Interview with Qin Hao: The porn star who has been working for so many years has finally landed.


Interview with Qin Hao: The porn star who has been working for so many years has finally landed.


    1905 movie network news Qin Hao’s literary atmosphere was not cultivated by Lou Ye. As early as that time in Green Red, Qin Hao was taken to Cannes by Wang Xiaoshuai. However, Qin Hao’s "literary peak" rose step by step under Lou Ye. Over the past few years, Lou Ye’s attachment to Qin Hao is a bit like Du Qifeng’s attachment to Louis Koo, and even a bit like Cai Mingliang’s attachment to Li Kangsheng. It seems that without Qin Hao, Lou Ye’s films are no longer Lou Ye.


    In the new film, Qin Hao chose one of the most man show roles: the small boss (or one of the partners) of the massage center, a philistine, vanity, being addicted to poetry and ballroom dancing, so as to express the contradiction between his extreme inferiority and narcissism. In the performance, Qin Hao put a lot of effort into his eyes, putting on makeup for the blind for two hours every day, so that Lou Ye focused more on his face than his ass — — So many large-scale erotic scenes were filmed by Lou Ye, and Massage was the first time that Qin Hao "dressed" from beginning to end.


    Qin Hao said that when he played the Mystery of a Floating City, he felt that he would become a "porn star" as soon as he met Lou Ye, and "Massage" made him "go ashore". Facts have proved that without the breathtaking erotic drama, Qin Hao wrapped a tragic character with a layer of joy, but it didn’t go out of style. This Qin Hao who "landed" seems to be more and more sophisticated.


There are many kinds of worldly wisdom, some are annoying and some are lovely.


    On the credits of Tuina, you will see the name of Lian Kai special effects modeling company, which may make people a little confused. It’s not like making a scene in Heaven. Is it necessary for such a big fight? According to Qin Hao, he has to move his hands and feet on his eyes for more than two hours every day, so as to simulate a "middle-aged blind man" born blind from the skeleton. At the same time, Qin Hao takes a selfie with his eyes closed and picks one by one every day, because the blind can’t control their expressions, and he wants to find a smile that is not so beautiful from the heart. All these make Qin Hao’s appearance at first glance have an inexplicable sense of joy, and even remind people of the classic blind dress of teacher Zhao Benshan in the sketch many years ago. However, when you find that all the details have their traceable reasons, you can’t help but give a thumbs-up to Qin Hao’s performance.


    1905 Movie Network: What do you think of the role of Boss Sha?


    Qin Hao: Boss Sha is actually very grounded, sophisticated and smart. This is my reaction to reading novels. It is similar to the boss in our life, even the boss with a discerning eye. I told Director Lou Ye, what about my version? I want to create it again, making this character more tragic. I hope it is the kind of tragedy with tears in laughter, and add some humorous things to it. Because there are many kinds of worldly wisdom, one is annoying, the other is cute, and I hope to turn to the cute side. This is the highlight I create in every play, and director Lou Ye promised me that if you promise to play this role, I will let you play it casually.


    1905 Movie Network: Are there any specific examples?


    Qin Hao: For example, in the poster that everyone saw as a gift, only this person laughed. In the script, there was a see you later who said that I added English, because I think this person likes poetry. For example, Sanmao’s poem was also added by me. He thinks he is self-righteous and thinks he is very talented. That people think it is ridiculous. Many such things, including Du Hong and Pony, are there to discuss things. He eavesdrops there. He eavesdrops when he meets wind chimes.


    1905 Movie Network: Boss Sha always seems to have an odd smile. Is this deliberate?


    Qin Hao: This is a very important blindness that I told Lou Ye. Because blind people don’t know their own expressions, I have a lot of observations. For example, when he is happy, he doesn’t know how to smile. He can’t see the mirror. Many children learn to smile blindly in schools for the blind. Everyone tells him with their mouths. Therefore, many expressions in this role are not ordinary people’s expressions, and they are not based on beauty, but they also make everyone feel jumping.


    1905 Movie Network: What efforts have you made for this blindness?


    Qin Hao: I made an effort, that is, I performed all the expressions and the blindness of my eyes to Lou Ye before, and Lou Ye took pictures of them for me. I feel dissatisfied, because what I really showed him, the expression is fine, of course, their physiological structure eyes will dig in, I can’t do this. I can’t do muscle training even if I make facial expressions again, because their muscles are shrinking and digging in. I don’t think I want to act like this, because people don’t look like it. Later, I managed to find a special effects team to make a model of the whole face and stick it on my eye with the skin of that eye. Put on makeup, and I feel that I have the feeling of digging in.


    1905 Movie Network: How long does this modeling take every day?


    Qin Hao: Two hours a day, two hours early. The most important thing is that after half a month in a row, I took off my makeup and my eyes went down. One day, I was very scared. I asked Lou Ye if you could stop filming me every day. You let me have a rest. My eyes can’t stand it. I don’t think I can shoot anything after this scene.


