"Xiaomi car price" rushed to the hot search, and Lei Jun responded: It is impossible to 99,000, and 149,000 is needless to say. The pricing is indeed a bit expensive. We must respect technology.


"Xiaomi car price" rushed to the hot search, and Lei Jun responded: It is impossible to 99,000, and 149,000 is needless to say. The pricing is indeed a bit expensive. We must respect technology.

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference on December 28th, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi Group, said that many people hoped that the price of Xiaomi SU7 would be 99,000 yuan and 149,000 yuan, but this was impossible in terms of battery configuration and automobile performance.

Lei Jun revealed some information of Xiaomi’s first model SU7: Xiaomi SU7 can achieve 0-100km/h acceleration of 2.78 seconds, which is 2.93 seconds higher than that of Porsche Taycan Turbo. Using Kirin battery in cooperation with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited will cost hundreds of thousands.

"So don’t shout 99 thousand (millet SU7 price), it is impossible, and 149 thousand is needless to say. We still have to respect technology. " Lei Jun said. "Xiaomi SU7 believes that the pricing is indeed a bit expensive, but it will definitely make everyone feel reasonable and the experience will exceed expectations."

In addition, Lei Jun said: "We originally planned to release it in August, and even the PPT was ready. As a result, it was postponed to today, and the friend released 22,000 rpm motors last month. At that time, I was still thinking about how to open this conference. Today, I want to release the third motor V8s of Xiaomi. At the press conference, friends said that they still have 3,000 revolutions to unlock. Today, we directly unlock the peak performance of global motors. "

In the face of the fact that Xiaomi has not been officially released, Lei Jun said: "We still have to do a lot of tests to ensure foolproof. In fact, our car has been mass-produced in small batches."

On December 28th, the filing website "xiaomiev.com" of Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was launched. According to the enterprise search APP, the website passed the audit on July 6th this year.

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On December 27th, on the eve of Xiaomi Auto Conference, we paid tribute to several new energy car companies in succession, which triggered a controversy among some car companies in the circle. In this regard, Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holding, said that Xiaomi Automobile’s announcement was "over": if people always want to be paid tribute, it will be over, but if people always want to pay tribute to others, there is no promise.

On the 28th, Lei Jun responded to this controversy at the Xiaomi Auto Conference, saying that everyone had misunderstood, and he was in awe of the whole industry. At the beginning of building a car, he went door-to-door to pay his respects, which everyone can prove.

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, Lei Jun said, "I met He Xiaopeng not long ago, and I told him that I would watch Wei Xiaoli again after I built the car. I think it is really not easy for the three of you, so I have to pay tribute to you in a very formal way, so I sent a Weibo and wrapped several billboards yesterday, but I didn’t expect it to cause an uproar in the industry."

He said, "Someone asked me why you don’t pay tribute to FAW, Erqi, Changan, SAIC, GAC, BAIC, Great Wall, Geely and Chery. In fact, everyone really misunderstood. I have always been in awe of the entire automobile industry. When I decided to take a car, I went door-to-door at the first time and paid my respects in person. During the visit, I also asked each industry elder what kind of car is a good car in the era of smart electric vehicles. "

[Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive Finance Association, Boss Network, Oriental Finance, Blue Whale Finance, etc.]

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