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Hu Ge said that "I have been exposed" 2019 will leave more time for myself

       On January 6, the 2018 Reading Super IP Festival was held in Shanghai. Hu Ge, Huang Xuan, Zhang Ruoyun, Yang Mi, Wu Lei and other artists attended the event. That night, Hu Ge revealed in advance on the red carpet that he would have important content to say after going on stage. When asked if there would be any leaks, he humorously replied: "I usually don’t break the news, I usually get leaked." When it comes to the plan for 2019, Hu Ge said that he wants to leave more time for himself in 2019. "Part of it is for himself, and part of it is for what he wants to do most, but I will not disappear. Don’t worry."

  At the ceremony, when talking about the characters he has created, Hu Ge believes that all characters will become a part of life. "Some characters may be a reflection of my life’s past, and some characters will become a pursuit goal in my life. There is no doubt that Guo Jing’s role is the most important goal. First, he will always adhere to morality and be fearless of adultery; second, he is a true hero. He cares about the world and the country and the people. I may not reach his height in my life, but he will always be my goal."

  Hu Ge also mentioned that Jin Yong encouraged him during the lowest period of his life, "I am very grateful to Mr. Jin Yong. As we all know, I encountered a low point in my life when I was filming’Condor Shooting ‘. At that time, Mr. Jin Yong gave me 16 words. I will always remember that he wrote’After the great difficulties, I will achieve great success, continue to work hard, and eventually achieve great success.’ These 16 words were not only very meaningful to me at that moment, but also now or in the future." Hu Ge said with emotion, "In fact, there must be many ups and downs in a person’s life. Let’s call it’difficult ‘for the time being. Every’difficult’ we have to face, accept, and go through. When you go through it, it is your small achievement, and continue to work hard. These four words will accompany me forever."

  When it comes to Guo Jing, who he once played, Hu Ge admits that he wants to live Guo Jing’s appearance off the screen, "I don’t think the Guo Jing I created is perfect, but I don’t think it’s okay. I didn’t create a perfect Guo Jing on the screen, but I can make him my life’s pursuit goal off the screen, and I make myself Guo Jing’s appearance." As for the new year’s plan, Hu Ge said, "In 2019, I want to leave more time for myself, part for myself, and part for what I want to do most, but I won’t disappear. Don’t worry."


Huawei P7 released: global price 3899 yuan, national bank 2888 yuan

On the evening of May 7, Huawei officially launched the Ascend P7 in Paris, which will be open for booking from tomorrow. The global price is 449 euros (about 3,899 yuan), and the national bank price is 2,888 yuan.

When it comes to hardware configuration, Huawei P7 uses a 5-inch 1080p screen, 6.5mm ultra-thin body, 1.8GHz HiSilicon Kirin 910 quad-core processor, front 8 million + rear 13 million pixel dual camera, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, built-in integrated 2500mAh battery, support 4G LTE network.

In particular, Huawei P7 has developed a series of interesting accessories, such as a perfect match with Huawei smart bracelet, which can monitor sleep quality, manage sports fitness data, have functions such as mobile phone anti-theft management, remote photography, and even bind the key and mobile APP through the bracelet to help quickly retrieve the key hidden in the corner. At the same time, Huawei Ascend P7 also has a variety of exquisite accessories to choose from, such as various color protective cases, flip smart protective cases, etc.

At present, P7 is available in three colors: black, white and pink, with a global price of 449 euros. It will be sold in more than 30 countries and regions such as the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France and Spain in May. Other markets will be listed one after another.

In the Chinese market, Huawei P7 will launch three standard versions of Mobile, Unicom and Telecom, and plans to start pre-sale simultaneously at 10:00 am on May 8 in Huawei Mall, JD.com, Tmall Huawei Flagship Store, Suning.com, Gome Online, No. 1 Store, and Amazon.

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"Edge Walker" will be released, such Ren Xianqi is a bit "evil"!

1905 movie network feature Even with more than 30 years of experience as an actor, in our interviews, he still modestly and repeatedly emphasized that he is not a "professional" actor, and still continues to draw nutrients from the actors around him.


Whether it was an old partner or someone who had just ended their collaboration recently, the group of "movie maniacs" around him always affected his attitude and understanding of acting.

The new work recently opened its second round of screening, three years after he last met the audience on the big screen. This time, Ren Xianqi said bluntly that he was very happy, "using the most authentic performance to present that kind of shock, we hope to be able to shoot some authentic Hong Kong police and bandit action movies."

This time, whether it is the partner of the cooperation or the type of theme, how can the outside world not expect this familiar little brother Qi?

01. Collaboration with Hua Ge


"Edge Walker" is the third collaboration between Ren Xianqi and Ren Dahua in 16 years. They have had partners with him in the past, but this time they really have the opportunity to play against each other.


"Excited", "Moved", "So cool"… When it came to this interaction and cooperation, Ren Xianqi couldn’t contain his excitement and kept repeating his feelings to us. Since his debut, Ren Dahua has always been the learning object in his performance and life.

"Brother Hua is very attentive to each character, he will tell us what he will do, and let us give back with our true reactions. Sometimes there may be no him in this scene, but there may be some emotional motivation involved in the plot, and Brother Hua will come to the crew to watch." This kind of rapt attention was always seen by Ren Xianqi.

In "Marginal Walker", Ren Xianqi’s A Luo is an undercover agent, and Ren Dahua’s Lin Yaochang is a gang boss. He struggles in his heart, but in the face of A Luo’s identity, he is always willing to withstand the pressure of other gang members and give him a way out.

"Do you know? He has always taken care of me like a big brother, and in the play, the relationship between the two characters is also very close. I seem to be directly transformed from real life into a character in the play, which is quite touching." In reality, the two have known each other for many years, and every time Ren Xianqi goes to work in Hong Kong, Ren Dahua will always take him to various delicious things.

In Ren Xianqi’s eyes, he can be "willful" in front of this big brother, "In real life, he has always loved me, and even if I do something wrong, he will cover me."


In addition to being a good big brother, Ren Dahua is also a fashionista in Ren Xianqi’s eyes. "In my early concerts and records, I would refer to Brother Hua’s daily clothes. Even for the album’Angel, Brother, Little White Face ‘, I was very fortunate to have Qiqi (Ren Dahua’s wife) help me with the styling, and Brother Hua did the photography for me."


