"Temporary Robbery" Guo Fucheng designed the shape of buck teeth, Ren Xianqi acted too soft


"Temporary Robbery" Guo Fucheng designed the shape of buck teeth, Ren Xianqi acted too soft

1905 movie network news On January 14, the film premiered in Beijing. Director Mai Qiguang and actors,,,, and Zumbit attended the post-screening scene to share their behind-the-scenes shooting experience with the audience. The film will be released nationwide on January 19.

"Temporary Robbery" is an absurd and humorous crime comedy, telling the story of the gangster Mei Lantian (Guo Fucheng, played), the taxi driver A Jun (Lin Jiadong, played), and the nursing home social worker Murong Hui (Ren Xianqi, played) who accidentally formed a team to rob. Three decadent middle-aged people are involved in a storm in order to track down a huge sum of money they stole.

Speaking of this role, Guo Fucheng said that Mei Lantian is the type of gangster he has never played before, with a black humorous sense of humor. "How can I present a different gangster? When I read the script, a buck-toothed Guo Fucheng suddenly smiled at me," so he suggested that the director use buck teeth to make the character more three-dimensional, and the director agreed. Guo Fucheng revealed that he will wear buck teeth to practice his lines at home. Sometimes when he speaks too hard, the buck teeth will fly out. He has to constantly find the rhythm of the characters’ speech and amuse the audience in his gestures.

In the film, Lin Jiadong plays a middle-aged man, Ah Jun, who faces the difficult relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and the pressure of life. Some audience members expressed their empathy and presented him with a manual book "How to Deal with the Relationship between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law". Lin Jiadong said that he is still single and can’t use it, so he forwarded it to Guo Fucheng and Ren Xianqi. Guo Fucheng humorously said that he is familiar with these rules in his heart, and Ren Xianqi transferred the book to the younger generation Zengbit.

Mr. Ren, who plays Mr. Murong-hui, the "Cainiao" who follows the bandits. He says he has played many villains since "The Big Incident." When the director approached him, he wondered if he was going to play the bandits again. Later, he found out that he was going to play the little guy in the market. To show the hardships of the characters’ lives, he said, "I took the lyrics of’Too Soft Heart ‘to the extreme: If the good guys can’t do it well, the bad guys can’t do it either."

Zhang Keyi, who plays the Kusa female police detective in this film, is obsessed with handling a big case. This is her first time playing the role of a police officer, trying to challenge action scenes such as shooting and blasting. Zhang Keyi revealed that she bought insurance for this and also broke through psychological barriers. Singer Zembit made his big screen debut with the film, playing the big thief, and he thanked the director for teaching him how to act during the filming of this "film newcomer".


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