Quanzhou Licheng promotes "Silk Road Friendship City" cooperation, exchange and win-win and common prosperity.


Quanzhou Licheng promotes "Silk Road Friendship City" cooperation, exchange and win-win and common prosperity.

China Net News crosses Qian Shan, and then continues the Silk Road love affair. Seven districts and counties with different customs and people’s feelings have become attached to each other because they are important node cities of the Millennium Silk Road, and work together to build the "Silk Road" in the new era.

Recently, in Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, Licheng District signed the development cooperation agreement of "Silk Road Friendship City" with xiangqiao district in Guangdong, Luoyang Old Town in Henan Province, beilin district in Xi ‘an City, Gansu Province, Ganzhou District in Zhangye City, Dunhuang City in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province and Jimsar County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

According to the agreement, these seven ancient cities "Haisi" and "Lusi" will adhere to the principle of co-construction, sharing and common prosperity, constantly expand the fields of cooperation and exchange, promote mutual learning of civilizations, mutual sharing of resources, mutual exchange of information, mutual exchange of tourists, mutual promotion of products and mutual complementarity of industries, realize the fusion of urban alliances, and inject new kinetic energy into the initiative of jointly building "the belt and road initiative".

The signing of the agreement will push the cooperation, development and exchange activities of "Silk Road Friendship City" to a climax in 2023, marking the start of the "Silk Road Friendship City Alliance" and a new journey.

Ten years ago, the "the belt and road initiative" initiative was put forward, which made the ancient Silk Road glow with new vitality. As the starting point of "Haisi" and the core area of Quanzhou, a world heritage city, Licheng strives to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Silk Road, deeply integrates into the overall pattern of building "the belt and road initiative" and actively promotes the exchange activities of "Silk Road Friendship City".

Last year, Licheng started a trip to find "Silk Road Partners". In March this year, Beilin, Xiangqiao, Old Town and Ganzhou were invited to participate in the first "Haisi" Quanzhou Digital Cultural and Creative Expo, and "Silk Road Friendship City" signed a contract to jointly build it. Subsequently, Dunhuang City and Jimsar County actively responded and participated.

"It is the’ the belt and road initiative’ that connects our hearts and hands, and it is the Silk Road culture that makes us resonate at the same frequency." Huang Huican, secretary of the Licheng District Party Committee, said that this event, we invited important node cities along the Silk Road to gather in Licheng to continue the frontier and seek common development, which is of great significance to the development of the Silk Road Friendship City Alliance. I hope that the Silk Road Friendship City Alliance can be turned into an all-round high-quality communication platform, further optimizing the mechanism, advancing in coordination and building a win-win situation.

Wang Kesi, the head of Licheng District Government, said that at present, the exchange activities of Silk Road Friendship City have taken solid steps, and I hope to join hands with Silk Road Friendship City, adhere to the principle of co-construction and sharing, and jointly expand the "circle of friends" of regional cooperation, jointly create a "big channel" for collaborative development, and jointly build a "heart-to-heart bridge" for humanities exchanges.

According to reports, this year, under the promotion of "Silk Road Friendship City", enterprises from all over the world went out, invited in, cooperated first, and achieved fruitful results. The related projects involved cultural research, special diet, cultural and creative development and other fields.

At the exchange meeting site, Licheng Wenlv Investment Group signed a cooperation agreement with Yushang Loulan Muslim Restaurant in Xinjiang, Zhangye West Style Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Kung Fu Animation Co., Ltd. for Ganzhou City IP Theme Park, Guangdong Chaozhou Chunhui International Travel Service Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Fujian Runpu Culture Media Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Travel Agency Association Library-School Cooperation Committee, Shaanxi Wing Up Study Institute and Fujian Zhongquan International Tourism Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement for Xi ‘an research.

In the future, Silk Road Friendship City will carry out more in-depth cooperation in more fields. At the symposium on cooperation and development of Silk Road Friendship Cities, the leading guests of seven Silk Road Friendship Cities, Zhenghe Cultural Center in Malacca, Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka, Yan ‘an Literature and Art Society in China, Journey to the West Cultural Research Association and other institutions spoke freely on deepening and refining the cooperation and development of Silk Road.


泉州市政协原副主席、鲤城区文旅发展专家顾问李冀平表示, 7座“丝路友城”分别代表了草原游牧文明、华夏农耕文明、中华海洋文明,此次互动交流是贯彻落实习近平文化思想,弘扬中华优秀传统文化、探索中国现代文明创新发展的新实践。活动还邀请了来自马来西亚、斯里兰卡等共建“一带一路”国家和地区的代表参与,也体现了以鲤城为引领的“丝路友城联盟”开拓国内统一市场、主动融入国内国际双循环大格局的新探索、新尝试。



Establish a set of operating mechanism. Further optimize the system and mechanism, form an applicable and deepening cooperation charter, and continuously enhance the influence of the alliance; We will adopt the rotation mode of members, carry out bilateral and multilateral activities in a normal way, and set up liaison institutions to communicate more and communicate more frequently to promote cooperation in various fields.

Introduce a number of support institutions. Make full use of resources such as think tanks and fund institutions in the belt and road initiative countries and regions, give full play to the professional advantages of institutions, let professionals do professional things, promote various activities and projects, and make great influence; With a pragmatic attitude, we will solidly promote exchanges and cooperation, and strive to incite more resources to ensure that cooperation projects can be effective.

Create a number of practical results. Taking this signing cooperation as a starting point, we will promote more exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, accelerate the formation of replicable experiences and models, and release greater spillover effects; Give full play to the cultural advantages of the seven sister cities, plan and generate a number of activities such as tourism, cultural creation and sports events, create more consumption scenes, develop and expand the real economy, and further turn cultural advantages into development victories.

Build a good vision. Continue to expand the circle of friends of "Silk Road Friendship City", closely link "Haisi" and "Lusi", further improve the level of opening up and fully integrate into the domestic and international dual cycle; Actively go out, link the advantages of overseas Chinese relatives and chambers of commerce at home and abroad, build a communication platform, strengthen investment attraction, and achieve common prosperity and development in the collaborative sharing of resources, inject elements of "Silk Road Friendship City Alliance" into the initiative of jointly building "the belt and road initiative" and contribute to the strength of "Silk Road Friendship City Alliance".


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