostly a small screen of mobile phone. With the help of filters and beauty, people’s faces will look more beautiful.

  In the film and television drama, the high-definition professional lens is used for shooting, and the display terminal is a wide-screen TV, so the defects of the human face are obvious.

  Take off the "colored glasses". To be fair, for online celebrity, the criticism of appearance is only the first step. Unlike receiving praise in a small circle, online celebrity has to face more stringent requirements from the audience and a highly competitive entertainment circle if he wants to become an actor.

  The difference between online celebrity and an actor is not only in the face, but strictly speaking, they are completely different industries and industrial systems. Actors who are trained in a regular class have to go through several years of study and training, and those who are not trained in a regular class have to be honed in the crew. Actors can eat only by their faces, but they can only eat for a while. To go on for a long time, they must have excellent strength.

Video screenshot: Yuxi Zhang starred in the online drama "Dear, Princess Disease"

  And online celebrity really can’t be a good actor? In fact, there are also successful transformations. For example, in the spring and summer, she was also a little online celebrity of Douban at first, and she played several TV dramas intermittently. Later, she won the Best Actress Award in the Academy Award for her wonderful performance in the movie "Walking through the Snow in Xun Mei".

  Another example is Chen Douling, who once became popular on the Internet as the beauty queen of China Southern Airlines. She entered the entertainment circle for filming Left Ear, and then made many works. The dancer she played in "Worry-Free Grocery Store" also broke the previous pure single image.

  Online celebrity may not be "disillusioned" when he arrives on the screen. online celebrity Yuxi Zhang turned to be an actor, which caused a lot of controversy, but instead made a lot of money with the online drama "Dear, Princess Disease".

  There is never a shortage of people in the film and television industry. Let’s not say that if you really want to change careers as an actor, you must have the basic cultivation as an actor. You must have one talent, appearance, acting, hard work and luck.


With the advent of the digital economy era, Huawei Cloud empowers Shenzhen enterprises with high quality.

Shenzhen News Network July 26, 2023(Reporter Ye Mei) On July 25th, the high-quality development conference of Huawei Cloud Digital Industry, a series of activities of Huawei Cloud’s "100 Cities and 100 Enterprises Traveling to China", was successfully held. The conference was directed by Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, hosted by Shenzhen Longhua District People’s Government and Huawei Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., undertaken by Shenzhen Longhua District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Longhua (Huawei) Intelligent Manufacturing and Modern Service Industry Innovation Center and Kunpeng Industry Source Innovation Center, and co-organized by Saisheng Digital Economy Research Center.

Based on the innovative development orientation of the national digital economy, combined with the industrial characteristics of Shenzhen and the industrial development needs of Longhua District, the conference invited government leaders, local high-quality enterprises, industry experts and other guests to gather together to explore the high-quality development path of the digital industry and accelerate the deep integration of "digital reality" with digital technology and innovative practice.

Set the tone: innovation-based, high-quality development of digital industry

At present, vigorously developing the digital economy is full of sails. He Xiaolong, deputy director of the National Research Center for Industrial Information Security Development, pointed out in his speech that China’s digital economy development achieved positive results in 2022. According to the national data resource survey, in 2022, China’s data output reached 8.1ZB, up 22.7% year-on-year, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world.By 2023About 40 such data transactions have been established in China.organization, and gradually build a circulation market for data elements, products and services.

As the leader of digital economy, Shenzhen ranks in the forefront of the country in terms of industrial scale of digital economy. Huawei, Tencent, Ping An Technology, Meituan and other groups with core competitiveness.Dominant typeEnterprises have built a pattern in which large enterprises drive the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprises inject vitality into large enterprises.

(He Xiaolong, deputy director of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center)

Subsequently, Hu Xiaoqing, a member of the Party Group of Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and a second-level inspector, introduced how to develop the digital economy in Shenzhen. He said that Shenzhen will exert its strength from both the supply side and the demand side, by strengthening innovation drive, cultivating the application market, optimizing spatial layout, improving industrial ecology, developing digital productivity, striving to improve the development level of the digital economy, and continuously leading industrial iterative upgrading and high-quality economic and social development.

(Hu Xiaoqing, member of the party group and second-level inspector of Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology)

Jiang Xueming, Party Secretary of Longhua Industry and Information Technology Bureau, said that Longhua District, as an industrial region and manufacturing region in Shenzhen, will further give play to Longhua’s industrial foundation and advantages, and vigorously promote the integration of enterprises’ number and reality around the strategic goal of digital Longhua and urban core, support enterprises to accelerate the iterative upgrading of technology and realize the two-wheel drive of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization.

(Jiang Xueming, Party Secretary of Longhua District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology)

Due to the situation, Corning, president of Huawei Cloud Global Ecology Department, said that Huawei is an innovative enterprise that grew up in this fertile soil of Shenzhen. On Huawei Cloud, more than 240 innovative services have been launched, and more than 160 innovation centers have been launched around the world, of which nearly 100 are industrial Internet innovation centers related to the industrial Internet, helping more than 23,000 manufacturing enterprises to carry out digital transformation.

At present, Huawei Cloud Shenzhen Empowerment Cloud has enabled more than 2,400 Shenzhen enterprises to digitally transform, and has successively landed 12 innovation centers of Empowerment Cloud in Shenzhen. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in R&D and talents, and join hands with ecological partners and developers of Shenzhen governments at all levels to draw a new blueprint for open, inclusive and innovative industrial ecology to help Shenzhen build a high-quality development engine for the digital industry.

(Corning, President of Huawei Cloud Global Ecology Department)

After that, Yin Limei, director of the Digital Economy Research Office of the Information Policy Institute of the National Research Center for Industrial Information Security Development, released the national digital economy development index DEAI(2022) with authoritative data such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Commerce, and the public service platform for the integration of industry and information technology, showing the development of digital economy in China as a whole and 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) in 2022, providing scientific reference for local governments to formulate policies and regulations related to the digital economy, and promoting the long-term stable and sound development of China’s digital economy.

(Yin Limei, Director of Digital Economy Research Office of Information Policy Institute of National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center)

Look at practice: policy is the medium, and the vitality of transformation is constantly rising.

The development of digital economy can not be separated from the strong guidance of policy combination boxing and practical thinking. At the meeting, Chen Jian, general manager of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud, shared his thoughts on the development of digital economy and digital transformation. Starting from the example of cooperation with Longhua District, he introduced how digital transformation can help enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement. At the same time, based on practice, he said that Huawei will combine all forces to create "one platform+three centers", that is, integrate innovative public service platforms, ecological centers, capacity centers and service centers, and comprehensively integrate resources through overall organization to achieve the goal of enterprise digital transformation and promote the development of digital economy.

(Chen Wei, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Empowerment Cloud)

In addition, in 2023, the resource awarding ceremony for the first batch of intelligent manufacturing transformation plan in Longhua District was held at the meeting. Jiang Xueming, Party Secretary of Longhua Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and Chen Gui, General Manager of Huawei Yunfu Yunyun jointly distributed the first batch of intelligent manufacturing transformation plan service packages in Longhua District in 2023 to 13 enterprises, providing strong policy support for the development of digital industry.

(Longhua District Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation Plan Resource Awarding Ceremony)

As the bridgehead of reform and innovation, Shenzhen has taken the lead, and a number of benchmark enterprises have emerged that are at the forefront of digital transformation. At the meeting, Huang Kun, general manager of Longhua Business Department of Huawei Shenzhen Government and Enterprise, and Yang Chenxi, general manager of Shenzhen Industrial Development and Operation Department of Huawei Cloud jointly awarded the award-winning enterprises of "Leading Enterprises in Digital Transformation" to encourage more enterprises to join the ranks of digital transformation.

(Awarded by leading enterprises in digital transformation)

Now and in the future: technology is the bottom, and deep cultivation of numbers and wisdom makes beauty happen.

Innovation is the first essence of the combination of number and reality, and technology is the foundation of innovation. In order to inject technological vitality into the development of digital economy, at the meeting, many business representatives shared the innovative achievements of deep-rooted digital technology.

In the theme sharing of Pangu Big Model, born for the industry, Wu Bingcong, the marketing director of Huawei Cloud Marketing AI field, explained the development trend of generative AI, and introduced the powerful capabilities of Huawei Cloud Pangu Big Model in detail from the aspects of technical architecture, AI cloud service capabilities and rich application scenarios.

(Wu Bingcong, Marketing Director of Huawei Cloud Marketing AI)

Subsequently, as an ecological partner of Huawei Cloud, Zheng Dele, CTO of Shenzhen Today Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd., shared the cooperation results with Huawei Cloud Pangu Model in the field of digital intelligence employees. He said that based on the blessing of the AI ? ? big model, digital employees of knowledge consultants and experts, lawyers, recruitment and other positions will be officially released soon, opening a new era of digital intelligence.

