The 99-year-old grandmother was spoiled by her granddaughter as online celebrity.


The 99-year-old grandmother was spoiled by her granddaughter as online celebrity.

Cai Yunen and grandma.

Grandma Yu likes to eat spicy food.

Grandma Yu combs her granddaughter’s hair.

  On December 14th, a granddaughter recorded a short video of her 99-year-old grandmother’s daily life. The grandmother in the video was a "big cute" who was addicted to the Rubik’s Cube and was found to pretend to sleep. She loved hot pot with white wine, and every time she said that she would drink one cup, the result was one cup after another … … She was called "Grandma Eating Food" by netizens. honest and frank’s lovely nature captured 5 million fans, and her homemade canned laughter infected many people. Many netizens said that they seemed to see their grandmother. "It’s so cute! Whether grandma is 9 years old or 99 years old, she is our favorite person! " "I cried and thought of my grandmother. I haven’t had time to pamper her."

  Zi Niu news reporter contacted the photographer of the video — — Cai Yunen, a sister of the post-90s generation in Chengdu, said: "Grandma doesn’t have to eat and play, she just needs company, and I can accompany her to talk and laugh, which is the happiest time."

  Laughed at the netizen.

  Love to eat, be spoiled, dress fashionably, and laugh is too infectious.

  "Grandma doesn’t know that she is now online celebrity. She doesn’t understand what online celebrity is and what video is. She just lives her own life and has not been affected."

  Cai Yunen said that grandma Yu Zeqin has become a minor celebrity in Chengdu. She is often recognized by passers-by in the street, and some people ask her to take a photo. She doesn’t understand why, but she will accept it cheerfully. "She is very cheerful and can chat with strangers for a long time. She likes to laugh and be lively."

  Originally, Cai Yunen recorded his travel diary on the short video platform, but few people paid attention to it after posting several articles. In July 2017, she accidentally sent a video of her grandmother, but she accidentally got 250,000 plays. "My grandmother was drinking cola that day, so I dissuaded her from drinking it, saying it was unhealthy, so I just took a photo. I didn’t plan to send it online, but it was in Tik Tok. As a result, I accidentally sent it out the next day, then opened it at noon and found that many people had paid attention." Under that video, many netizens left messages reminding Cai Yunen not to let the elderly drink coke. "In fact, everyone is well-intentioned, but my grandmother really likes to eat some junk food, and it is not something that ordinary elderly people will do, but she is very happy. We still think it is the most important thing to make her happy."

  After that, Cai Xien will often post about grandma’s daily life. In the video, grandma likes to eat hot pot, sweet food and drink white wine and cola. She will act like a child. If she can’t say it, others will reply, "You know a shovel", which simply makes people confused whether she is 99 or 9 years old. Grandma’s hearty laughter can be heard in every video. "Netizens say that grandma’s laughter is homemade canned laughter, and she laughs too infectiously." Cai Yunen also took her grandmother to do manicure, apply mask and play electric racing. "I will take her to try something new now, and she won’t resist." In the video, grandma is dressed in fashion and has a delicate face. Cai Yunen said that grandma’s clothes and accessories are basically bought by her husband. "Recently, she has been given a lot of fashion, such as pink sweaters and orange hair bands. She can accept it. She lives more realistically and feels happy."

  Look at the crying netizen

  At the granddaughter’s wedding, grandma helped to comb her hair and led her into the room.

  Grandma Yu has a lot of fans now. "If I haven’t posted videos for a while, netizens will ask for updates below. She is so popular." Cai Yunen’s videos are not all joyful, but some are warm and tear-jerking. In August this year, at Cai Yunen’s wedding, a video of her grandmother taking her in and helping her comb her hair made many people cry. "At the most important moment in my life, I want to have my grandmother by my side. My grandmother got up early that day, and she always sat next to me while I was putting on makeup, watching me laugh and letting her take my hand in the entrance. It was my idea a long time ago, and it finally came true. I was wearing a wedding dress. Cai Yunen recalled that scene at the moment is still happy.

  Cai Xien said that her grandmother is like many people’s grandmothers. "She will remember what I like to eat and leave all my favorite foods to me. She used to buy things for me, but now I buy them for her." Grandma always told her not to spend that money, but she was still very happy to buy it for her. "I have a method that many young people may have used, that is, I said that this thing is on sale and it is very cheap, and she will readily accept it."

  Cai Yunen told reporters that grandma’s mantra is "Eat well and play well", which is why she smiles so childlike in the camera, like an "old child". "The video makes people laugh and cry, crying and laughing." "Super invincible likes this grandmother. I have read each one at least ten times. When I am unhappy, I will see it and feel very happy at once." "I hope we can live so freely and happily when we are old!"


  Grandma is an old Chinese doctor.

  The secret of longevity is a good attitude.

  Cai Yunen told Zi Niu news reporter that grandma married Chengdu from Zigong, Sichuan at the age of 20 and began to study Chinese medicine acupuncture with her grandfather. "Grandma used to be a doctor in a public hospital in Chengdu before she retired. She is good at acupuncture and is very influential in the treatment of hemiplegia and facial paralysis. She often exchanges and studies with relevant experts at home and abroad." Grandma Yu has done a long-term free clinic at home after retirement. "She loves her career very much and is very proud of her doctor career. She thinks that it is more important to cure a person’s illness than anything else. She values the recognition of her medical skills by others more than how much money she gives her."

  Cai Yunen said that although grandma has lost her sight in one eye and her hearing has dropped a lot, reading newspapers and news after breakfast every day is a habit that the old man has adhered to for many years. "Reading newspapers is what she does every day, and she will read the contents of newspapers aloud." Grandma Yu is a good embroiderer. She can embroider butterflies and flowers on her clothes at will. She is also obsessed with the Rubik’s Cube. "She can always have fun by herself, and she is happy every day. People always ask her what is the secret of longevity. I think it should be that she has a good attitude and doesn’t care about anything."

  Cai Yunen told Zi Niu news reporter that grandma has five children and six grandchildren, and her father is the fourth. "Grandma took turns living in each child’s house for a while after retirement, and they were all very kind to her." Cai Xien said that grandma respects her children very much and never takes much part in their lives. "Grandma has lived in Huili Ancient Town with my parents in recent years, and her father took good care of her. A few days ago, she had a little cold, and her father made steamed orange water for her to drink every day. These two days are much better."


  Accompany grandma every day.

  Spoil her into a child for the rest of her life

  Cai Yunen said that she is pregnant at home and waiting for labor, and she will accompany her grandmother with her husband every weekend. "I think it is good to accompany her. The elderly are very lonely. She is basically alone most of the time. Even if she sometimes has fun, she still wants to communicate with others. She will go to her on weekends and take her to eat what she wants and take her to play something new."

  Cai Xien said that she would continue to shoot some grandma’s videos to record her daily life, but the updates would be slow. "Grandma is older now, so she can’t shoot often, and she doesn’t want to be tired." Because many netizens like to see Grandma Yu, Cai Yunen feels that it is a particularly beautiful thing to comfort others and let others feel grandma’s happiness. For grandma’s 100th birthday next year, the family has no specific plans to celebrate it. "Let’s spend every day with her, and it’s the happiest time for her to talk and laugh with her. Just pet her like a child." (Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter Wan Huijuan)


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