Xu Genbao revealed the truth about China football, and Song Kai was embarrassed at the scene.


Xu Genbao revealed the truth about China football, and Song Kai was embarrassed at the scene.

The news that Shanghai Shanghai team regained the Super League championship after five years excited many fans. However, some people sighed at the moment when they saw Wu Lei crying, and felt that football in China was hopeless. But the truth is far from simple. Behind the Shanghai team’s championship, there is an important person worth mentioning, and that is Xu Genbao. Recently, the players of the Shanghai team went to visit their mentor to express their gratitude. Xu Genbao said that he didn’t realize his dream of winning the championship, and it was Shanghai Port Group that really helped him realize his dream. His words revealed some hidden rules of football in China. Xu Genbao was able to express his views truthfully, which was related to Chen Qianyuan, the former head of Shanghai. Chen Xiaoyuan’s past events made him a target of public criticism, which embarrassed Xu Genbao’s words and deeds. Especially after Song Kai, the current head of the Football Association, took office, Xu Genbao’s speech attracted more attention. Xu Genbao not only regrets that his dream of winning the championship has not been realized, but also talks about the hidden rules of football in China.

He said bluntly that winning the championship in Hong Kong is inseparable from strong financial resources. According to Xie Hui, when he spoke the truth after drinking in 2021, he said: "Shanghai won a championship. I went to Shanghai and I knew that they spent 12 billion yuan!" This figure is shocking. Although Shanghai can win the championship with money, their national team has already become a third-rate player in Asia. This makes people deeply feel the plight of football in China. Xu Genbao has devoted himself to football all his life, but he still needs capital to show his youth training achievements. However, the success of a rich club alone cannot make China football regain its glory. Football in China needs the support and input of the whole people, and needs reform and innovation. Only in this way can we realize our real dreams. Therefore, it is exciting for people to win the championship in China, but we can’t lose hope in football just because of the success of a team. On the contrary, it should inspire us to support and devote ourselves to the development of football in China.

Only through the efforts of the whole people and reform and innovation can China football regain its glory and realize our real dream.

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