(Zheng Dele, CTO of Shenzhen Today Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

At the same time, Yao Xiaofeng, vice president of Shenzhen Huaao Data Technology Co., Ltd., with the theme of "Three Scenes Leading Three Calculations, Building a Digital City", introduced Huaao Data’s deep integration with Huawei Cloud for three major scenarios of digital government, digital economy and digital society, and built a data hub, an algorithm hub and an example base, which greatly improved the efficiency of data governance and made data play a greater role.

(Yao Xiaofeng, Vice President of Shenzhen Huaao Data Technology Co., Ltd.)

Finally, Huang Rui, the founder of Shenzhen Hualei Xuntuo Technology Co., Ltd., shared how to cooperate with Huawei Cloud to provide end-to-end traceability, tracking and control capabilities for the factory, and how to empower the manufacturing industry to realize digital transformation in materials, processes, processes, maintenance and operation based on professional modeling tools, so as to create visual digital assets and make intelligence easier.

(Huang Rui, founder of Shenzhen Hualei Xuntuo Technology Co., Ltd.)

Yunzhi Pengcheng, the number of wisdom is deeply cultivated. The success of the conference will realize the further synergy and integration of industry resources and promote the accelerated arrival of the digital age led by technological innovation and relying on digital intelligence means. Huawei Cloud will also continue to adhere to the concept of "everything is service", do a good job in the digital "cloud base" and "enabler" of the industry, release the digital intelligence productivity of government and enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of the digital industry.


13-year-old boy spilled gasoline and burned the teacher’s ward. Confession: I’m sorry.

  Yesterday, Xiaowu, accompanied by his father, came to the ward of Yang Dongling, a female teacher who was burned by his arson, and apologized to her.

  13-year-old Xiao Wu’s letter of apology

  "Dear Miss Yang:

  Sorry, I shouldn’t have hurt you. Besides, you are still a people’s teacher who has never met me and has no holidays. I regret that I hurt you. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do anything illegal, and I wouldn’t hurt you. I’m sorry, Mr. Yang. I wish you a speedy recovery, restore your previous appearance, and go back to your previous education for those students in the mountains, so that they will not follow my example and become pillars of society and talents of the country. Miss Yang, I’m sorry. "

  Xiao Wu, a 13-year-old woman teacher, has been kept at home by her father since she burned Yang Dongling with gasoline. Yesterday morning, Xiaowu followed his father to visit Yang Dongling in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital from Jinchuan County.

  Yesterday morning, in the face of the excited family members of the injured, Xiaowu walked beside Teacher Yang Dongling, kept silent and took out a pre-written letter to express his apologies and guilt. However, it is a pity that although Yang Dongling said "I want to see him (Xiaowu)", she failed to see Xiaowu clearly in the end.


  Father stayed at home with him for two months.

  This time, I took him to Rong to visit the female teacher.

  On the afternoon of August 13th, Li Dong changed a shirt and left home, ready to go to Chengdu to visit Teacher Yang Dongling who had just finished the first skin grafting operation.

  There is a line in the movie "mr. six": "What you have caused will be rounded up by yourself, and what you can’t round up by yourself will be rounded up by his father". This line, as Xiaowu’s father, has no more empathy than him. After the incident, he visited Yang Dongling in the hospital and spent more than 80,000 yuan on medical expenses. Then, he didn’t go out to work again, and stayed at home with Xiaowu almost all day. If he wants to go out, he will chain Xiaowu’s feet. However, unlike the first time he visited Yang Dongling alone, this time he called his son Xiaowu.

  "I kept him at home for two months. I don’t know what to do, only let him watch junior high school textbooks and the legal program of CCTV Channel 12. "

  Li Dong said, let the children take a look at the burned teacher Yang. First, let them see how much harm he has caused others, "let him face everything in front of him"; The second is to express apology and repentance. "If the family members of the injured are emotional, I can understand even if I can’t stand it."

  After changing his shirt, he asked Xiaowu again, "Do you want to go?" Xiaowu bowed his head and said nothing. Li Dong didn’t force the child. Half an hour later, Xiaowu nodded: "I want to go."

  Before going out, Li Dong’s mother stopped him. "Take the 3000 yuan I saved some time ago." Li Dong replied, "I have already taken it."

  During the nearly 9-hour journey, the father and son didn’t say a word. The little military commander faced the window and his eyes turned up and down with the mountains and rivers. The outside world made him curious.

  The last time he went to Chengdu was last year, when he stole thousands of dollars from his grandmother, went to "rush" with several friends for ten days, and finally came back down and out.


  The juvenile ward took out an apology letter

  Regret not reading it to Mr. Yang’s face.

  When I arrived in Chengdu last night, it was already 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, and my father and son stayed in the hotel. At 8 o’clock yesterday morning, the two came to the burn ward of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. The more I went to the hospital, the heavier Xiaowu’s expression became. "My relatives told me that many people on the Internet said they would shoot me, and some even said they would take me to prison."

  When he arrived at the hospital, the reporter of Chengdu Business Daily asked him if he would like to meet the teacher Yang Dongling who was hurt by him. He nodded. "I want to go." As soon as she entered the ward, Yang Dongling’s mother recognized Li Dong, who had been to the hospital. When she saw Xiaowu hiding behind Li Dong, she froze, her face turned black, and she cried and said, "Come and have a look for yourself. What have you burned people to? How can you do it? !”

  Xiaowu was at a loss and stood nervously in the corner. Yang Dongling’s sister and aunt excitedly pushed Xiaowu to the bed with their hands, and uncovered the shroud on the bed, so that the teenager could go to the bed and see clearly the "consequences caused by himself". Opening the shroud, Yang Dongling, who had just finished skin grafting, was covered with medicine on her upper body and had no complete skin on her face. Xiaowu stood by Yang Dongling’s side, maintaining his inherent expression since he was locked at home for two months.

  "You go! You go! " In the face of Xiaowu, the emotional Yang family said. Xiaowu remained silent. He took out a letter and put it on the table beside the hospital bed, and then moved out of the ward step by step.

  Li Dong is still standing at the bedside, facing the accusations of the Yang family alone. "I didn’t ask them to forgive me. I just came to see Teacher Yang, indicating that we don’t care about not coming forward."

  Xiaowu wrote in his letter: "Dear Teacher Yang, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have hurt you. Besides, you are still a people’s teacher who has never met me and has no holidays. I regret that I hurt you. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do anything illegal, and I wouldn’t hurt you. I’m sorry, Mr. Yang. I wish you a speedy recovery, restore your previous appearance, and go back to your previous education for those students in the mountains, so that they will not follow my example and become pillars of society and talents of the country. Teacher Yang, I’m sorry. "

  After coming out, Xiaowu said that the letter was written at home before coming. He is a little regretful that he didn’t tell his faith to Mr. Yang’s face.


  "Where is the doll? I want to see him."

  The teacher read the letter of apology and failed to see the teenager.

  "For more than two months, you haven’t been here, and you haven’t got a phone call." Yang Dongling’s aunt pushed Li Dong and accused him of not educating his son well. After the incident, she even evaded her responsibilities and rarely visited him. Li Dong always explained in a low voice that he didn’t discipline his son Xiaowu, and his family was really difficult. He didn’t raise much money, and his son didn’t come until he needed to take care of him after the accident. As he spoke, he took out the 3,000 yuan in cash he brought. "You get it first, and I will continue to find a way after I go back." However, Yang Dongling’s mother, who was unable to restrain her grief, refused to accept the money, and Li Dong half-kneeled the money into her hand.

  "We all understand that he said it was difficult for him to go back and find a way, but if they were sincere, they wouldn’t wait until today." Aunt Yang Dongling said that in recent months, the three of them have been taking care of Yang Dongling, and Yang Dongling always vomits when she can’t eat, which is worrying. Considering Yang Dongling’s illness and family mood, Li Dong didn’t stay for long.

  Yang Dongling in the hospital bed looks very calm. Because Yang’s family was emotional, Xiaowu couldn’t walk close to the bed, and Yang Dongling didn’t see Xiaowu because of the shroud. After Xiaowu and his father left, Yang Dongling suddenly said to her sister Yang Dongxia, "Where is the doll? I want to see him." The Chengdu Business Daily reporter immediately gave her the apology belief left by Xiaowu. A moment later, she struggled to spit out a sentence: "Show me the words." The reporter held the letter of apology in front of her. She read it carefully line by line, more than 100 words, and read it for nearly 1 minute.

  "Call him, I’ll wait for him." When a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily asked why he wanted to see Xiaowu, Yang Dongling was silent for a moment. "I want to hear him read (apology letter)". At her insistence, the family members also agreed that Xiaowu would come back and said that they were no longer excited. But at this time, Li Dong, who had just experienced the excitement of the Yang family and accused him of being on his way home, took care of his son’s safety and didn’t want to take Xiaowu back. At 9 o’clock yesterday morning, Yang Dongling, who had been lying all night, also needed to turn over with the help of her family, so it was not convenient to see Xiaowu.

  "No, I’ll go to see him." Dong-ling Yang whispered.