After so many years, Ren Xianqi still regarded the other party as his fashion indicator. In the filming of "Edge Walker", Ren Dahua personally participated in the styling of his character. "After the filming, everyone rushed to get Brother Hua’s clothes for collection."

Ren Xianqi naturally did not miss this opportunity. In the final climax of the movie, the green leather jacket designed by Ren Dahua became the best collection of Ren Xianqi’s filming.


02. "Movie Madman"


In the eyes of many audiences, Ren Xianqi’s performance has two sides.

One side is the kind of handsome and sunny beach boy that "Summer Momocha" entered the eyes of the public; the other side is the villain with "evil" in many Hong Kong movies.


In "Edge Walker", although Ren Xianqi’s character is an undercover agent, the evil spirit still persists.


When they saw the first poster of the movie, many fans thought of Ren Xianqi’s original transformation in "The Big Event". After all, before that, the public impression of him was more of the boy singing with a guitar.

When he first received the movie invitation, he didn’t give much feedback or change, "During the process of talking about this story, I thought about it very seriously. Maybe the director seized that moment and thought that I was very different, and my eyes were also different." Recalling the past, the details appeared in Ren Xianqi’s eyes one by one.

But it was also "The Great Event" that became a turning point for Ren Xianqi’s films.

"When I was shooting, I was taking my guitar and trying to write the theme song. When I got there, it was very serious, and then there was gunfire and explosives everywhere, and I suddenly realized that I was in the environment and I was going to fit in. The whole time I was shooting, my eyes were very sharp because I had to see where there was explosives and where there was explosions, and then I naturally became like that."

For himself, when he got this kind of role, he would always show his former side as an athlete again. During sports training, his mentality was serious and cautious, and in the process of real competition, he would naturally exude that kind of murderous aura and deterrence, "I just applied this state to my movies."


In Ren Xianqi’s opinion, he has always been using the dumbest way to perform – using the truest feeling to figure out the character, so that he can truly become that person, and then be born from the heart.

Due to this, it is always difficult for him to allow himself to "double" to do many things, and when facing his career plan, he insists on starting from beginning to end.

In order to shoot, he had made himself very fat, stopped shooting in the middle, and spent time planning his body to a healthy state, "During this period, I didn’t do anything else at all, and when I was filming, I wouldn’t do concerts. I can’t adapt to this state of jumping."


"Therefore, I don’t have a lot of movies." Ren Xianqi was sincere but a little regretful when he talked about this.

For viewers who liked Ren Xianqi, they could often see him on the big screen in the future, because in the past, he had collaborated with the director; he had starred in the production of the movie "Temporary Robbery", as well as the production of the production…

When it comes to the filming of the series that just ended, Ren Xianqi can’t suppress his love either. Although he keeps praising us how Guo Fucheng and Lin Jiadong love movies, how they don’t let him rest and drag him to discuss the script. But the lines are full of Ren Xianqi’s own feelings about the movie, "I think this life is not wasted."

"We really only have to show our own blood and resolve to make a good movie. No matter which country we get such a work, it deserves to be respected."


Look, Ren Xianqi is the "movie lunatic". Even when asked what kind of evaluation would make him happy, his answer was "hard enough".


03. Unfulfilled dreams


In addition to "movie acting", "movie director" is also at the most prominent position on Ren Xianqi’s wish list.


Ren Xianqi worked as a director and collaborated with him. The origin of this film is from Ren Xianqi’s cover song "Grandma’s Penghu Bay".

In his plans, there are still three movies to be made, all from his musical compositions.

It was Ren Xianqi’s trilogy – "The Heart is Too Soft," "The Girl Across the Opposite Looks Over" and "Sad Pacific" – three songs that once led an era and have a special story script in his heart.


"’Heartbreak Pacific’ will definitely be a gangster story; ‘Too Soft Heart’ will be a story about killers; and’The Girl Across the Street ‘will be a ghost movie." The three seemingly bizarre settings had long planted seeds in Ren Xianqi’s heart.


The three relationships that were originally related to love were instead handled by him as very "tough guys".

Ren Xianqi talked about the creativity of these three stories, and it can be said that he talked endlessly, "In’The Girl Opposite Look Over ‘, the girl is a female ghost, and’I’ is a timid guy. In short, this story must be interesting for me before I really start to execute it."


But at the moment, Ren Xianqi has not found a good screenwriter to participate in the creation of these stories, "This dream is still burning in my heart, and I will try my best to realize it."


79,800 yuan! The price of BYD Qin PLUS will fall below 80,000 yuan.

On February 16th, IT House quoted sources as saying that BYD Qin PLUS and destroyer 05 were about to launch a new model with "Glory Edition", and the official guide price dropped to 79,800 yuan.

In the same period of last year, when BYD Qin PLUS DM-i went public, it launched a "Champion Edition" model of 99,800 yuan, and the price of DM-i model dropped to less than 100,000 for the first time, accelerating the same price of oil and electricity. After several rounds of price reduction, the price of Qin PLUS DM-i fell below 90,000 yuan for the first time at the end of last year, which was 89,800 yuan.

It should be noted that price is only one of BYD’s competitive means. Facing 2024, BYD will usher in a wave of intelligent upgrading of its models, and more than 10 intelligent new cars will be launched during the year.

Intelligence has also become the focus of BYD’s product upgrade in 2024. Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, said that in the future, 100 billion yuan will be invested in the field of intelligence to realize the selection of high-level intelligent driving systems in models with a price of more than 200,000 yuan, and high-level intelligent driving systems will be standard in models with a price of more than 300,000 yuan.

A few days ago, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of BYD’s Tengshi brand sales division, issued a document saying, "Go back to the network reply on the other side half a month ago! Say that you are an auto software company, as if we are not or weak! I’m telling you, we’re strong now! In 2024, you will encounter serious challenges of intelligent assisted driving systems and models. For example, Tengshi N7 will change the market structure and beat Y models! "

(Proofreading/Deng Qiuxian)


Mileage anxiety It doesn’t exist! Ask M5 to accompany you on your way home in the Spring Festival.

