"Geek All-Star Game" TCTF2019 goes to war: Top Geek Team Competition


"Geek All-Star Game" TCTF2019 goes to war: Top Geek Team Competition

  Beijing, June 8 th, "Geek All-Star Game" — — The offline final of the 3rd Tencent Capture The Flag (TCTF) started at 10:00 am on June 8th, Beijing time, at Shanghai West Coast Art Center. Twelve top international teams from eight countries and regions around the world gathered here to launch a 30-hour uninterrupted competition for the last place in the DEF CON CTF 2019 global finals of the "Hacker World Cup".

  CTF is a popular form of information security competition. DEF CON CTF, the birthplace of CTF, is the CTF competition with the highest technical level and influence in the world, which is equivalent to the "Hacker World Cup". As the earliest and only wild card tournament authorized by DEF CON CTF in Chinese mainland for three consecutive years, TCTF has become one of the most professional and largest CTF events in China, with the "Starlight Glimmer" on the field, which brings together the world’s top geek teams and is called "Geek All-Star Game". The quality of the competition questions has also improved year by year. This year, a new competition question that is close to the forefront of the industrial Internet has been added. In the past three years, TCTF has accumulated more than 10,000 contestants, which has helped China’s new security forces to grow rapidly.

  The number of participating teams has increased by over 30%, and the world’s top geeks have gathered in the "All-Star" lineup.

  TCTF, as a professional CTF challenge initiated by Tencent Security, sponsored by Tencent Security College and Tencent Security Joint Laboratory, undertaken by Tencent Security Cohen Laboratory and co-organized by 0ops security team, has received positive responses from many top international teams and domestic universities. TCTF is divided into international competition for the whole world (0CTF) and RisingStar CTF for domestic universities. This year, 1,248 teams participated, and the number of participating teams increased by 30.4% year-on-year.

  Teams shortlisted for this TCTF International Competition come from eight countries and regions, including China, Japan, South Korea, the European Union, Russia, Germany and Poland. Star teams gather and live in Starlight Glimmer. The Polish team Dragon Sector, which won the first and second TCTF International Competition in CTF TIME2018, the Balsn team in Taipei, China and the LC BC team in Russia, which ranked second in the world, and the traditional Korean team CyKor, etc., have covered recent years.

  The competition in the final of Nova Invitational Tournament is equally fierce. There are three nova teams at home in Shanghai: Ph0t1n1a team of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and sixstars team and Whitzard team of Fudan University. There are also 12 famous teams, including Emmmm and Nu1L, the well-known joint teams of universities in China, and L team of xidian university, who have participated in the international professional CTF competition as challengers.

  Add Yunan Quancheng and other frontier competition questions to train industrial Internet security talents in actual combat.

  High-quality competition questions are a highlight of TCTF this year. The high quality of TCTF events has always been highly respected by the industry, and the 2018 international competition was also rated as the only CTF event in Chinese mainland by CTF TIME. This year, TCTF continued the international standard problem-solving competition system. Tencent Security Joint Laboratory and 0ops team of Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly issued the competition questions, deeply integrating the long-term offensive and defensive experience of both research teams, and trying to meet the actual requirements to the greatest extent. At the same time, this year, more innovative has integrated into the frontier hot fields such as AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc., closely following the actual field and security demands of the industrial Internet, so that participants can challenge and experience the real-world network security attack and defense technology in the process of solving problems.

  In order to let the audience better participate in this international top-level event, a visual big screen was used in the final scene to broadcast the wonderful offensive and defensive trends in real time, and the whole process was explained by the security researcher of Tencent Security Cohen Laboratory with rich practical experience. The contest also specially customized the "geek suit" to hide an interesting CTF test question. The audience and netizens who watched the live broadcast through Tencent University can participate in solving the "mystery" and win rewards such as cash and TCTF commemorative gifts.

  It is worth mentioning that this year’s TCTF Offline Finals is dedicated to creating a geek culture with China characteristics. It will change the traditional award ceremony, and directly transform the arena into a Party site after the competition, so that the award ceremony will change "every second" and feel the geek culture with China characteristics.

  Help the growth of young geeks in China and forge a "double-class" network security talent training platform

  Different from the traditional CTF competition focusing on information security technology confrontation, TCTF also deeply undertakes the function of discovering and cultivating network security talents. After the precipitation of three TCTF events, Tencent Security strives to build a "double-first-class" network security talent training platform: by holding "first-class" CTF events to compete with the world’s top teams; Create a "first-class" talent training platform to accelerate the growth of the younger generation of cyber security talents in China.

  At present, Tencent Security has formed a full-chain talent training model: relying on the TCTF competition platform, combining Tencent Security College and the Joint Security Laboratory to build safety talents, building a cooperation and exchange platform in Industry-University-Research, and forming an ecological chain of discovery-training-transformation. We will select potential students through TCTF platform, and then provide professional training opportunities and employment resources through the "words and deeds" of Tencent Security Joint Laboratory. At the same time, we will also have the opportunity to participate in top information security competitions at home and abroad, forming a complete talent training closed loop from theoretical education in colleges and universities to enterprise skills training to international competitions.

  Tencent security "double first-class" network security talent training platform construction has also achieved phased results. At present, Tencent Security has established joint laboratories and research institutes with Guangzhou University, Beihang University, xidian university, Wuhan College and other universities to cultivate applied talents with strong practical ability and further enhance the research and development capabilities of universities and enterprises in the frontier information security technology field. In terms of events, the Tencent eee team, with Tencent Security Cohen Lab as the main force, successively won the online and offline champion of the Strong Net Cup, the champion of the first "Net Ding Cup" network security competition, the overall champion of the "Guard Net Cup" and the first place in the single prize in 2018. Tencent Security Team, which was jointly established by several departments, won both the "attack" and "defense" titles in the "2018 Guiyang Big Data and Cyber Security Attack and Defense Exercise", which is the most rigorous cloud security practical exercise in China, and defended Tencent security in the field of cloud services. Leading position; Shanghai Jiaotong University 0ops, Fudan sixstars and Zhejiang University AAA teams hatched by TCTF platform have also repeatedly entered the forefront in the three major competitions.

  During the current TCTF, the third China University Information Security Talent Training Salon will also be held simultaneously, bringing together information security teachers from major universities across the country to offer suggestions and suggestions on network security talent training. In addition, TCTF2019 linked with TenSec Tencent Security International Technology Summit for the first time, opening up the connection between technical practicality and professionalism, creating opportunities for young geeks in China to communicate with the world’s top security cafes, and further improving the closed-loop mode of personnel training.


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