  Female teacher

  Where’s the doll? I want to see him

  After Xiaowu and his father left, Yang Dongling suddenly said, "Where is the doll? I want to see him."

  The reporter of Chengdu Business Daily immediately put Xiaowu’s letter of apology in front of her. She read it carefully line by line and read more than 100 words for nearly 1 minute.

  "Call him, I’ll wait for him." When the reporter asked why he wanted to see Xiaowu, Yang Dongling was silent. "I want to hear him read (apology letter)." However, at this time, Xiaowu has set foot on his way home with his father.

  "No, I’ll go to see him." Dong-ling Yang whispered.

  Chengdu Business Daily reporter Yun Wangyi Yu Zunsu photojournalist Liu Haiyun

  A broken family in a remote county leads a astray life.

  Growing fragments of arson teenagers

  Questioning the cause of Xiaowu’s arson, we can see the weakness of a county boy whose temperament changed greatly after his parents divorced, and who was led astray by others because of his weariness of learning and ignorance. Xiaowu claimed to know it was a mistake, but when he was instructed by "Big Brother", he chose to listen.

  At 9 o’clock on the evening of June 14, after hiding in Jinchuan County for 24 hours, he was found by his father, who called the police station: "I found the person and sent it to you." Xiaowu didn’t resist.

  His family broke up and he became dull.

  On the night of arson and robbery, Xiaowu stayed in a hotel for one night, afraid to go home or tell anyone. He knew that he had made a big mistake.

  Jinchuan County is located in the southwest of Aba. Like many remote counties, teenagers like Xiaowu can be seen everywhere on the street. Xiaowu’s home is in Lewu Township, which belongs to Jinchuan County. Since school, his family has changed, and he has lived with his father and grandmother since then.

  After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, cracks appeared in Kotakeya’s house, and my father and grandmother later built a new house together. But the new home didn’t live for a long time, and Xiaowu’s parents’ feelings broke down. Xiaowu became dull, and his parents didn’t want to communicate with him more. Since the third grade of primary school, Xiaowu has learned to skip classes. "I ran out after school, and my home was full of streets." Xiaowu’s grandmother, Li Yunshu, said that once she went to the street to look for her grandson, a neighbor pointed out of the city and said, "Your grandson goes to that temple every day." She rushed to the temple and saw Xiaowu kneeling in front of the Buddha statue. "He asked the Bodhisattva to bless him. Mom and Dad should not divorce." For a long time, as soon as school was over in the afternoon, he and a classmate ran to the temple. Now that his parents have been divorced for almost six years, he is used to living without his mother. For the harm caused by divorce to his son, Xiaowu’s father, Li Dong, only explained it simply by "not getting along with his wife". Speaking of the disaster of Xiao Wuchuang, the 36-year-old man kept sighing.

  Began to be obsessed with online games and learned to skip class and not go home.

  Xiaowu, who had no parents around for a long time and was only taken care of by his grandmother, began to be fascinated by the online game of crossing the line of fire.

  Grandma Li Yunshu gave him two yuan to buy breakfast every day. At night, she found her grandson in the Internet cafe. For her, the way to discipline her grandson is too limited, and there is no other way but to tell her a few words. In her eyes, the introverted grandson also has a grumpy side. Considering that Xiaowu’s parents are divorced, his relatives are particularly concerned about him. Before he graduated from elementary school, he used his smartphone. "On one occasion, he felt that his mobile phone was slow to respond, so he picked it up and threw it on the ground. In the past few years, I have broken several mobile phones. " In order to prevent his son from surfing the Internet in Internet cafes, Li Dong bought a computer for Xiaowu to play at home. However, the computer was damaged by Xiaowu less than a year after it was bought. Xiaowu’s uncle was going to buy him another one, but Li Dong refused.

  Hanging out with unemployed young people was arrested for stealing.

  Li Dong believes that his son’s troubles have long been buried in his wandering life.

  In Li Dong’s view, he and his son have lived in this remote ravine since they were born. He said that he had always known that his son had been mixed with some unemployed young people in society since he entered junior high school. A neighbor often sees Xiaowu and a group of young people wandering around the square and teahouse in the county. What impressed Li Yunshu the most was that she went to school in the afternoon to send a schoolbag to her grandson. The students had already entered the school gate, and there were two young people with yellow hair at the school gate. "What’s the use of studying? Now I can earn 1800 a month by working." She didn’t expect that Xiaowu, who arrived late, went to the front of two young people and talked for a few words, then left together. She gave a cry and Xiaowu started to run.

  Last year, Xiaowu, who had just entered junior high school, began to steal. He is with his companions. When he runs out of money, he tries to steal. He likes to steal cash and mobile phones. First, it is easy to steal. Second, mobile phones sell well. Li Dong said that once, Xiaowu was caught by the police and brought back for investigation. Wherever he went, it was like parading in the street.

  After setting fire to the female teacher, Xiaowu wrote in a fact sheet that the other party asked him to pay off the debts that everyone usually owed in the restaurant. Because he had no money, the other party asked him to rob him. Except for two of his friends who were apprentices in barbershops, all of them had no proper jobs and lived on credit and theft in the county town.

  After the incident, I left home and wanted to go out to work with my companions.

  Since junior high school, Xiaowu likes to drink beer in a bar in the county with some young people four or five years older than him. The excitement brought by alcohol made him experience the joy of adult life, and it was from this time that he began to understand the outside world.

  Last year, Xiaowu stole several thousand yuan from his grandmother and took a bus with several companions to Longquan, Chengdu, in order to "go to work". As a result, after spending all their money in Chengdu Zoo and Happy Valley, the group took the shuttle bus back to their hometown. In his view, I really want to go to Chengdu to work, but I didn’t find a suitable job. I wanted to "work early to earn money and stop being wronged."

  One afternoon after the incident, Xiaowu left home and trotted along the hillside, trying to find a companion to work in Chengdu and escape from the place where he made a mistake. On the same day, Li Dong arrested him. After that, whenever Li Dong went out or cooked in the kitchen, he chained his son in the house.

  Now, Xiaowu’s family has given up watching TV for entertainment, but only transferred to CCTV Channel 12 every night to let Xiaowu "watch legal programs and study law."

  On the evening of August 13, a suspect in a detention center was broadcast on TV. Xiaowu watched it for a while, looked away from the TV screen and was silent for a long time.

  Dialogue teenager

  When I saw Mr. Yang in the ward, he left an apology letter and never spoke.

  "It’s no use saying sorry when you’re scared."

  "I still want to come." Although he went to the hospital to visit Teacher Yang Dongling and was accused and taught by his relatives, Xiaowu told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter afterwards. On the way home, Xiaowu had a simple exchange with Chengdu Business Daily reporter.

  Chengdu Business Daily: Are you worried that visiting Teacher Yang in the hospital will affect her and her family’s mood?

  Xiaowu: (Nodding)

  Chengdu Business Daily: Why did you promise to come? Do you regret it?

  Xiaowu: No, I just want to have a look at Mr. Yang’s injury and know that I have made a big mistake.

  Chengdu Business Daily: Aren’t you afraid that they will beat and scold you?

  Xiaowu: (silent for a moment) When I saw the fire burning that night, I didn’t want to live.

  Chengdu Business Daily: What are you afraid of?

  Xiaowu: At that time, I knew something was wrong. When I saw Teacher Yang rolling on the ground, I was afraid to go home. Later, relatives came to my house every day to scold me, saying that many people on the Internet said they would shoot me and put me in prison.

  Chengdu Business Daily: You never spoke in the ward. What was the reason?

  Xiaowu: I’m scared. I feel sorry is useless.

  Chengdu Business Daily: How do you feel after seeing Teacher Yang?

  Xiaowu: I have a bad fever. After seeing Teacher Yang personally, I feel that I can feel better for a few days.

  Chengdu Business Daily: What do you want to say to Teacher Yang now?

  Xiaowu: Sorry, I hope she will recover soon. I wrote a letter to her, hoping that she would read it.

  (Father and son are pseudonyms in the text)


  Teenage gasoline burns female teachers.

  Grab his Apple phone.

  At 9: 00 pm on June 13th, in a residential courtyard in Jinchuan County, a 13-year-old boy Xiaowu (a pseudonym) threw a bottle of gasoline at Yang Dongling, a 23-year-old female teacher on her way home, and then took out a lighter. The fire instantly wrapped Yang Dongling. In pain and cry for help, Yang Dongling fainted at the scene, Xiaowu took the opportunity to grab her Apple mobile phone, and the residents of the community then dialed 120… …

  According to the doctor of the provincial hospital, Yang Dongling’s burn reached the third degree standard and was diagnosed as extremely severe burn. At present, she has completed some skin grafting operations, and the wounds on her face and head have gradually healed. However, the deep burns on her chest, back, thighs and neck can only be recovered after continuous removal of dead meat and skin grafting, and most of her fingers may be amputated due to necrosis.