  With the approaching of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Loong, people are more and more eager to go home. Air tickets are too expensive, and high-speed trains can’t get tickets. Many people choose to go home by car. Traveling in winter, choosing a new energy vehicle with long battery life and high performance has become the key to a long journey. With excellent endurance and strong power, the M5 can easily cope with all kinds of road conditions, and is undoubtedly the ideal partner for young people to return home in winter.

  1400+km long battery life, bid farewell to the anxiety of replenishing energy.

  Endurance has always been one of the most worrying issues for new energy users, not to mention traveling in winter. But for M5, there is no need to have these concerns. In the case of full fuel and electricity, the four-wheel drive version CLTC of the M5 intelligent driving version has a battery life of up to 1265km, and the rear-wheel drive version has reached an astonishing 1425km. Whether it’s a long journey across the north and south or a short trip in the suburbs, the M5 can meet your needs. Even if you return home across provinces, the long cruising range greatly reduces the number of times of recharging, which makes users easily get rid of the anxiety of endurance and makes your way home more secure. Not only that, the charging of the M5 is also very efficient. In just 45 minutes, the power can be quickly charged from 20% to 80%. In the time of a cup of coffee, the M5 can be "full of blood".

  Huawei is empowered, and it can be smooth and steady in winter travel.

  I have been wandering outside for a whole year. During the Spring Festival holiday, migrant workers want to release their inner passion and forget the pressure of work and life on weekdays. If you want to have a carefree travel experience, you can’t do without a powerful travel partner.

  Wenjie M5 is equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE three-in-one electric drive system, which provides unparalleled driving experience for migrant workers. Its maximum power can reach 365kW, the peak torque is as high as 675N·m, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers takes only 4.4 seconds, which makes you feel passionate, whether it is the silky overtaking on the expressway or the first step in the congested road section.

  Under the complicated road conditions in winter, driving needs to face multiple challenges. As a "treasure performance car", with its excellent performance strength, Wenjie M5 can not only be comfortable on the expressway, but also easily cope with all kinds of complicated road conditions in winter. In the face of icy, snow-covered roads, many vehicles will feel inadequate and have a strong sense of bumps when driving. The Wujie M5 is equipped with HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system, which provides a stable driving experience for drivers and passengers. The system can reduce the impulse feeling before driving by 31% and the bump feeling by 46%, and even when driving on the snowy and icy road, it can maintain the stability of the body posture.

  In addition, thanks to the blessing of the million-level all-aluminum chassis, the Wujie M5 has excellent cushioning effect on bumpy roads and speed bumps, giving perfect consideration to sports performance and comfort. The design of the front double wishbone and the rear multi-link independent suspension makes the M5 reduce the body shaking feeling during driving, and maintain better stability and smoothness under different driving conditions.

  Before the arrival of the Spring Festival, in order to thank the majority of users for their support, the customer M5 specially launched a surprise gift package, so that users can buy this high-quality new energy vehicle at a more favorable price. If you buy M5 before January 31st, you can enjoy the rights package with a maximum value of 52,000 yuan, including 12,000 yuan for interior and exterior decoration and 15,000 yuan for technology enjoyment package. For users who choose the smart driving version, they will be given an additional 20,000 yuan of Huawei ADS 2.0 urban NCA smart driving package matching rights and benefits, and enjoy 5,000 yuan of insurance subsidies. In addition, users who have made up their minds now only need to wait for 2 ~ 3 weeks to mention their cars, so they don’t have to wait for a long time.

  During the Spring Festival in the Year of the Loong, the reporter M5 accompanied the migrant workers to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip home and became the best partner on the way home. No matter when and where, you can gallop and move forward without worry, adding endless laughter and happiness to users’ journey, and marching towards a new year with hope.


A number of logistics companies responded to the impact of rainfall in Beijing; SF reported the progress of the loss of 380,000 yuan Rolex watches; Weilai car crashed into a road pillar and caught fir

  [technology circle]

  16 billion rupees to invest and build factories in India?Respond again

  According to media reports, the government of Tamil Nadu in southern India said on July 31 that,Its subsidiary has signed an agreement with Tamil Nadu to invest 16 billion rupees ($194 million) to build a new one.Manufacturing plant. In this regard, in the morning of August 1, investors replied on the interactive platform: On similar rumors, the company issued a clarification in the early stage.The announcement was released on July 19. After verification, the company has no circumstances that should be disclosed but not disclosed.For related matters, please contactAnd the content published by official channels shall prevail. (Times)


  The APP store removed the iFLYTEK Spark App. respond

  IFLYTEK Spark APP was removed from the app store at 2 am on August 1st. It is reported that the APP was previously put on shelves in major mobile app stores on June 29. Today, the reporter called the investor hotline as an investor to inquire about the relevant situation. The staff said that the reason why iFLYTEK Spark APP was taken off the shelf is still unclear, and they are communicating with colleagues on the platform. At present, other apps in Iflytek are in normal condition.

  Rumor of wholly-owned acquisition of Yonghui: There is no such intention at present.

  At noon on August 1, the relevant person told the First Financial Reporter: "There is no such intention at present".

  [Car ring]

  Yiwu police bulletinThe car hit the road post and caught fire: the driver died after being rescued.

  On the evening of August 1st, Yiwu Public Security Bureau reported that at 14: 48 on August 1st, Yiwu Public Security Bureau received an alarm that a traffic accident occurred at Lingyun Interchange of Airport Road. After investigation, the driver of the vehicle, Shen Mou, drove a small ordinary bus through the intersection of Huancheng West Road and Airport Road auxiliary road and hit the road pillar, causing the vehicle to catch fire. At present, the driver Shen died after being rescued, and there were no other people in the car. The cause of the accident is under further investigation. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

  Changan Ford officially took over the operation of Ford electric horse market in China.

  On August 1, Ford Electric Mach Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and ChanganCo., Ltd. jointly issued a statement saying that according to the strategic transformation and business adjustment in China market, it officially took over the operation of Ford electric horse electric vehicle in China market from August 1st.

  Jianghuai responded by cooperating with Huawei to develop MPV with a price of about 1 million yuan.