Don’t think you are strong in front of the blind.


    Before playing the blind, Qin Hao tried to be really blind for a day. However, the loss of light will cause an unimaginable fear to people, which makes Qin Hao really realize the blind people’s years of running-in to their "immediate world". Go back to Sha Fuming in Tuina. On the surface, he is successful, knowledgeable, cheerful and smooth. In fact, "reading" is just an alternative way of existence for him. He will read a poem with the other girl on a blind date, which shows that he is knowledgeable, but this is just a sign of guilty conscience. Qin Hao is well aware of the entanglement and the inner strength of blind people who are open to themselves. He said, we don’t need to see a blind person and rush to help him, let alone imagine that we are stronger than them.


    1905 Movie Network: What problems did you encounter when performing blind people?


    Qin Hao: I think every play has its own problems. After the play is ready, we may still face the problem of how to play against the blind. How to find the problem of that feeling, because you play with a really blind person, how can you find a balance? So I told Lou Ye that the highest requirement for me to come to this play is to let the audience not know which is a professional actor and which is blind after watching it, and let people watch it and say, alas, it is impossible to tell which is an actor and which is blind. I think it’s a job, that is, I have finished this homework.


    1905 Movie Network: How did the blind actor in the film touch you?


    Qin Hao: Many touches. I have always said that what they give us is far greater than what we give them. Whether in the process of filming on the spot or in some moments, including when we were waiting together, living together and chatting with everyone, many moments made me feel that this role benefited from them.


    1905 Movie Network: How do they face the fact that they are blind?


    Qin Hao: I think how to face this matter is over. All six of us have accepted this reality. When I experienced life, I was blindfolded for a day and a half at most. I wanted to know what it was like for a blind person to be blind. Then one night, my assistant sent me back to the hotel. After I woke up, I didn’t open my eyes, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and my assistant took me to school. By noon, I can’t stand it, and my eyes really can’t disappear. Mainly psychological fear and pressure. So it’s definitely not an easy process for them to accept this reality. There are still many people who are born blind, so I think they have accepted this blind state when they come here to film. This state is exactly what this movie needs, including what boss Sha needs to present and what this role needs to feel.


    1905 Movie Network: Will they have a special self-esteem or inferiority complex?


    Qin Hao: The profession of an actor is to study people. I think it is impossible for every blind person to feel inferior. No matter how strong a blind person is, he can’t live without a little inferiority. But my contacts with them, what I feel most, what I see, and what I ask of them are all based on the requirements and feelings of discerning people. I won’t say to help him quickly after he comes in, because I know that he can do this on his own, and they are all equal. Don’t think you are strong at this point.


Years of "porn stars" finally "landed"


    In Massage, Sha Fuming has a very metaphysical love. He heard from an artist that everyone was red and beautiful, so he fell in love with this beauty that he could not see or understand. Appearance is the most irrelevant element for the blind, but Sha Fuming read many descriptions of beauty in the book, so he fell into a fascination with Duhong mixed with curiosity. Du Hong said that what he fell in love with was only a "concept", so Sha Fuming’s love scenes were also limited to "concept" in the film. This makes Qin Hao a little uncomfortable. After all, he used to express his extreme love in bed in almost all his movies in Lou Ye. Qin Hao is somewhat self-deprecating and relieved. He feels that if he doesn’t play the passionate drama, he can rely on "something else" to establish the character’s love.


    1905 Movie Network: How do you understand Sha Fuming’s infatuation with Duhong?


    Qin Hao: I think this infatuation comes more from Sha Fuming’s personality. As all the novels say, Sha Fuming is a vanity, and you love me only because of your vanity in beauty. In fact, you don’t love me at all. Then I think I present it in the script and in the movie. A painter said how beautiful she was, and I just wanted to be with her. I think vanity is understandable. But when I really associate with blind people, I find that every blind person has a need for beauty. Some are right about the voice, some are right about your hands, and some are right about your feelings, which are completely different from us normal people. So I thought, isn’t it human nature to pursue Sha Fuming because others say she is beautiful? More often, I understand this beauty from the perspective of human nature.


    1905 Movie Network: Is this the only time you cooperated with Lou Ye, but there was no passionate performance?


    Qin Hao: Right, so I’m particularly satisfied that there is no such thing to spell another thing. I think I’ve finished my homework on erotic drama. If there are no passionate scenes, such as they are joking, when I filmed Lost in the World, I said that I was a porn star, and I would be in charge of the bed part, and you would play the rest. Then, "A Night Intoxicated by the Spring Breeze", when I got to this play, I said that I was ashore, not a porn star. Without those, I built it with something else.


    1905 Movie Network: Then, in the next play, do you still hope that there will be no sex scenes with Lou Ye?


    Qin Hao:No.. Let’s look at the role and see what kind of movie it is.


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