  Xiaowu is a junior one student in a local middle school. He said that he thought of robbery because his playmate asked him to give some money. Two days after the incident, Jinchuan county police blocked Xiaowu. Because the 13-year-old boy did not reach the age of criminal responsibility, Xiaowu was brought home by his father the next day. At present, Xiaowu’s father has paid Yang Dongling more than 80,000 yuan for treatment. Xiaowu’s father said that his son Xiaowu followed him after he divorced his wife five years ago. After the incident, the father and son were basically at home every day. "I stayed at home with him every day."


Jetway Traveler Four-wheel Drive Conquered Edition is available, equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine.

Recently, the Jetway Traveler Four-wheel Drive Conquest Edition was officially launched. The new car is equipped with a 2.0T engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission, and is equipped with a Borgwarner intelligent four-wheel drive system. The official guide price is 174,900 yuan. As a light off-road SUV focusing on hard-core off-road, Jetway Traveler will compete directly with Haval Dog Series, Raptors and other models.

In terms of appearance, the new car is almost the same as the current model, adopting a tough body style design, and the net is inlaid with the "JETOUR" brand logo. The side lines are vertical, the shape is square, and the wheel eyebrows protrude outward, which conforms to the hard-line style.

The side design is angular, and the front and rear wheel arches are obviously raised, forming a wide aesthetic feeling. The roof is suspended, with large wheels and AT tires, which further highlights the hard-core atmosphere of the car. The tail is equipped with a side-pull tailgate and a small external schoolbag, and the function of electric tailgate is added, which makes it more convenient to close the tailgate.

In terms of interiors, Jetway Traveler’s Four-wheel Drive Conquest Edition uses suede-like seats, providing two interior colors: black, red and black-brown. In terms of configuration, the car is equipped with the main driver’s seat massage, crystal gear, ACC adaptive cruise, automatic air conditioning and other functions.

In terms of power, Jetway Traveler’s four-wheel drive conquest edition is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 187 kW and a maximum torque of 390 Nm. In terms of transmission system, the car is matched with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and an intelligent four-wheel drive system of Borgwarner. The latter can switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive within 0.1 second according to different road conditions, and has full automatic and rapid response capability of differential locking.

It is reported that Jetway Traveler sold 5,363 units in the past September, which is quite good for an off-road vehicle just listed. In the future, we will wait and see whether Jetway travelers can continue to maintain and increase sales.


Huawei’s new products are too shocking! "There is a picture without a picture" can be opened to replace the car dashboard!

Another big news came from Huawei smart cars.

On April 16th, 2023, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and CEO of smart car solution BU, released some train-borne solutions and new products.

At the meeting, Huawei launched the advanced intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, announcing thatNo longer rely on high-precision maps. At the same time, announced a radical plan:It will land in 15 cities in the third quarter and expand to 45 cities in the fourth quarter.

In addition, Huawei also released a series of new products, such as AR HUD head-up display, iDVP smart car digital platform, which can replace the on-board dashboard, and predicted that HarmonyOS HarmonyOS 4.0 will be released in autumn.

According to reports, Huawei’s intelligent driving system industry pioneered the GOD network. Through the perception of multi-sensor integration such as laser radar, millimeter-wave radar and camera, special-shaped obstacles can also be identified, such as rollover vehicles, falling cardboard boxes, falling rocks, falling trees, etc. And slow down and stop, and build a safety line from the structure to make people drive safer.

In addition, HUAWEI ADS 1.0 has realized BEV architecture based on Transformer, while HUAWEI ADS 2.0 has been further upgraded.The network based on road topology reasoning is further enhanced, and various road elements such as roads and traffic lights can be understood even without high-precision maps, making it possible to drive without maps.

Yu Chengdong introduced that in the third quarter of this year, 15 cities without maps will land, and in the fourth quarter, 30 new cities without maps will land, reaching 45 cities.

On the intelligent parking assistance function,Huawei ADS 2.0 maintains a leading position in parking space identification, including automatic parking space search, 360 parking space discovery and display of parking spaces. At the same time, it supports intelligent parking of up to 160 kinds of parking spaces, such as unconventional parking spaces such as sloping parking spaces and broken parking spaces. In addition, RPA (Remote Parking Assist) solves the embarrassing scene of "cars can get in, people can’t get out" in narrow parking spaces, or it is inconvenient to take and put large luggage items in the car and trunk, thus realizing worry-free parking.

In terms of high-speed experience,ADS 2.0 optimizes the high-speed experience. After the optimization, the average manual takeover mileage is increased from 100km to 200km, and it is easy to cope with up and down ramps and channel obstacle avoidance.

Yu Chengdong also announced at the press conference that Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system HUAWEI ADS 2.0.The M5 Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition will be launched in AITO, and the subsequent Aouita 11 and Extreme Fox Alfa S·HI versions will also be upgraded, and more models will be carried in the future.Yu Chengdong also said that according to the test data, the models equipped with Huawei ADS have been far ahead of Tesla in expressway performance such as ramp passing rate and takeover times.

Yu Chengdong also specifically explained that before, he said that the "HI" model of cooperation between Huawei and BAIC was not cooperative. "It is not non-cooperation. Our cooperation with BAIC has been upgraded to a smart selection model, and the cooperation will be deeper."

In terms of price, HUWEI ADS announced by Huawei includes basic package, advanced package and high-end package. At present, the commercial models that have been cooperated are standard with the basic package and advanced package, and the high-end package can be purchased. The above-mentioned urban NCA and AVP are all in the high-end package scheme. Among them,HUAWEI ADS 1.0 is purchased at a lump sum of 32,000 yuan, with an annual subscription of 6,400 yuan and a monthly subscription in 640 yuan. HUAWEI ADS 2.0 is purchased at a lump sum of 36,000 yuan, with an annual subscription of 7,200 yuan and a monthly subscription in 720 yuan.

At the meeting, Huawei’s self-developed AR HUD made its debut. It is understood that,Huawei AR-HUD can replace the on-board instrument, and the effect far exceeds the instrument.Compared with ordinary HUD (Head-up Display Device), it has stronger functions and better effects.

Yu Chengdong said that Huawei AR-HUD adopted Huawei’s AutOptiX intelligent vehicle light technology, which enabled the car to enter the light display era.

The scheme is equipped with LCoS (micron pixel unit, 2K resolution), three-color LED light source (entrance brightness of 12000nits, color gamut NTSC > 85%), short-focus lens (clearer image, distortion < 2%) and polarizing component (light energy utilization rate of 90%, contrast ratio of 1200:1).

In terms of specifications,Huawei AR-HUD has the largest mass-produced frame in the industry, which can achieve the equivalent display effect of 70 inches at 7.5 meters and 96 inches at 10 meters, and has the highest resolution of 1922×730 mass-produced HUD.

Functionally, Huawei AR-HUD is deeply integrated with intelligent driving system for the first time, which can realize real-life presentation.In addition to car-level AR navigation, it can also project reversing images on the windshield and realize giant screen viewing. The effect is very shocking.

Yu Chengdong revealed that,Huawei AR-HUD will be launched by M9.It will be carried on more models in the future.

In addition, Huawei also released new products such as the brand-new in-vehicle entertainment screen category HUAWEI xScene light field screen and HUAWEI xPixel smart car light solution.

According to reports,HUAWEI xScene light field screenIt can break through the physical space limit in the car, bring a viewing experience of 3 meters away and 40 inches, and effectively reduce visual fatigue; At the same time, the world’s first car display low motion sickness gold standard was obtained, which effectively relieved motion sickness.

HUAWEI xPixel intelligent car light solution, to achieve a million pixels of refined lighting and smart lighting expression. High-precision ADB (adaptive high beam) is altruistic and selfish; The first intelligent light carpet, to achieve security protection.

Yu Chengdong also introduced a new generation of HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, which will be equipped with Huawei’s breakthrough technology HarmonyOS kernel. HUAWEI SOUND car audio system and a new generation of car smart screen will also be unveiled at the press conference. HarmonyOS Car Machine has joined hands with application partners, bringing over 50 top-quality applications from HarmonyOS and over 100 free applications from HarmonyOS.

Yu Chengdong also introduced the digital platform of HUAWEI iDVP smart car. HUAWEI iDVP is the foundation of realizing software-defined automobile, and the core of this architecture is hierarchical decoupling and SOA (service-oriented distributed architecture) service. At present, HUAWEI iDVP has delivered more than 800 standardized API interfaces to achieve rapid adaptation of cross-vehicle differences, and the cross-vehicle reuse rate of platform applications can reach over 90%.

At present, the shipment of intelligent components in Huawei’s smart car business has reached 2 million, five strategic cooperation models have been listed, and there are over 300 ecological partners. In addition, there are more than 10 new cars with Huawei’s advanced autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit under development, which will be launched one after another from this fall to next year.

Yu Chengdong also announced at the meeting that,Huawei HarmonyOS 4.0 (HarmonyOS OS) will be released this autumn.