  August 1 ST, Tianfeng InternationalGuo Ming said on the social platform that Huawei is working withCooperate to develop a series of MPV with a price of 1 million yuan. The new car is expected to be mass-produced in the second quarter of 2024, and the sales target is to deliver 50,000 vehicles in the first year of listing. The party said that it did not receive the relevant notice.

  : AITO Media M9 will be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0, which is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter.

  According to the official micro-disclosure of the Group on August 1st, AITO M9 will be equipped with HarmonyOS 4.0, which is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year. In addition, Auto and Huawei jointly established the "AITO Joint Working Group on Marketing and Service", which has been fully responsible for the end-to-end closed-loop management of marketing, sales, delivery, service and channels since July 1.

  : Brilliance creditors have approved Brilliance reorganization plan.

  On the evening of August 1, it was announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the company was informed by Brilliance that the creditors of Brilliance had approved the restructuring plan of Brilliance. Brilliance reorganization plan must still be approved by Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court.

  : The actual controller of the company did not lose contact.

  According to the interactive platform, the company’s actual controller has not lost contact, and the company can normally contact the actual controller and communicate with the company’s related business. The actual controller also maintains close contact with the company’s board of directors and related personnel. The actual controller of the company has offices in many places and travels a lot, and the office location is not completely fixed.

  It is announced that the second phase of co-creation delivery will be launched, and the delivery process will be launched in the second week of August.

  On August 1st, it was announced that the second phase of co-creation delivery was officially launched, and FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance will be delivered to the first batch of users. FF has successfully completed all compliance tests of FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance. FF will start the delivery process in the second week of August, and plans to deliver FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance to the first user in mid-August. (Interface News)

  : JulyCar sales reached 262,161 vehicles.

  Announcement: In July, the automobile sales volume was 262,161, compared with 162,530 in the same period of last year. In July, 18,169 passenger cars were sold overseas.

  As of July 30th, the monthly sales volume has reached 32,500 vehicles, reaching a new high.

  According to official micro-news, as of July 30, the sales volume this month has reached 32,500, a new high. In the 31st week of 2023 (7.24-7.30), LI’s weekly sales volume reached 7900, ranking first in China’s new power brand sales.

  Guangzhou Automobile Aian sold 45,025 vehicles in July, up 80% year-on-year.

  According to the news of Ai ‘an WeChat official account on August 1, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an sold 45,025 vehicles in July, an increase of 80% year-on-year; From January to July, the cumulative sales volume was 254,361 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 103%.

  Cyrus: In July, the sales of new energy vehicles decreased by 47.83% year-on-year.

  On August 1st, Cyrus released the July production and sales express. In July, the sales volume of Celestial vehicles was 4,240, down 45.69% year-on-year; In July, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 6,934, a year-on-year decrease of 47.83%.

  Chemical industry

  : andRenew the lithium hydroxide supply agreement

  Announcement, with the renewal of the lithium hydroxide supply agreement, the total number of transactions from 2023 to 2030 is about 207,000 tons to 301,000 tons, and the number of years shall be implemented according to the agreement.

  Real estate

  President Zhang Li made his first appearance after returning to China.

  After rumors that he has returned to China for a long time, Zhang Li, one of the founders, co-chairman and president, finally made his first public appearance. On July 31st, Zhang Li and Li Silian, another founder and chairman, attended the opening ceremony of Guangzhou R&F Hospital. At the event, Li Silian delivered a speech on behalf of R&F. Zhang Li did not speak, but only appeared in the photo session (the interviewed enterprises provided pictures, and the fourth from the right was Zhang Li). (national business daily)

  As reported by the mediaPlan response: No final agreement has been reached on the proposed transaction.

  It was announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that there were media reports about the proposed placement company.Share. The company hereby clarifies that no final agreement has been reached on the proposed transaction on the date of this announcement, and the company does not consider the proposed transaction at this stage.


  A number of express logistics companies responded to the impact of rainfall in Beijing: some outlets lost contact and are counting losses.

  Secondary disasters caused by continuous rainfall in Beijing have also had an impact on express delivery in the region, an interview with Yicai., SF Express, Yunda Express,Many logistics companies have learned that some express outlets have been cut off, disconnected and lost contact, and the specific losses are being counted.

  SF Express reported the progress of the loss of 380,000 yuan Rolex watch: it was initially determined that it was done by outsiders.

  On August 1st, Guan Wei of SF Express Co., Ltd. informed the progress of the loss of Rolex watches: the express mail number SF1159XXXXX1637 was sent from Yanji City, Jilin Province to Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and the customer reported that the internal parts were missing after signing the express mail. After investigation by relevant departments, it was preliminarily determined that the watch was made by an external person. At present, the watch has been recovered, and it is not the responsibility of the delivery courier of our company. The relevant situation is still under investigation. The company has informed the customer of the information, and at the same time, it has properly negotiated with the customer and reached an agreement on the follow-up matters.


Hot sales? AITO asks for more than 40,000 new M7 vehicles.

On October 5, 2023, AITO asked the official news that the new M7 has accumulated more than 40,000 large orders, which means that customers have paid a non-refundable reservation deposit.

Prior to this, on September 12, 2023, AITO officially released the new M7 and announced its price.

The new M7 is available in two versions, with five seats and six seats, and the price range is between 249,800 yuan and 329,800 yuan. This price range is equivalent to that of the medium-sized SUV M5 of the same brand, and the price of the new M7 is reduced by 70,000 yuan compared with the previous version, and it is also reduced by 40,000 yuan compared with the price-reduced M7 in January.

Not only that, the independent press conference of the new M7 in the world is the first time since the establishment of the brand.

In the past, models including M5 and M5 EV were released at Huawei’s new product launch conference. However, this time, the media chose to release the new M7 independently, which may reflect Huawei’s internal reflection on the auto industry and the change of attitude, and it is also a reflection of AITO’s media brand after its sales in the terminal market declined.

As a brand jointly launched by Cyrus and Huawei, the product advantages of AITO series models are mainly reflected in intelligent driving and cockpit capabilities. Specifically, the new M7 adds a lidar and is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which can realize high-speed and advanced intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps.