It is understood that HarmonyOS OS 4.0 will realize multi-person, multi-device and multi-screen multi-tone area in the car, support sound source localization in six-tone area and concurrent control of multi-person and multi-screen multi-tone area. Compared with HarmonyOS 2.0/3.0, HarmonyOS OS 4.0 also realizes eyeball position tracking and eye state recognition in the cabin, and supports multi-screen multi-channel bidirectional circulation and multi-screen cross-device projection.

It is worth mentioning that the voice of HarmonyOS OS 4.0 intelligent cockpit will also be greatly upgraded, and the training results of Huawei’s big model will be used, and the voice of Xiaoyi will be more intelligent.

Before officially unveiling the new product, Yu Chengdong shared his views on the development trend of intelligent electric vehicles. Yu Chengdong believes that smart electric vehicles are strikingly similar to the era of smart phones more than a decade ago. Since the launch of the iPhone, the sales of smart phones have gradually increased, and feature phones have gradually withdrawn from the historical stage.

"Because I was in charge of Huawei’s terminal business ten years ago, I deeply felt at that time that with such fierce market competition or major changes in the industry, many giants may find it difficult to survive and many mobile phone manufacturers will disappear." Yu Chengdong said. Indeed, many giants in the field of feature phones have disappeared.

Yu Chengdong judged,Smart electric vehicles will reproduce the change from feature phones to smart phones. In time, 2025 will be a watershed in the era of smart electric vehicles.

"The great changes in today’s era remind us that if we don’t work hard, we can’t seize the opportunity of change in the era of intelligent electric networked vehicles, especially the opportunity of automation. No matter how powerful the company is today, it may disappear in the future. When the giant falls, he may still be warm. " Yu Chengdong stressed.

Yu Chengdong believes that in the era of intelligent electric vehicles, the first half of industry competition is electrification and the second half is intellectualization."Our first half is important in sports competitions, but the second half is the key to winning." In the electric vehicle industry, the hardware determines the experience in the first half, and the software determines the experience in the second half.

This paper is a comprehensive introduction to Guanwei, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Securities Times.

Risk warning and exemption clause
The market is risky and investment needs to be cautious. This paper does not constitute personal investment advice, nor does it take into account the special investment objectives, financial situation or needs of individual users. Users should consider whether any opinions, viewpoints or conclusions in this article are in line with their specific situation. Invest accordingly at your own risk.

Huawei is deeply empowered, and the top ten black technologies get on the bus. Ask M9 to reshape the luxury and smart travel specifications.

China Economic News Network (Liu Chenxi)On December 26th, at the press conference on the whole scene of the world of inquiry M9 and Huawei in winter, the flagship of luxury technology was officially released. As the heaviest product of the year under HarmonyOS Zhixing, Wenjie M9 is equipped with Huawei’s full-stack smart car technology solution, which not only fully incorporates Huawei’s top ten smart car black technologies, but also brings many leading product highlights such as brand-new family design, ever-changing space, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving control, intelligent driving and intelligent safety. Provide users with a continuous leading travel experience.


Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said: "The M9 is a landmark product in the intelligent era. We bring all the best Huawei smart car black technologies to the car, which brings the outstanding experience of the leading generation in all aspects that users want and can’t think of, and redefines the smart car standard. It is a well-deserved flagship SUV of luxury technology!"

Brand-new family design, six seats with equal rights

In terms of appearance, the interior and exterior design of the M9 continues Huawei’s aesthetic principle of "extreme, pure and simple" and is a design model of Huawei in the era of smart travel. Wenjie M9 offers two kinds of solid car paints, namely "Mu Ye Green" and "gilded black", and three kinds of double colors, namely "Danxia Orange", "Yadan Black" and "Xinghe Blue". The interior offers three color schemes: "Wang Shu Xing", "Moon Shadow Grey" and "Red Tea Orange".


Thanks to the brand-new luxury D-class platform and the advantages of integrated die-casting body, the M9 of Wenjie made the SUV achieve a flat floor for the first time, and the third row entered and exited the farewell steps. The front row, the second row and the third row of space of the M9 are 1045mm, 1060mm and 950mm, respectively, which has the largest space performance in the same class. At the same time, the passenger space in the cockpit reaches the largest 2725mm in the same class, and the occupancy rate is higher. It also supports the changeable seating modes of 3, 4, 5 and 6 seats. The sense of vision, space and flexibility are comparable to those of mainstream MPV models, which can easily meet the needs of users for full-scene travel.

The M9 adopts six seats with equal weight, and the front, middle and rear seats are uniformly configured, and all the independent charging ports, cup holders, mobile phone slots and HUAWEI MagLink sockets are boarded. Even the third row of seats are equipped with heating function, which is both practical and entertaining.

Leading intelligent cockpit, advanced intelligent interaction.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with the new HarmonyOS 4 and the new HUAWEI SOUND Excellence Series, and the whole car is equipped with 10 screens. At the same time, Xiaoyi is equipped with the AI ? ? big model for the first time, creating more full-scene possibilities for users.


The M9 car can be equipped with up to 10 screens, which can meet the needs of users for driving, entertainment and work at any time. Among them, the industry’s first car-level projection system is on the bus, and with the 32-inch lifting projection curtain, it perfectly reproduces the cinema-level viewing experience.

The new HUAWEI SOUND Excellence Series has flagship hardware configuration, equipped with 25 units of professional audio, and the power amplifier output reaches 2080W W. The ring scatterer integrates light and shadow aesthetics, acoustic technology and AI wisdom, which makes the audio-visual effect more shocking. At the same time, the flagship hardware is matched with Huawei’s leading technology and algorithm, which brings many unique functions in the industry, such as extrasensory spatial sound, smart sound field, privacy sound shield, smart dessert, etc., so that the sound can be heard from now on.

Xiaoyi, the on-board intelligent assistant, was further upgraded and optimized, becoming the "super brain" of M9. At the same time, Xiaoyi also has unimaginable voice interaction ability. The six seats in the whole car are free from waking up. Xiaoyi can not only identify the identity of each passenger, but also know where they are sitting, accurately respond and provide personalized service.

Leading intelligent driving control, intelligent driving without limit.

Wenjie M9 is equipped with the leading generation of Turing intelligent chassis, with front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension. The whole system comes standard with intelligent closed air suspension and CDC variable damping shock absorber, and the height of the car body is intelligently adjusted in 5 steps, giving consideration to comfort and handling. Based on the digital platform of HUAWEI iDVP smart car, through the multi-modal fusion sensing system, HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system and HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system, the mechanical quality is brought to the extreme with AI and software capabilities, bringing a better driving, safe and comfortable experience.


In terms of power, pure electric vehicles have the highest speed motor mass-produced in 22000rpm industry, and the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is only 4.3 seconds, which is comparable to super-running; Ultra-low power consumption is only 17.4kWh/100km, which brings users an excellent performance experience of four-wheel drive power and two-wheel drive energy consumption. The extended-range vehicle is equipped with pure electric drive extended-range platform 4.0, which has an industry-leading compression ratio of 15:1. With the intelligent extended-range system, the comprehensive battery life of CLTC is as high as 1,362 km (42-degree battery)/1,402 km (52-degree battery), and the pure electric battery life reaches 225km(42-degree battery) /275km(52-degree battery).

Ask the M9 to launch HUAWEI ARHUD head-up display system, HUAWEI XPIXEL intelligent projection headlights and other industry-leading Huawei intelligent vehicle lighting technologies. HUAWEI ARHUD deeply integrates the real scene with intelligent driving, and the wide light carpet makes it safer for users to drive and meet in narrow roads, and jointly helps intelligent driving to enter the light age.


Wenjie M9 upgraded HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system in an all-round way, equipped with a newly designed 192-line laser radar, which has more powerful accurate detection and quick response capabilities. Wenjie M9 has the leading parking ability, which can be parked immediately when it is visible, supports self-defined parking spaces and back-tracking, and also brings innovative parking driving function, so that there is no anxiety in parking carts.

Leading hard nuclear safety, safety is the greatest luxury.

Safety is the greatest luxury. In terms of passive safety, the ultra-strong Xuanwu car body adopts extremely strict design standards, and the aluminum alloy volume of the car body accounts for 80%. A total of 12 parts of the car are made of 2000MPa nuclear submarine-grade thermoformed steel, which cooperates with high-grade batteries, cockpits and privacy protection to escort users every time they travel.


Based on the powerful capability of HUAWEI ADS 2.0, the forward AEB capability of M9 is further improved, and the forward stationary vehicle AEB can actively stop at a maximum speed of 120km/h, covering both human driving and intelligent driving scenarios. Lateral support for 40-120km/h active obstacle avoidance, backward support for 1-12km/h active braking, greatly reducing the accident probability. In addition, the M9 is also equipped with ESA emergency steering assist system for the first time, which can automatically control the steering assist driver to avoid collision when there is a collision risk between the vehicle and the target in front, thus bringing safer intelligent risk avoidance capability to users.


From Specialization to Professionalization, Can Network Anchor Become "Line 361"

  From disorder to norm

  China’s webcasting emerged in 2005, and it developed by spurt in 2016. By 2018, the scale of China’s live broadcast industry has exceeded 456 million people, that is, more than half of China netizens have played live broadcast. According to the data of "White Paper on Full-platform Live Broadcasting Industry of Xiaohulu in 2018", the number of new anchors on the whole platform was 1.45 million in 2017, and this number rose to 2.17 million in 2018.

  The huge market scale has led to mixed anchor groups. In order to attract attention, some anchors do everything they can, from "eel incident" to "live mother taking a bath" to "live drug taking" and "live jumping off a building", the outrageous live broadcast behavior has repeatedly broken the moral and legal bottom line. This shows that live webcasting activities and the behavior of network anchors need to be standardized. To this end, in 2018, the National Office for Combating Pornography, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Webcast Services to strengthen the basic management of the Webcast industry.

  Under strict control, extreme live broadcast behaviors such as "eel incident" have been greatly reduced, but violations such as "smoking in live broadcast" and "swearing in live broadcast" still occur from time to time. Some of these behaviors are deliberately playing "edge ball", and some are "unintentional actions" caused by the anchor’s lack of understanding of relevant norms.

  Song Leyong, deputy general manager of Guangming. com, said that since the beginning of 2018, Guangming. com, with the support of the Central Network Information Office, has built a network anchor blacklist database sharing system. Up to now, more than 2,100 anchors have entered this blacklist. "Some are deliberately involved in pornography and drugs driven by interests, but most people who enter the blacklist are ignorant. For example, some people smoke in the live broadcast, and some people swear in the live broadcast. The behavior seems to be indifferent, but once it is blacked out, they will be unable to move on the Internet, and it is difficult to open an online store. "

  Therefore, it is necessary to educate and train network anchors from the perspective of maintaining the clean cyberspace and the long-term interests of network anchors.

  In November, 2018, the Network Performance (Live Broadcasting) Branch of China Performance Association held a network performance (live broadcasting) industry training course in Shanghai, which involved the interpretation of policies and regulations, the explanation of law enforcement cases, the special training of anchor literacy, the image and etiquette of live broadcasting, etc. However, the scale was small, and most of the participants were the content audit leaders of the live broadcasting platform and some head anchors.

  The anchor training that Cool Dog started this time is large in scale, and all anchors on the platform can sign up to participate, and the other is to normalize the training. Huang Xuanting, head of Cool Dog Live Academy, introduced that Cool Dog Live Academy was launched in May 2018. At present, it has developed more than 140 online courses, 30% of which are policies, laws and regulations. The purpose is to teach anchors how to make their live broadcast behavior legal and legal. The effect of the training is obvious. "The anchor who participated in the training has a 67% decrease in behavior violation rate".

  From Yan value to value

  Hong Gege, who graduated from the School of Music of Southwest University, used to be a music teacher. Although she has a good musical literacy, she is also very nervous when she first entered the live broadcast industry. She doesn’t know how to face the camera and won’t interact with fans. When she first started the live broadcast, she was "so nervous that her hands would shake".

  Many new anchors will "learn from the teacher", that is, learn from the old anchor "how to attract fans, how to get more rewards and gifts", etc. It is basically impossible to learn more. Most anchors live in the rivers and lakes and die. As Xie Huan said, there is a strange circle in the live broadcast industry. No matter how popular the anchor is, the popularity cycle is basically 3 to 5 years.

  Fans’ attention to the anchor is mostly a fresh picture. Once the freshness is over, it is likely to "turn around". The main reason is that everyone can broadcast live with a smart phone, and the content of the live broadcast lacks professionalism, and it has been spinning at the same level for a long time. Many talent anchors have no masterpieces, and fans are prone to aesthetic fatigue. Hong Gege sighed to the reporter, "The professional bottleneck of the anchor is that fans are mobile, and you must constantly improve your talents and live broadcast skills to make fans stable."

  To improve the professional level of anchors, education and training is an unavoidable process. Cool dog’s training for music anchors is to make efforts in specialization and improve the professionalism of anchors. Huang Xuanting introduced that Cool Dog Live Academy, in conjunction with industry associations and several universities, has developed more than 140 courses for anchors to choose from, 70% of which are professional courses, ranging from basic vocal skills to the use of musical instruments to the explanation of music theory, including video courses and live courses, as well as one-to-one and one-to-many small class training. Each course has different points according to the degree of difficulty. When a certain point is accumulated, the anchor can apply for the exam. After passing the exam, the anchor entered a two-month internship period. During the internship, there are also assessments, including system rating and user rating. When the live content reaches a certain standard and there is "zero violation", it can be officially "graduated" and certified and promoted by the platform.

  In order to improve the professional level of training, Cool Dog Live Academy hired senior industry experts to offer customized teaching. For example, a vocal music professor from the Berkeley Conservatory of Music in the United States sits in the Cool Dog Live Academy and teaches from singing skills, expression management, emotional expression and other aspects. Lan Tianyang, the vocal consultant of Singer, set up a "Good Voice Training Camp" in Cool Dog Live Academy, trying to solve the problems encountered by the anchor in singing, so as to make the voice by going up one flight of stairs. Hong Gege, who participated in the training, felt that she had gained a lot. With learning how to turn her music skills into a show performance, she completed a gorgeous turn from a music teacher to an anchor in online celebrity, and hoped to write her own songs and be original in the future, so as to go further on the road of specialization.

  Gao Wenjun, an assistant researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that when the platform creates a learning and upgrading space for anchors from the perspective of development, it can not only cultivate more excellent anchors, but also produce better content to attract viewers. In the long run, it can also promote the overall development of the live broadcast industry.

  From specialization to professionalization

  It is a very realistic question whether network anchors can stand on a higher stage without the live broadcast room. For the anchor, it means whether it can break through the professional bottleneck and open up a new world.

  Many network anchors are also trying to develop offline, in order to advance from online celebrity to performing stars. However, after leaving the live broadcast room, it is inevitable that they will not adapt to the professional stage. There was once a online celebrity music anchor with millions of fans who participated in a music program. He stood on the stage and was asked a question related to the basic knowledge of music theory by his tutor, so he was stumped and stopped.

  From the perspective of the overall environment, the scale of the webcast industry is growing steadily, and the development of the industry is also returning to rationality. It is difficult to have a foothold in the practice of spelling out the value, showing the lower limit and playing the legal edge ball. Behavior not violating the rules is only the foundation. In order to gain long-term vitality, there must be quality content. Therefore, in addition to standardization and specialization, it seems inevitable to promote the professionalization of network anchors, because only professionalism can improve the quality of live broadcast content.

  Whether network anchor can become a profession has been debated in the industry for years. Pan Yan, secretary general of China Performance Industry Association, said that live broadcast is a tool, and not everyone can become an anchor by using live broadcast. Only when a professional network anchor group appears can it become a new profession. In the future, China Performance Industry Association will provide ability certification services for anchors in need, and at the same time establish a vocational education standard system that can be applied to all platforms.

  The reality is ahead of the professional identification of network anchors. At present, a number of professional network anchors have appeared on major live broadcast platforms, and many of them have set up teams and developed from online to offline. For example, on the Aauto Quicker live broadcast platform, the Yiren team, represented by online celebrity’s "Boss Sha", gathered a group of network anchors, specializing in shooting funny short videos on rural themes, which gained high popularity and was invited to participate in the filming of the film "Genius Partner". Most of these network anchors are still engaged in other jobs, and webcasting can only be regarded as a part-time job. Only some head anchors put all their energy into the live broadcast and regard the anchor as a profession.

  This shows that the professionalization of network anchors has a long way to go. Promoting the standardization, specialization and professionalization of network anchors is difficult to achieve only by one or two platforms, but requires the joint efforts of platforms, associations and industry authorities. Huang Xuanting called on more live broadcast platforms to join the training of anchors, empower the industry incubation through talent education and training, and turn the network anchor into the "361st line" that can be the number one scholar at an early date.

   (Reporter Han Yeting)


Some live broadcasts have hidden "emotional traps". Are you really the anchor "family"?

  Our reporter Zhang Ni Our intern Liu Zhenxuan Workers’ Daily (August 9, 2022, 04 edition)

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  It has gradually become a living habit for consumers to buy goods in live webcasts. For the benefit, some anchors played emotional cards and used words and deductive routines to get fans to place orders. Many consumers spent a lot of money on this. Some experts pointed out that the chaos of live broadcast with goods needs to be rectified urgently. At the same time, consumers should also place orders rationally.

  In the live broadcast room of a million fans in Aauto Quicker, the reporter saw such a "passionate scene" &mdash; &mdash; Accompanied by dynamic music and psychedelic lighting, the anchor affectionately shouted to the audience: "Family, everyone in this selection team stopped me from putting it on the shelves. Every time we sell more orders, we lose more money, but it is our long-cherished wish to send benefits to fans’ families. Come, link! "

  In the online world, there are many people who fall into the "emotional trap" out of their trust in the anchor. In this case, the products they buy are not necessarily what they really need, and the quality and after-sales problems of the products are not uncommon.