At the same time, Yu Chengdong said at the press conference that the new M7 is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, which is expected to realize high-speed and advanced intelligent driving in urban areas without relying on high-precision maps in December. Urban intelligent driving pilot assistance (urban NCA) will realize the nationwide experience. At the same time, the new M7 vehicle is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, and combined with the high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, it realizes the perception ability of dynamic and static targets (including alien objects) in the whole scene and all weather.

On October 1st, AITO officially announced the order status of the new M7.

According to the official, since its listing on September 12th, the average daily order of the new M7 has exceeded 1,500, and the total order in September has reached 30,000. According to the latest data, as of October 5, the cumulative large order of the new M7 has exceeded 40,000 vehicles, which means that the daily order volume is about 2,000 vehicles.

During the National Day, the sales of the new M7 are more popular than before. However, on October 1st, domestic new force automobile enterprises generally announced their delivery, but AITO asked the community to remain silent again.

According to the data, the cumulative sales volume of LI in the first three quarters reached 244,200 vehicles, while their annual sales target was 300,000 vehicles, and the completion rate reached 80%. This makes LI the company with the highest delivery target achievement rate among emerging forces.

In addition, the annual sales target of Krypton cars is 140,000, and the completion rate in the first three quarters is 54%. However, the completion rate of other models is less than 50%. In the fierce market competition, it is expected that it is difficult to achieve the sales target.

With the introduction of the new M7 by AITO, it may change the situation that its attention is not high.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in the fourth quarter, AITO also plans to launch a new model named M9. Yu Chengdong announced at Huawei’s new product launch conference in autumn on September 25th that the M9 will be released in December.

From the perspective of product positioning, the M9 will directly compete with the ideal L9. According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wenjie M9 will provide two power options: extended range and pure electric. The body size is 5230/1999/1800mm and the wheelbase is 3110 mm. It is positioned as a full-size SUV, which will face direct competition with the ideal L9.

It is understood that Huawei’s latest complete set of smart car technology solutions will be applied to the world M9, including HUAWEI x HUD AR-HUD, HUAWEI xPixel, HUAWEI xScene light field screen and the latest HarmonyOS 4. Interestingly, Yu Chengdong once said: "The M9 is not only the best SUV within 10 million, but also the most powerful SUV on the road."

National Ride: Can it be far ahead?

What deserves our attention is that with the cooperation between Huawei and more and more automobile manufacturers, the "China" element of the brand is gradually being diluted. How will we deal with this challenge in the future?

In addition, the pricing of this model has not yet been determined. If its pricing directly refers to the ideal L9, then as a product in cooperation with Huawei, the M9 may become a hot-selling model. However, considering the current market trend and the influence of AITO in the domestic market, it is not a simple task to directly replace the ideal L9, and it remains to be seen whether it can lead.

Of course, the final result will be decided by the choice of the market and consumers. Let’s wait and see.


The 300,000th complete vehicle of the Great Wall Gun went offline and the trailer version was officially listed.

Chexun. com reported】 On May 8th, the 300th complete vehicle of Great Wall Gun was officially rolled off the assembly line at Chongqing Smart Factory of Great Wall Motor. It is worth noting that from zero to 300,000, the Great Wall Gun only took 2 years and 8 months, and what is called "the speed of the Great Wall Gun" was deduced with strength! Refresh the industry record! In addition, the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns are officially listed, with C6 trailer qualification, unlocking the life of pickup trucks in the whole scene. In just two years, the Great Wall Gun has achieved a leap from zero to 200,000 units. Today, it takes only eight months for the Great Wall Gun to reach the third 100,000 units. Behind the figures, it shows the great wall gun’s powerful brand potential and development toughness, which strongly boosts the development confidence of China pickup truck industry.

The achievement of 300,000 sets of glory is a strong proof of Chongqing Smart Factory’s powerful system capability and intellectual strength. Great Wall Motor is the fifth full-process vehicle production base in the world. Based on the concept of "green, environmental protection, lean and efficient", Chongqing Factory strictly controls every link from parts screening to four major processes, and then off-line testing to ensure that every Great Wall gun product off-line can be delivered with high quality, thus gaining the recognition and trust of 300,000 users around the world. Behind the glory of 300,000 units is the life attitude and life story of 300,000 users. Artillery League Cheyouhui has 31 provincial teams, 800,000 fans of Great Wall Gun APP, and six pickup colleges. Great Wall Gun and users really play together to build a pickup cultural base camp in China, making pickup a life, an attitude and a spirit. Great Wall Gun also bravely assumed the responsibility of the industry, and jointly promoted the introduction of new pickup standards with the China Automobile Association, the Passenger Association and all pickup truck friends, prepared for the establishment of pickup truck associations, and promoted the lifting of the pickup truck policy. According to statistics, at present, more than 70% cities in China have relaxed the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city.

The 300,000th model rolled off the assembly line this time is a trailer version of passenger guns, and the trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns are also listed simultaneously. On April 1st, this year, the relevant regulations of C6 light tractor trailer were formally implemented. In order to meet the diversified needs of users, Great Wall Gun introduced trailer versions of passenger guns and commercial guns with higher cost performance on the basis of artillery, locomotive guns and off-road guns, and the market guidance price increased by 2,000 yuan on the four-wheel drive AT models of passenger guns and commercial guns. The trailer version of the Great Wall Gun has powerful functions, has the towing qualification of C6 driving, and is equipped with 2.5-ton trailer qualification, trailer power inlet and trailer installation port, which can infinitely expand the use scenarios of towing, including transporting motorcycles, towing yachts, motor boats, etc., and perfectly adapt to the life of pickup trucks in the whole scene, so that users can enjoy the charm of pickup truck culture.

Since its birth, Great Wall Gun has deeply implemented the globalization strategy, and has become the "China business card" of the global pickup truck category. Up to now, Great Wall Gun has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents, and it has become the first China brand with five-star safety rating under the latest Australian ANCAP standards, and established the brand image of China on the global stage. Today, the 300,000th vehicle of the Great Wall Gun is rolled off the assembly line, further boosting the global development of pickup trucks in China and even those made in China.

With its hard-core strength, Great Wall Gun led China’s high-end manufacturing to the world, and let the world witness the Chinese power of automobile manufacturing. The 300,000th vehicle of the Great Wall Gun rolled off the assembly line, which is a new leap and a new starting point. On the basis of the brand value and users’ trust of 300,000 units in the world, Great Wall Gun will point to the top three in the world, push globalization to a deeper and further development, continue to build a full-scene pickup truck life, lead the pickup truck culture in China, and create a new world of pickup trucks with global users.



Searching for "banks" is easy to be loaned by online loans? Internet finance companies deliberately rub brands.

  Some experts pointed out that there are many advertisements of Internet finance companies when searching for banks such as official website and official website. A more important reason is that Internet finance companies deliberately scratch the ball and rub brands. "Because these flows were originally intended to search for standardized institutions such as banks and financial management official website, they were searched by the search engine ‘ Drainage ’ To these internet finance companies, and such customers are more targeted. At the same time, this operation has a strong concealment, that is, borrowing the authority and authenticity of banks and financial management official website is far better than advertising in other channels. "

  Mr. Li recently entered "Bank of Communications" on the mobile phone 360 search, only to find that the top few advertisements were not official website, but some P2P companies, financial companies and credit card intermediaries, and the fourth one was official website, the Bank of Communications. While searching for "Bank of Communications" on the computer, the P2P company disappeared, but official website, the Bank of Communications, also hid behind his own credit card advertisement.

  The Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that when searching for keywords of financial management types such as Bank official website, "China Wealth Management Network" under the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and "rate of return" and "fund" on some search websites, most of the top rankings are advertisements of some online loan companies or stock recommendation websites; In sogou search’s top results, even irregular gambling websites appeared. More interestingly, the mobile phone search results are inconsistent with the computer search results, and there are more advertising components in the mobile phone search results.


  Searching for "bank" will advertise first and then go out of official website.

  Taking four major banks and seven major commercial banks as examples, the reporter of Beiqing Daily found that when searching for "Bank of Communications" with 360 on the computer web page, the first two channels that appeared were Bank of Communications credit card application channels, and the first one was also marked with "official website". Click to enter the "official website", that is, enter the credit card homepage of Bank of Communications, and users can apply for a credit card online. However, the home page of Bank of Communications in official website cannot be accessed from the home page of the credit card. In the lower right corner of these two search results, they are marked with "advertising" in small gray letters.

  The third search result is "About Bank of Communications, I recommend more high-quality results for you", and there is a green word "recommendation" on the left; Click to enter, and you will enter another "360-Point Eye" website similar to search. All the results displayed in this page are advertisements, ranging from wealth management websites to P2P companies, from small loan companies to the credit card homepage of Bank of Communications, totaling more than ten advertisements. According to the query, "360 finishing touch" is an integrated marketing platform for advertising display of 360. official website shows that its search and promotion is a marketing product based on 360 search platform, which matches the search words of netizens and locates the target users through 360 unique matching technology, so as to accurately display the promotion information of enterprises. The reporter of Beiqing Daily found that searching for "Bank of Communications" and "China Merchants Bank" in 360 will display "360 finishing touches" marketing products in the top results; Other banks will not have relevant results.

  Searching for CITIC Bank and Bank of Communications in Baidu, the first two are also the official credit card application websites of the bank, and the third one is the bank official website; Other banks will directly show the bank official website in the first article.

  In the experiment, the reporter of Beiqing Daily found that there were no similar advertisements in the four major banks such as China Industrial and Commercial Bank, China Construction Bank, China Bank and China Agricultural Bank. Baidu Search, 360 Search, sogou search, Bing, etc. will directly display the bank official website in the first result.

  press sb for an interview

  Using keywords such as "financial management" is also an advertisement.

  In addition to bank official website, typing keywords such as "China Wealth Management Network", "Monetary Fund", "Rate of Return" and "Wealth Management" on the search website will also lead to advertising results recommended by many online loan companies and stocks, while the real official website is ranked behind. If you search for "money fund" on sogou search, the first five items that appear are advertisements of online loan companies; Search "China Wealth Management Network" on 360 search, and the top five are advertisements of online loan companies. Although these websites are marked with the word "advertisement" in small print in the lower right corner, it is still misleading to write the word "official website" in big print on some advertisements. In fact, China Wealth Management Network is a national banking wealth management product information disclosure website agreed by China Banking Regulatory Commission, not a website of online loan companies.

  Searching for "rate of return" on Bing, the first three items are all marked as advertisements, including the results of "official compass indicator software download", "rate of return today’s stock review" and "stock analysis of deposit reserve ratio", all of which are stock recommendation websites.


  Searching for "funds" jumps out of illegal gambling websites.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily also found that some search websites searched for investment-related words, and even the gambling websites were hidden in the top advertisements. For example, if you search for "fund" on sogou search, there are two advertisements in the top ranking, which respectively read "2018 fund net value, if you understand it, you will earn it!" And "Top Ten Investment Networks in 2018, Low Threshold, Investment Networks". Click the first item and jump to the website with the address of "26354.org.cn". The website appears in the form of a blog, and the top is marked with "The website has been truly verified" in red font; Under an advertising article, the form of "micro-investment" is introduced, claiming that "the monthly income is 500,000", and the WeChat QR code and micro-signal are attached.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily scanned the personal QR code of WeChat, and the lady named "Lan Lan" began to introduce the "method of making money" to the reporter of Beiqing Daily. She said: "We mainly make money by betting on lottery tickets. According to the plan software we provide, the winning rate can be as high as 70-80%." Subsequently, "Lan Lan" guided the reporters of Beiqing Daily to register on a gambling website step by step, and pulled the reporters of Beiqing Daily into an exchange group called "Net Earning 678 Exchange Group". When "Lanlan" urged the recharge, the reporter of Beiqing Daily expressed doubts about its regularity and authenticity; The other party claimed that the lottery they operated was the official "PK10" of Beijing Welfare Lottery, and it was a regular lottery.

  However, the reporter of Beiqing Daily then called Beijing Welfare Lottery Center, and the customer service staff said, "It’s fake. At present, you can’t buy lottery online, and PK10 can only buy lottery in the betting site."

  pay close attention

  Mobile phones search for more advertisements than computers.