  "Family" caught in the emotional whirlpool

  Lao Li, a 46-year-old company employee, sometimes watches the live broadcast of an anchor with 7 million fans in Tik Tok at night, and the online audience in her studio is close to one million at the most.

  According to Lao Li, the live broadcast content of this anchor is very rich. Watching her play PK with others makes her passionate and keeps praising her. "One night when I was playing PK with a female anchor, I ordered a tea in her live room. She said that this is to fight for the dignity of herself and her family in the live broadcast room. She asked us not to brush gifts, but only to support the products of e-commerce. " Lao Li said that he was particularly excited at that time and felt that she was too difficult. He must support her. The price of tea was not expensive, but after receiving tea, he found that it was all tea stalks and could not be drunk at all.

  When the reporter opened Lao Li’s Tik Tok purchase record and wanted to check the user’s feedback of the product, the product page display was invalid.

  "In fact, there are many such situations. Many people in our fan base will feedback the quality problems in the group after receiving the goods, but no one cares about us at all, so I will never watch her live again." Lao Li said.

  Because fans like to watch each other’s PK, in order to maintain the traffic data and live broadcast benefits, some anchors will choose to "play scripts" to create topics to bring goods, birthdays, engagements, and even a word and a dress will become their hype gimmicks.

  In addition to PK anchor’s "family-style" emotional marketing, the reporter also found that most live broadcast rooms with goods will use music, words and help broadcast to incite emotions. Some anchors will tell the audience that this is a unique "mechanism", and there is not much stock left, so they must place an order immediately, thus giving the audience a psychological "sense of crisis" in purchasing.

  "Big brands give some anchors &lsquo; Mechanism &rsquo; It doesn’t mean &lsquo; dedicated to one anchor and given to all anchors. Mechanism &rsquo; All the same, consumers must be able to identify the anchor’s words and don’t be led by the nose. " A practitioner in the e-commerce industry said.

  When watching the live broadcast, the reporter found that when some anchors are selling products, after all the products are explained in a circular way, the products that were previously sold out will appear in the shopping cart again, and then the blogger will tell the fans again that this is the last inventory, so they must place an order immediately. After this process is repeated several times, the products will either be sold out or continue to be sold in the form of pre-sale.

  The above-mentioned insiders said that because the live broadcast with goods lasts for several hours and the content is relatively simple, most consumers quit the live broadcast room after buying it and will not watch it for a long time. This has kept many consumers in the dark and it is difficult to find the routine.

  Don’t let bad money drive out good money.

  Yang Siyu is an anchor with 100,000 fans in Tik Tok, and an entrepreneur who runs skin care companies and brands. Fans call him "Grass".

  "Take the beauty live broadcast as an example. After we send the products to the anchor, the responsible anchor will communicate with us about the experience, product formula mechanism, product packaging materials and other details, and will pass the heavy assessment before going to the live broadcast room. We will also communicate customer feedback with the anchor and adjust our products and cooperation plans. However, some anchors will skip these links and directly choose some OEM products with their own traffic and high commission. " Yang Siyu said. The essence of live broadcast with goods is still a form of shopping, and its flow logic should be a two-way consideration of "high-quality anchor+high-quality products", and should not be a dramatic emotional mobilization. From anchor selection to user ordering, we should adhere to the rationality of shopping around.

  "I hope that in the future, the live broadcast platform can support more high-quality e-commerce experts, and more people in the industry can dare to speak out, so as not to let bad money drive out good money." Yang Siyu said that in order to quickly realize the realization of cash, after the account is made, many anchors will embark on the shortcut of "setting up people" and "harvesting" fans with emotion. Those anchors who insist on content output will not attract traffic because of strict product selection, and the live broadcast data is often bleak.

  In addition, in order to meet the anchor’s commission requirements, some brands will continue to reduce the cost of their own product research and development and increase marketing expenses, which will lead to the decline in the quality of products that consumers get.

  Strengthen supervision and guide correctly.

  "At that time, your head didn’t hurt, nor did your cervical vertebrae, nor did you toss and turn in the sleepless night. At that time, your parents were still in good health. They were young, safe and happy, and grandparents were with you. You don’t really think about corn, you are thinking about yourself. " This is an impromptu explanation given by an anchor during the live broadcast of corn with goods, which caused tens of thousands of netizens to cry and once rushed to the hot search list.

  Dong Yuhui, the former New Oriental English teacher, said this. Together with teachers like yoyo and Dunton, he became the resident anchor of the East Selection Live Room.

  The reporter found that there was no script in the Oriental selection live broadcast room, and the anchor was not screaming at the top of his lungs. With soft music, he talked about products, astronomy and poetry, and he could get excellent sales.

  "I never watched the live broadcast with goods before, and I felt particularly fake. After I accidentally saw the live broadcast of these young people, a person who never bought anything in the live broadcast room began to place an order. Their live broadcast made me feel happy and calm, because I not only bought my favorite products in this live broadcast room, but also &lsquo; Buy &rsquo; To knowledge. " A treasure mom fan in the Oriental selection live broadcast room said.

  "Starting from the current situation of the industry, under the premise of complying with relevant laws and regulations, practitioners in the live broadcast industry should look for breakthroughs from the incision of improving the ability to control users. Avoiding emotional temptation is not to deny emotions. High-level emotional design should be based on accurate insight into user needs. " Wei Baotao, executive director of China Advertising Education Research Association and director of advertising department of School of Journalism and Communication, Liaoning University, said.

  Under the rectification of the relevant state departments, the atmosphere of the live broadcast industry has obviously improved, but there are still many banned anchors who continue to squeeze the remaining favorite values of fans by means of secret forms such as "the master is blocked and the apprentice broadcasts". Such live broadcast poses new challenges to the subsequent industry rectification.


Interview with Qin Hao: The porn star who has been working for so many years has finally landed.


    1905 movie network news Qin Hao’s literary atmosphere was not cultivated by Lou Ye. As early as that time in Green Red, Qin Hao was taken to Cannes by Wang Xiaoshuai. However, Qin Hao’s "literary peak" rose step by step under Lou Ye. Over the past few years, Lou Ye’s attachment to Qin Hao is a bit like Du Qifeng’s attachment to Louis Koo, and even a bit like Cai Mingliang’s attachment to Li Kangsheng. It seems that without Qin Hao, Lou Ye’s films are no longer Lou Ye.


    In the new film, Qin Hao chose one of the most man show roles: the small boss (or one of the partners) of the massage center, a philistine, vanity, being addicted to poetry and ballroom dancing, so as to express the contradiction between his extreme inferiority and narcissism. In the performance, Qin Hao put a lot of effort into his eyes, putting on makeup for the blind for two hours every day, so that Lou Ye focused more on his face than his ass &mdash; &mdash; So many large-scale erotic scenes were filmed by Lou Ye, and Massage was the first time that Qin Hao "dressed" from beginning to end.


    Qin Hao said that when he played the Mystery of a Floating City, he felt that he would become a "porn star" as soon as he met Lou Ye, and "Massage" made him "go ashore". Facts have proved that without the breathtaking erotic drama, Qin Hao wrapped a tragic character with a layer of joy, but it didn’t go out of style. This Qin Hao who "landed" seems to be more and more sophisticated.


There are many kinds of worldly wisdom, some are annoying and some are lovely.


    On the credits of Tuina, you will see the name of Lian Kai special effects modeling company, which may make people a little confused. It’s not like making a scene in Heaven. Is it necessary for such a big fight? According to Qin Hao, he has to move his hands and feet on his eyes for more than two hours every day, so as to simulate a "middle-aged blind man" born blind from the skeleton. At the same time, Qin Hao takes a selfie with his eyes closed and picks one by one every day, because the blind can’t control their expressions, and he wants to find a smile that is not so beautiful from the heart. All these make Qin Hao’s appearance at first glance have an inexplicable sense of joy, and even remind people of the classic blind dress of teacher Zhao Benshan in the sketch many years ago. However, when you find that all the details have their traceable reasons, you can’t help but give a thumbs-up to Qin Hao’s performance.


    1905 Movie Network: What do you think of the role of Boss Sha?


    Qin Hao: Boss Sha is actually very grounded, sophisticated and smart. This is my reaction to reading novels. It is similar to the boss in our life, even the boss with a discerning eye. I told Director Lou Ye, what about my version? I want to create it again, making this character more tragic. I hope it is the kind of tragedy with tears in laughter, and add some humorous things to it. Because there are many kinds of worldly wisdom, one is annoying, the other is cute, and I hope to turn to the cute side. This is the highlight I create in every play, and director Lou Ye promised me that if you promise to play this role, I will let you play it casually.