  Interestingly, the results of searching by mobile phone are quite different from those of searching by computer. In the 360 mobile phone search, search for "Bank of Communications", and the first place in the results is an advertisement of a P2P company, "official website, the traffic credit card center, can apply for free and quickly, and can lend money as quickly as 30 minutes … …” Article 2 is an advertisement on the front page of Bank of Communications’ credit card, article 3 is an advertisement of another Internet finance company, and article 4 is official website of Bank of Communications.

  With sogou search Minsheng Bank, the first item on the computer side is "China Minsheng Bank official website"; On the mobile phone side, the first article is the Sogou Encyclopedia of Minsheng Bank, and the following 50 results do not show official website of Minsheng Bank. The only contents related to official website are "points center" and "credit card center", and the rest of the results include the download of Minsheng Bank APP, related news, sogou’s question, stock market and so on.

  At present, the search software has more advertisements on the mobile phone. If you search for "Bank of Communications" in Baidu, all the contents of the homepage are related to Bank of Communications, and the first two advertisements are also from the Bank of Communications Credit Card Center; When searching for "Bank of Communications" on mobile phone Baidu, the first item shows the Bank of Communications credit card, and the second result is "other businesses related to this industry", which includes advertisements of other Internet finance companies.

  However, the search results on the mobile phone are more accurate than those on the computer. Several major search websites include the map function in the first few search results. The reporter of Beiqing Daily used Bing computer to search for "China Construction Bank" in Beijing, and the results were all the outlet addresses of China Construction Bank in Changchun City, Jilin Province; On the mobile phone side, you can accurately locate the outlets of China Construction Bank in Beijing. This is because the built-in GPS of the mobile phone is more accurate than the IP address of the computer.


  Internet finance companies deliberately "rub brands"

  According to insiders, the reason why advertisements will appear when searching for some keywords such as banks is that the search website has opened these keywords as advertisements. When users search for these keywords such as "XX Bank", the corresponding advertisements will be displayed; If the keyword is purchased by multiple advertisers, it will be displayed according to the principle of bidding ranking. Every time a user clicks on a display advertisement on a search website, the advertiser needs to pay the corresponding fee to the search website according to the bid.

  Pan Helin, a postdoctoral fellow in applied economics at the Chinese Academy of Fiscal Science, told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that many advertisements of Internet finance companies will appear on search websites, such as official website, official website, etc. Apart from the reasons that these Internet finance companies rely on the drainage of search websites and have few channels to obtain customers, a more important reason is that Internet finance companies deliberately scratch the ball and rub brands. "Because these flows were originally intended to search for formal institutions such as banks and wealth management official website, they were searched by the search engine ‘ Drainage ’ To these internet finance companies, and such customers are more targeted. At the same time, this operation has a strong concealment, that is, borrowing the authority and authenticity of banks and financial management official website is far better than advertising in other channels. "

  Regarding whether the results returned by the mobile phone search are consistent with those returned by the computer, Internet analyst Zhang Jiangjian told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that it mainly depends on whether the search engine has different algorithms for different terminal devices. If the returned search results are basically the same, there are more advertisements in the mobile phone search results, which means that the search engine service providers have made more keyword advertisements for mobile search, which will greatly reduce the user experience and increase the difficulty for users to find information.

  Text/reporter Wen Wei


Beijing will announce next month that the blacklist platform for network anchors cannot be employed again.

  On April 18th, 20 webcasting platforms, including Sina, Sohu, Youku and Baidu, jointly issued the Convention on Self-discipline of Beijing Webcasting Industry (hereinafter referred to as the Convention). The Convention covers the following contents: anchors need real-name authentication, webcasting videos should be kept for no less than 15 days, and no registration channels should be provided for anchors under the age of 18.

  Recently, the reporter interviewed Shen Rui, captain of the network law enforcement team of the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps. Shen Rui said that the Convention was jointly drafted by the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps and the Beijing Network Culture Association. During the drafting process, the opinions of all webcast platforms in Beijing were solicited twice, and finally the content of the Convention was formed.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has started to monitor relevant webcast platforms in accordance with the Convention, and will announce the first batch of blacklists of anchors in May. These blacklisted anchors will no longer be employed by the webcast platform.

  □ Talk about hot spots

  The national live broadcast mode will be constrained.

  Shen Rui introduced that some webcasting platforms are now implementing the nationwide live broadcast mode in their business models. National live broadcast refers to any registered user of the live broadcast website, who can realize live broadcast without identity audit.

  What are the problems in the business model of national live broadcast? Shen Rui said that this way of national live broadcast is very dangerous. Once the live broadcast content is involved in drugs, pornography and violence, the anchor will suddenly broadcast it after accumulating a certain popularity, which will have a great impact on society and there is no way to recover it. In addition, for enterprises, the operational risk is very high. Once there is a bad social impact, enterprises may be completely shut down by the government or shut down for rectification.

  The reporter learned that the first item in the Convention is to require the authentication of the anchor. Shen Rui said that at present, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has asked the webcast platform to adjust its mode.

  There will be more and more star live broadcasts.

  When talking about actress Tamia Liu’s live broadcast in Yingke, she gained more than 700,000 viewers and more than 200,000 yuan in rewards in two hours. Shen Rui said that the law enforcement corps did not comment on the business model of such websites, but the stars went to the live broadcast platform, indicating that the live broadcast has begun to have an impact on the traditional video industry. Many stars gradually shifted their attention from newspapers, periodicals and television to the network, especially the live broadcast platform. This phenomenon will be more and more in the future, and even some websites are preparing to open a specific live broadcast room for specific stars. At the same time, it is also a business operation mode.

  According to Shen Rui, there are currently more than 30 webcasting enterprises in Beijing, and there are about 40 if you add large websites that operate live programs. According to the statistics of relevant ministries and commissions, there are about 200 webcasting enterprises in China. Although the number is small, there are many internet companies preparing to invest in webcasting. Recently, almost every week, one or two enterprises have entered this industry.