    1905 Movie Network: Are there any specific examples?


    Qin Hao: For example, in the poster that everyone saw as a gift, only this person laughed. In the script, there was a see you later who said that I added English, because I think this person likes poetry. For example, Sanmao’s poem was also added by me. He thinks he is self-righteous and thinks he is very talented. That people think it is ridiculous. Many such things, including Du Hong and Pony, are there to discuss things. He eavesdrops there. He eavesdrops when he meets wind chimes.


    1905 Movie Network: Boss Sha always seems to have an odd smile. Is this deliberate?


    Qin Hao: This is a very important blindness that I told Lou Ye. Because blind people don’t know their own expressions, I have a lot of observations. For example, when he is happy, he doesn’t know how to smile. He can’t see the mirror. Many children learn to smile blindly in schools for the blind. Everyone tells him with their mouths. Therefore, many expressions in this role are not ordinary people’s expressions, and they are not based on beauty, but they also make everyone feel jumping.


    1905 Movie Network: What efforts have you made for this blindness?


    Qin Hao: I made an effort, that is, I performed all the expressions and the blindness of my eyes to Lou Ye before, and Lou Ye took pictures of them for me. I feel dissatisfied, because what I really showed him, the expression is fine, of course, their physiological structure eyes will dig in, I can’t do this. I can’t do muscle training even if I make facial expressions again, because their muscles are shrinking and digging in. I don’t think I want to act like this, because people don’t look like it. Later, I managed to find a special effects team to make a model of the whole face and stick it on my eye with the skin of that eye. Put on makeup, and I feel that I have the feeling of digging in.


    1905 Movie Network: How long does this modeling take every day?


    Qin Hao: Two hours a day, two hours early. The most important thing is that after half a month in a row, I took off my makeup and my eyes went down. One day, I was very scared. I asked Lou Ye if you could stop filming me every day. You let me have a rest. My eyes can’t stand it. I don’t think I can shoot anything after this scene.


Don’t think you are strong in front of the blind.


    Before playing the blind, Qin Hao tried to be really blind for a day. However, the loss of light will cause an unimaginable fear to people, which makes Qin Hao really realize the blind people’s years of running-in to their "immediate world". Go back to Sha Fuming in Tuina. On the surface, he is successful, knowledgeable, cheerful and smooth. In fact, "reading" is just an alternative way of existence for him. He will read a poem with the other girl on a blind date, which shows that he is knowledgeable, but this is just a sign of guilty conscience. Qin Hao is well aware of the entanglement and the inner strength of blind people who are open to themselves. He said, we don’t need to see a blind person and rush to help him, let alone imagine that we are stronger than them.


    1905 Movie Network: What problems did you encounter when performing blind people?


    Qin Hao: I think every play has its own problems. After the play is ready, we may still face the problem of how to play against the blind. How to find the problem of that feeling, because you play with a really blind person, how can you find a balance? So I told Lou Ye that the highest requirement for me to come to this play is to let the audience not know which is a professional actor and which is blind after watching it, and let people watch it and say, alas, it is impossible to tell which is an actor and which is blind. I think it’s a job, that is, I have finished this homework.


    1905 Movie Network: How did the blind actor in the film touch you?


    Qin Hao: Many touches. I have always said that what they give us is far greater than what we give them. Whether in the process of filming on the spot or in some moments, including when we were waiting together, living together and chatting with everyone, many moments made me feel that this role benefited from them.


    1905 Movie Network: How do they face the fact that they are blind?


    Qin Hao: I think how to face this matter is over. All six of us have accepted this reality. When I experienced life, I was blindfolded for a day and a half at most. I wanted to know what it was like for a blind person to be blind. Then one night, my assistant sent me back to the hotel. After I woke up, I didn’t open my eyes, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and my assistant took me to school. By noon, I can’t stand it, and my eyes really can’t disappear. Mainly psychological fear and pressure. So it’s definitely not an easy process for them to accept this reality. There are still many people who are born blind, so I think they have accepted this blind state when they come here to film. This state is exactly what this movie needs, including what boss Sha needs to present and what this role needs to feel.


    1905 Movie Network: Will they have a special self-esteem or inferiority complex?


    Qin Hao: The profession of an actor is to study people. I think it is impossible for every blind person to feel inferior. No matter how strong a blind person is, he can’t live without a little inferiority. But my contacts with them, what I feel most, what I see, and what I ask of them are all based on the requirements and feelings of discerning people. I won’t say to help him quickly after he comes in, because I know that he can do this on his own, and they are all equal. Don’t think you are strong at this point.


Years of "porn stars" finally "landed"


    In Massage, Sha Fuming has a very metaphysical love. He heard from an artist that everyone was red and beautiful, so he fell in love with this beauty that he could not see or understand. Appearance is the most irrelevant element for the blind, but Sha Fuming read many descriptions of beauty in the book, so he fell into a fascination with Duhong mixed with curiosity. Du Hong said that what he fell in love with was only a "concept", so Sha Fuming’s love scenes were also limited to "concept" in the film. This makes Qin Hao a little uncomfortable. After all, he used to express his extreme love in bed in almost all his movies in Lou Ye. Qin Hao is somewhat self-deprecating and relieved. He feels that if he doesn’t play the passionate drama, he can rely on "something else" to establish the character’s love.


    1905 Movie Network: How do you understand Sha Fuming’s infatuation with Duhong?


    Qin Hao: I think this infatuation comes more from Sha Fuming’s personality. As all the novels say, Sha Fuming is a vanity, and you love me only because of your vanity in beauty. In fact, you don’t love me at all. Then I think I present it in the script and in the movie. A painter said how beautiful she was, and I just wanted to be with her. I think vanity is understandable. But when I really associate with blind people, I find that every blind person has a need for beauty. Some are right about the voice, some are right about your hands, and some are right about your feelings, which are completely different from us normal people. So I thought, isn’t it human nature to pursue Sha Fuming because others say she is beautiful? More often, I understand this beauty from the perspective of human nature.


    1905 Movie Network: Is this the only time you cooperated with Lou Ye, but there was no passionate performance?


    Qin Hao: Right, so I’m particularly satisfied that there is no such thing to spell another thing. I think I’ve finished my homework on erotic drama. If there are no passionate scenes, such as they are joking, when I filmed Lost in the World, I said that I was a porn star, and I would be in charge of the bed part, and you would play the rest. Then, "A Night Intoxicated by the Spring Breeze", when I got to this play, I said that I was ashore, not a porn star. Without those, I built it with something else.


    1905 Movie Network: Then, in the next play, do you still hope that there will be no sex scenes with Lou Ye?


    Qin Hao:No.. Let’s look at the role and see what kind of movie it is.


Black dress person Spider-Man airborne Guangzhou Comic Exhibition five sets of combat uniforms appeared in the fans.

1905 movie network news At the just-concluded BILIBILI WORLD 2019 Guangzhou Station, the live broadcast room produced by Columbia Film Company of the United States attracted fans from the audience to CALL wildly with the hot street dance show. This event not only featured a handsome agent in black burning the scene, but also performed the charming moment of the most mysterious occupation on earth.


Five Spider-Man dressed in different uniforms appeared at the same time, which made the fans feast their eyes on the Chinese New Year.


On the day of the event, "Men in Black: Global Pursuit" officially landed on the whole network, and "Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition" will also be launched in the near future. The two world-renowned movie IPS will continue to bring exciting viewing experiences to the audience.


Black dress person street dance show burst scene Spider-Man Qi debut fans carnival

At the BILIBILI WORLD 2019 Guangzhou Station, several agents in black were airborne in the live broadcast room. Re-interpret the crisis moment of global pursuit in the form of street dance, which attracted the fans on the scene to scream and CALL wildly. After the dance performance, the agent in black once again used the iconic "memory erasing stick" to kill a wave of fans, and "framed" Spider-Man to link up with another famous superhero on the spot.


Five Spider-Man, dressed in different uniforms, set off a full-court climax as soon as they appeared on the stage. The five performers reappeared the volley and difficult movements in the film, showing Spider-Man’s strong physical ability. The film specially selected five classic uniforms from Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition &mdash; &mdash; Homemade battle clothes, classic red and blue, steel battle clothes, stealth battle clothes and upgraded battle clothes were unveiled at the same time, and the huge benefits were called fans’ carnival.


Superhero crazy circle powder handsome agent online

After bringing a wonderful flash dance performance, Spider-Man and the agent in black still shine. During the parade, they took photos with many fans and coser enthusiastically, and played with the memory-removing terrier in black and Spider-Man’s spinning skills, which made the fans on the scene enjoy themselves instantly. Many classic anime images interacted with them across dimensions, and they were crazy about being a superhero.

On the day of the event, the host also excitedly announced the heavy news that "Men in Black: Global Pursuit" landed on the whole network, and soon "Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition" will also be launched on the whole network. At that time, Hollywood sci-fi giants who continue to create movie-watching craze in the summer will meet more audiences, and the charm of superheroes will explode the screen again.