  □ Talk about problems

  Mixed vulgar content in live broadcast

  Shen Rui said that since last year, there have been many obscene and vulgar contents such as "live broadcast creating people" on the webcast platform. Shen Rui said that in terms of content, the main problem is that some videos contain obscene pornography and vulgar content. There are three reasons for this situation. On the one hand, it is the anchor’s own reasons; On the one hand, it is the lack of supervision responsibility of network enterprises; Another reason is that some enterprises are promoting the fermentation of such events for the sake of earning investment.

  Shen Rui said that in the field of webcasting, the mainstream is still good, and there is still a lot of positive energy content. At the same time, webcasting provides a platform for the public to show themselves, and even a platform for making stars. The reason why the public left a bad impression on webcasting is related to the fact that a few enterprises tried to attract attention through vulgar and pornographic content in order to earn traffic and then gain investment or financing. Through this kind of hype, the problems existing in the live webcast are magnified.

  "As an anchor, there is an impulse to pursue online celebrity and an impulse to make a profit." Shen Rui said that some anchors rely on "detachment" to win their attention, but it should be said that statistically speaking, this anchor group has little profit from live broadcast of obscene or vulgar performances. It can also be seen from here that the audience is not willing to pay for watching such live broadcasts. The live content that can really make a profit is a talent performance. "This kind of live broadcast can make the audience get positive energy, and this kind of content is what the audience is willing to pay."

  The platform is responsible for vulgar content.

  If there is obscene and pornographic content in the live broadcast, is it the responsibility of the anchor or the network platform? Shen Rui said that at present, there is no clear regulation on the division of responsibilities. In the process of law enforcement, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has three criteria. At first glance, the duration of obscene video, if the pornographic video live broadcast lasts for more than 3 minutes, belongs to poor platform supervision. Second, if the obscene content lasts for a short time, but it appears for several days in a row, it is the platform’s responsibility that it belongs to the platform and is not found. Third, if the content of the question to be broadcast live is pre-announced, or there is speculation afterwards, and the platform does not handle it in time and review the title, this is also the responsibility of the platform.

  For example, the previous Betta TV "Live Making Man" event was announced on Weibo before the live broadcast.

  In addition, Shen Rui said that in specific incidents, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will distinguish which party has the greatest responsibility according to the specific situation, but the focus of supervision is the webcast platform. As long as the problem content appears in the live broadcast, it is difficult for the network platform to get rid of the responsibility it should bear.

  Shen Rui said that at present, there are penalties such as warnings and fines for illegal online platforms. If the circumstances are serious, enterprises are required to suspend business for rectification, and relevant licenses are revoked. For enterprises involved in spreading obscenity and pornography, if the circumstances are serious, they can close their websites and investigate the administrative and criminal responsibilities of website promoters.

  □ Talking about supervision

  The platform shall not employ "black" anchors.

  According to Shen Rui, after the implementation of the Convention on April 18th, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps has been monitoring the webcasting enterprises in Beijing to check whether these enterprises have fulfilled the Convention. A month later, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will jointly with the Beijing Network Culture Association announce the blacklist of the first batch of anchors. For those blacklisted anchors, all webcasting companies in Beijing are not allowed to continue to employ them, nor are they allowed to provide live broadcast space for blacklisted anchors.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the work is in progress, and the first batch of blacklists will be published one month later. If the webcasting enterprises that have signed the Convention refuse to implement the Convention, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps will bring these enterprises into the key supervision category, and once violations of laws and regulations occur, they will be severely dealt with according to law.

  Small platform self-supervision is weak.

  Shen Rui said that at present, the systems and mechanisms of many live broadcast enterprises in Beijing are not perfect. "Many live broadcast enterprises are not large in scale, and some live broadcast platforms only have dozens of staff.". Shen Rui concluded that because the platform is relatively small, there is no abundant funds and insufficient technical strength to invest in content supervision, which is an important reason for various problems in some live broadcast platforms.

  Shen Rui said that the core supervision of webcasting enterprises is done by manpower, which cannot be done by machines. Failure to keep up with manpower will lead to the lack of supervision.

  The reporter learned that there are two contents related to supervision in the Convention, one is to require all live videos to be stored, and the other is to require all live videos to be watermarked with corporate Logo.

  Shen Rui said that these two measures are self-discipline for enterprises, and are also conducive to self-protection. "Once there is a problematic live broadcast platform, you can quickly determine which live broadcast platform the problematic video comes from.".

  At present, there is no legal constraint.

  Shen Rui said that now, it seems that every live broadcast platform has some problems. "It is not surprising that the anchor has problems with the live broadcast content, but it is strange why the anchor has quickly become a online celebrity." That is, a few enterprises are speculating for the purpose of attracting investment.

  "Through hype, the number of video downloads and active users has surged in the short term." Shen Rui said that investors choose enterprises to invest, mainly depending on the number of users on the live broadcast platform, the number of active users per month and the number of active users per day. "In fact, investors look at these contents of enterprises, and the platform can most easily achieve these goals by spreading live videos of obscene and pornographic content."

  Shen Rui pointed out that the current situation is that the country has not yet had a law to restrict such issues. The development of webcasting industry can no longer be managed and restricted by a single department. "The problem now is that some relevant management units can manage webcasting enterprises, but they can’t manage all of them."

  Shen Rui concluded that webcasting enterprises are just in the middle of the supervision of various government departments, which is the core issue in management now.

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  Betta TV "Live Making Man" Event

  In the early morning of January 10th this year, Betta TV outdoor live channel, the anchor "Indulge 123" broadcast indecent behavior in the room named "Live Doll Making", and the attention of the live broadcast quickly broke through thousands. That night, Betta TV announced that all the Betta live broadcast rooms were certified by real names. The platform administrator had stopped the live broadcast of the indecent video incident involving the anchor at the first time, and reported the case to the police to provide the personal identity information of the anchor involved. Betta TV reserves the right to initiate proceedings against it.

  The Ministry of Culture recently announced that online live broadcast platforms such as Betta, Tiger Tooth Live, YY, Panda TV, Battle Flag TV, Dragon Ball Live, Six Rooms, 9158, etc. have been included in the investigation list for allegedly providing Internet cultural products that promote obscenity, violence and abetting crimes.

  Jinghua Times reporter Zhang Sijia Jinghua Times cartoon Xie Yao